Would You Abandon Your Party If It Would Fail You Over Brexit?

Would You Abandon Your Party If It Would Fail You Over Brexit?

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Brexiteers and remainers alike are putting pressure on traditional political parties to take a more decisive approach to BREXIT.

Over the last week 11 MPs have resigned from their parties accusing their former leadership of disastrous  BREXIT approach.

On 18th of February, Seven MPs have resigned from the Labour Party in protest at Jeremy Corbyn's approach to Brexit (and anti-Semitism). They were followed by another MP on Tuesday creating an independent group of 8 MPs.  Another 3 MPs left the Conservative Party on Wednesday blaming the Tory leadership intentions to push the country for a hard BREXIT.

On the other side, Brexiteers from Labour and Tory are vocal about their discontent with the leadership and threaten to withdraw their support if BREXIT will not be delivered.

Now, is BREXIT breaking traditional parties?

No matter what your views are over BREXIT, if your favorite party would fail you over BREXIT, would you consider to vote for another party?

Vote below and leave a comment wit your thoughts.


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  1. Michele Fudge says:

    If the democratic vote of Brexit is thwarted by our Remain supporting politicians, I will never cast a vote again in this undemocratic country. There would be no point if the result is denied by them. They have had the past two years to get their act together on this and have failed to do so. No excuses left they have failed to do the jobs they’re paid well to do. How is such failure justifying another huge pay rise?

  2. Mark says:

    Any party that tries to implement the corrupt cheating referendumb or panders to brexiteer idiots should cease to exist.

    • Katrina says:

      Spoken like a true brainwashed remainer, throwing their toys out of their pr because you didn’t get the result you wanted. Get a grip . 17.4 million voted leave and you should respect the outcome not throw a tantrum . Leave won get over it

  3. Richard Delacour says:

    The economic wellbeing of the nation should come before party loyalty. Brexit is the toxic result of a flawed referendum after a non-binding referendum was unnecessarily put to a predominantly brainwashed and uninformed electorate. As much as it can, the (democratically elected) EU puts the welfare of ALL of its citizens before its own and the problems of this nation are down to this thought less and unfeeling heartless government whilst blaming everyone else, including the EU, for its own shortcomings!!

  4. Dawn Gee says:

    I will never again trust the torys or labour to govern this country, they should respect the will of the people as it is us who put them there, parliment needs a very stiff broom to sweep all the old has beens into the garbage where they belong, UKIP from now on for me and just about every one i know feels the same way

  5. Linda says:

    I will never vote Labour or Conservative again they have no respect for the people of this nation and are making our once great country a laughing stock with their weak attitude towards the eu dictators. They keep saying no deal would be terrible but we can leave on the w t o rules that work for the majority of the world without any problems. The eu are stabbing us in the back. The have just set up trade with Singapore no tariff and not freedom of movement. Our government need a boot up their ***and if they don’t leave on the 29 preferred by the people without a deal then they should expect civil unrest.

  6. Carole Welsh says:

    The people of this country voted to leave the EU.

  7. Daniel Clubb says:

    I voted out, regardless of whether the UK gets a deal or not. I don’t won’t to be dictated to by the unelected and unremovable. Simple really.

  8. Marcus Spinelli says:

    I voted to Leave, NOT for a Deal, no half in half out. Our Traitorous Government hand in hand with the EU have done there utmost to scupper our Leaving.
    Leave with immediate effect on WTO terms.
    The EU is a Nazi style dictatorship which we need to Leave immediately and rebuild our country, Armed forces, Police force ready for the next war which is surely coming now.
    God help us!

  9. Anne Davis says:

    Any mp that does not respect the result of a vote should not sit in parliament. It’s amazing how they accept the vote to put them in parliament even if it’s only by one but a majority vote of one point four million they think they can dismiss as they think they know better than the electorate here is a hint to them WRONG

  10. Alan Lingwood says:

    Our Goverment and Polititions should respect the Democratic vote of the people and leave the EEU fully under WTO deal and stop messing about no delays or payments to The EEU !!!!!

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