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What is happening?

The United Kingdom's  2019 European Parliament Elections will be held on Thursday 23 May 2019. There is a great wikipedia resource with all the info you need.

Why it matters ?

The elections are taking place during a period of political turmoil for the European Union. An increasing number of European politicians do not embrace democracy, the rule of law, nondiscrimination, and other open society values.

Participating in EU elections will justify and legitimate EU parliament decisions over UK and BREXIT. On the other side, by not participating you will leave this decision to the others and EU Parliament decision will still affect you.

Who’s for Voting in EU elections?

Almost all political parties from UK are campaigning for EU elections with Brexit Party (NIgel Farange) leading in the polls.

With no regard for political affiliation, EU Parliament has its own campaign encouraging citizens to vote.

Who’s for Boycott?

There has been calls for boycott from some Conservatives MP’s , angry Labour activists, and… the Communist Party from UK. Also, polling organizations have shown that many voters will just not bother with these election, being disappointed by all parties.

So, where do you Stand ? Will you vote in EU elections?

Vote bellow and comment so your opinion maters.

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20 Replies to “Will You Vote in EU Elections?”

  1. Certainly vote Brexit. The only “mess” as has been mentioned is due to s all minded politicians not carrying out the wishes of the electorate. We would should now be out and dealing with making Britain great again

  2. Will be voting for brexit party why would anyone vote to remain and be governed by unelected officials

  3. i have been conservative all my life but now Brexit because fluctuation over democracy this country demands democratic values

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