Why have we been so silent during the electoral campaign?

Why have we been so silent during the electoral campaign?

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Later edit: Before you read forward, please note that we don't celebrate neither regret the results of the general election.

Our purpose is to inform and engage. We highlight balanced information on hot topics and engage users to read it with our special formats.

This is what we do, and we are proud of it.

That being said, we didn’t want our efforts to be used in a campaign that has advertised hate as never before.

We’ve seen important issues being politically weaponized. Important subjects like anti-semitism, islamophobia, rasism, social segregation have been used to discredit one or another political competitor.

Concepts that should be used with due diligence have been trivialized in coordinated campaigns.

I strongly belief that an election is not won during the electoral campaign, but most certainly can be lost. Probably with the same thought in mind, most of the communication efforts involved in this campaign have been focused on damaging the others.

British Opinions, the way we see it is about dialogue, content discovery and meaningful engagement. It was just not our place in this hate race.

Nevertheless, we will start to publish more frequently after the election.

All this experience has strongly motivated us to pursue our goal and it has confirmed core beliefs regarding our project.

We need tools to assess the news impact and to identify the key concepts triggered by the trending topics in the society. We need to understand what topics/statements/events are generating hate, fear.

We are so much closer to build our semantic tool that will do just that. Soon we will move forward to the next level.

We will keep you posted.


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