Who’s To Blame For The Crisis in BREXIT Talks?

Who’s To Blame For The Crisis in BREXIT Talks?

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Theresa may is admitting, for the first time since she is in office, that Brexit negotiations are going nowhere.

In a statement at Downing Street she said for EU leaders to reject her plan with no alternative at this "late stage of negotiations" was "not acceptable".

She said talks had reached an "impasse" and could only be unblocked with "serious engagement" from the EU side.

At an EU summit on Thursday, European Council President Donald Tusk said Mrs May's plan "will not work".

The pound's fall against the dollar and the euro deepened following Mrs May's statement.

The UK is due to leave the EU on 29 March 2019.
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15 Responses

  1. Andy Hood says:

    David Cameron and the whole dreadful tory party, aided and abetted by a wishy washy Corbyn.

  2. Alex Bryant says:

    The blame sits fair and square on the shoulder of this Government, they didn’t expect the referendum to go where it went, Mr Camer-Moron saw it coming, and rather that stay on, take it on the chin, he left, knowing very well they were going to end up with egg on their faces.
    But I still believe that the Referendum was not valid because less than 50% of the elegible voters turned up at the polling stations, which means that only 25% (in real terms) of the populace pushed everybody in (my opinion) the wrong direction.
    The tories themselves passed a law stating that for Strike action by the Unions to take place they must poll the members and if less than 50% vote the vote is null and void.

  3. joe mccann says:

    there is no requirement for this debate, a referendum is law the political parties cannot overturn this it is law it may be delayed but those who delay it will pay the penalty

  4. Michael Dempsey says:

    The British are weak C####.

  5. Zorro56 says:

    The government are to blame, they should have turned around the day after the referendum and said right we are leaving with no deal unless you come up with a decent deal. It’s called negotiating from a position of power, not like Oliver Twist please sir can I have some more. If it was a war we would have surrendered

  6. Antonie says:

    And then this : brexit will have a big (negative) impact on us Europeans too, but we were not allowed to vote … Then again : you have to be two to get married. Divorcing you can do on your own … ;-) But better make sure you really want a divorce !

  7. Matt says:

    May and all the remainers calling for second votes which is halting any form of progress, shame on them,no wonder this country never suceeds in anything because too many are scared of change. without change, you do not develope or improve…some would do well to remember that.

    • Antonie says:

      Brexit is change ? ;-) So is suicide. Hold a second referendum and make your brexit legitimate. Vote ‘leave’ again and give May a clear mandate … Those who do not want a second referendum are the ones who are scared. And rightly so : brexit won’t get a second majority.

  8. Antonie says:

    The people who refuse to hold a second referendum are to blame. As everybody thinks they’re right, nobody should be afraid to hold a second referendum. So, why are the leavers so scared to hold another referendum ? Because, like everybody else, they know that there’s no majority for brexit anymore … May knows that, all European politicians know it … All Europeans know it … There’s nobody on the mainland who thinks anybody will gain from brexit : the British have nothing to gain leaving, the Europeans have nothing to gain … (apart from the fact that the the British have always been a pain in the ass : asking for discounts, asking for exceptions in all possible domains, blocking all progress …)

  9. Douglas Murray says:

    The silence around the fact immigration has been overall neutral or marginally positive in a study of all factors from ’95-’15 is still ringing. Lying is what it means to be British now. Lying and willfully ignorant of facts. That a man who carried on telling a lie, proven to be a lie, and stated as such by the ONS and Electoral Commission, went on to get the top job for telling other countries how to behave, proves our politics has entered a new and dangerous level of toxicity.
    Both sides lied and cheated on the Referendum, but it was of some few on the Leave side who told the biggest lies and of whom the Electoral Commission said they had never been treated with such contempt.

  10. Peter Gill says:

    The Conservatives are totally to blame for this shambles. Cameron promised a referendum to stop bleeding votes to UKIP, and he shot himself in the foot. The Tory right wing saw a gift horse and jumped. The rich think they will get richer. Cameron may get shot again.

  11. Valerie Spiers says:

    Theresa May is to blame she should show pride in her country and tell them NO Deal.

  12. Julie says:

    Chequers will not work. Out is out with no deals on freedom of movement. All those wanting to work here should meet the same criteria, no job – no entry – no National Health until here for at least 10 years in employment and paying Tax and Insurance. She has been to accommodating and they have been hoping that by making it awkward she would go for another referendum in the hope that now the voters would change their mind and then the EU CLUB MEMBERS would still get our taxpayers hard earned money. May tell them to shove it and walk away.

  13. Vivien Needle says:

    Time to walk and take our money with us. WTO rules apply.

  14. Jennifer botham says:

    The European union 27 have never believed that we would actually leave , now they have the message they are trying to force us to vote again as is their bullying way whenever they don’t get what they want they make countries ‘re vote , however they have never come up against Britain before. The eu has never really contributed to the problem they face when we leave it goes to show how greedy they are when all they were interested in was getting billions from us that was their only consideration in the talks .we should now just say enough is enough and leave the negotiations and trade on wto rules while we get trade deals around the world

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