Who Should Be The Next Tory Leader?

Who Should Be The Next Tory Leader?

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  1. jamie james says:

    I don’t care whether they are tory labour LibDem or the monster raging loony party someone needs to take us out of the EU. It’s the corrupt dictatorship of the old boys club, it’s flooded Europe with Filth crime and sex crimes, it is bankrupt, a failed experiment. it breaks its own rules. They said to seek asylum you must seek that in the first country you come to? joke. We will never bail a country out financially, joke Greece. No longer is it fit for purpose. bin it

  2. David Smart says:

    Boris .only hope we have of getting out .no deal is out and we want out .as the 2016 result intended us to do

  3. Neil says:

    Boris made promises at the alter. Ask his wives and girlfriends if he kept his promises.
    Brexit is just a way to number ten. If you think he cares about it once he is in, you are in for a nasty shock.
    Every national newspaper in the world will have that photo of the clown dangling helplessly from a zip wire., helmet askew and rumpled suit even more rumpled.
    If we’re not already the laughing stock of the world, we will be if BoJo the Clown becomes PM.

  4. Dane potts says:

    Boris is a brexiter

  5. BM says:

    Boris is the only choice as Jeremy Hunt is a remainer like May

  6. Anonymous says:

    We need a prime minister, not a clown.

  7. Anonymous says:

    None of the above. They are both as useless as each other. It’s literally a choice between dumb or dumber.

  8. Bryan Mitchinson says:

    Both are going over the top to out do each other when all we really want is to leave the EU!
    Boris has been consistent in his stated desire to leave so I will go with him in the short term, leaving must be the first priority if democracy still means anything in this country.

  9. Helen says:

    He’s less likely to keep kicking the can down the road. Hunt is a remainer

  10. David Williams says:

    Boris is best, Hunt is a remainer spouting lies he will keep the UK in the EU, he speaks with forked tongue

  11. John Dee says:

    We need a bumbling cockwomble to tell us the EU deal negotiations have not a ready ended

  12. Kathleen Copeland says:

    We need someone who will keep his promise and who is not a remainer … We have been constantly lied
    to since 2016 … Lie after Lie … We voted to leave so we need someone to deliver what we voted fpr and I think Boris might just be the one …
    Conservatives and Labour are finished if we get lied to again

  13. Gareth says:

    The next pm should be a leaver. They tried a remainer pm and it don’t work. You need a pm that’s believes in Britain to make it great again

  14. Samantha petch says:

    Because I want out of the EU and hopefully Boris will deliver

  15. William Horsnall says:


  16. Christina Findon says:

    Boris is the only one I trust to get us out of EU

  17. William Vaughan says:

    We need someone who is going to stick to promises that was made about getting us outa of EU I think and I hope Boris is the man

    • Neil says:

      Boris couldn’t keep his wedding vows, really doubt he will keep Brexit promises and the Chancellor has said there isn’t any money for his promised tax cuts for the rich, so that’s one broken promise already!
      Brexit was just a way to get power. He is actually a remainer and said it would be “insanity” to leave the single market

    • Eva Vittoria says:

      How you make a leader a cocaine addict and a pervert and a racist homophobic? It is Mad!

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