Who is to blame if UK and EU will fail to reach a BREXIT DEAL?

Who is to blame if UK and EU will fail to reach a BREXIT DEAL?

Who is to blame if UK and EU will fail to reach a Brexit deal

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Updates: Taoiseach Leo Varadkar supports a Brexit extension until January 2020 after phone call with EU President Donald Tusk, titles The Irish Sun.

October 22: MPs have approved the new Brexit deal, but they have rejected the rapid timetable which would only have allowed three days of debate in the House of Commons. Therefore a Brexit delay after October 31st becomes mandatory.

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Earlier last week, Boris Johnson manged to get a deal approved by EU but MPs voted on Saturday to postpone ratification of the deal until Parliament has passed the complex set of legislation required to enact it.

October 21: Boris Johnson tried to get "a straight up-and-down vote" on the Brexit deal,  but the Speaker did not approved a second vote on the same matter.

Some EU leaders, like Angela Merkel announced Thursday their support for extending Brexit beyond 31 October if the new deal is rejected by the Commons, while others like the Irish PM, clearly stated that plab B is NO deal.

The sterling gained value all week under prospects of a new Brexit deal and fell quickly on Thursday afternoon when it soon dawned on investors that there was no guarantee of the U.K. Parliament backing the agreement.

Reminder: EU and UK reached a draft deal on Thursday, pushing the next crucial decision to the UK Parliament.

Last week, a Downing Street source said the German chancellor made clear in the telephone conversation that a deal was “overwhelmingly unlikely” unless Northern Ireland was kept in the EU customs territory.

The exact content of the conversation was not confirmed by the British or the German counterparts but there is general opinion that a Brexit deal will not be reached in time.

Pound Sterling has suffered a sharp loss of value against Euro and USD amidst reports that talks between the EU and UK have effectively been killed off by Germany's Angela Merkel.

The President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, twitted in reply :

“Boris Johnson what’s at stake is not winning some stupid blame game. At stake is the future of Europe and the UK as well as the security and interests of our people. You don’t want a deal, you don’t want an extension, you don’t want to revoke, quo vadis?” stated Donald Tusk.

Earlier on Monday, the news outlets published a memo showing that Downing Street is preparing for Brexit talks to collapse this week, as a Number 10 source revealed the party intends to fight the next election on a no-deal platform.

The memo widely believed to be a text message sent by Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson's chief advisor, shows that Downing Street warns negotiations will "probably end this week" and that if the deal dies "it won't be revived".

The EU will decide at the end of the week whether a Brexit deal is going to be possible, French President Emmanuel Macron has told Boris Johnson.

President Macron said talks should now proceed swiftly to see if an agreement could "respect" EU principles.

On the other hand the official position from NO 10 is that

“The PM believes that we have set out a fair and sensible compromise, and we are now looking to the EU to match the compromises that the UK has made.” stated the UK Gov. spoke person.

Also Boris Johnson blamed the legislation passed by the opposition MPs in the Commons stating that it will force him to "surrender" to the European Union in the Brexit negotiations.

Earlier, in September, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has warned that if the UK leaves without a deal, Britain will be entirely to blame. The EU chief said that he had been working tirelessly with the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier to secure a deal, but Boris Johnson has so far failed to present a workable alternative to Theresa May’s Withdrawal Deal.

So, what do YOU think? Who is to blame for failing to reach BREXIT deal?


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  1. derek humber says:

    Undemocratic thieves that have no morals just in it for the cash,they seem to think that they know better than 17.4 million voters ,and they stand at only just 600 or so.They need to be sent to the tower to await for execution ,all those that vote against the people

  2. John Millwood says:

    A simple couple of questions to ask candidates at a selection meeting. 1./ Do you believe in democracy. 2./ Do you believe in honesty. If they answer yes to both these questions then explain that the first time they vote against a democratic vote the will be de-selected at once. And leave the party they represent. And not be able to apply to represent a political party ever again.

  3. Kay Hill says:

    Parliament is to blame with all their bills and amendments aimed at delaying Brexit

  4. Pam Foster says:

    EU and Parliament

  5. Terry nicholls says:

    The opposition parties, its not a no deal they dont want, the dont want any deal, voted labour all my life, never again

    • C Hemmings says:

      Labour don’t have a majority, so how are they to blame? The real culprit of all this chaos are the 3 Tory Prime ministers, one fled as soon as the result came in, one was incapable of communication, even with her own MPs and one is an untrustworthy liar….put the blame where it lies and stop swiping at Labour, they are the only ones with a sound manifesto that is fully costed and will save our infrastructure and NHS, sod Brexit, people are dying ffs.

  6. M Sheekey says:

    These MPs going against the vote make me so angry and sad they are not following democracy
    They are conniving traitors
    Whether you voted in or out the vote should be allowed to happen
    If the vote was to remain 3 years ago. No more would have been said.
    I’ll say this I’ve learned a lot from today’s parliament and feel ill never trust them again .
    But I’ll always vote
    Me Johnson is the only one trying to get the vote through . I would vote for him again .
    There’s no one else.

  7. Karen says:

    Boris has gone into this whole heartedly and each time we seem to be at the finishing line the Fib Dems and Liebour together with remoaner Tories change the goal posts. I am sick to death of hearing remoaner MPs of any colour voting against Brexit when their constituents voted in favour of it.
    Let’s have a GE now where we can get a Tory majority and Get Brexit Done!

  8. Paul Butcher-Fielding says:

    The Blame is clearly at the door of number 10 Cameron, May and BoJo the Clown each have been trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the people who voted to say that the referendum was the will of the people is fake the will of 32% is hardly convincing what about the 68% who did not vote for leaving I put it this way in a Court of Law no case would be acceptable on a jury majority of 32% so why is that figure acceptable on an advisory referendum.
    Frankly its not and the status of the flawed and legally dubious referenda that should have been rejected if not by its narrow margin but by its legality. Its clear that Parliament is not being fooled by any deal and needs to allow the issue to be brought back to the population for clarification a properly overseen peoples vote overseen by an independent organisation and the options to be clear and put forward again by bodies independent of government.
    All trust in the government has now gone so its all got to be independently verified at the end of the process a peoples vote must take place with a clear percentage to declare a winning side possibly 70% to be clear that the process was totally fair whatever the result matters less than a fair ballot.
    After that we need to move to a constitutional review that puts the people at the head of any political issues not to allow any politician to work.on the basis of “the will of the people” as we know this overused phrase is now defunct, We also then need to move to a proportional representation electoral system to prevent any future majority government becoming a dictatorship as per the current bunch of Clowns

    • Philip says:

      What a nice person you are

    • Mary says:

      Totally agree!

    • R Burton says:

      I voted in a legally binding and democratic referendum, you can twist and distort all you like, there was a majority for leave. Am I nieve in believing I live in a democracy , until people like you have finally killed off democracy ‘ zip it’ and accept the will of the majority

    • Margaret Robinson says:

      All british citizens had the right to vote. If they choose not to vote that is also their right. You have no idea how they would have voted so your post is absolute nonsence. 1.4 million more people voted to leave than remain. The referendum depended on losers consent as do all GE,s and public votes. It is the backbone of a democratic system which ultra remainers are doing their best to destroy. You want a 2nd ref. Supposing you win 51% to 49.5% Will that be conclusive. Will you expect leavers to consent. Many MP,s during the 2017 GE told the electorate they would support brexit in order to get their votes to be elected
      Those same MP,s once in parliament proceeded to do everything they could to stop brexit. Knowing this can we please re-run the 2017 GE

    • Mike Wallis says:

      We voted OUT. With a majority! If there is a GE, and the conservatives win, which they will, are the remoaners and traitorous MP’s going to ask for a re-run because they lost! OUT, NO DEAL!

    • John Thackery says:

      That is the most stupid remarks I have ever heard, we where asked to vote in or out, the majority voted out, the Government as done their best to get a deal, only to be beaten down by a Parliament who blatantly go against the vote, and try and put the blame on the government.

    • Cleone Parr says:

      Will you remoaners stop saying ‘Peoples Vote’ thats the kind of thing you get in X Factor. Its another referendom that you want to hopefully overturn that last referendom, and just where do you suggest we are going to find am ‘ Independant Organisation’ who wont have a preference for leave or remain – Outer Mongolia!

    • John Millwood says:

      You b***** i*** your just a s***** remainer trying to wriggle out of a perfectly legitimate referendum.
      (edited by admin according to our core values).

    • Marian Donovan says:

      I agree you are so right about it all we need change and honesty

  9. john lord says:

    The E,U. is in control of our parliament through quisling and traitorous MPs,
    and have made our country ungovernable.

  10. Eunice says:

    They don’t want us to leave so they are sly doing everything they can behind the scenes while acting the innocent to stop us leaving

  11. Mark Rammond says:

    The European Union is only interested in sabotaging the United Kingdom and its interests and has persisted in trying to put itself as an overlord rather than recognising the UK as a sovereign state. Their agenda all along has been to force a second referendum and to retain its other members by making the UK suffer. I despise this institution and all it stands for and I hope it dies and these unelected bureaucrats have to earn a living rather than stealing one.

  12. Fred Steele says:

    But of course Parliament is to blame, the Referendum was NOT a binding vote no-matter what Cameron had said, Parliament is Sovereign (as the Supreme Court recently confirmed) and they did NOT agree that the result would be a binding one. In Parliamentary Briefing Paper 07212 Section 5 states it is only ADVISORY, or Pre-Legislative, Section 6 adds that even were a referendum to be a binding one, when it means any change to our constitutional rights, such as leaving the EU would entail, then a SUPER majority would be required. 37%, or even 52%, is NOT a SUPER majority, so Leave did NOT get the required votes and so should have been made Null and Void. To have retrospectively ‘moved the goalposts’ AFTER the result had been declared is tantamount to election fraud as some 13.5 million who believed it not imperative to vote by not being a binding one declined to participate as they felt unable to make any rational and informed choice by not knowing the final terms. To have voted without that knowledge would have been like voting in total ignorance, signing a contract which allowed the addition of the small print at a later date only to then have to cry one had been betrayed once that same print became known and was not to ones liking….as the Brexshiteers did !….. Parliament not only chose to honour a minority (47 minus 17.4) but also disregarded their own directive (Briefing Paper 07212)……So YES, Parliament are the ones to blame, TOTALLY !

    • Graham Poole says:

      Even if you were right ,.and your not,.because of the leaflet we paid for and received said it was a once in a generation vote!Its democracy and the people who are the agrieved ones here,.we forget that!All the liberalised people who marched today should be ashamed of themselves,,,like children that didn’t get their own way in the referendum,,,but so dangerous with it! I like the establishment didn’t think there was a chance the vote would have gone the way it did.I went to bed the evening of the referendum ,normally anything political I would have watched but convinced of the outcome,.and willing to accept staying in. I expect my fellow Brits to do the same,..we must leave fir the sake of democracy and the trust in it!.🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘

    • Penny kealey says:

      Well said – agree totally with all you said above – you clarify the original situation and how chaos simply arose from misinterpretation (had to be deliberate) – and of course there’s the little matter of transparency re off sure accounts to come via EU in 2020 – mad dash for some to get clear of this new law before then. . .?

    • Mike Ellis says:

      Another bloody whingeing remainer. You lost, live with it!

      • Kev Manley says:

        We all lost. Hope your wallet can take the financial hit we are going to get.

      • julian H says:

        Such a nice man. Worried about your off shore pile are we? A pig ignorant response because you are scared witless this will all be undone. This illegal undemocratic vote based on lies now over 300 days ago was NEVER legally binding and has been highjacked by right wing fascists who are now running the Government. Well they might be if they come out of Boris’ arse long enough to say and do something sensible , which predictably they do not as it consists of the same material content from where they have just been.

    • DENISE FRY says:

      How do you know why people didn’t vote in the referendum? I would say there were as many reasons not to vote as there were people who didn’t vote and not all of them as rational as you would like to suppose.

  13. Jerry Brimson says:

    All mp’s should be dismissed, believing they have the right to override 17.4000000 people majority vote, they have destroyed democracy and should be made to pay a high penalty for their treason

    • M says:

      Yes they are awful people that seem to be thinking only of themselves.
      Where’s the democracy.
      I’ve learned a lot watching them and the media
      They have lost any respect I had for them .

  14. rob says:

    One thing Has become clear during this debacle & that is the People can,t trust their MPs to represent their wishes anymore, when this is over we need to seriously review how MPs are held to Account & put measures in place to get rid of the renegades. Mps elected under one partys banner. & then jumping ship. its taking the electorate for complete mugs when they do this. they may as well be putting two fingers up to the people who voted for them. As for the trechery that has gone on with MP trying to undermine the PM whilst he is trying to negotiate well not so many years ago they would have been shot. then we have the duplicitous little turd the speaker. there needs to be more control over his conduct bending the rules like he,s Henry the VIII.

  15. James McKane says:

    Weak and spineless MPs (of all colour rosette) who have so little faith in the strengths of this nation and are in it for themselves and there own greed and inflated egos

  16. rosemary wilson says:

    of course parliament are to blame they have tied the pms hands by all these court cases and voting against everything he says or does the people voted to leave the eu the politicians work for the people and should do what their constituents want not as they want they should either give us a clean break from the eu or allow us to have another general election so we can get in a party that will give us what we voted for a clean break from the eu

  17. The Media, Parliament and Mrs May, (not forgetting the biased disruptive Speaker)and the EU should carry the brunt of the Blame, mostly remainers (wolves dressed as sheep) ;EU never would have given us a decent deal but come the day we will be rid – and a GE takes place the people will remember the way they have been treated

  18. Paul Whiter says:

    Its clearly the UK governments fault. The real problems started as soon as Teresa May set out her ridiculous and impossible to reconcile red lines.

    With an almost evenly split country, there should have been some sort of assembly including members of the public, business figures and politicians from both sides of the argument to come up with a way to move forward and to work out the best way to leave the EU so as to do minimal damage to the UK as well as to respect the result of the (almost) evenly split referendum. To come out with her ridiculous red lines right at the start of the process has led us to where we are now.

  19. Ken says:

    The British government is to Blame, Borris Johnson and the ERG never intended to get a deal, they have always wanted a hard Brexit, otherwise they would have accepted Theresa Mays deal and we would have been out of the EU by now discussing our future relationship.

    • Yvette Birch says:

      May’s ‘deal’ was actually an international treaty with no get out clause. It actually reversed Brexit & would have made us an EU colony! 5th largest world economy & you would prefer we were subordinates to the EU dictatorship? Paying in billions, no say, still under ECJ & rules. Close alignment re trade & migration, no control of fishing or making our own deals…you clearly haven’t read much about the EU. It’s based on Nazi ideology & used stealth to take over countries so that, by the time countries realised, it would be too late.

  20. Joy Clark says:

    It’s the right wing governments fault.

    • John Doherty says:

      Right-wing Government!! Have you had your head shoved up your a$$ for the last 3 years? It has been the Left and Liberals who have caused the mayhem.

    • walter daniel bowden says:

      The people of the UK have been hoodwinked n lied too for 40+ years, tricked into going along with where our politicians took our country, the politicians n PM’s have kept up the pretext of their underhanded deeds, deeds that would take the UK into a Dictatorship, even to the handing-over OUR forces to the complete bidding of Dictators! To do this, these corrupt MP’s n PM’s did away with certain MAGNA CARTA rights such as TREASON, along with a number of our civil lawful rights , ‘Soverintgnty! We must call a GE and throw these traitors out asap to escape Tyranny.

  21. Barry Feland says:

    The EU Cult Cannot comprehend resistance
    And due to the rigged oaths that legally bind them to “support further integration”
    They cannot take any position except a Federal EU or lose their millions in pensions.
    So soaked in their own propaganda they are Delusional in their fervour.
    Recently Junker a multi_billionaire member of their “Council” of Oligarch representatives threatened Brexiteers with the Guillotine.
    just as backward as their predictions of financial ruin of UK.


  22. richard.feaver says:

    Boris done every he can ,but being undermined by many remainers/parliment trying to overturn the 2016 referendum which voted to leave the EU . have used money & financial gain .

  23. Lesley Virginia Brown says:

    Both the EU and remain parliament are to blame no concept of democracy.

  24. Mrs p chapman says:

    I do blame the Eu totally ,every time you try to deal with these dictators they say no before anything even reaches them ,for over forty yrs they have used lies ,deceit ,underhand signing of TREATYS that should have been put to the public ,also making country’s vote till they in the Eu got what they wanted not what the people wanted ,we do not agree with the German ideology of bring back hitlers or karligies stupid idea of destruction of people’s nations ,nationality’s ,cultures ,mixing a religion of pure hate and child molestation in our society it vile its wrong and down right disgraceful ,immigration in the normal way is acceptable but pouring in millions of young males is not right ,they should fighting to rebuild their own country’s ,s not here bleed welfare of the European country’s its work and ideology is highly immoral the Eu unelected should be ended now ,they are corrupt ,greedy ,and only feed their own needs ,ie building their own bank accounts ,even to the point of theft ,how can any organisation lose billions ,and never have proper audits no this is the worse CORRUPTION THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN ,PLUS BEING ALLOWED TO BUILD ARMED FORCES WITH THREATS OF CONTROLLING THEIR EU COUNTRY,S ,AND THREATENING RUSSIA ,CHIINA ,USA WHO ARE NO THREAT TO US

  25. Alan Henry says:

    Johnson has all to gain for a ‘no deal’ and he’s lied about that, as he has with everything else, and been found guilty by the highest court in the land

    • John Bell says:

      When we lie to the authorities, it’s a crime. When they lie to us, it’s politics. And there’s no political party free of the taint of lying.

  26. darren sargent says:

    the eu parliament has never been a fair system germany having at least 10 more meps than any other country is wrong why should they have a ruling vote same has the brexit team for the eu all are anti brexit meps this should have been a split from across the board corrupt eu leaders are there on film saying they will make ireland a issue to keep us tied into the eu this is wrong they are trying to make us beg and plead for a deal when why should we. we are the ones that are pumping money into something that has crippled a lot of businesses out there and die to all the paper work that is needed to trade with the eu many small businesses cant afford the legal teams to do this

  27. Geoff Hunter says:

    The traitor remain Britain haters are fully to blame for no deal ,the EU don’t want us to leave and because of the traitors remainers they are in a position where they have no need for a deal but after we have left on no deal WTO they will be falling over themselves to get a deal ,it’s like going to buy a car and while your trying to get an good deal your partner is telling the salesman we won’t be leave this car show room until we buy a car no matter what crappy deal you give us

  28. C says:

    Parliament tied the hands of government by stopping no deal.

  29. Sally Packer says:

    The EU are totally to blame, they are putting every obstacle in the way to stop the UK from leaving, obviously because we are the second largest contributor to the EU funds, and that is a big hole to fill. They are so out of touch with the people, they cannot even contemplate any country wanting to leave – but they are also very afraid that if the UK leaves successfully, other countries will follow. There is only one way to leave, and that is on a NO DEAL – that means we leave without any ties. A clean break. But we want all commitments to hand our defence forces over to the EU cancelled forthwith. A country that can’t defend itself is not a sovereign country, and I cannot underst why the Government is not doing anything to stop that part of Mrs Mays deal!


    Joining the European Union is similar to being jailed for life, you can’t get out unless the powers that be allow it….the EU just want to milk us dry, we will never be equal or have equal say, we are cash cows to them, they don’t care what we think or what we want or even need…they don’t care about people or nations they only care about fulfilling the dictatorship dream, what they didn’t achieve by taking in force during 1939 – 1945 they are now trying to achieve by stealth..history repeating itself, god help us all. NO DEAL BREXIT IS THE ONLY WAY…

  31. Stuart says:

    The reason I blame the government is quite simply they will vote against any deal put before them.

    If they had voted for May’s deal we would of been out by now.

    The figures show a clear disproportionate amount of MP’s that feel that we should remain in comparison to their constituents and constituencies that voted remain. The proplem clearly lies with Parliament.

  32. jim says:


  33. Chris Barker says:

    I’m blaming the eu for the probable no deal brexit, it’s there way or nothing, as they won’t even deviate from the original deal, not even slightly. Which to me shows they are only out to damage our economy ever since we invoked article 50.

    • Marcus Rose says:

      The WA is not a trade deal, It is another treaty. Why shackle ourselves with another treaty? Many countries trade with the EU without bowing to its government and courts,Why should the UK?

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