Was Theresa May a good Prime Minister?

Was Theresa May a good Prime Minister?

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You already know this:

UK Prime Minister Theresa May announced her resignation after moths of political turmoil, admitting that she had been defeated by the challenge of delivering Brexit.

But, nevertheless, many admitted that she had one of the most difficult mandates in the last century.

She would resign on Friday June 7, after 1,045 days in office.

“I did my best,” she said.

Over the last 6 months, there have been intense political pressure to force her resignation, from her own party and from opposition parties.

Both brexiteers and remainers have called her a traitor and protests were organized by both sides to show their discontent with the way she managed Brexit.

She had to negotiate and eventually administrate the BREXIT - one of the most dramatic political change in UK recent history. Her own party, just as well as the country was splinted between remainers and brexiteers.

Downing Street historian Sir Anthony Seldon, a  stated once for HuffPost UK that

“it is pretty difficult to find any prime minister in the last 100 years in truth who has had such a difficult first year. (...) The Tory Party is now more in trouble than at any point for 100 years since the immediate aftermath of the First World War,”

And, to be honest, starting with June 7, it is the job of historians to evaluate her job as a PM.

But what do you feel today?

Was Theresa May a good Prime Minister?

Comment below with your best arguments.

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37 Responses

  1. Carol says:

    She should never have called a General Election after becoming PM – she should also have implemented the will of the 17.4m voters who voted Leave in the Referendum; she showed that she was an out and out Remainer by evading the result

  2. Patricia Kelly says:

    She was awful. A complete and utter traitor to Britain whilst following orders of her EU masters. The ruiner of democracy

  3. Joseph says:

    Pure Evil

  4. Sally Ann says:

    I do not have time to write war and peace but first and foremost she was too full of self important ego and refused to listen to anyone. Her main interests were herself and the elite making money for them at the expense of the poor. Corrupt and without shame.

  5. Richard James says:

    What do you expect when you put a remainer in charge of Brexit, instead of being strong and telling the EU we are leaving so sort something out by the 29th March 2019 or we are off, it’s called negotiating from a position of power. You do not when the people have given you a mandate you go cap in hand like Oliver Twist please MR Junker can we have some more, please. A disgrace and a betrayal of the will of the people, the day democracy died.

  6. Claudette says:

    She chose to fashion the Brexit deal without engaging the whole House. This was a mistake. If she had found out what EVERYONE thought she would quickly have found out that it wasn’t going to be easy pleasey. Finding out that everyone had a different definition of Brexit early on would have been of benefit. She old have been able to chop off a few heads of this dragon before it grew to monster proportions. This inability to see that she made a false start shows poor judgment. She should have defined Brexit. Not defining it is like an a builder starting work on a house without architect drawing and plans. This is what is going to trip up her successor. Occasionally you have to spend time thinking.

  7. Katy Walker says:

    She grabbed an impossible job without any real ability to do it. Seemingly just as the easy way to get into the history books. As such, pretty useless.

  8. Anonymous says:

    How she became prime minister, who knows, kept her cabinet in the dark, but informed Merkel of everything. Dishonest, Deluded and a Blatant liar, never keeping to what she said she would do. Should never be rewarded or allowed in public office again. Compromise was not on her agenda, more like destroy the UNITED KINGDOM.

  9. Allister Denyer says:

    To me she did not deliver what she repeatedly promised and it was set in law. I cannot see how you can break the law like that as a politician. Otherwise the law means nothing. Also why did she do what she did. The command from the people was pretty clear. Why did she not follow the command?? Very odd!!! No doubt all will be revealed. There is going to be a film documentary made about this and it will be very interesting. Nigel has definitely done something quite remarkable. Who know where it will go, will he win the next GE or will it wither on the vine. Very interesting times. I hope he manages to achieve what he has said he will and change politics for good. In the words or Sean Connery as Captain Ramius of the Red October, “A little revolution every now and then is no bad thing”. And boy does this governmental system need a revolution.

  10. David Eifion Williams says:

    In my opinion, dhe was not a good PM because her mind was closed to other opinions and this caused her to be too rigid snd unable to move from her preconceivec ideas.

  11. Glen Shakespeare says:

    She was Britain’s worst ever PM with not a single achievement to her rancid name seconded only by the useless idiot that preceded her.

  12. Arden says:

    I cannot believe the Conservatives could have put up with such an appalling P.M. for so long, sadly it will be their fault that the Party will die as a result! May never put this Country First, always herself & I expect her husband first!! Her grovelling to the EU has made this once great country the laughing stock of the world.
    I cannot imagine why my father, grandfather & so many of my family died in two world wars fighting for Britain.a waste of lives, one might as well have given in, France have never liked the British & we might as well all be Germans they’ve taken over Europe anyway & got the best of the deal, with money pouring in to rebuild them, the Greeks, British & many other Countries didn’t get a penny for all the damage they did, but May crawling to them has made me sick!!

  13. Carol says:

    She slowed a civil servant to collude with her and EU lied to her own cabinet and country. She should have gave up 2017 she was a remainer from start to finish.

  14. Lee says:

    I don’t believe Theresa May is a bad person but I do think she was in over her head. Cameron gave her a hospital pass when the referendum result backed Brexit. As a remainer he knew he couldn’t preside over the process and as another remainer Theresa May was the same. She negotiated a remainers Brexit. This failed on every level. We need a Brexit believer and someone who will stand up for our British needs. Boris or JRM for me.

  15. Boris says:

    No, as usefull as a leader and patriot as a dead goldfish.

  16. Jane says:

    Theresa May was an inappropriate person ever to lead any country – she has no negotiating skills, no management skills, no interpersonal skills, and no understanding of her electorate or her parliament. The only reason she got the job was because there was no-one else willing to pick up the poisoned chalice. She didn’t have to do it. She chose to, and she did it appallingly badly. She has destroyed Britain at home and its reputation abroad, she has spent billions on getting absolutely nowhere, and to no purpose. In days gone by, she wouldn’t just be resigning, but would find her head on a pike on the Tower of London. She has acted treasonably with regard to her country, and one hopes her conscience is going to give her a lot of trouble in the future, and that she might find some noble cause to try to redeem herself by serving.

  17. S M BRADBURN says:

    From day one, the Chinese Nuclear Deal, which cost the country billions in lost business and goodwill, her judgement, character and capabilities have been clearly shown to fall far short of the standard required for high office. She continued to dismantle the social framework of our society to the detriment of our weakest citizens. The tory party as a whole are a catastrophic failure for this country at this time of crisis.

  18. David Edwards-Loaring says:

    She has to be the worst PM ever, she was more concerned in keeping her party together than she was about the country,she showed no sign of emotion for Grenfell victims, she has allowed her party to fleece the worker who pay their taxes whilst ignoring the mega rich who were evading paying their fair share, her husband included! She allowed UC to strip away all forms of compassion for the sick, disabled ,homeless and elderly. Her cut backs to essential services like Police,firemen,police and ambulance workers has resulted in a system in crisis and her lack of funding to schools causing staff to crowd fund for essential materials. She was the Minister for the Windrush débâcle and she is the PM who lost the papers on the Westminster Paedophile Ring! She has brought it all on herself, she wasn’t forced into office but fought to claim the prize of PM. She gets no sympathy from me, she is sitting pretty for the rest of her life being paid as a PM but does not have to do anything. Good France!

  19. YASMIN SEALY says:

    no, she was not she could not understand the people wanted out

  20. Fiona Pitt-Kethley says:

    She was the worst PM ever. SHe kept trying to force the country to accept the results of a corrupt and non-inclusive referendum and pretending they were democracy. She has damaged the country hugely.

  21. lynn curtis says:


  22. Tony Rawlings says:

    Since becoming PM she has been totally obsessed with keeping us in the EU, meanwhile the country has gone to pot. Crime has soared,NHS has got worse, roads have got worse, various taxes have increased. A complete disaster as a “leader”.

  23. Ann Pegg says:

    she is a disgrace to say she loves our country,she has done everything to turn us over to the evil UN/EU/NWO and gave our money ,troops ,and everything the british owned to foreign corporations and all of our industry .where are our people going to get proper work and keep their families in safety ,we need the cabal out of our bank of england and the british people treat properly and supported first and foremost not as 2nd class citizens ,our NHS is ours and not for sale our education needs to be back to proper learning and real skills ,no more indoctrination to evil

  24. Tony Silverstein says:

    She was a lying conniving bitch. Promoted above her brain capacity.

  25. Colin Hanslip says:

    She made the best of a bad job…leaving the EU without destroying the country is an impossible dream for the racists and fools in the country. She should have had the common sense to say, “We hear your voice, but it was not a clear enough majority, leaving the EU will destroy the country, so we will negotiate changes” at the very best. We now run the risk of her being replaced by a fair right loon who will screw us all over with a no deal withdrawal when the majority preference is to remain having seen the damage it has done already.

  26. Marian Donovan says:

    No she was the worst pm in history She wouldnt listen she was stubborn and wasnt helped by her cabinet who stabbed her in the back in the end she was a disastershe was a remainer that got pushed into leaving which she didnt have the heart to do in the end it was her downfall

  27. nadine stark says:

    She has been the worse ever in history

  28. Theresa May never shed a single tear for any of the children being killed in Yemen, many with British made arms and British trained pilots. She never shed a single tear for any of the disabled people, or carers, or people suffering terminal cancer, or people working on low incomes, who her government encouraged the DWP to deny benefits or benefit sanction. There are more of them being pushed into poverty, hunger, homelessness or suicide every day. No tears, either, for the tens of thousands of disabled people who she took mobility vehicles from, making it impossible for many of those who had jobs to get to them.

    And not a word of regret for any of it.

    But when she loses her job, then and only then does it affect her emotionally. Then the tears come on. And she regrets “not delivering Brexit”.

  29. David Foster says:

    Due to the fact that she ignored the will of the electorate and decided the she knew better. Also that the deal was concocted in colusion with the EU to the detriment of the UK

  30. Elaine Wright says:

    Theresa mays job was to deliver brexit, easy, simple, leave or remain were the options and the majority of the electorate chose leave, not her concocted version of what the people wanted, she did everything to thwart brexit from the beginning, worst pm I can remember.

  31. Daphne MacOwan says:

    She had no idea how to negotiate. She gave up her trump card by discounting ‘no deal’. She wouldn’t listen to anyone. Very poor PM. She has almost destroyed the Tory party, democracy and most of the UK, GREAT BRITAIN and all who sail in her.

  32. Paul Stephen says:

    Her red lines and ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’ mantra doomed her from the start. If she had gone for a deal with SM and CU included she would have got it through. Brexit has now missed its chance.

  33. David Thompson says:

    She lied to Brexit secretaries and had Olly Robinson negotiate a surrender treaty in the background

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