UK General Election – Who Will You Vote For?

UK General Election – Who Will You Vote For?

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In the final days of the campiagn for UK general election 2019, Boris Johnson is touring Leave-constituencies that voted for Labour in 2017, promoting his "Get Brexit Done" campaign.

Labour is focusing on the NHS and voters’ finances, after they have micro - targeted different groups with a different polices, from pensions to unions. The Lib Dems will use this final days to push forward the promise for a second referendum targeting the Remainer voters across the country.

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150 Responses

  1. Tim Duckitt says:

    Labour because the Tory’s never called a halt to their class war, their fire-sales of national assets. Tory’s converted the State Pension into a ponzi scheme and robbed the fund blind. now i’m looking at being 75 years old before i can retire.

  2. Pam says:

    I’ll be backing LABOUR as the only party who will rebuild our broken society from the bottom up, who will project our NHS from the insurance companies, who will solve homelessness and build one million council homes in 5 years, provide free education from cradle to grave in a new NHS, scrap tuition fees, and provide maintenance grants so we have education for all, not just the elite. Labour will ban fracking for good, and start a new industrial GREEN revolution, Labour will scrap the cruel Universal credit, and close the DWP. replacing it wit( a new service for social security, providing a safety net for us all whenever we should need it if we fall on hard times..

    • Sean says:

      Save the nhs and fix this country. Thousands of people have died because of cuts. I know people with jobs using food bands. Loads of homeless people and the torys couldn’t give a fig as long as they are filling there pockets. Billionaires not paying tax while the people that have nothing do. Lies and propaganda in the media. Wouldnt trust anything the torys say.

    • alan says:

      and put a security risk in as prime minister , i remember all the children killed while the ira put bombs in bins ,and the idiot supported them .

      • Tim Duckitt says:

        you know fine well Mr Corbyn was on peace missions for Mo Mowlem (oddly a nice tory) which lead to the Good Friday agreement

      • Simon Nicklin says:

        I wholeheartedly agree, Alan. I remember the IRA atrocities too well, and of course this sheep in wolves clothing supported them. He still does, he is a terrorist supporter & a marxist. Our economy will suffer. He is using the NHS to smear Boris who has stated that it will never be part of negotiations, The NHS is ours. Unfortunately there are an element of society falling for the lies of Corbyn and his fanatical party.

    • Sylvia Osborne says:

      What a load of crosswalks You BELIEVE, Corbyn will have our Country Bankrupt In 2years

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  4. Andy Bill says:

    I’ll vote Brexit Party as Labour have clearly lied in their election manifesto, the Lib Dem’s have already said they will ignore any poll results if they don’t like it and the Tories are Tories.. Listen to the people and you get my vote and there is only one party that’s doing that

    • James Ball says:

      What manifesto? I don’t think it has been published yet.

    • phillip k harrison says:

      goes to prove you never read the 2107 manifesto then as it was very clear that labour accepted the result but would never accept a tory Brexit unless 6 conditions were met, and none of those conditions were met so obviously they were true to their manifesto you idiot

    • Pam says:

      Labour haven’t even published it yet, so what are you talking about. How cam you say they clearly lie? What is clear or unclear?

    • Pam says:

      Labour could not implement the 2017 manifesto, because THEY WERE NOT IN POWER. The Tories had a majority.
      The 2019 manifesto has nit even been published yet.
      No party can carry out a manifesto without being in power to do so.

    • Catherine Foulkes says:

      Labour haven’t lied. They just won’t accept Johnson’s disastrous deal or Farage’ no deal, which will strip away workers right and who will sell the NHS off to Trump. The only party who are for the working class are the Labour Party. They will protect the NHS, invest in public services, education and social care. All services that the working class use and benefit from. Apart from Brexit what other policies does Farage have that will benefit workers? I haven’t seen any. Labour will negotiate a new deal with the EU and put their deal and remain back to a people’s vote with all the true facts and the people can decide. Vote Labour to save the NHS and all public services!!

  5. Paul says:

    Will be voting Brexit party

    • christine burgess says:

      I will vote for a true remain party and Lib Dems are the ones that will revoke article 50. Can’t trust Labour under Corbyn he is a Brexiter helping May to trigger article 50 by whipping his members to get it done then voting alongside them on numerous other occasions too he is not to be trusted

    • Rob says:

      I won’t be – I can’t stand the far right, and I am no tory…

  6. Robert McCombe says:

    Well said, Jane Hardy.

  7. Dan lunn says:

    This country deserves policies for the many and not just the privilaged few. Labours brilliant program gives us hope! Save our NHS! Fund our education and public services and put an end to elitist tax evasion! JC4PM✊🏻🌹

  8. Nick Brand says:

    The SNP are the only party with Scotland’s interests at heart. I’m Scottish and European, and have nothing in common with any Tories. Therefore Independence is the only way forward for Scotland.

    • phillip k harrison says:

      have the SNP informed you truthfully yet that if you vote to leave the UK it can still take up to 20 years of negotiations either way its a long time to get accepted unless of course you no longer want to have your own currency and except the Euro which means Brussels then control all of your spending lol, don’t believe me take a very good look at Italy/France and others where Brussels keeps saying no to each countries budget until its the one Brussels want lol enjoy yourself in there if you ever get accepted and start reading the Lisbon Treaty as well as that while it is nice some places it is also horrific in others goodbye

    • MIKE HOOK says:

      How can you have independence when being ruled by the EU ???????????????

  9. Leon Morgan says:

    Policy, policy, policy

  10. Dylan says:

    Labour have my vote it’s time to put our country and people first Also the Tories are going to lose. #VOTELABOUR🌹🌹🌹

  11. Iain MacIlleChiar says:

    ‘S e Albannach a tha annam mar sin ‘s e am Pàrtaidh Nàiseanta an aon fhear a sheasas còir na h-Alba.

  12. Irene Bernard says:

    I am voting Labour as I want a socialist government, who will look after everyone. Am sick of this selfish Tory government, who only look after the rich.
    Labour will keep our NHS safe nationalise the railways, give students a free education and invest in our schools.

    • Pam says:

      I want to see a socialist government too, building homes, free education and keep our NHS in public hands. At the heart of Labour’s manifesto will be a Green Industrial revolution. Yay! 🌹👏

  13. Philip says:

    Brexit party is the only true Brexit party that will hopefully live up to their pledge as the Tories cannot deliver soup in a soup kitchen.

  14. Peter Ashcrofy says:

    My current MP, (labour) in a constituency that voted to leave the EU, totally disrepected my leave vote and ignored the democratic vote of hiS constituents. I will never trust another labour politician. I cannot trust the tories or the liberal undemocrats to respect my leave vote so it only leaves the brexit party. The greens are out of the question because I have hay fever.

    • Sandra says:

      Corbin is the only honest leader He doesnt lie …doesnt name call as Tories do
      Doesnt claim expenses !!
      He is a man of peace
      He will stop the arms sale to Saudi who are bombing women and children and hospitals in Syria His manifesto is for the 98% of country.. Not the millionaires and billionaires and its fully costed JC4PM

      • malcolm Goodger says:

        Doesn’t claim expenses…. check yer facts ………….1 Apr 2018 — 31 Mar 2019 Total claimed:£16,744.88 Number of items claimed for:36

      • Valerie Dunn says:

        He dose like and changes his mind more often than you realise brexit party is the only party worth voting for x

      • Jill Emburey says:

        Doesn’t lie or claim expenses!!! He even lies about small things; congratulated England for a fine game in rugby but has actually been photographed sleeping through it! He also has one of the HIGHEST expenses claims in the commons. I think Diane Abbott may be first…..

        • phillip k harrison says:

          have you tried to get a wifi signal on a train? its almost impossible you muppet plus you do not even know what time he went to sleep as the daily fail lies about everything it prints, go back to your fail and keep reading the lies don’t tell me immigrants are smashing your window now because the daily fail told you they did that’s how gullible you are and as for expenses Corbyn has not got the highest expenses that is conservative as usual and the only reason Corby’s expenses went up is vert simple it is because he became leader of the Labour party which means he is now required to do things as leader that he would not normally do as for Diane Abbott grow up you racist

    • phillip k harrison says:

      what a load of bollocks he.she followed the labour manifesto on Brexit, which was very clear if you bothered to read it properly, labour would not accept a conservative Brexit unless it passed 6 tests the conservatives could not even pass 1 of those tests and 1 of those test was workers rights if you want to lose those rights so an employer can fire you without a reason then you and other brexiteers all sign a disclaimer to that effect but the rest of the population are not willing to those rights up, enjoy your servitude as that is exactly what you will become with a tory/fartage brexit a servant and nothing else, of course you think this is funny, but if it happens because muppets like you vote for fartage or the tory it will become reality in a few years and then you will become disgusted with yourself knowing you just fucked over the entire population of the UK inc;=luding your family who will now never have any chance of a retirement

  15. Margaret Shaw says:

    Aren’t most politicians corrupt these days, Labour, Conservative, Libdem, the list goes on

  16. Margaret Shaw says:

    Boris Johnsons deal is leave in name only and will turn the UK into a vassal state. I’m faced with a decision of Tory party or Brexit party if they field a candidate in my area. The risk of never leaving the EU us high if we get the tactical voting wrong. My preference is leave on WTO rules but I doubt now we will ever get that . Decisions, decisions.

  17. Lisa says:

    SNP only party worth voting for

  18. Stephanie Menzies says:

    I will be voting labour which is now true labour for the many not the few. How any person can live through this last nearly 10 years under the Torys and forget about our NHS, schools , disabled, elderly and the way they have been systematically abused, just because of brexit is beyond me. I voted leave but it sure isn’t the be all and end all, I want to live in a fairer society and only labour will do that

    • Joanne Matheson says:

      For the many not the few, unless you’re Jewish, have inherited wealth, have made a large donation to any political party other than your own, have ever chosen not to join a trade union, are homeless, or are one of the 17.4 million people who voted leave. Other than that they are for everyone. Dream on.

      • phillip k harrison says:

        what a load of rubbish, Israel has worked its bollocks on you, Israel wants its definition of hatred of Jews with labour and yet the Conservatives/LibDems/SNP all refuse to accept it and their reason is what? it is against free speech its also been proven that some Labour Jewish MP’s have been bribed by Israel to invent stories about anti-Semitism it has also been proven by parliaments own standards committee that labour has fewer antisemites than any other party in the country, Labour membership 600.000 amount of proven antisemites 0.0006% amount of reported anti-semites across the UK population 2.1% , it was also proven all the other parties have far more as well lol facts are easy to find when you use a brain and look

  19. Charlie Edwards says:

    I’m voting Labour led by a socialist in Jeremy Corbyn. I agree with virtually everything he says. I despise the right wing led media attack on him. And at the age of 60 I have learnt over the years to never ever trust a Tory which includes the lib Dems. They have lied, lied and lied again, and Johnson is one of the worst, along with Rees Mogg and Gove.

  20. Kris H says:

    The conservatives should team up with the Brexit party. The others are hell bent on selling us out to the EU eurocrats. To say we didn’t know what we were voting for. Is like telling the majority of the country. We’re stupid.

  21. Aileen O'Connor says:

    I will not be voting Labour as Corbyn is only really interested in helping the foreigners coming in and has blood on his hands from his dealings with the Jerry Adam’s. Also I am not voting for Conservatives either. So it’s UKIP or Brexit. And maybe we will get what the majority vote for in what is supposed to be a democratic country.

    • Maureen Oluver says:

      I haven’t seen immigration stopped over the last 10 years and as Corbyn isn’t in power I wonder who has let them in! Don’t say the EU because without those migrants we would be lost in many services. It is not a big a problem as you have been led to believe. This country has thrived on immigration but I wouldn’t expect you to believe that! Don’t forget a lot of Brits work in Europe as well so it’s a fairish exchange! Corbyn as with a lot of politicians have talked to Sinn Fein which is a political party with links to the IRA if they hadn’t we wouldn’t have had peace in the last 20 years. If we are talking about talking to the IRA go check Maggie’s record it has been recently released that she talked to the IRA but denied it. So go get your facts and stop listening to the Tory media who will make up any lie about Corbyn to deflect attention on what they are doing!

    • Maureen says:

      Since this lot have been in power I haven’t noticed any reduction in immigration. Little Englander there isn’t a place for in the global economy we need immigration and don’t forget a lot of Brits work abroad… He has publicly condemned the IRA and if we are talking about blood on their hands I would check your facts. Maggie talked to the IR A fact from recently released papers and denied it she had more blood on hands than Corbyn who tried to talk to the political wing to bring about peace. Stop listening to the Tory press and think for yourself!

      • Marcus Rose says:

        We don’t need immigration. Only big business does. It drops wages and 300k a year is almost the population of Birmingham every 3 years. We cannot build enough houses hospitals, schools roads to cater for it. It eats up our countryside and kicks out our wild life. With independence we need to give our borders the strength they had before we joined the wretched EU. We also need to train our own skilled labour including doctors and nurses as we used to. It is bad policy to bring in skilled labour from abroad when their own countries need them more.

        • Mrs Christine Richards says:

          Well said.

        • phillip k harrison says:

          yes we do need immigration where do you think most of the doctors/nurses come from now? as they are immigrants as the tory will never invest in education across the entire population so that our own can do the job, but even when we did invest we still never had enough doctors/nurses for the NHS so where did they come from as you will call them immigrants

  22. Robin F Phillips. says:

    Has this site been targeted by Momentum? From the soppy posts it sure looks like it! Read the LISBON TREATY, and tell me thats what you want! Over a £ BILLION A MONTH EVERY MONTH! None of it for the NHS, Police, Education, Homes. And your kids and grand kids conscripted into the EUSSR Army! Wake up you morons! Steptoe Corbyn and his crew are not fit to run a bath, never mind UK.PLC! Boris is a liar. His “DEAL” wich is a legally binding set in stone TREATY is 95% treasonous May’s so-called “Deal”! The only way to be free is “NO DEAL”! Forget emotive B/S like “Cliff Edges” and “Crashing Out”!, There will be no shortages, its all been worked on in the background for the last 3 years. Vote BREXIT PARTY and lets REARLY get BREXIT done!

    • Sunny Day says:

      Oh God not another one who believes the crap about the Lisbon Treaty and EU army! It has been debunked that many times it is getting beyond a joke .. sigh

      • Marcus Rose says:

        Both Germany and France want an EU army. That is fact. They also want further integration. I want nothing to do with it. Europe will need us again. But safer and better outside. The far right is rising across Europe. They are almost coming into power in some countries. You have 92% more say in the UK parliament than you have in the EU. Our MEPs are only 8%. and 1 in 28 of the executive.

        • philomena carroll says:

          Germany are not allowed to have an army .The States of Germany are not allowed to maintain armed forces of their own, since the German Constitution states that matters of defense fall into the sole responsibility of the federal government.

    • Joris Bonson says:

      You’re a sucker if you believe that Lisbon treaty nonsense. It’s been disproved about a million times.

    • Lisa Marie Melbourne says:

      The Lisbon treaty has been fully implemented since 2006! Check your facts!

    • Erica Coles says:

      The Lisbon Treaty was implemented in 1997 ! Yet another moronic imbecile that reads a fake pro-Brexit meme and thinks it’s real. If you had any clue, you’d have known it was implemented 22 years ago and was primarily concerned with trade, and you’d also have the sense to see that the top lawyers in the 28 member nations wouldn’t spend years writing something you can fit into about 5 sentences. Bloody hilarious ! :D :D :D

    • Janet Spendlove says:

      Well said

    • paul says:

      I think Labour has forgotten about the 5 million Labour members that voted to Leave the EU Dictatorship !

      • Pam says:

        Don’t be ridiculous. he was asleep because he was travelling around the country campaigning, as he does endlessly, because he really cares. The guy has to sleep sometime. And why shouldn’t he congratulate them? That isn’t a lie, it’s solidarity, and support.

      • Pam says:

        Don’t be absurd. Dictatorship? Under Johnson, we have been near to that! How is that due to the EU, This election is about far more than Brexit, it is about people, poverty, homeless, hungry, universal credit, private NHS, or the alternative which is rebuilding our society, just as Labour did in 1945. Build the peace, Love not War.

    • phillip k harrison says:

      that billion you muppet half of that is part of the 39 billion that your conservative party legally signed to pay the EU lol the tory will not invest in any of those things you mentioned as well same goes to the Brexit Party, the only party that has ever invested in the people every time they get in is labour

  23. Paula McCarthy says:

    I will be voting Labour for the chance at the first truly socialist Government since the 1940’s. I believe in a country that works for all!

    • k williams says:

      Then you are a moron who votes for a party whose leader supports the IRA & other known terrorist groups who want to destroy Britain!

      • Erica Coles says:

        Are you for real? I’d go lie down in a dark room until the anti-Corbyn propaganda has seeped out of your tiny brain !

      • Maureen says:

        Corbyn no more supports the IRA than other politicians he has publicly denounced them and their violence. However, if you really want to know who negotiated with the IRA look no further than Maggie who denied it but recently released papers prove she lied. So go check your facts instead of listening to the Tory media who have nothing to offer and are scared if Corbyns policies because it would stop their gravy train!

      • philomena carroll says:

        you’re a moron for believing such UTTER fake shit Jeremy Corbyn awarded by MacBride Prize | IPB … › jeremy-corbyn
        Jeremy Corbyn is awarded by the Seán MacBride Peace Prize for his sustained and powerful political work for disarmament and peace.

      • philomena carroll says:

        Jeremy Corbyn awarded by MacBride Prize | IPB … › jeremy-corbyn
        Jeremy Corbyn is awarded by the Seán MacBride Peace Prize for his sustained and powerful political work for disarmament and peace.

      • phillip k harrison says:

        Corbyn has never supported terrorist’s but your conservatives have and continue to do so by selling them arms on a daily basis and when those arms come back to the UK and kill someone who is responsible? that would be you for supporting the real terrorists by arming them in the first place while Corbyn says TALK and Stop Selling them weapons

      • Pam says:

        That’s an untruth for which there is no evidence. It is a Tory smear. Corbyn abhors all violence, including that attributed by the IRA and Ulster unionists and he abhors racism. Corbyn will negotiate was through conflicts which is why Corbyn is a winner for Peace prizes., including the Ghandi Award.
        Johnson is a risk to peace in Northern Ireland.

        Corbyn will make a brilliant prime-minister.

    • Patricia Kafel says:

      Would you like us all to chip in for a one way ticket to Venezuela Paula, where Socialism isn’t even covering the price of rats for food for the average family. It is a failed ideology, to make the rich more wealthy. My goodness jus know that NOTHING IS FREE, EVER.

      • Erica Coles says:

        And people relying on food banks is a grand endorsement for a capitalist, free market economy isn’t it Patricia !

        • Irene Ayriss says:

          Food Banks create a demand and the only people using them are the people who won’t work and who are claiming benefit. And people claiming benefit have never been so well off. they get more on benefit than some people who are working. There is no such thing as deprived and underpriviledged in this country today because if you’ve got nothing then you can claim every benefit going. It’s about time people realised who is keeping this country going – it is the decent, hardworking taxpayers of this country who have morals, stand on their own two feet and provide for not only their own families but for everyone who is claiming benefit. It’s not what money you get – IT’S HOW YOU SPEND IT!

          • viki says:

            Well this “decent, hardworking taxpayer” thinks you are talking out of your rear end!! If you haven’t got any money then its not “HOW YOU SPEND IT”. Would be interested to know where you get your information from because if you truly believe what you have written then you must be living in another dimension!! Most ridiculous comment on here yet. IMO. ;)

          • Joanne Matheson says:

            Wow Irene where have you been? Pop along to your local food bank and work a shift, ask anyone working in a job centre, ask your local homeless charity or ask a firm of solicitors that do pro bono work – any one of them will tell you that this is right wing rubbish. Being able to live on social security and benefits may have been true 40 years ago, but not any more. All of our political parties have increased funding to big polluting business and decreased funding to social care. I hope you never find yourself suddenly unexpectedly out of work, unwell or in a major accident without family around to support you.

          • phillip k harrison says:

            you are one very stupid woman most of the people who are using food banks are in work

        • Carole Smyth says:

          well the people i know go to food banks thinks its a laugh freebies but smoke and drink free loaders ,and if a honest survey was done you would find majority oof these people play on it ,

      • karen waugh says:

        Hi patricia, have a look at Portugal at the minute, a socialist government has just been voted back in with a bigger mandate, they have turned the country’s fortunes around and Labour are following their model xx

      • phillip k harrison says:

        Venezuela has been caused by America with its illegal sanctions, did you know that when Venezuela became a socialist country that within 2 years productivity had jumped by 200% then America came in with their illegal sanctions and why did they do that? because they cannot let anyone find out socialism actually does work so the yanks destroy it

    • Jennifer O'Connell says:

      I will be voting Labour thankyou for asking, if there is a PV I will vote to remain, if you are proposing leave please don’t contact me again

    • Barry Jones says:

      well said

    • Irene Ayriss says:

      You must be really brainwashed if you believe that Corbyn will create a society equal for all. His aim is to turn this country into a communist state where the hardworking taxpayers of this country will be expected to fund the lazy scum on benefit in this nanny state. He is a terrorist/ira sympathiser and would open our borders to the world. We are a tiny island and cannot solve the worlds problems. He has no respect for democracy and would get rid of our English traditions and our way of life as we know it. Charity begins at home and the government running this country should be putting the interests and health of the indigenous population before those of any foreignors, something Corbyn would never do!
      Anyone voting for Corbyn is as big a traitor to this country as he is and should open their eyes to what Corbyn’s plan is for the future of this great country. How anyone could turn against his fellow countryman is beyond belief.
      Corbyn is not interested in the electorate, he is only interested in his own political gains and anyone who thinks otherwise is truly deluded.

  24. Doogid says:

    Independence for Scotland, we’re ignored, abused, robbed. Time’s up Westminster!

    • Irene Ayriss says:

      I hope you get your independence!

    • robert loake says:

      ahaahhahhhaah Ignored aaahahaah robbed aahahahha By all means leave and see how your continual bleating goes down with the other EU countries. Britain , England’s tax payers have kept Scotland afloat for bloody years. Scotland is billions in debt each year with free University education except for English students, free prescriptions, do not have to sell their properties when they go into care. They lead a blessed life. Our two aircraft carriers taken from Portsmouth to Scotland to give you ship builders work , laying off 700 workers in Portsmouth. Our nuclear subs based in the Clyde to give Scotland work. Pleases leave and we will send you no more ships to build, no more billions in subsidies. Join the unemployed in the EU they are welcome to you moaning and groaning .When your MEP attend the EU parliament see how much sway they carry NONE. If they think when they have their Parliament and Government abolished and the name Scotland erased from the worlds maps as your county is split into regions reporting to Brussels where Britain with its over 64 Million was not listened to , how much chance do you have in influencing any thing in your favour. You have been listening to the wee poison dwarf and all you are going to get from that ugly wee dwarf is lies. Greece, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Hungary, Italy, and it goes on , the number of EU Countries who have high unemployment and growing debt join them then you will have something to moan about . There was a time when Scotland was a friend to the rest of Britain in good times and bad in war and in peace we could depend on each other . Start believing your OWN LIES AND YOU ARE FINISHED

    • Marcus Rose says:

      You would laugh at that if had you lived through the 1930s and 40s. I see people on TV pleading poverty with a huge TV in the background and toys littered across the floor saying they will not be able to have a second holiday this year.

  25. Jane Hardy says:

    I’m voting for Labour as I was brought up with morals and want a fair society where everyone is entitled to good health care and a good education. I am voting labour so that my children will get to see a better future. I’m also voting labour for all our hard working nhs staff, our firefighters and our police.

    • Lynne says:

      You are having a laugh surely??😂😂😂

    • Nat says:

      You mistakenly believe you’re voting for Labour as it used to be. You are not. How do you propose Labour will provide this Utopian future whilst encouraging the rest of the world’s unskilled migrants to flock here? Paying to house these people won’t leave any money for the NHS, which they’ll also be using. Our police don’t stand a chance when their tribal grievances are brought over with them too. Tis has nothing to do with morals. If Labour MPs had any morals they would have respected the manifesto that they were voted in on, instead of lying, and not continued to waste billions of pounds of our taxpayers money in trying to overturn democracy.

      • Sunny Day says:

        Labour MPs have wasted billions?? Typo there, you mean Conartists have wasted billions as they are the ones in power!! Doh

      • Patricia Kafel says:

        Well said Nat

      • Samantha says:

        That’s not true labour have a manifesto that includes controlled immigration. Immigrants mostly go for private rental accommodation and pay far more in tax than they use in public services.
        How can labour respect the manifesto they were voted in on when they haven’t been in gov for 9+ years.
        Labours manifesto is the only one that has been fully costed and many businesses and economists have endorsed. Labour have a vision for the future for everyone.

      • Maureen says:

        How so provide proof of that last statement or go away to spin these lies elsewhere! Check the Labour party manifesto which has been costed and then try and spin your lies again. This is a rich country but you wouldn’t know it because the top 1% arecreaming off the profits and sending them abroad!

      • phillip k harrison says:

        tax going back to 26% and the estimated 800billion a year lost in tax evasion by multinationals that is how and don’t claim business will leave as they won’t as the EU tax policies are the same and in some cases higher lol only Ireland has lower than the UK and when the tax was previously at 26% they still never left to go their did they, and as for wasting billions its a bit difficult/impossible to do that as its the conservatives that have been in power the last 10 years you muppet, and how are labour trying to overturn our democracy? if you mean Brexit then yet again you prove you are a muppet as labours policy was very clear on that they accepted the resuly but would only accept a conservative Brexit if it passed 6 tests the conservatives did not even pass one of those tests and the biggest test was workers rights if you dont want any rights at work i suggest you sign a disclaimer to that effect to your current employer if you have 1 and they will love doing it as they will save a fortune just from you as now you no longer get sick pay/holiday pay and they can now reduce your wages to a single pound an hour if they wish to and then if you refuse sack you on the spot with no comeback from you legaly wise lol

    • Bren says:

      I don’t trust corbyn one little bit labour got us in a mess before also in the past he wanted out of the e u. Now he’s a remainer he can’t be trusted

      • Maureen says:

        Oh grow up how did he get us in a mess he has not been in govt!

        • Marcus Rose says:

          Labour in Blairs time took us into an useless war, He started “UNI grad nurses only” and Brown rounded off with the banks collapse. He said he had saved the world but left us paying for it. We were the sick man of Europe in the1970s because the unions were always on strike. Labour has said it would reinstate the power unions had. If that happened look out!!!

    • truthteller says:

      Labour would destroy the NHS simply because they would bankrupt the country as they always do, no one will have any public services after a few years of Liebour.

      • Maureen says:

        Change the record you have a nerve after 9 yrs of Tory rule they have tripled the national debt not reduced it! We will take no lessons from you!

      • Robert McCombe says:

        Truth teller you need to change your mom de plume! The present conservative government has almost tripled the national debt. They have borrowed more money than ALL the combined borrowings of every Labour administration.

        • Marcus Rose says:

          Borrowing has grown because of the 2008 bank collapse in Labour time. They said the then incoming government “Tory” would not be re-elected for many years because of the cuts they would have to make. The cuts had to be made because we cannot spend more than we earn as a nation. The situation is better now with full employment and an increase in basic wages. I am no Tory fan but like the truth. I will vote BREXT PARTY.

          • phillip k harrison says:

            Labour did NOT cause the banking Crash as it was America that started the BANKING CRASH which fed to the UK banks because of their greed, stop believing tory lies, even the tory admitted when the banks crashed that they themselves would have done the same thing and bailed them out lol so get some reality and truth in your before its too late, and you believe the Brexit party will save you they will fuck you over so much you wont even see the sun because of the shitstorm they create, also when labour left office the National Debt was Reducing odd that dont you think Labour still spent and the National Debt starts going down, conservatives 10 years of austerity debt tripled to over 2.2 trillion

    • Marcus Rose says:

      Labour has lost its moral roots. Kier hardy would turn in his grave if he saw what it is like now. And those that had real morals that came out of the Welsh valleys and gave us our NHS and so much more are now sadly missing. Tony Benn would have implemented our 2016 vote to LEAVE the EU.

      • phillip k harrison says:

        Keir Hardy would be cheering at Corbyn and appalled at how all the lies the tory media produce is believed by people like you

      • Pam says:

        How could Labour have implemented the manifesto when it was the TORIES, not Labour who had power and a majority. You cannot blame Labour for what the Tories failed to do, despite having had a majority.

    • Robert McCombe says:

      Well said, Jane Hardy.

    • Pam says:

      Then you are a wise and caring person. We have to rebuild this broken country, and save this planet. Future generations depend on us.
      I will be voting Labour too.

  26. Lynda says:

    For the vulnerable and needy in our society, for our children and elderly, for the education system, for the fire service, for our wonderful NHS and also for bringing hope back to our country I will be voting Labour. JC4PM!

  27. Richie says:

    There will be life after Brexit, I want a fairer society for all, to save the NHS. Only way to achieve this is to vote JC4PM 🌹

  28. Paul Clarke says:

    I loathe everything that the Conservative Party stand for, people have short memories, there is far too much of an “i’m alright Jack” attitude amongst the voting public nowadays, and too many give credence to everything that they read in the papers, and view on the TV.

  29. Most people in England are gullible to the mainstream media and will be influenced by it. Despite Corbyn having Diane Abbott in his cabinet, I’m driven by compassion for the homeless, the poor, NHS, education, the young, fairness, justice, so I’m voting for Corbyn. Anybody who votes Tory has no conscience and may be held accountable to the next generation for the profit driven human carnage.

  30. Nigel M Barrett-Cross says:

    The Brexit Party will put pressure on Parliament to uphold the referendum LEAVE result , although a small majority , Leave won . I have NO TRUST in any of the other parties . The Conservatives need to be removed from office due to the damage they have inflicted on everyone due to vindictive policies .

  31. Maureen Foster says:


    • phillip k harrison says:

      why? you enjoy blood on your hands do you?

      • Joe. says:

        No, she doesn’t like terrorist sympathisers who have blood on their hands.

        • Maureen says:

          Last time I looked that was Maggie not Corbyn get your facts right?

        • phillip k harrison says:

          only terrorists are conservative voters as uit is you lot that fund and arm all the terrorists around the globe and in some cases actually create terrorist groups like ISIS bought and paid for by the american people and the uk conservative voters while corbyn says talk to them and stop arming/funding them but you want to continue doing that dont you , you will never wipe away the blood from you hands

  32. Richard says:

    I still can’t believe that people have bought into this NHS privatisation rubbish……the Tories wouldn’t dare even of they had considered it! Corbyn will ruin this country if he gets in so the Brexit party has my vote as I live in a Labour stronghold

    • Erica Coles says:

      Corbyn will ruin this country? Have you looked out of the effing window lately? Strikes, homelessness at unprecedented levels, working people using food banks, the pound falling, the country divided over Brexit and a trade deal with Trump that will put the NHS on the table. If you’d vote Tory, you’re the problem and all that’s wrong with this country from homelessness to food banks ! If you think all this is ‘success’, you have a bloody strange idea of what success looks like is all I can say !

    • Stephanie Menzies says:

      I work in the NHS and can assure you it is most definitely not rubbish

    • Maureen says:

      Oh the Tories would dare that’s why back door privatisation is going on so people won’t realise it till it’s too late! Stop being brainwashed and think for yourself. How do you know Corbyn will ruin the country coz the Tory press tell you so! He couldn’t make it any worse than it is bankrupt and a laughing stock, I would say it is ruined already after ten years of Tory austerity

    • phillip k harrison says:

      it is not rubbish open your eyes the NHS is being privatized right now and voting in Brexit party will only destroy the NHS faster i really hope you can afford a grand a month with your health insurance even if you have it now the prices will very quickly become the same as the Americans pay which seems is our hero fartages dream

  33. Carole says:

    The Tories have made a complete dogs dinner and while they have been doing that they have had there hands in our pockets! There have been tens of thousands of DWP related deaths, homelessness has never been so high, metal health has almost reached epidemic rates and this is all due to there political austerity scam!
    You want more? And the NHS sold off? Then vote Tory or you could vote Libdem it’s the same thing (remember Clegg)
    The vote for Labour for all the people and NOT just the rich 1%

  34. alan sidaway says:

    they are the party f the people and they are there to show fareness

  35. Nav says:

    For the many not the few. Don’t want nigel farage to be the next prime minister vote sensibly and the only sensible man at tge moment is JEREMY CORBYN

  36. David Phillips says:

    To prevent the tories from continuing to dismantle the ‘Great’ Britain I was born into and grew in benefit from.

  37. Nadia says:

    For the nurses, the doctors and the NHS as a whole. The disabled and our children, our schools and all the poor. The homeless and our soldiers, our fire fighters too and everyone who needs us because we know that they do.

  38. Tony Cavanagh says:

    Time for a new economic model, supply side has failed. 75% of GDP is domestic consumer/services based. And the majority of the consumer population of the UK, is broke, in debt and low waged.

  39. Neacail says:

    Most likely be voting SNP – only party that seem to have any sort of principles

  40. Darren Abrahams says:

    Because of the state of this country after 9 years of tory rule, plus I’m not a gullible moron who’s been brainwashed by the right wing newspapers

    • wilma says:

      what rubbish as ive been ignored i voted out

      • phillip k harrison says:

        i did the same but at least i read the 2017 labour manifesto which you obviously did not, it was very clear they would not accept a tory Brexit unless it passed 6 tests, the conservative did not even pass one of those tests and the biggest test was workers rights, also it stated very clearly labour would get a deal and that deal would be voted on by the public in another referendum to decide if they still wanted to leave or not, all of that and more is still in that manifesto if you bother to actually read the entire document, and i will still vote labour because they have been 100% honest on Brexit if only the MSM would actually report the real truth/facts

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