The hypocrisy of anti-abortionists laid bare | Letter

The hypocrisy of anti-abortionists laid bare | Letter

If only those behind the US supreme court’s overturning of Roe v Wade cared as much about children who are living, writes Sharon McIver

Moira Donegan’s thoughtful piece (Roe v Wade has been overturned. Here’s what this will mean, 24 June) helped make sense of some of the anger I’m feeling about the decision made by the supreme court in the US, despite being fortunate enough myself to live in a nation where abortion has recently been decriminalised.

The last line about how we should grieve for all the women and girls who will suffer because of this removal of their rights over their own bodies was particularly affecting. Yet I am also grieving for those poor babies who will be born into a nation that only cared about them when they were in utero – that doesn’t support them when their father goes awol, doesn’t even have enough formula to feed them when they’re hungry, and certainly doesn’t care if they have to go to school facing the risk of being shot or injured.

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