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Boris Johnson versus Jeremy Corbyn

Boris Johnson v Jeremy Corbyn – Who Should Be The Next Prime Minister?

Boris Johnson v Jeremy Corbyn updates: After the BBC #leadersdebate last night, Yougov poll shows that Boris Johnson “won” the debate with 52% (similar to Brexit referendum). On the other side The Guradian editors suggest a draw score. You can scroll down to vote & comment or

Are You Registered to Vote?

Are You Registered to Vote?

If you’re not registered to vote, you will NOT be able to vote. You know that, right? Join the national effort to boost registration for General Election 2019.

General Election 2019: Will You Vote For Other Party Than in 2017 Because of BREXIT?

Many political leaders have changed allegiance regarding Brexit disappointing their constituencies. This evening MPs will most likely vote for Early General Election in December 2019. Labour has confirmed that NO-deal is off the table and so they are ready to support early elections. Now, General Election is about much more than Brexit but Britain is…
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