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UK General Election – Who Will You Vote For?

Latest UK General Elelction updates: In the final days of the campiagn for UK general election 2019, Boris Johnson is touring Leave-constituencies that voted for Labour in 2017, promoting his “Get Brexit Done” campaign. Labour is focusing on the NHS and voters’ finances, after they have micro – targeted different groups with a different polices,…
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Symbol Image- Second Brexit Referendum Flash Poll Oct. 2019

Should UK hold a Second BREXIT Referendum?

Updates: Today Mr. Johnson will submit a simple motion for early elections. He will need just a simple majority but the motion can be amended. Remainer MPs  might consider amending the early elections motion with a People’s Vote to be called in the same day with the general elections, as suggested by Tony Blair. EU…
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Do You Agree With Boris Johnson Suspending the Parliament?

Boris Johnson has asked the Queen to suspend Parliament after MPs return to work in September. He’s facing strong opposition. Do you agree with his decision?

Would You Trust Jeremy Corbyn as Caretaker Prime Minister?

Updates: SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon  expressed support for installing the Labour leader or “someone else” stating that a vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson was the only” failsafe” option. She added that leaving the EU without a deal was a “terrible” idea. Boris Johnson’s prorogation of Parliament has been ruled unlawful by the Supreme…
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