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Who is to blame if UK and EU will fail to reach a BREXIT DEAL?

Updates: Boris Johnson is in full campaign to sell the new Brexit deal to MPs ahead of a Commons vote on Saturday, but every opposition party and even DUP announced plans to vote against his deal. Some EU leaders, like Angela Merkel announced Thursday their support for extending Brexit beyond 31 October if the new deal is rejected by…
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Should Boris Johnson Resign?

Updates: Boris Johnson is facing new allegations. Monday September 30, 2019: Boris Johnson has been forced to deny an allegation that he groped a female journalist. Sunday September 29th, 2019: PM Boris Johnson said UK can still leave with NO Deal and failed to deny asking EU nations to block extension, ramping up speculation that…
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Do You Agree With Boris Johnson Suspending the Parliament?

Boris Johnson has asked the Queen to suspend Parliament after MPs return to work in September. He’s facing strong opposition. Do you agree with his decision?

Would You Trust Jeremy Corbyn as Caretaker Prime Minister?

Updates: SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon  expressed support for installing the Labour leader or “someone else” stating that a vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson was the only” failsafe” option. She added that leaving the EU without a deal was a “terrible” idea. Boris Johnson’s prorogation of Parliament has been ruled unlawful by the Supreme…
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Do You Trust Boris Johnson as Prime Minister?

Boris Johnson has been elected as the new leader of the Conservative Party and will be the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. So here is a short review of who is pro and against Boris Johnson for the moment. You can vote and comment below or you can  Share [interaction id=”5d370b7bfd97ac43e3db32c5″] Share