Should UK Parliament be Recalled?

Should UK Parliament be Recalled?

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Updated BREXIT news:

In respect of the decision of the Supreme Court, the Poll will be closed as the subject is null.

"There is no need for Parliament to be recalled under the Meeting of Parliament Act
1797. Nor has Parliament voted to adjourn or go into recess. Unless there is some
Parliamentary rule to the contrary of which we are unaware, the Speaker of the
House of Commons and the Lord Speaker can take immediate steps to enable each
House to meet as soon as possible to decide upon a way forward."

Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament for five weeks was unlawful, the Supreme Court says.


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Commons Speaker, John Bercow asked Boris Johnson to abandon the five-week suspension of Parliament, declaring that he wants to “do his duty” and restart debates on the Brexit. His statements were made in an interview with Evening Standard.

Also yesterday, Labour leadership has requested has requested Parliament recalling after the publication of the the Yellowhammer report. According to the Labour shadow Brexit secretary, the document confirms severe risks for UK leaving EU without a deal.

 Among other risks highlighted in the report is the risk for the British pound to lose even more value, Dover delays and increase in public disorder. 

Sir Keir said recalling Parliament would allow MPs "the opportunity to scrutinise these documents and take all steps necessary to stop no deal".

The SNP and Lib Dems all demanded an urgent recall of parliament to allow scrutiny of the government’s Brexit plans.

Their request followed a ruling by Scotland's highest civil court on Wednesday that the government's proroguing of Parliament was unlawful.

The three judges, chaired by Lord Carloway, Scotland’s most senior judge, overturned an earlier ruling that the courts did not have the power to interfere in the prime minister’s political decision to prorogue parliament.

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  1. Pierre François says:

    We have a parliamentary democracy in this country. Only fascists want to to shut down an elected parliament.

    • says:

      We should not be doing this as we voted under 2016 laws to leave so we should be out, you requested and had your delays, debates and the people have voted out so out it should have been, And maybe you remainers should take a close (STUDY) of that Dreadful LISBON TREATY, Then you can face a reality that your Sons and Daughter 18 – 35 years in 2022 will be enlisted to join the Unelected, Unknowns EU Military?

  2. Shirley Ford says:

    Wales voted leave and the labour government in Cardiff are still saying they will campaign to remain when and if an election is called i hope that labour will be wiped out of Parliment and the Welsh Assembly

    • John Guy says:

      Yes quite agree and I have voted Labour all my life but never ever again, And please Labour change your name now to what you are…The Snow Flake Party!

  3. Barbara Moore says:

    Something had to be done as with all the shouting and booing he could not do anything, how many more laws would they had pushed through. They will still have time to yell and shout when they come back, but meanwhile we all get a break form all the back stabbing and utter disgracefulness that is going on at the moment, they do not get to decide we the people do.

  4. Carol Scott says:

    Evidently it is not democratic to suspend parliament!!! I know what isn’t democratic and that is doing everything they can to thwart the result of a democratic vote, so yes I whole heartily agree with it and wish that it could be suspended until 1st November!!!

  5. john Haines says:

    If they want the eu so bad i suggest they remove them selves from our country [remainers] then they had better hurry up and go as we will all be soon living in a FREE COUNTRY,

  6. Megan Tingle says:

    My self and 17.4 Million people voted to leave ….to keep our country a Democratic domain to keep our Govern as an independent Country .To not losing Our Sons And Daughters to the United States of Europe Army….we are a Nation of people who have believed in and fought wars for FREEDOM….We will lose that if we are forced into joining the EU…Every Year They Take Millions and Billions Of pounds from us …We now have the opportunity to STOP THIS…WE JOIN THEM WE SAY GOODBYE TO OUR £…ALL EU COUNTRIES MUST ADOPT THE EURO BY THE YEAR 2022…….OUR £ HAS BEEN SOUGHT AFTER BY EVERYONE …..IT TRADES BETTER THAN ANY MONIES IN THE WORLD….WE MUST LEAVE….AND NOW …N O DEAL….

  7. graham green says:

    it is the best thing boris could have done. it gives a chance to get what we voted for leave.and it helps delay the massive carnage that will happen if we do not leave. civil disorder will come. if we remain

  8. David Smart says:

    We need to get out and it is the only chance boris has to achieve it .without the undemocratic remainers interfearing Go boris get us out .No Deal.

    • Andy Cole says:

      A democratic vote has been undemocratically denied by traitors to the British people! Democracy has been put into question by these traitors

  9. Harry Ignatian says:

    I have difficulty understanding the so called leavers. What part of people were lied to is difficult to understand. Politicians on either side had no idea what Brexit would be like, as no one had travelled the path before. So they all made things up, regardless of motivation. Now we have a lot more facts and can see what the practical results would be. So the ONLY sensible thing to do, for the sake of our country, is to put it to a second referendum. Either way democracy is NOT at work if the parliament is not active. We all know the government is playing games with the objective to crash out of EU, regardless of costs and the potential damage. Time to stop this nonsense and get back to choosing a decent, caring government and lets start looking after all of the population and not just the elite.

    • GEOFF WARNER says:



    they should NEVER be allowed in that building again

  11. Andre kell says:

    No no no the traitors in parliment .have destroyed .democracy.17.4 million decided.but burcow corbyn..need to be in jail.years ago .they would of lost there heads.

  12. Yates says:

    Although nearly half voters voted leave, the many truths have come out that does not look good to come out entirely and I believe we should remain with EU market and able to trade with others, but EU should be first choice in trade, not USA!

    • GEOFF WARNER says:


    • Mike Bingham says:

      How can 52% be nearly half? I think if you check you primary school arithmetic you will find that 48% is nearly half, 52% is more than half !!! ID 10T error?

  13. Jen Brown says:

    The so-called government who want ‘No Brexit’ and have selfishly thwarted the UK’s leaving should not even be allowed ever again into London let alone the House of Commons. They are a disgrace and an embarrassment to the country and deserve to be severely punished for their greed and dishonesty. They are disloyal and dishonorable and probably cannot even spell the word democracy never mind understand itt.

  14. Matt says:

    NO and why should he? Parliament have been unable to agree on anything for the last 3 and a half years. It seems every move the PM makes, he’s meets a brick wall. He can’t move and his hands are tied. Boris is not the one causing this mess it’s the arch remainer parliamentarians. He had to do something, we can’t keep dragging this out any longer. Parliament should shut up and put up like we have for the last 3 years.

    • Judith Spencer says:

      Absolutely no way should he recall parliament…..what the hell is going on resorting to Court decisions because the remainers are losing! I am sicko death of it!!

    • Colin Gorton says:

      We voted getting on for 3.5 years ago and yes I voted hoping for absolutely no deal in my opininion they need es more than we need them, the so called political elite have an agenda that doesn’t fit in with most leave voters they have their own selfish vested interests they are not interested in the views of the 17.4 million voters who want to get out of this criminal enterprise and watch it sink to the bottom anybody who says we didn’t know it might be a no deal is clearly lying camoron told us enough times, just lets recap I heard him say if you vote for a no deal it will mean we leave the single market we leave the customs union there wont be a second referendum we will be on our own with all the risks that entails, then they went for a massive scare story to put the fear of god into us, I would love to have been a fly on the wall when they all got together having just lost what they thought was just a going a walk in the park I cant believe they would think we had not seen through all lies and they have gone all out in every way they can think of the fact that they so arrogant as to think the people that put them on their lies were too stupid its way past time to shake this criminal parliament and lose the dregs

  15. Michael Tipton says:

    Too many want to stop Brexit and 17.4 million of us voted to leave. The vote must be honoured otherwise people will never ever vote again.

  16. Stuart says:

    YES, the people were lied to. Leave was bought by foreign money and a tissue of lies. Parliament’s job is to act in the interests of the “country” – all of them, not just England.

    • trevor cornell says:

      total bollocks

    • Betty Curtis says:

      OMG do you actually believe that utter rubbish, if it was the case how come we haven’t left yet. Most remain politicians are paid thousands from EUROPE and this is why their hell bent on keeping us in. I think you have your wires crossed on here, 17.4 fellow Brits are being betrayed and regardless of leave or remain it’s shameful

    • GEOFF WARNER says:

      REMAIN LiED THROUGH PROJECT FEAR WITH THE eus help and money because thats what they want from the UK MONEY MONEY MONEY SO THEY CAN WASTE IT

    • Alice Collier says:

      Wher do you dredge this garbage up from?
      We knew exactly what we were voting for in the referendum; to be rid of this EU domination we have had even since Maastricht when the EEC was morphed into the monster EU!

    • Dave Crowley says:

      Oh dear, Oh Dear, Oh Dear, some disillusioned people in this world and you are one of them.

  17. Judith Robinson says:

    They should not under any circumstances be called back!! They don’t deserve to be there in the first place! I have seen and heard better behaviour in a nursery school playground,in fact those children could teach the supposedly intelligent a thing or two about how to behave!!! The vote was taken three years ago,and instead of doing the job they were asked to do they have denied the people’s vote and have decided that they will do what they want, is that democracy ?? I don’t think so!!! Rant over!!

    • andre kell says:

      No.the traitors.the majority.voted leave .but burcow.corbyn and slime balls .have destroyed.democracy..not to long ago theyd.have been held for treason.paid for with eu .promises.i personaly can see civil uprising .on the cards

  18. J Russell says:

    No they have done enough damage already , 3 years of farce , enough is enough , we should not be dictated to by the nearest thing to Hitlers dream since the war , OUT NOW , no ifs no buts ,giv us our country back 👌✌✌✌

  19. Chez says:

    MPs are trying everything in their power to stop/postpone/delay brexit but Boris is only trying to honour the referendum. Bercow is supposed to be impartial but all he is doing is encouraging the childish behaviour in parliament…

    • Geoffrey Caton says:

      I fully support Boris, we need to get Brexit delivered, leave October with no deal, the ballot paper just said leave EU remain in EU nothing about a deal, believe in Britain, regain our fishing grounds, democracy, decision making, control our borders.

  20. Kathryn Birkett says:

    No , No , No , they have had 3 1/2 years to debate Brexit or should i say destroy Brexit . Now they need to do what 17.4 million voters have told them to do & LEAVE DEAL OR NO DEAL !! While ever they mess around they are harming our country & they can’t blame anyone else for it .What differance will an extra few days make ? !!

  21. BILLY says:


  22. Polly Rodwell says:

    The job of parliament is to hold the executive to account. The cannot do this while it is prorogued. Some vital bills are falling because of this action by the PM and select committees are also in advance. Parliament should be recalled now

    • Phil Meadows says:

      Why recall parliament, when they’ve had nearly 3 and a half years to sort this out.
      And still we are no further forward.
      MPs are just clueless.

    • robert stevens says:

      When you have a Parliament that was voted into office to ostensibly carry out the Democratic wishes of the voting public , and then the many traitors amongst them decide that they will not , maximise their personal profit from the promises they made , they should all be held to account and be made to seek re-election and allow the voters to judge their change of allegiance

  23. Linda Murtagh says:

    The prime minister has the right to prorogue parliament, he has done nothing wrong! Just because a bunch of MP’s are stamping their feet, why should all our laws and policies be changed to suit them. They have had 3 years to be undemocratic. 😡.

  24. Robin F Phillips says:

    Boris should just take us out and tell the rest to go to hell!

  25. Mike says:

    Please no more delays. Our last hypocrite first minister delayed a decision for over three years. Please let our leader lead

  26. Ann dent says:

    I think some members of Palment have behaved disgracefully over brexit, not thinking of the British people at all, only their selfish selfs,if I had my way I would sack the lot and start again with people who actually want us out of the EU.

  27. Parliament should not be recalled for 3 years those in parliament have worked against democracy while pretending to defend democracy. What they really want is to stop Brexit all together. We were told it was our choice and parliament would honour the vote. As from the behaviour of some MP’s showing such disrespect to the Queen and our constitution, as for the silenced notes they held up I feel was hypercritical since they are taking away the voice of 17.4 million sovereign people. We no need a written constitution so anyone like Bercow can and will face charges for treason.

    • bela says:

      So it only gonna favor 17.4 million people in England ,what about the remaining citizens of UK?

      • robert stevens says:

        46,50,000 people were entitled to vote in the referendum….16,141,241 voted to remain____ 17,410,742 voted to leave___which left 12,948,917 people who were happy to allow their vote to be gifted to whichever side had the most votes….so 30,358,759 people were content to LEAVE the EU …….And that’s DEMOCRACY…

  28. Leesa Chamberlain says:

    I’d prefer Direct Democracy.
    Politicians are greedy, corrupt liars carrying on like their above the Law.
    Disgraceful ,unprofessional and Traitors!.

  29. Judith John says:

    No they should not be recalled.

    • John Mason says:

      Parliament should respect the will of the people and leave the EU on WTO terms. All those MPs who have switched parties and home against the manifesto promises on which they were elected should no longer have a vote in parliament until their constituents have had s chance to re elect them or deselect them for going against what they were voted on and have subsequently reneged upon.

  30. Michael Madigan says:

    Those that want parliament recalled is purely to frustrate even more or possibly stop Brexit by revoking Article 50

  31. sandra blake says:

    After more then 3 years of listening to the self serving bigots in Parliament destroy our democratic vote to leave the EU in all its entirety….I and millions of others are so sick of the treacherous, childish farmyard antics of the so called people that are suppose to represent us and have done nothing but the opposite, I for one am totally embarrassed and disgusted with the lot of them…..Westminster can close permanently….

  32. Barry McGiffen says:

    We voted out and we should be out NOW! The remainers are not doing what we the people voted for and for me should be sacked for not doing the job they get PAID for.Oh and they should not be allowed all the perks they get, they get paid more than enough without taking the mick out of the system

  33. Tim Cook says:

    We had 3 years to solve the problem and each time the vote was denied to pass in the House of Commons! Enough is enough and the general public is fed up with Parliament for not doing what the public ask of them! As far as I’m concerned Boris is tight to close

  34. Christopher Humphris says:

    This beggars belief, the remain/leave rhetoric has to stop. The 2016 was advisory, deemed unlawful in a UK court in Feb 2019, the 2016 result was close, unsafe, vote leave breached election laws, Russian and Cambridge Analytica interference, Aaron banks funding irregularities, it’s an unsafe result. 3 years on more info and effects have manifested, yet we harp on about democracy. It evolves, MPs have changed their minds numerous times, why can’t the electorate!

  35. ABSOLUTELY NOT – Boris needs to get on with the job and get us out of Europe as per the majority vote

  36. Jo Colby says:

    because the country’s business still has be seen to be done

  37. Shane says:

    Parliament or Boris is getting things done the continuous delay tactics of
    Labour and SNP are unacceptable 3 years is enough We voted out.
    It’s not just Brexit it’s the whole running of the Country that has suffered.
    Parliament needed to be prorogued to sort out the mess.

  38. PAULA DRAPER says:

    All they’re doing in parliament is bickering like a bunch of women, nothing is going forward, we’ve waited over 3yrs for Brexit and got no further, leave Boris to get on with it, anything the remainers have to say now, has already been said, enough is enough!!!

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