Should UK hold a Second BREXIT Referendum?

Should UK hold a Second BREXIT Referendum?

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Updates: Today Mr. Johnson will submit a simple motion for early elections. He will need just a simple majority but the motion can be amended.

Remainer MPs  might consider amending the early elections motion with a People's Vote to be called in the same day with the general elections, as suggested by Tony Blair.

EU has granted a flexible extension for Brexit until 31 January 2020 but Brexit could happen earlier if UK is ready.

Monday, MPs have rejected Boris Johnson's call for snap poll, as Labour MPs abstained.


The U.K. sterling pound is loosing value against EU and USD amid Brexit Deadlock.

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October 22: MPs have approved the new Brexit deal, but they have rejected the rapid timetable making a Brexit delay after October 31st. Three Labour amendments to Brexit legislation so far - none on customs union or second referendum.

Labour is ready to back a second Brexit referendum in crucial votes over the coming days, in what backers said was a “significant” step forward in the push for a public vote. Support for a “Final Say” referendum is backed also by Lib Dems and rebel Tories.

Up to 1 million people ( according to the organizers) took to the streets of London on Saturday 19th of October to demand a Final Say.

Leading supporters of a “people’s vote” had been planning to use so-called “Super Saturday” to test support for a second referendum, but leaked emails show an internal struggle for power.

And in just 24 hours after the giant People’s Vote march, more than 200,000 signed a letter to MPs, MEPs and European leaders urging them to ensure that any Brexit deal is put back to the British people before coming into effect.

The Letter from the People to the Powerful, backed by The Independent, states that the deal reached last week between Mr Johnson and EU27 leaders “cannot meet the promises made [in the 2016 referendum campaign], nor be said to represent the will of the people”.

The idea of an amendment making any Brexit deal conditional on a second referendum to approve or reject it has been mooted for many months.

A second referendum proposal during April’s indicative votes lost by 292 votes to 280, and it is uncertain how much more support such a plan could pick up beyond the same MPs who seem likely to support a customs union.

What is a Second Brexit Referendum?

A referendum on the Brexit withdrawal agreement, also referred to as a "second referendum" or a "people's vote", has been proposed by a number of politicians and pressure groups as a way to break the deadlock in Parliament surrounding the meaningful vote on the Brexit deal.

What will a Second BREXIT referendum ask?

Following the invocation of Article 50 to begin Brexit negotiations, most proposals for a new referendum have suggested a choice between accepting the negotiated withdrawal agreement and remaining in the EU, sometimes with the additional option to leave the EU with no deal.

How it is justified a second BREXIT referendum?

Reasons which have been cited as justification include campaign finance violations by Vote Leave and Leave.EU, alleged use of data illicitly harvested by Cambridge Analyticarevelations of Russian interference through fake social media accounts and allegedly through funding, arguments that the "Leave" camp promoted misinformation, a gradual shift in public opinion, fuelled in part by demographic changes such as young people gaining the right to vote, and that the eventually arranged terms of Brexit were unknown at the time of the original vote. (wikipedia)

How it is Second Referendum?

A second referendum could intensify the divisions in the society , and it will be more bitter a second time round. It would erode the very basis of democracy by suggesting that rule by the majority is an insufficient condition for democratic legitimacy. All objections raised against the first referendum (misguided votes, disinformation, etc.) remain for a second referendum. Nobody knows what kind of Brexit people actually voted for, and a second referendum doesn’t answer that.(The Conversation).

What could happen next?

Brussels could offer a technical extension of a few weeks in the hope of passing the agreement they recently thrashed out with Johnson. Or they could accept what Johnson was obliged to ask for on Saturday night and push the date back to January 31, opening the door to a U.K. general election — which itself could lead to a renegotiation or a second referendum.

So, what do you think?

Should UK Hold a Second Brexit Referendum?

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179 Responses

  1. Rob says:

    I voted Remain. Both my parents, in their seventies, voted Leave, and both have changed their minds. They believe they deserve a second chance to get it right, and I agree with them.

  2. Eric says:

    I Voted to LEAVE in 2016, Why should we Vote again? I am sick of EU playing Games, Time we showed them that UK’s People rule the Country NOT EU’s Corrupt Politicians!.

  3. Christine Selkirk-Phythian says:

    It would be catastrophic for democracy to have a second Referendum when the first one has not been implemented!! and it must be illegal in Law!!!

  4. John Willetts says:

    If we have another referendum and IF remain won do you think the people who voted leave in 2016 would just sit back and let it happen, we need to do what was voted for in the first place and leave asap.
    These posts asking different questions are getting a little monotonous, anyone remember Guy Fawkes and that date is drawing nearer again.

  5. Howard Skerry says:

    Second referendum is necessary because
    A- a lot of people voted to leave thinking it would be straightforward. It’s now apparent that it isn’t.
    B- a lot of people voted to leave because of untrue “information” e.g. the £350 million a week to the NHS
    C-a lot of people voted leave for racist reasons
    D- a lot of people DIDN’T vote because they never thought for a moment that the leave vote would win

    I suspect C and D above would cancel each other out – but it would still be a more representative vote than the first referendum.

    • Jim clapperton says:

      Get a life we are not fools, we know what the Europe has done to our country and we want control back, of our fisheries and agriculture. To tell 17.4 million people they did not know what they were voting for is a stupid and ignorant approach.

    • Karl Denyer says:

      Your comment says more about remain voters than it does about leave voters! For 1 thing both sides lied to the public…but remain have continued right up untill today! Since voting I have asked around 2500 people to give me a legitimate reason to vote leave or remain. I have had many legitimate reasons to leave… But I haven’t had a single legitimate reason to remain!
      The remain side have repeatedly said people were lied to. But that’s what politicians do! Yet Ive not read any remain voters say they went online to have a look for themselve… But the majority of leave voters didn’t trust the EU or our own politicians & instead of just listening, we used the internet to research what was said, the EU’s history, how they’ve reacted to other countries that want out or didn’t want to join at all…etc I looked at a lot of different aspects to the EU!.. I made my decision based On the EU’s past, the money going in compared to what we get back… Forced illegal immigration & it’s affects on employment, housing, crime & the NHS… A second referendum just to please remain voters, because they looked up nothing & lost Is ridiculous! Most leave voters didn’t just listen to politicians with their own agenda… We looked things up & made our own minds up!!!

    • Chieftain Spalding says:

      What a load of rubbish, it said on the ballot paper LEAVE THE EU, REMAIN IN THE EU, how many time to do want to vote.

    • says:

      Never mind get rid of those dirty immigrants that are plaguing our nation and NHS

  6. William Reid says:

    surely it would not be legal to conduct a second referendum until the Parliment has implemented the first one, don’t the rules state that you can not vote twice on one agender, and that is what MPs would be doing, in effect !

    • Jenni Pullen says:

      I am sure the speaker would be able to find a reason to vote again on this same question!

    • phillip k harrison says:

      check out the EU history on Referendums lol with them its a neverendum until you agree

      • John says:

        The eu has nothing to do with any referendum held in this country, what did i say before, people of below average intelligence are commenting on here.

        • david wilkinson says:

          Rather ,it was the remainers who were unaware of what they were voting for .They were blindly voting for the end of the uk and transferring all governance to a foreign power ,in fact the end of our nation state .A lot of people did not vote for brexit even though they did not wish to remain ,because of scepticism about the quality of democracy in this country ,a scepticism which turned out to be justified after all senior mps and leaders were on camera saying that they would respect the will of the people ….and then didn’t .Traitors ! Treacherous liars who promised and then did not fulfill the vote of the majoriy of the voting public .There is nothing they can say ,no argument they can use that will excuse their treachery to the electorate .

      • Stuart says:

        They’ve ignored the last referendum, so this attempt is a con. Those promoting it have only fraudulent objectives

    • C white says:

      I think to be honest there were issues with lies regarding easy deals and 340 million going to NHS also I don’t think people new how many jobs will be lost prob nearly a million throughout uk plus a recession I think people now know all the pros and cons there should be a referendum on the deal on offer against staying in EU then there would be no doubt at all and that would be fair to both sides and may stop a full blown civil war.

    • Caroline Miller says:

      The one in June 2016 was the second one. Parliamentary laws say you cannot have more than one debate/vote “in one Parliamentary Session”. A session opens with a Queen’s Speech & we just had one of those two weeks ago, so different session, different vote. Yes it would be allowed.

    • Paul says:

      Wasn’t the referendum in 2016 advisory and had no legal standing as stated by the Supreme Court. Read section 5 I think it was of the referendum outline clearly states advisory?

      • Graham Poole says:

        Your not still peddling that old chestnut,.are you?If there was any value in what you’ve said,,,even this undemocratic parliament wouldn’t have delayed and played political games with the people’s instruction?Dont be so silly!🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘

      • Robert Elliott says:


    • Stuart Nutt says:

      Why is it that so many dyed-in-the-wool supporters of brexit seem so scared of a new People’s Vote? Surely if they believe that 53% of this country (not including those who, for some reason or other did not get their postal vote papers!) still want to leave the EU, then what’s the problem ?

      • Graham Poole says:

        When will undemocratic people like you begin to understand how dangerous this period in our history is.Scared doesn’t come into it,,,,The people gave an instruction ,.its called democracy,..we demand that instruction be fulfilled?Scared at what might come if we don’t!🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘

    • Brendan says:

      There is no need to implement the vote at all. All referenda are only advisory.

    • AndyG says:

      They could void the result of the first referendum.
      What they really must NOT do is say that a simple majority is sufficient.
      And then all voters need to get out and VOTE. Don’t assume any party affiliations, just vote.

      • Graham Poole says:

        You silly boy,…the majority of the people who bothered to vote,,,that is democracy as we have always known it.The fact that you don’t understand that fact ,says more about your knowledge than anything else!🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘

    • P Green says:

      It is Parliament who can be prevented from voting on the same motion more than once – nothing to do with asking the public, now that all the lies and misinformation are coming out of the woodwork, if they still want to commit harikari by leaving the biggest trading bloc IN THE WORLD.
      If it’s ok to have multiple general elections, so people can change their minds, why is it not ok for people to change their minds about leaving the EU? Especially knowing the real reason why the nasties want to get us out before the EU’s new tax regime comes into force on the 1st January 2020, meaning they’ll have to own up to all those offshore accounts with all their ill-gotten gains squirreled away – and pay their fair share of tax!

  7. Robin Clay says:

    Ireland had to have three referendums before they joined the Euro. Have they had another since ? Of course not !

    “They” want to have referendum after referendum after referendum until it goes their way – and then ? NEVER again !

    • Gordon Fitzgerald says:

      Of course, joining the EU did Ireland nothing but damage for them. There is nothing wrong with having multiple votes until the vast majority want it , not a 4% majority which only 37% of those eligible. If you do not get 60% it should be void. As Brexit the issue is so important, the next vote has to be 60% as well as we are still in the EU.

    • gerard dewberry says:

      this was the second one

      • Jennifer Pullen says:

        No We have only had one referendum on our membership of the EU 1975 referendum concerned membership of the common market

  8. Jim Barker says:

    Perhaps we should a referendum to decide if we should have another referendum?????

  9. Robert Young says:


  10. David Smart says:

    We had a referendum in 2016 .if thr result of that cannot be implemented what is the point of another as that has no standing either
    It’s just more stalling tactics

  11. Peter relf says:

    I voted leave and as a democrat I expect the majority to decide. Another referendum? if the remainers don’t like the result they will dream up more reasons to dis-honour the will of the majority

  12. Because I am not one of the elite. Brexit removes my rights, makes me poorer, and causes misery to millions of people. The 2016 Referendum was rigged. Why would I cut my nose off to spite my own face, unless I was either misled or stark raving mad?

    • Geoffrey Lazell says:

      Rigged?! Removal of rights? Makes you poorer? Causes misery to millions? What complete and utter nonsense is this please? Where is your evidence? You are right in saying you were misled though – that is precisely how the EU operates. It foists its propaganda on the ill-informed, the unthinking and the unquestioning, which very sadly sums up the vast majority of ‘Remainers’, many of whom really did not know what they were voting for! Sorry, but you sound as though you are just another hapless victim of that propaganda.

      • Kirsty says:

        It was rigged because hundreds of thousands of British citizens were denied a vote – by living in the EU, so we’re directly affected by the result, yet had no say in the referendum. Because the Leave campaign was composed almost solely of lies. Because people like Boris Johnson (since his days as a journalist) have been peddling lies about the EU for 40 years. Because the vast majority of UK inhabitants know little of how the EU actually works (it’s “undemocratic”, yet MEPs are all elected…). Because the referendum was advisory not something to be adhered to. Because the Leave fanatics in government have their own agenda – saving their off shore accounts, making money on the falling pound – and care not one bit about normal, hard-working British citizens. I could go on, but surely you get the idea?

      • Rohan Stevenson says:

        Rigged: That might be overstating it, but the evidence tying the leave campaign with Cambridge analytics is unequivocal. Russian troll farms also targeted the referendum. It’s very much in Russia’s interests to weaken strong opponents, hence it’s meddling in the US election and in the Brexit referendum.

        Removal of Rights: Removing us from the single market and freedom of movement removes our rights. We have a number of rights over and above the ones we enjoy as British citizens as citizens of the EU. Did you know that as an EU citizen you can propose legislation for the EU parliament to consider? You can’t even do that in the UK. Obviously the main right we lose is freedom of movement, but there are many others.

        Makes us poorer: Even the governments own analysis shows that any kind of brexit will harm the economy. It must do. Our arrangement with the EU gives us the closest possible trading arrangement, any distancing from that inevitably introduces impediments to trade that ultimately slow the economy. The market thinks so too; we have already been made poorer because of the weakening of the pound, meaning the stuff we buy costs more. If leave without a deal that will only get worse.

        Evidence; I’ve indicated where you can find evidence that substantiate Lucie’s claim. Now it’s your turn; where is YOUR evidence that the EU foisted “propaganda” on an “unthinking” public? The problem with the EU is exactly the opposite, it stands distant from it’s citizens and does not communicate what it is they are doing for them – especially in this country. This allows actual propaganda ie the tabloid press to talk absolute rubbish…”bendy bananas” or “smoked fish on ice”…and conflate refugee’s with EU immigration (the right that we will lose).

        What amazes me is you have accused the EU of doing the one thing it SHOULD do but doesn’t, one of the actual legitimate criticisms of the EU, and then accused Lucie of being a “hapless victim” of it, and by implication “ill-informed”, “unthinking”, and “unquestioning”. It just couldn’t be more ironic.

        • THERESA ROSE SELBY says:

          Extremely well put. I used to work in the third sector and many organisations, particularly those which provide vocational training, benefited a lot from EU funding. I even did a course myself, funded in part by the EU, which enabled me to get a much better job than the poorly paid one I had prior to that.

          I think there are far too many insults being thrown around by both leave and remain and the truth is people had their own reasons to leave or remain and the majority of people are not stupid but there was much misinformation, Boris’s bus being a very controversial one.

    • Margaret Robinson says:

      How was it rigged. The PM Cameron used £9 million of taxpayers cash to send leaflets to every households gently twisted to remain. As for the rest of your assertions thats what they are just assertions as you offer no evidence to back them up. You know absolutely nothing about the eu and even less about why people voted to leave. You simply regurgitate remainer so slogans

    • keith jones says:

      Please explain in what way the 2016 Referendum was “Rigged”. Claims without facts are pointless and ridiculous

  13. William Harrison says:

    In many ways it would be cleaner to revoke Article 50 and have a proper debate about how to move the country forward. The debate that should have happened in 2016 after the referendum. A debate involving all interested parties: business, academia, citizens’ forums, public services, science, and so forth. Then once a workable solution has been devised, either re-trigger the article or stay as appropriate. But at least have a plan what to do.

    • Bill W says:

      Any plan to revoke A50 is simply a plan to defeat Brexit !
      The electorate has already made a choice. Implement that choice before ANY other action can be justified !

    • colin witts says:

      we have LEAVE !!!

    • Margaret Robinson says:

      No it would not. Ultra remainers do not want a plan or discussion they want to remain at any price. They have already demonstrated this. With the help of a partisan speaker they have corrupted the constitution, convenion, protocols, procedures, and tradition , and ripped up the fabric of democracy. Do you think these people are capable of reasonable discussion. Finally on TV both Caroline Lucas and Jo Swinston said that if leave won a 2nd ref they would not respect the result and would continue to fight to remain. May I also remind you that from day 1 groups of very high profile people went on a regular basis to the EU where they colluded and conspired with the negotiaters to stop brexit.

  14. Tish says:

    So many are saying ‘We have already had a vote’ and they are quite right, that vote took place in 1975, which invalidates their argument. More information is now available in terms of the impact of Brexit on the UK, more lies have been uncovered in terms of the referendum campaign in 2016. More information is now available in terms of how the EU has contributed towards the UK’s Economy and Social structure.

    The EU does trade with the rest of the world in addition to its largest trading partner, the EU, trading with the EU generates a significantly smaller carbon foot print than trading with the rest of the world. The EU sets minimum standards that ensure health and safety relative to the goods we purchase and we are assured that these goods have not been produced in sweat shops and similar deplorable working conditions.

    The EU does not make our laws, the UK makes its own laws, hence the reason Parliament sits, but the UK does contribute and help to fashion the standards set by the EU.

    EU is not responsible for immigration in the UK, the UK has its own immigration laws and its own reasons for encouraging immigration

    There will be many losses for the average person in the UK as a result of BREXIT, people are beginning to understand this and as such should be given the opportunity to state, via a referendum if Brexit is still what they want

    • D Spencer says:

      There was NO vote in 1975 !!

      • Jennifer Pullen says:

        The vote in 1975 was whether to remain in the common market The EU did not exist and until 2016 we were not given the choice to belong or leave the EU

        • Roger Brady says:

          The vote in 1975 was to remain in the Common Market. The UK was assured there would be no loss of sovereignty. It was a deliberate lie. Heath and Wilson knew that the ultimate objective was political union but the people could not be told that. After Maastricht, the game was up: those of us with no desire to form the United States of Europe were not given a vote. I have never trusted the Tories since Major. In 2016, there was an opportunity to right the wrong of 1975. Leave won. No ‘deal’ (compromise) was on my ballot paper. I voted to leave the EU and was assured it would be respected and implemented. Cameron and May lied. She said 108 times we would leave the EU on 29 March. She lied 108 times. Boris has said repeatedly we will leave on 31 October after May’s unnecessary extension. There is no reason for a 3rd referendum. There were 41 years between 1975 and 2016. If people wish to rejoin the EUSSR, its Euro, its Army, its unelected Politburo and give up our constitutional monarchy, independence and sovereignty, they should have to wait another 41 years – until 2057.

    • Bill W says:

      The whole EU is a lie and always has been. Right from it’s inception up till the present, the EU was built on (and still relies on ) deliberate lies to the people.
      It was always designed to create a Federal State, (controlled from Brussels) and that is still the ambition.
      The very fact of the EU total resistance to Brexit is obvious proof of the attempted Federal State. The EU cannot survive without the UK being it’s cash cow simply because there is no other EU state that can or is willing to provide the financial input that the UK does.
      The EU DOES make laws and those laws are deemed superior to UK law so, in effect, the EU DOES indeed make our laws. If Brexit fails and the EU Fedreal State is allowed to progress, the UK will become just another region of the EU State and our Monarchy, Parliament and Government will cease to have any purpose and will, over time, be abolished because of uneconomical duplication.
      No other free trading country allows the EU to control it’s trade deals nor it’s tax and VAT systems. No country outside the EU allows the EU to set it’s laws nor it’s trade policy, so why should the UK allow that simply to ‘benefit’ from a ‘free trade deal’ which is NOT free but for which we pay dearly?
      The EU seeks to control and rule it’s member states and that behaviour does not exist in any other trading bloc in the World !

    • colin witts says:

      Get your facts right we never had a vote in 1975 … we were just signed up to the Common Market by Ted Heath without a referendum. The Common Market which has evolved into the EU was only a trade block not a Dictatorship which it has now become !!!

    • Margaret Robinson says:

      Your post validates without exception your lack of knowledge of the Eu. When you have read the number of books I have read plus 100,s of eu documents, plus the evidence of my own eyes over 30 years of eu rule maybe we can have a discussion.

  15. Duncan says:

    If we Re voted it would be fixed for the remains to win.
    NO we shouldn’t have a second vote, Honour our 1st vote,
    it is Democracy and it is right,

    • Judith Price says:

      Our first vote was in 1975. Your argument against another referendum therefore holds no water, the referendum of 2017 should not have taken ave

      • Bill W says:

        There was NO vote to join the EU in 1975 ! It was a referendum to stay or leave the Common Market!

        It was NOT a vote to stay or leave a Federal States of Europe and that is what the 2016 referendum was about. The 1975 vote has no bearing whatsoever on the 2016 referendum !

  16. SHAUN says:

    17.4 MILLION PEOPLE VOTED TO LEAVE BECAUSE WE ARE FED UP OF THE DICTATORS. Our army would belong to them, in 2020 we would be totally hostages to the new system that would take over our ARMY NAVY AIR FORCE, and could conscript out kids and could send ourtroops to any war. we managed in the 60s we were scammed with decimalisation, we were scammed with VAT 15% THEN 17.5% NOW 20% WHEN WILL 25% COME ON, WE HAVE NO INTEREST ON OUR SAVINGS, WERE CONTROLLED BY DEBT AND POVERTY, We have food banks in one of the so called powerful-est nations, we have slavery going on, we let who ever wants to come in and use out NHS and then use a race card on us when ever they choose, we have Sharia Law in heavy Muslim area’s, we have Violent perverse pedophiles entering this country, we have roma’s driving round stealing from peoples drives. Have I said enough, we have the highest retirement age we pay for other countries early retirement, like Poland 60 yr old retirement age, and the idiot in the UK who wants ours to go to 70 retires aged 62 with 90k a yr pension. WE ARE TAKING BACK OUT HONOR AND COUNTRY. even the CIA was formed by NAZIS after ww11. NO WE DO NOT WANT ANOTHER SCAM THIS ONE HAS COST ENOUGH TO BAIL THE NHS OUT CONTROL US NO MORE BEFORE THE SHI7 REALLY HITS THE FAN. British and proud, though my dad died because of ww11 mum had war widows pension and they buried him in a PAUPERS GRAVE, How disgusting

    • Philip Hunn says:

      You’ve read the “Lisbon treaty”, haven’t you? That’s been debunked so many times it’s not even funny anymore.

      And you do realise pretty much all of the other things you’re whining about are because of UK domestic policy, not the EU, right?

      You daft old fool.

      • G says:

        Well said Philip.

        All of what you have stated is either utter rubbish, or to do with UK law… Nothing what so ever to do with the EU…

        Where does the dictatorship come in? When we hold more seats than most other countries, so we do actually have alot of power within the EU.

        Please get some education, and not just from the daily newspapers that are owned by multi-billionaires wanting us to leave the EU. Please try and un-indoctrinate yourself and others around you for the benefit of the union that is the United Kingdom…

        • Bill W says:

          Please tell us how much influence we have in the EU that, out of 70 proposals to the EU parliament by the UK, NONE were accepted.
          Do some research and educate yourself and not just from the daily newspapers that are owned by multi-billionaires who are desperate to give control of the UK to a foreign power.
          To give control of our Nation to a foreign power is treason !

      • Ricky Slap says:

        Flippin ‘eck he really has been sucked in by all the tripe…..Shaun needs to have a long quite talk with himself and consider what tripe he is talking!

    • Ian Roberts says:

      You need to fact-check before making stupid claims. 17.4m DID vote to leave, and 16.5m voted to stay as well. Does that mean we have to shut the fuck up? No it certaqinly doesn’t. And the way that the vote leave campaign won was despicable, based on lies and untruths. There will be no obligation for our forces to belong to the ‘EU army’, so we still have control of that right? >>>> The VAT increase was not put on us by the EU it was our Government in an attempt to get cash back into the stsyem after allowing £11bn a year in tax doges by other Tories and large corporations. If we wanted, as a country we could actually REDUCE the VAT to the EU minimum of 15%, but the Government chooses not to. Food banks are as a direct result of the austerity that the Government has implemented BY DESIGN – see the UN envoy’s report by Philip Alston here>> When EU nationals come for ‘free’ treatment, the UK sends the bill to the person’s home country. It’s not free no matter what the Sun / Mail tells you. You can do EXACTLY the same in any EU country too. In fact, you can go and live there. The NHS is being deliberately run down by the Government because the value of it will drop and then parts of it will be sold off for privatisation and then sold for a profit, that’s already started. We will all then have to have health insurance like the Americans – if you don’t have it, you die. Simple. Why would you want that? Your pension argument is a joke – that’s nothing to do with the EU, that’s pure and simple the Government. I could go on about your ‘facts’ not being facts at all, but just right-wing propaganda (that you have lapped up like the good little sheep you are) to get you to vote out and be a huge fucking racist (like you appear to be).

    • peter dunne says:

      very well said and very true,,,i congratulate you

    • Paul says:

      It is always somebody else’s fault. To be totally honest with you Shaun, you are illiterate & dumb. Try fact-checking the things you have mentioned, oh no you won’t do that because you only read the rightwing papers, who sell gullible fools like you the biggest load of bull that they can find & you will believe it.

    • Khalda S says:

      Shuan 99% agree with you ….EXCEPT “Violent perverse pedophiles entering this country”…..these EVIL monsters, were ALREADY, ALWAYS here…..especially among the Clergy😠😠

  17. Karen says:

    Already voted to leave and a referendum with remain on the ticket would be a waste of resources. If we have to have second referendum it should be either leave with Boris’s deal or leave with no deal.

  18. Terry nicholls says:

    We have already voted to leave, only vote now is how, no remain or leave on the ballot

  19. Tracy Hartly says:

    In a campaign, people vote on what was campaigned for, simple!

    What was campaigned for is not what is being delivered. I know many people who voted leave, who beleived nothing would change and that once we’d left we would suddenly have what we have now and much more.

    Truth is, we already trade with the rest of the world, we already have the best deal (with the world).

    What is currently on the table is a ‘deal’ that not only takes the UK out of the EU and those 30 trade deals (EU + EEA) but ends our trade deals with every other country in the world. We can’t just suddenly trade from day one. A trade deal takes years to negotiate. Nissan for example used ‘just in time’ manufacturing, a 24 hour delay on the parts required shuts them down immediately.

    Get real folks! Leaving the EU was never a good idea. If there are things you don’t like about it, stay in a change it, not stand on the outside stamping yout feet, that just isn’t going to work!

  20. William locke says:

    No referendum , we have already voted to leave

  21. Ashlyn Armour-Brown says:

    So we can make a decision based on some known conditions for Brexit.

  22. Eunice Treanor says:

    I have already voted back in 2016 along with 30 members of my family who voted to leave, that vote has not been honoured so no i don’t want another vote

  23. David Boyce’Monelle says:

    The people had a Democratic vote and the result should should be upheld. That’s what real true democracy is. The Establishment want us to vote again in the hope the result goes the other way… just like in Ireland and the Netherlands and all the other countries that were ripped off when they challenged the EU’s plans. And what happens if we had the same result as last time? They would demand another vote stating some rubbish like it was rigged. Even though the Remain vote would likely be rigged anyway. If the result went to the Remainers they would never allow another vote for a best of three so it’s best we keep to the result we got and moved on.

    • G says:

      To be fair, neither side knew what they were voting for..

      The biggest google search the day after the vote in 2016 is ‘what is the EU?’….

      Nobody makes a uniformed decision, and the UK populous were drastically uninformed. Regardless of how you voted.

      You would never go into a shop that is full of the same sized unmarked cardboard boxes and pay £500 for one hoping it was going to be a state of the art laptop, and it turns out to be a cabbage…

      We were uninformed on both sides, now we know more… We need a confirming vote…

  24. Philip says:

    We have already had a referendum on this, do we go best of 3 or best of 5 or how many?
    We need someone with a pair of balls to do what the People voted for and stop lying to us.

    • Laz says:

      As the 2016 vote was the second referendum on the EU, why not the best of three. Democracy is fluid and a change in the will of the people is reflected on the new generation of voters. What is undemocratic is almost 5.5 million UK citizens who live abroad were denied the vote, I don’t mean just in Europe but worldwide. If you haven’t given up your citizenship you should still be able to vote…

      • Derek Spencer says:

        If you choose to live abroad then after 15 years you lose your right to vote and quite rightly so.
        I fail to see how we have had two Referendums as we were taken into the Common Market by Heath and then Major sold us down the river !
        Are you a Snowflake that has been brainwashed, or are you languishing in the sunshine and you fear for your wine parties and think to hell with those back home, as some ex pats do.
        I wasn’t allowed to vote until 1959 but, didn’t whine and scream about results that I couldn’t put my stamp on.
        The vote was taken, Leave won and SHOULD BE HONOURED!!
        Try and have a nice day 😡

  25. R Slade says:

    you can’t overturn the will of the people with the will of the people. Another vote is essential to either confirm the plans that have now been proposed, or reject them and stay in.
    Those that want to leave will have their voice and be able to approve the deal. Those that don’t think the deal is good enough can say so.
    Both remainers and leavers can change their minds.

    That is a real democracy.

  26. Joe Bloggs says:

    Are the British people really that stupid? You do realise that even if we did have a third referendum seeing as the first was 1975, second 2016 so this would be the third and the result came out even stronger than before for Leave do you think that will be accepted?

    Check Ireland. They had to have 3 referendums on the Treaty of Lisbon because twice they voted No in a public democratic referendum and they were ignored. Same thing happened in Denmark on the Treaty of Athens Referendum as well as 7 other Referendums in various states of the EU where the result was ignored or just re-run.

    Learn that those people in Parliament are not democratic and they do NOT represent the interests of the UK. If they did then why on Earth would they be giving over complete control of the UK to a group of unaccountable men you cannot remove and were also the heads during the Communist Era Europe? If we want to return to democracy we need to clean house.

    • Joe Blogss' Sensible Brother says:

      Fact check – Ireland voted twice on the Treaty of Lisbon, not three times. The second time around, the EU had changed the treaty to take into account the changes Ireland required to support the treaty, so Ireland agreed to the treaty that they wanted.

      Yes be pi$$ed off at the politicians but don’t take it out on the youth of the UK and remove their future opportunities by supporting Brexit, and letting a bunch of rich cnuts and old Etonians make a profit (and pay less tax). By getting away with Brexit they’re screwing the working people of the UK even more.

  27. Ann White says:

    Democracy is the most important value a country can have. Democracy means the people who lose a vote agree to accept the decision. Unless we leave the EU without another referendum then this country is no longer a democracy.

    • John Phillips says:

      Wrong! If people are no longer allowed to change their minds, then this country is no longer a democracy.

      • Karen says:

        If l put the lottery on and didn’t win, l couldn’t change my mind and demand I’ve won because I’ve changed my mind could l . We were told 1 vote and 1 vote only , in 2016 ,or should it of said 1 vote only if l don’t win

        • G says:

          Karen it is laughable you would use a gambling analogy to fight your reason to leave…. The people that voted to leave (less than a third of the population) are gambling with 60+million peoples lives….

          By the same analogy you could say all sporting events are cancelled…

          Olympics…. Cancelled
          World Cup… Cancelled
          Superbowl… Cancelled…


          Why? Because the results have already been decided, and cannot be changed EVER!!

    • Ross says:

      it was an ADVISORY referendum – if it was to be binding there should have been a threshold of more than 2%

  28. Ann says:

    Leave won to have a second referendum before delivering on the first is madness who would accept the result anyway.
    If remain won leavers would go mad if leave won again remainers would carry on like they have for the past three years.

  29. Ivor says:

    We’ve had since 1975 and years of propaganda, failed economics and political corruption to evaluate whether the EU is worth staying in, the 2016 referendum gave a clear answer: it isn’t, and anyone who has lived through it all this time, knows that.
    Remain people arguing that their ideological love for the EU project trumps the real experience of three generations on the basis of the last 3 years of mess that the same pro-Remain people have created, and who use the destabilisation that their own tactics have created, as the reason for staying, are as disrespectful of the majority three generations, as they are of the intelligence of the current generation who can see exactly what these disruptive tactics are designed to achieve.
    It is no different from any megalomania led by a very small group of powerful interests that wants to reframe the facts through their own destructive behaviour. We have all met people like this. They cannot be trusted just as the EU elite, in the pocket of powerful global lobbies and antidemocratic forces, proven by endless conspiracy to destroy democratic decisions, install “yes-men” and spend more than the Disney corporation on marketing its “dreamland” – utopian fortress EU to protect those interests and push down the ordinary man and woman – has never been trustworthy either and never will be.
    We knew exactly why we must leave after 25 years of growing imperialism, the decision has been made and the EU oligarchs and their supporters will have to go extort their payments from elsewhere!

  30. Raymond Pearsall says:

    Leave means leave that was the outcome of the first referendum, we the taxpayers pay the government to do what the people want and we voted leave, so let’s get on with it now, the remain MPs only want to stay in because they are filling their pockets with what they get from the corrupt EU.

  31. Christine Ladyman says:

    We’re all sick of this lingering, but if we’d had a sensible government, they’d have given a clear understanding of the consequences. Instead, we had a PM operating purely to appease his party, with the arrogance to believe he’d win to remain. Those Tories determined to leave are terrified of new tax laws, ,,more self serving, too hell with the country behaviour. Then we had the leave campaigners. ..all lies and cheating. But, the biggest horror are these masses of ordinary folk screaming foul and demanding we leave, without a care for what will happen to themselves let alone the entire country. None have a sensible argument for leaving, and resent the concern of parliamentarians. …using the sovereignty they seem to think we’d lost! The obsession to simply WIN, is nauseating. The first referendum wasn’t binding, then we were lied to. …We must have another.

  32. Peter says:

    Hi Deirdre,

    Leave did not tell lies, remain did tell lies.

    Your examples:

    ‘EU army’:- PESCO is now creating the EU army or military forces you claim were a lie from the leave side. It is happening now so how was this a lie?

    ‘Turkey joining the EU’:- Why would Turkey be complaining about MEP’s calling for the talks on Turkish membership to be halted if there was no talks for Turkey to join the EU? Again, it is remain that is telling lies.

    ‘We can’t deport EU citizens’:- Please take your time to read this: Again – the remain side telling lies.

    ‘We can’t control immigration’:- Partly true but what we are obliged to do is allow free passage into the UK for EU citizens. We do have some control but it is subject to challenge and not easy to counter. In reality, EU citizens can and do come and go freely into the UK as other EU countries whether they can support themselves or not. They are entitled to UK benefits and housing support and use the NHS free of charge. Can we control immigration from within the EU? To a degree but in reality no we don’t.

    I hope this has helped your understanding of the lies peddled by the remain side who are of course very well funded with a full time campaign and many million of £. Leave of course is underfunded and a people’s movement against the wealth of remain. Can you not see what’s going on here? Gullible people are being used by wealthy, often overseas people to keep themselves in the money and on the gravy train.

    We need to leave and return that money to the UK. We need to leave and return our democracy to the UK.

    • richard williams says:

      You are incorrect in at least one example from above – Turkey was nowhere near joining the EU in 2016 (and since Erdogan came to power this is even less likely) I actually researched where Turkey stood in terms of accession to the EU for the following article (my MP is Penny Mordaunt so I was particularly interested in this particular claim). Unfortunately we are very badly served by our politicians and our media in this country, so it is understandable that people are getting thewrong info (irrespective of where they stand on Brexit). My article is here should you be interested.

  33. Melvyn Cook says:

    It’s all very simple’ WE all knew what we were voting for both for and against, and my vote was to leave the European union , and that was that in a nutshell, it was T.May who brought in a the DEAL SARGER, we voted OUT and a I still demand we go out, We HAD a referendum!! Leave won= Honor it

  34. Mickey Noname says:

    Leave lied. Nobody knew what they were voting for. Only 23% of the electorate voted at all. Britain is now a divided country and a second vote is essential.
    I would prefer to revoke altogether as so much has been lost, and so many lives are in tatters.

    • ivor says:
      Total electorate: 46,500,001
      Turnout: 72.2%
      Rejected ballots: 25,359

      Erm that’s not 23% but 72.2%
      The division is caused by this kind of distortion, and the last 3 years of distortion aimed against the Leave voters who overall represent a wider range of ages, generations, experiences, and social groups, especially the older two generations who naturally have far more experience of what the EU is since they have lived through it since 1975 and before.
      Lives are in tatters all over the EU – let me see, oh yes Greece is a good example, and the highest levels of unemployment in Spain and Italy and France amongst young people that have been known for two generations, stagnating uncompetitive economies, huge debts and overspending on high-profile image-building projects and on the EU propaganda budget that is larger than the entire worldwide marketing budget of the Disney Corporation.
      The UK by leaving is showing how to promote economic growth, wealth for all (not just the very privileged in the upper ranks of the big corporations but ordinary people running their ordinary businesses, prosperity that allows for productive public spending, individual freedoms and responsibility towards one’s own communities. The EUSSR does not do that, but the exact opposite.
      Nothing is lost by leaving but there is so much to gain and that will benefit Europeans too as they trade with us – and many live and work here. I know hundreds (a few in my own family) and I have lived in different European countries and worked with thousands of employees all over Europe as a trainer. The EU does not understand economics, it is a state-centred mass re-distribution exercise to suit a few very powerful interest groups for political control reasons.

    • Dave Smith says:

      Rubbish Mickey I and 17 .4 million others knew exactly what we were voting for and It was the biggest turn out in election history. You only want a second vote because you don’t understand democracy and you are a winging sore loser..

    • Duncan says:

      All leavers knew exactly what they were voting for

    • Karen says:

      Tell me what have Leave lied about ,Most People knew what they voted Leave for , they don’t want to live by dictatorship , l don’t want to lose our sovereignty, l want to keep the £££££ not change to the €€€€€ . Yes l know why l voted to leave the EU . We’ve already had a vote leave won

  35. Annette Geary says:

    We had a referendum & that should be final. It’s going against what we voted for. Accept what the people voted for end of..

    • peter jones says:

      Yes we certainly did, and the result was based on untruths from the current P.M. and combined with those of the “Brexit Party” ex UKIP.
      More people did not vote at all, compared with the mis-led who voted leave.

    • Angela Kadeer says:

      We either have a democracy, where the legal vote is upheld, or we have a dictatorship run by the losers who scream and scream until they make others sick !!

  36. Joe Croft says:

    the first hasn’t been respected so what point is another , 2nd votes are an EU tactic been done lots of times in the past ,

  37. Lex Richards says:

    We may leave but what a mess it will create and the regret will be many!!

  38. Carole Newsome says:

    Definitely NO, leave the EU on the 31st October 2019 on WTO Rules.

  39. Jennifer Trudgett says:

    No way do we want a second Referendum!! If this happens Democracy is dead !!
    We voted !! We knew what we were voting for !! Leave won !! We were promised the result would be upheld
    This has been delayed by Remain right from the off it wouldn’t have taken 3 1/2 years if Remain accepted the vote in the first place
    And as for the woman who commented 16 to 18 year olds weren’t able to vote but they are now and some are dead well madam that applies to the leave side as well
    What happens if we have a second Referendum and Leave wins again will you all be happy then or will there be another one because the Remain side kick up a stink ??? You have to uphold the will of the people great damage will be done to this Country otherwise

  40. Liz Cable says:

    Thoroughly agree with you!!!

  41. isabella cleugh says:

    how can you have a second referendum when the 1st is being ignored.the people have spoken.

  42. Mike Clarke says:

    Been there, done that!
    Three and a half years later and still waiting for an honest parliament to act on will of the people.

  43. Viv Gleghorn says:

    If the Referendum we had proved anything, it proved that they don’t actually work as they are not honoured!!! Another one would only cause more division and then someone would just demand a third one!!!!

  44. Lesley says:

    No point, even if remainers on this time, the brexiteers would only kick start the whole fiasco again (court cases, debates in parliament, and so on) all over again. It could even start a precedence for elections and heaven knows how many other things

  45. Clive says:

    We voted leave, and would vote leave again to get out of this shambles, and get back to being GREAT BRITAIN again

  46. Christine Tallents says:

    We listened, we voted. We do not need a second referendum. I fear that if we have a second vote we will be told that we need more information until the result that the leavers want is achieved.

    We have watched our MPs behave like petulant children. Let’s have a general election and clear out those MPs who don’t listen to their constituents. Their places in the unemployment queue will be guaranteed.

  47. Richard Bucksey says:

    You do not keep shouting about having a second, third or even a forth vote, just because you don’t like the results of the first.
    Get over it. Go and move to a European Country outside the UK.

  48. Dave Crowley says:

    I think remain told far more lies than remain. Remain said, If we vote out The banks will crash, house prices will lose a third of their value overnight, 100,000 job losses, the pound will slump massively overnight, prices in the shops will sky rocket above ordinary seasonal rises.
    Since the 2016 referendum, there are more people in work now than in the last 30yrs, the pound has dipped a bit but is quite a way back up as I type £1.29 to the $ which is only £0.01 below norm, shop prices have only risen at the pace they have always done subject to season, banks are performing no different than before the ref. house prices have held and are rising steadily.
    Lots of scare stories. I’m still waiting for the plague of Locusts !
    As for a second referendum (peoples vote) lol !
    I don’t want a second ref. I would rather have a GE, but as we know, it won’t go the way the remainers want, so we wont have a GE.
    I’m a firm believer that the people have spoken Leave or Remain and Leave won, so If we were forced to have a second vote, the option should be accept the governments deal with the EU or Leave on WTO terms, If they were the questions the Lefty remainers would back track very quickly on a second ref. The Option to remain, take the deal or leave may give the remainers what they want by watering down the leavers vote between the deal and leave. It’s called divide and conquer.
    Let’s have a GE and see where we go from there, as it’s better than a Ref. 2.

    • Ellen says:

      Totally agree

    • DAVID HUNTLEY says:


    • phillip k harrison says:

      they meant when we actually leave and not just vote leave lol and we not left yet so it can all still happen

      • Noel Cator says:

        Before we joined in 1975 we never had the need of zero hours contracts, agency work, rough sleepers, homelessness, food banks, over subscribed schools and hospitals the country has had an additional 6 million people register onto the NHS since 2014 with another 3 million due over the next decade.
        Things will not improve remaining in the eu as pressure becomes ever greater for this small island with one of the most over populated nation in the eu by per square mile.

    • Peter says:

      Is Boris a relative or is it that you are a brainwashed Daily Mail reader? Please check the true unemployment figures, not the Tory government false ones. You are living in a fantasy world when you state that £1.29 to the $ is near the norm, which norm is that, not so long ago 1.40 was the norm. The reality is that you have stated exactly what has happened under the Tories.

      • Bill Beer says:

        If you go back to around 2000, the pound was at around $2 US. Go back to the 1950s and you will find it closer to $4. The pound was artificially inflated in 2016 and needed to come down to reach its true value.

    • Diana says:

      But we’re not out yet. So just wait and see what happens.

    • Pip says:


    • Bill Beer says:

      Well said – fully agree.

    • Shirley leighton says:

      Probably will effect us all when we leave to be much poorer will leavers then complain

  49. Deirdre Johnston says:

    It is 3 1/2 years since the advisory non-binding referendum. Nothing stays the same. We hold general elections every five years at least because people learn new things, change their minds, make adjustments in their thinking. So much has changed since June 2016 it is time to ask if people think differently now that we have so much more information.
    The Remain side made little or no effort to highlight the benefits of EU membership whilst the Leave side blinded us with lies and unkeepable promises. Everything they (Leave) told us – EU army, Turkey joining the EU, we can’t deport EU citizens, we can’t control immigration – all lies and all proven to be lies.
    Sixteen to eighteen year olds were not able to vote in June 2016. Today they can. It is their future we’re gambling with here. They have a right to have a say in it.
    And finally many of the voters in 2016 are now dead. Their votes don’t matter any more.

    • Gary says:

      Bollocks leave won I for one have not changed my mind and recent polls suggest 54to 46 in favour of leave now

    • Bill Smith says:

      Deirdre Johnston
      Quote:- Everything they (Leave) told us – EU army, Turkey joining the EU, we can’t deport EU citizens, we can’t control immigration – all lies and all proven to be lies.
      Deirdre, Yes they have started forming the EU army, France has already started Conscription, If we remain in the EU, we can’t deport EU citizens and we can’t control Immigration (as is the case at the moment). As far as Turkey is concerned, Watch this space!
      Non of what you say is correct and it certainly is NOT proven in any way.
      As far as Sixteen – 18 year old’s not being able to vote in 2016 and many of the older voters are now dead, it shows that you need to find someone with a bit of common sense to listen to, Brain washing is fantastic when the victim doesn’t actually realise what has happened.

    • Theresa says:

      I was 16 when the country voted to join the common market I had to wait until I was 55 to have my say and there was just as many 16-18 years old people then whose future it was so that is a bull excuse for a 2nd vote

    • Pauline Simmonds says:

      The original result has not been implemented yet, when it has, if you don’t like it you can vote again in 40 years time, we have had to wait that long, we did not like it then (we were taken in illegally) and now we have had our say. Democracy!!

      • Tracy Hartly says:

        Can you point me in the direction of the way we we’re taking in to the EU ‘illegally’. There will be a court case, but I can’t find it anywhere… Maybe you’re deluded? Making it up?…

    • Pip says:

      When I voted in the referendum 2016 there was no mention of advisory or non- binding, we all knew it to be definitive.

      • Tracy Hartly says:

        Ignorance is no defense in law. The referendum was not legally binging. We live in a ‘representive democracy’ not once controlled by referendums.

    • Terry says:

      So this means with your vast experience of life you think a Democrat vote does not count when you work for 50 years and see a once great country run into the ground by unelected people from Europe . Have respect and keep your opinions to your self . And for your remarks that the people who voted that a lot of them will be dead . Hang your head in shame this is what is wrong with the youth of today .no respect .no experience.and no when you disrespect people it will come back to bit you. When. You grow up ask Mam and dad if it’s ok. To vote for this or that until then get a life

    • A Louis says:

      Tell you voted leave you people are all the same. You dont believe in democracy just like the eu with their unelected bureaucrats jobe for the good old boys. Dont make me laugh. The referendum vote went to leave get over it
      Lies the remain told 100,000 job losses house prices collapses price in shops soaring banks collapsing. But since the referendum this country has gone from strength to strength so dont give us the same old bullshit that leave gave us at the referendum it does not work. We know what we voted for CUT ALL TIES WITH THE eu. Free trade deal or no deal we dont care THIS COUNTRY WILL THRIVE. We will have the whole world to trade with. If you dont like that I’m sure there is a country in your great eu that will take you as a citizen dont you think by by.

    • Colleen Richardson says:

      I see…I hadnt realised that only Leave voters had died…typical Remainer mentality…btw…if it was only Advisory why was Article 50 triggered….

    • Noel Cator says:

      Wasn’t aware the law has changed to allow kids of sixteen being allowed to vote, a more sensible age would be 25 when they’ve had at least some life experience to balance their bias against.

      • Graham Membury says:

        I fully agree with you Noel as I am from that generation that had to wait until we were 21 years of age before we were allowed to vote.

  50. Kay says:

    We need a second referendum to get out of this mess.
    Leave have admitted they only won because they lied and now that everyone knows the facts rather than the maybes and the possiblies the country will be voting as informed citizens rather than lied to citizens.

    • Ellen says:

      We had a referendum . Why don’t people who voted not to leave shut up and accept they lost. That’s what honourable people would do. I’ve not changed my mind, I voted knowing exactly why. Stop trying to demean the leave voters.

    • Leave Voter says:

      We had a referendum, WE the 52% won.
      Dry your eyes loser!!

    • David Johnson says:

      We don’t need a second referendum we had it we VOTED to come out and we should how many REFERENDUM do you want .We didn’t win the world cup should we play that again again and again until we win it

      • Tracy Hartly says:

        “We didn’t win the world cup should we play that again again and again until we win it”

        Errr…. YES, that how it works dude, every 4 years! You people are dumb!

    • Agnes howells says:

      If there is a
      Second one we know what would happen
      The remain would win .and that’s a vote that would be fixed .and as far as I can see .or have heard that more people would vote leave .with out any deals

    • alan jones says:

      what a load of shit your saying we lied in what way did we lie we had a referendum we won so yous want a second one and what mess would that be as all you arse holes and Corbyn Steptoe and the rest of yous moaning twats should be sent to the eu were yous can live your lifes under a hitler style country

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