Should UK hold a Second BREXIT Referendum?

Should UK hold a Second BREXIT Referendum?

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Updates: Today Mr. Johnson will submit a simple motion for early elections. He will need just a simple majority but the motion can be amended.

Remainer MPs  might consider amending the early elections motion with a People's Vote to be called in the same day with the general elections, as suggested by Tony Blair.

EU has granted a flexible extension for Brexit until 31 January 2020 but Brexit could happen earlier if UK is ready.

Monday, MPs have rejected Boris Johnson's call for snap poll, as Labour MPs abstained.


The U.K. sterling pound is loosing value against EU and USD amid Brexit Deadlock.

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October 22: MPs have approved the new Brexit deal, but they have rejected the rapid timetable making a Brexit delay after October 31st. Three Labour amendments to Brexit legislation so far - none on customs union or second referendum.

Labour is ready to back a second Brexit referendum in crucial votes over the coming days, in what backers said was a “significant” step forward in the push for a public vote. Support for a “Final Say” referendum is backed also by Lib Dems and rebel Tories.

Up to 1 million people ( according to the organizers) took to the streets of London on Saturday 19th of October to demand a Final Say.

Leading supporters of a “people’s vote” had been planning to use so-called “Super Saturday” to test support for a second referendum, but leaked emails show an internal struggle for power.

And in just 24 hours after the giant People’s Vote march, more than 200,000 signed a letter to MPs, MEPs and European leaders urging them to ensure that any Brexit deal is put back to the British people before coming into effect.

The Letter from the People to the Powerful, backed by The Independent, states that the deal reached last week between Mr Johnson and EU27 leaders “cannot meet the promises made [in the 2016 referendum campaign], nor be said to represent the will of the people”.

The idea of an amendment making any Brexit deal conditional on a second referendum to approve or reject it has been mooted for many months.

A second referendum proposal during April’s indicative votes lost by 292 votes to 280, and it is uncertain how much more support such a plan could pick up beyond the same MPs who seem likely to support a customs union.

What is a Second Brexit Referendum?

A referendum on the Brexit withdrawal agreement, also referred to as a "second referendum" or a "people's vote", has been proposed by a number of politicians and pressure groups as a way to break the deadlock in Parliament surrounding the meaningful vote on the Brexit deal.

What will a Second BREXIT referendum ask?

Following the invocation of Article 50 to begin Brexit negotiations, most proposals for a new referendum have suggested a choice between accepting the negotiated withdrawal agreement and remaining in the EU, sometimes with the additional option to leave the EU with no deal.

How it is justified a second BREXIT referendum?

Reasons which have been cited as justification include campaign finance violations by Vote Leave and Leave.EU, alleged use of data illicitly harvested by Cambridge Analyticarevelations of Russian interference through fake social media accounts and allegedly through funding, arguments that the "Leave" camp promoted misinformation, a gradual shift in public opinion, fuelled in part by demographic changes such as young people gaining the right to vote, and that the eventually arranged terms of Brexit were unknown at the time of the original vote. (wikipedia)

How it is Second Referendum?

A second referendum could intensify the divisions in the society , and it will be more bitter a second time round. It would erode the very basis of democracy by suggesting that rule by the majority is an insufficient condition for democratic legitimacy. All objections raised against the first referendum (misguided votes, disinformation, etc.) remain for a second referendum. Nobody knows what kind of Brexit people actually voted for, and a second referendum doesn’t answer that.(The Conversation).

What could happen next?

Brussels could offer a technical extension of a few weeks in the hope of passing the agreement they recently thrashed out with Johnson. Or they could accept what Johnson was obliged to ask for on Saturday night and push the date back to January 31, opening the door to a U.K. general election — which itself could lead to a renegotiation or a second referendum.

So, what do you think?

Should UK Hold a Second Brexit Referendum?

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179 Responses

  1. Pamela Webb says:

    We dont need asecond referendum we voted leave so that should be honoured if our mp’s didnt like the result of the election would they ask for a nother one i dont think so

  2. gillian fountain says:

    we vote still waiting for it to be honoured why has it taken three years for what the people voted for

  3. Mike p says:

    I’m against it because I’ve voted once as have 17.4 m others

  4. Patrick J. Dolan says:

    We have voted on the referendum already if they go against the Will of the people democracy is finished in this Country and end up with civil war the people have had enough now the want out of the Dictatorship called the EU.

  5. says:

    Here here
    Leave now


    We will lose more than a value on the pound if the EU get the 50 billion pound settlement they have now asked for, the Lisbon treaty Article 50, and what is Article 318 (s) of Article 50. We were initially told the eu wanted 10 Billion for the separation !! then it went to 20 Billion, NOW they say they want 50 Billion pounds, more than enough to sort out our dieing NHS, School, Police Force our security forces in general.. we need to make our own rules, and sort our immigration laws out, not be told we should let millions in and give them a right vote in a country they have given nothing to, we have roma gypsies trawlling the streets, husband and wives stealing from drives and nothing is done None of the Members who run the EU were voted in. BUT 17.4 MILLION BRITISH PEOPLE VOTED OUT AND 3 YRS LATER WERE STILL PAYING MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF MONEY TO FIGHT TO COME OUT, and how many MPs behind our backs want to sabotage this. IT IS TIME TO LEAVE.

  7. Michael Dixon says:

    Our own politicians are trying to implement the tried and tested EU policy ie keep voting until the answer pleases our masters in Brussels. There will be anger if the referendum result is overturned and many will conclude that democracy is a sham.

    • John Macpherson says:

      If brexit is bullied through,democracy will be a sham.Lots more understanding and implications of the lies and consequences of leaving have come to light-namely that leaving is NO GOOD for us

  8. Karl Denyer says:

    Your comment says more about remain voters than it does about leave voters! For 1 thing both sides lied to the public…but remain have continued right up untill today! Since voting I have asked around 2500 people to give me a legitimate reason to vote leave or remain. I have had many legitimate reasons to leave… But I haven’t had a single legitimate reason to remain!
    The remain side have repeatedly said people were lied to. But that’s what politicians do! Yet Ive not read any remain voters say they went online to have a look for themselve… But the majority of leave voters didn’t trust the EU or our own politicians & instead of just listening, we used the internet to research what was said, the EU’s history, how they’ve reacted to other countries that want out or didn’t want to join at all…etc I looked at a lot of different aspects to the EU!.. I made my decision based On the EU’s past, the money going in compared to what we get back… Forced illegal immigration & it’s affects on employment, housing, crime & the NHS… A second referendum just to please remain voters, because they looked up nothing & lost Is ridiculous! Most leave voters didn’t just listen to politicians with their own agenda… We looked things up & made our own minds up!!!

  9. Jenifer Flintoft says:

    We should definitely have a 2nd referendum, as people were lied to the 1st time. They were told
    1. that it would be very easy & straightforward
    2. that we would all be better off
    3. that millions would be saved & it would all be spent on the NHS.
    None of these were true. Imagine if you bought a car from a dealer & were told it would do 0mph to 60mph in 4 seconds, that its top speed was 80mph, & that it would do 60miles to a gallon of petrol; but then you discovered its top speed was 20mph & it would only do 10 miles to the gallon. What would you do? Take it back, of course & complain bitterly about fraud. And this is exactly what the people who want a 2nd referendum want to do. The 1st referendum was fraudulent.

    • Robert Loake says:

      Luckily most people after reading the governments EU propaganda leaflet understood the implication of leaving them EU. As usual the leaflet only gave a one sided EU view. Leaving the EU with no deal means we can negotiate from a position of strength about trade. This is more than about trade its about maintaining our sovereignty where as thosé in the EU will have their National governments abolished, all financial budgets will be decided by Brusel . Any one with half a brain can see that the EU is finished with unaudited accounts and where they have been losses of 4. 3% Billions are missing. One big fraudulent money train for the wealthy , the establishment and all the corrupt hangers on. All Nations will lose their nationality to absorbed into the EU Super State. Every country will be cut into regions with no National characteristics.Onen Flag the EU flag. ONE national anthem a EU anthem although the EU is not a nation but just a cobbled together horde of bureaucrats and politicians who will be completely powerless in the new EU Parliament . The Law statingthatitis against the Law to criticize any EU Leader or Organization punishable by prison should give anyone who counts freedom of speech as a human right can see the writing on the wall. We must leave to compare leaving the EU with buying a car shows the intelligence of some one who thinks they are comparable.

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