Should UK Hold a Second BREXIT Referendum? | July 2019 Assessment

A new referdum over BREXIT or at least a referedum over the BREXIT deal is requested by many MPs and activists. What do you think?

What is new in July 2019 regarding a new Brexit Referendum?

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What is happening?

As Boris Johnson seems to be favorite for becoming the next Tory leader (and the next UK Prime Minister) of the country), many voices (from the Remain side) are pushing harder for a second Referendum over BREXIT or at least a referendum over the BREXIT deal.

This surge in their activity comes as many are worried that Boris Johnson is more likely to push for a NO Deal BREXIT.

As you surely remember, since the first BREXIT referendum 2016, there has been many voices (mainly from the Remain side) constantly requesting a second BREXIT referendum.

If initially the Final Say camp was seen just as an emotional reaction to losing the referendum, later they got more support and credibility as the BREXIT negotiations stagnated and created uncertainty wile a NO Deal BREXIT threated to break the country unity.

BREXIT broken the traditional political framework

This year (and we’ve seen just half of it) has brought 2 new political actors: BREXIT Party and Change UK, wile Tory and Labour has seen big internal turmoil loosing political momentum.

BREXIT also gave a distinct advantage for the Liberal Democrats that campaigned for remaining in the EU.

As you can see the Leave and Remain political camps managed to take control of the political agenda. And there is no reason to believe things will change soon.

Even more, Northern Ireland and Scotland high political figures (and voters in the referendum) have express their discontent with the BREXIT agenda. This is particularly worrying and we all understand why.

Now, as you read this, Tory members are set to elect a new leader (and the next PM) and BREXIT is the main subject on their agenda as well.

Essentially, both, Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt, are promising a better BREXIT deal. But, if this deal will not be accepted by the EU then Boris is promising a firm, No Deal BREXIT with no delay wile Jeremy is more reserved on the options.

What now?

The BREXIT negotiation has proved that going out of EU is harder and more complicated that initially advertised.

Even the PM, Theresa May lost her mandate in the process as she admitted in her resignation speech.

The BREXIT deadline have been postponed twice and many MPs are looking to get another delay but even the EU negotiators are reluctant to this perspective if no tangible change is in perspective (i.e. SNAP elections or a Second BREXIT Referendum).

Would a second referendum over BREXIT/ Final Say solve the problem?

One thing is certain: a new BREXIT referendum would certainly qualify as a legitimate reason for EU to postpone the BREXIT deadline.

Obviously the Remain side (as represented by Lib Dems, Change UK and various MPs in Labour and Tory) is hoping that UK people have changed their minds and a crushing victory  will get BREXIT off the table for ever.

The Leave side (i.e BREXIT Party, many Tory MPs) threats with street protests if the 2016 Brexit Referendum is not respected and claim that, anyway, a second BREXIT referendum will have a similar result as in 2016.

Labour is willing to support a new referendum but only over the BREXIT deal on the table as agreed with the EU. Even so, if such a proposal wil be rejected in a referendum it could lead to a de facto BREXIT cancellation.

So, what do you think?

Should UK hold a second BREXIT Referendum?


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142 Replies to “Should UK Hold a Second BREXIT Referendum? | July 2019 Assessment”

    1. And if the result of that public vote is an overwhelming NO do we keep having votes until you get the answer you want ? What should happen now is that the entire Conservative Government be held accountable for the failure of the planning and delivery of the first referendum and a General Election announced. The Government deliberately sat on their hands and did nothing for two years thinking that it will just go away if we forgot about it. Its bad enough that they sit on their arses day in day out waffling away and getting a very handsome yearly salary and a bulging pension for doing absolutely sod all. If the Brexit deadline is missed again then a General Election should be demanded and then make those idiots pay at the polls.

    2. Yes they have – the first referendum was in 1975 and 70% voted to be in the EU – why should we overturn that result!?

      1. Because now MORE people are clued up to the destination of Project Europe. Those that voted in 1975 did so on the understanding it was purely a common market and NOT the federal state its heading towards.

        1. Indeed but equally, now MORE people are clued up to the destination of project leave. Those that voted in 2016 did so on the understanding that there were some positives to doing so and NOT that they were being sold a complete pack of lies by those in no position, and with absolutely no intention of delivering.

      2. Because nobody knew what they were voting for, the common market has gone which is what was voted on then, the European superstate has been inflicted upon us

      3. Are you serious? The vote in 1975 was not sbout remainung in EU – political union but be in EC – European community, a trading platform EU as political union we know today was not formed till 01.Nov.1993

    3. And your point? So, whats the guarantee they will deliver on the 2nd or 3rd or 20th unless they get the result they want.

    4. There are a lot.of comments about being lied to, leave voters not knowing what they were voting for etc etc. I voted leave although I knew everyone was being lied to, remainers and leavers. If you believe a politician then you deserve to be fooled quite frankly. In 1975 the country apparently voted to remain in a trade union with the rest of europe (well the ones who were signed up, not sure how many but it was not 28 countries back then) Fast forward 41 years and the people of this great country were offered a chance to vote to either remain in the current EU as it is now (not how it was over 40 years ago) or to leave the EU. There were no leave with or without a deal offers, no remain how we are currently or reamin but try for better deals option, it was a pure and simple leave or remain, which 52% of those who voted voted to leave. Now the remain voters continue to blame the leave voters for ‘not knowing what they were voting for’ but I never hear anyone blaming those who chose not to vote. If everyone voted there is a good possibility that we would have remained however they didnt vote. We need to stop arguing amongst ourselves and unite to make our country once again the Great Britain that we now it can be. Together we have a great future as individuals and as a united Kingdom, but if we can not join together then the future of this great nation is in jeopardy, and its not the fault of the leavers or the remainers, it is the fault of those who keep us as a nation squabbling amongst ourselves while they get richer.

      Join the revolution, join together as a nation and unite this kingdom, our kingdom……

  1. You can’t just try again because the result was not liked by some. That’s life. Once in a generation……

    1. Well, I remember well the first referendum in 75, so I agree to stick to that one. 70% Remain result. Happy?

    2. If that’s so Anne Waites, then the 1975 was the one and only EU referendum and that means we are in and staying in.

      1. The 1975 vote was for remaining in the EEC. We have never been consulted on the EU. Had the burghers of some European nations not got over ambitious, we could still be happily trading with them. The EU is not a nation, it is an organisation. Not one we were ever asked about.

      2. yes we did vote to stay in in 75, but that was a trade association and NOT a complete take over of our country/laws/politics/ etc. we did not EVER vote that our rights as a country and an indipendant peoples should be eroded away to the point that we would be lackeys of what is in effect a company run by unelected CEO’s. our steel/ car/ energy/ farming/ fishing and transport buisnesses have been bought up and basicaly given to other (already rich) countries with the stated intent of winding this green and pleasant land down to the point where it will be reliant on the EU for measly handouts just to survive. at this rate of attricion we as a country would become nothing more than a dumping ground for the overflow of unwanted imigrants such as Greece, Itally and Spain are now. vote remain and you vote for the destruction of Democracy.

      3. We have never had an EU referendum, we had an EEC referendum. The EU never existed when the EEC referendum took place. We voted for a European Economic Union i. e. a trading block not an EU European Union, two totally different organisations one of which did not exist.
        We now have record employment, higher foreign investment since the referendum than France or Germany, exports to the rest of the world are booming. The UK is booming just with the thought of Brexit and will boom even more when we leave.

  2. NO NO NO we have had one n that’s it n we voted out and them that want to b governed by the corrupt eu I suggest go pack your bags and go live there and leave us who believe in our COUNTRY

    1. Graham, We voted to join the EEC which has been of great benefit to our country, we have prospered and had 74 years of peace. Now, because 26 % of ill informed people have believed a pack of lies, spread by those who will prosper from avoiding paying TAX at the expense of the poor, you want to go and F*** it all up. What is the matter with you?

      1. We didn’t vote to join the EU, we voted to join the EEC. The EU did not exist in 1975. There is a HUGE difference between a trading bloc and a political bloc. Of course as a remainer, the truth does not count.

  3. We have not yet had a LEGITIMATE referendum as proven three times to the criminal standard of ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ and there are a number of criminal investigations still underway. I can not ‘respect’ a vote mired in proven criminality.

  4. The Uk should NOT hold another Brexit Referendum .. firstly because we were told this would be a once in a Generation vote .. 2nd, it was the highest electoral turnout in British History, 3rd we were told the British People would be Heard and Respected no matter what the outcome of the vote, 4th we live in a Country that is the Mother of ALL Parliaments and to go against a Democratic Vote means this Country is NO LONGER a Democratic Country and ceases to be a Democracy .. all because those who lost do not accept that they lost !!
    Civil Wars have started over far less than trying to reverse a Democratic vote. People should be careful what they wish for.

    1. “Civil Wars have started over far less than trying to reverse a Democratic vote. People should be careful what they wish for.”
      You would love that, wouldn’t you?
      Reversing a democratic vote… with a democratic vote? Is that really your problem?

    2. It was not a binding referendum and secondly the leave campaign was full of lies.. that’s treason… Polls now clearly show that the majority wants to remain.. the actual will of the people needs to be heard.. still non-binding as was the first one..

    3. “Civil Wars have started over far less than trying to reverse a Democratic vote. People should be careful what they wish for.” name 1 civil war that started over less. The idea that This would result in one if we held a second democratic vote is laughable, unless you count ranting on a keyboard as a ‘war’ because that is as far as it would ever go. we’ve seen clearly how many leavers even bother to protest/march, LAUGHABLE the lot of you

    4. It does NOT respect the public vote to insist on carrying out their wishes as shown by their votes in 2016, when those wishes were based on lies and misinformation spread in illegally funded campaigns. There are criminal investigations in progress. The vote was respected by the efforts made to find a non-catastrophic way to leave – unfortunately all the “easiest deal in the world” predictions turned out to be tosh. Now we know that it would be very undemocratic to force through the outcome of that 3-year-old, tainted, advisory vote. Government and parliament may be choosing to treat it a a mandate, but that is their choice. The referendum I voted in was an advisory referendum. To preserve democracy, we need a properly organised referendum.

      1. where were the lies? all i saw was ” we send the EU 350 million a week, lets fund the NHS instead” if YOU read that as lets fund the NHS to the tune of 350M then it is YOU that is at fault, it was meant to read (by the more intelegent leavers) as “lets spend some of the money we waste on the NHS”. i personally voted leave so that we would get back our governance, our laws, our border control, none of which was blasted over a bus. i did NOT vote for a deal of any sort, i did not vote that we molify the unelected beaurocrats in bruxelles, i did not vote to hand over 39-55 billion if sorely needed funds just so the likes of herr Junker could look forward to retirement with a few million in handouts from his corrupt cronies, but obviously (for some misguided reason) YOU apparently did. you also seem to be quite happy for your kids to grow up in poverty with no hope of getting a house of their own, no hope of growing up in a relatively safe environment, no hope of passing on the same to your grandkids. remain = slavery/poverty/rape/murder/& sharia law.

  5. Boris Johnson believes in Brexit and by default believes in the UK, Jeremy Hunt wanted to remain and will not have what’s needed to bring us out of the corrupt EU, preferably with no deal. As for s second referendum, this is going against democracy. We voted to leave the EU, however it happens, we need to leave before we get embroiled in their plans for a Federal Europe

      1. Reasons the eu are corrupt:

        The EU Commissioners and EU Mp’s are above EU laws, they cannot be prosecuted for any wrong doings whilst in office!
        The EU accounts have never been signed off, as a true and accurate record, anyone that has tried to get to the bottom of missing funds has been sacked or removed!
        Any MEP who speaks out against the EU loses the right to his/her pensions! (Hence Kinnock, Mandleson et al bleating about how much worse we will be if we leave!
        The EU Parliament is a sop, a rubber stamp, it cannot create nor change laws proposed by the Commisionairs, nor can it block them!
        The Presidents (all 5 of them) are elected behind closed doors, by the commissionaires them selves!
        The EU takes credit for the fact there have been no wars within the EU, even though the real reason is membership of NATO!
        The EU directive on clean drinking water is approx 2,500 pages long, the Directive on size of Cabbages is 46,000 pages long….

        Need I go on???

        1. lfb

          Point 1, above the law, not true, you didn’t fact check this did you?
          Point 2, accounts signed off, not true, you didn’t fact check this did you?
          Point 3, pensions, not true, you didn’t fact check this did you? (nige still has his and he’s done nothing but)
          Point 4, parliament, not true, you didn’t fact check this did you?
          Point 5, presidents, not true, you didn’t fact check this did you? (see current ongoing election of UK prime minister)
          Point 5, wars, not true, you didn’t fact check this did you?
          Point 6, directives, not true, you didn’t fact check this did you?

          If you do have anything that you believe is factual other than your opinion presented as such please feel free to post it (and don’t do the typical leaver thing o& telling me to do your homework because that’s not how it works)

  6. Let’s have a referendum to see if the public want a second referendum.Then they’ll have something to argue about for the next 3 years.

  7. The referundum result should be respected and implemented. A leaver should have been doing the negotiations and not a remainder. For all political parties it’s an issue of credibility and integrity..

    1. The referendum resul cannot be respected due to the lies and deception that kept the truth about what the consequences were, hidden from the public. Democracy is not fixed – it is fluid and why should the people of this country NOT be allowed to change their minds on an issue that will affect them, and they families for generations to come? Plenty of leavers attempted to negotiate a deal, including remainers, and despite what LEAVE Campaign said about the conditions of leaving not affecting our rights and standard of living, when without a decent deal (NOT one on the table) this country is heading for a recession BIGGER imho than the one we are allegedly coming out of now after 10 years and more of Austerity that has shrunk the average wage earners pay packet by at least 20% due to no increases in wages over several years. For All political parties and Voters in this country, it SHOULD be an issue of saving this country from hardship, with integrity of a PUBLIC vote to stay or go deciding it. I find it incredulous that you (brexit voter) could put the future in such jeapardy for the sake of getting your way! I live in Cornwall and cliff jumping is advised against! ….

    2. the Brexit vote was unsafe and undemocratic because of proven cheating and fraud by Leave campaign, & when this was discovered the result should have been declared void by government. However, the tory government accepted result – because ‘the referendum was not legal and binding’, just advisory! This means the government chose to accept a disgraceful undemocratic result that because of the fraud & cheating could only truthfully be described as the manipulated ‘will of the people’.

    1. The vote was advisory not mandatorfy. If it had been a mandatory vote there would have had to be a clear majority of at least 60 to 40 to change i.e. leave as in all other democratic referendums.

    2. We had a referendum in 1975 and 70% voted to be in the EU. Does that make the 2016 result null and void?

  8. No we/or this country have voted to leave if we now have to have another vote to appease the stayers then democracy in this country is dead and burried?

    Should we need to vote on any one thing then it should be simple?
    Leave with a deal or Leave without a deal

    Plain and simple

  9. another referendum will be needed to vote on deal or remain.
    what the Government should of done is the same as many other democratic countries do, ask the question do you want to leave or remain in the EU with the deal the government have committed too.
    same as Greece done when they had their bailout with EU money. do you agree with the governments bailout deal -yes or no.
    that way their are no lies, no spin,no soundbites, just the official deal or not!
    instead the Tories wanted to rid themselves of the rise of Ukip and so needed a simple referendum.. wow that turned out simple….

  10. The third EU referendum in 2016 was won a promise of lies and utter lies. The Brexit that was promised is utterly unachievable because it was all a massive lie; it is breaking parliament and democracy. The referendum should be void because of the over spending making it illegally procured. The social media campaign was extraordinary and huge and UK law does not have an answer to this online abuse.
    No deal was not on offer at all during the 2016 referendum and you should not believe that it was.
    The lie is breaking parliament, and ultimately the UK.
    Until you realise you were lied to, you will want Brexit. If you don’t want Brexit then no one is listening. Politicians are hiding behind a corrupted referendum opinion poll that is now over three years old and is out of date.
    The only way to heal this country is to stop Brexit at all cost.

  11. Many voted leave as protest.
    Car manufacturing etc already adding to unemployment. Millions want to save the NHS. Millions don’t want low food standards. Millions want or FoM. Millions want peace in NI.
    We already have the best deal.
    A vote on what we know (the lies, the evidence of job losses etc) and with an option to remain will sort this sorry affair.

  12. Bernice Evans I asked how much of an impact the EU had on most people’s daily lives before the referendum you replied ‘my life was affected’ but don’t say how. I said is it worth losing you job, your family members losing their jobs ( Not you specifically obviously) you said ‘losing my job and losing my family members get a grip’ not what I said Have you not seen Hunt talking about his ‘heavy heart’ when British family firms go down? Perhaps you need to tell him to get a grip

  13. Every single tenet of the Leave argument was a lie (either by ignorance or wilfully). We know this now. If the notion of a the type of Brexit being discussed was put on that ballot paper in June 2016, Remain would have won by a landslide. It has morphed into an unmitigated disaster and a stain on our national pride. But then it would with the elites driving the fiasco.

  14. NO! NO! NO! …..The result of the first one hasn’t been delivered yet. What are they expecting? Do they want to keep having referendums until they get a vote that suits them? Ridiculous and juvenile question.
    The government should Just get on with the job they are paid and promised to do in their lying Manifesto.

  15. Yes. The 2016 vote was won by a narrow majority of a low turnout, largely infulenced by electoral malpractice and a campaign of disinformation and outright lies by the leave campaign. Even if you ignore those irregularities, the vote was purely for the PRINCIPLE of leaving. Nobody at the time had any real idea of what it would involve or what the cost would be. No that these facts ARE available for those who are interested, the downside as well as the imagined benefits are known, the country should have the right to s have a final say, and not be intimidated by a vociferous minority.

  16. For just over 3 years now since the referendum vote I’ve waited for democracy to be implemented by our MPs at Westminster after the people gave them their instruction from a democratic, national vote but sadly the MPs did not really want to implement what the people decided – and that’s the real problem with all of this – a large section of Parliament voted Remain and just does not want to give the people BREXIT.

  17. How many stupid people does it take to destroy a once great nation? 17.2 million apparently. To hold a binary referendum on a non-binary issue. The outcome was binding only because of the promises of a single political party, seeking to quell its own internal struggles. To allow an anti EU dogmatician to lead and lose the remain campaign. To state that 27% of the electorate can dictate to the other 73% that “You lost – suck it up”. That is NOT democracy. We will not let you get away with the theft of our country, our democracy, our rights and our future. If the illegal and indefensible 2016 referendum is ever implemented then the divisions in our nation will become a fixture for decades to come. Those that know they were lied to have long ago changed their minds. Democracy demands a real referendum based on truth and facts to quell the arguments; one in which “Leave” is something with a plan not “We will figure it out afterwards”. It’s an absolute fact that a legally run, legally binding referendum would have a result that would be worthy of respect, unlike the opinion poll of 2016, whatever the lying, scheming Conservative government “promised”. I didn’t vote for them. Nor did 64% of the nation. If you don’t want to vote again – don’t. You wasted your vote last time at the whim of a bunch of lying populists.

    1. the referendum may not have been binding but surely the promises from every political party except the lib dems was? i.e. to implement the 2016 referendum result ?

  18. Three years of traitorous MPs trying their damnedest to undermine a democratic mandate issued by the people in the largest ever turnout for a ballot in this countries history. Why in Gods name do we need a losers vote, and what happens when the losers lose again, another losers vote?

  19. This turned into an epic mess and has to be reconsidered at the soonest, but first the options on the table clarified.
    There was a vote on whether the UK got riled up against the EU by the media, the answer to that was a “yes” (leave).
    Now there has to be a vote on the way forward, with the option to remain or at least let go of Theresa May’s red lines entirely.

    Only those don’t want a second referendum who know and fear that Brexit would be overturned.

  20. There should be another referendum, with a clear requirement for a yes or no, and also whether people wish for a crash out or a deal. It also needs to include those long term residents in Europe who were denied a vote on an issue that affects them more than any other. If someone has taken advantage of freedom of movement and found work in Europe, why should they lose their right to live and work without any say in the matter?

  21. A second referendum is absolutely necessary. The decision to open the possibility of fundamental and irrevoccable change to the UK’s constitution described in the vaguest of terms to be decided by a simple majority was as dangerous as it was ridiculous. This country has already experienced factory closures and the flight of a trillion pounds of investment as a direct result of the invocation of Art. 50 and there is no evidence to support the proposition that the country will ever recoupe more than a fraction of what it stands to lose by this catastrophe. The supposed “will of the people” is no such thing until it is tested once again in a confirmatory vote.

  22. No we should not have another referendum we have already had one. We voted to leave three years ago. We should have already left so stop trying to delay it

  23. If the last referendum isn’t implemented the British public will have no faith ina NEW one and even result will be irrelevant.Tbe Peterborough bi election should be re runwithclose scrutiny as if that can be fiddled so easily so could another referendum

  24. Respect the 2016 referendum
    Enable the will of the people
    You cannot rerun something because you dislike the result

  25. NO SECOND REFERENDUM,,as democracy dictates we leave ,,should have left before
    any extension,,the whole country got a leafelet explaining clearly the options,just because we
    voted differently than was expected means we leave,whatever or whoever shouts loudest…
    if not,,,the door is opened for any group to campaign against any vote from local union votes
    to a general election to get the vote overturned,just because they don’t like the result,
    forget these windbags bawling we didn’t know what we were voting for,RUBBISH,,,IT WAS IN

  26. Yes the people should have another vote. An honest and upfront one, without all the lies and fraud that was behind the previous one. The result of 2016 is now irrelevant as the demographic has changed. Millions have died and millions have joined the electoral register. Add to this those that have changed their minds or never voted last time the picture could well be different. In 2016 the people were asked Leave or Remain. They were never asked what kind of deal or what kind of economy they wanted. Of course they should have another say!

  27. Quite simply put: the 2016 advisory opinion poll was not a referendum. 66% is required to carry a referendum decision. The 2016 result was too questionnable to carry any weight, it is a worthless heap of …

  28. The only people who are lying are the REMAINERS who are trying to bully,intimate,blackmail all those who voted LEAVE . The LIB DEMS cant be trusted because they went and voted for tuition fees for all young children who are now heavily in debt .

  29. No need for a second referendum. The first was won by lying, cheating and electoral Law breaking. Declare it null and void, revoke Artivle 50, and just forget the last three years of mayhem and BS

  30. We need to vote again because
    1. The first one was corrupt (see Aaron Banks record)
    3 We have to support businesses in the EU
    4 Free movement

  31. Yes we should, the only reason why Leave won is because the public were told a pack of lies by Farage; so the racists voted Leave thinking that it will curb immigration.

    1. Yes but so did the politician who wanted to remain tell a pack of lies, I think we all know now that happened on both side but I think you are okay with the lies remain told. 1… We have always been told a pack of lies by the Government regarding the EU. 2… If telling yourself that everyone who voted out is racist makes you sound about as intelligent as you are claiming they are, the vote was lost but the remain voters will not let it go and you do not care if the vote is ignored. So that is your democracy

  32. Yes, the advisory referendum of 2016 was corrupted by law breakers and liars. We belong in and leading the EU.

  33. Because we were blatantly lied to by a group of offshore banking tax avoiders in order to line their own pockets and fleece us in the future. Wake up people!!

  34. The first referendum was found to be flawed. The courts said that as it was only advisory its result could stand. Had it been mandatory the result would have been struck down.

    GATT Article 24 was then promoted as a reason why trade between the EU and UK would continue unchanged. I have read the relevant papers, it is not the case. Why Boris Johnson is trotting out the same lie despite it having been debunked some time ago?

    WTO rules, another mantra. The WTO does not have a default trade position. For that we need ‘Certified’ Schedules of Tariffs and Quotas, which we must produce. If any WTO members object they can veto or delay certification. The first attempt, the rollover of EU Schedules, was objected to by New Zealand, Australia, the USA and Russia. The second attempt has been to propose a temporary Schedule. I am not sure whether this is possible under WTO rules. All my attempts to find out have failed. I would guess not. Crashing out without certified Schedules and continuing to trade would not be seen as favourable. So far there has been little evidence that we are ready to trade under WTO rules.

    Finally it is NOT OK to sacrifice jobs, businesses and the economy in the Altar of a Sovereignty we never lost. Criminal Law, the way we run our roads etc etc are not under the EU heel. Most EU legislation is to do with behaviour within the Single Market, not how we run our country. If you have a single market it makes sense to have consistency of rules across it. Brexit is national suicide that will principally benefit carpet baggers and asset strippers. Think on that as you sell your country down river.

  35. Another referendum would be the THIRD referendum. The first was to Enter Europe and the second was just a snapshot in time of a desire to leave. Current polls overwhelmingly suggest that today’s snapshot would be to remain in. I don’t think referendums are democratic. By definitions, only Elections are truly democratic, so I say put brexit on hold and let an election be fought with brexit as one of the items on the agenda. The elected representatives of the people decide on how best to guide the country on all matters. THAT is democracy.

  36. We need a Referendum with two clear options once both possible options are decided so whether its No Deal vs Remain then that is then clear what the decision is.
    I also think we should firstly have a full public scrutiny of how much we benefit from the EU and any areas of improvement needed as the public need educated in it particularly as some people do not seem to understand the basics – I have now looked into so many areas and its clear we are better in the EU and we need to be strong within the EU alongside close neighbours Germany and France etc =
    also if we cannot stay in the EU I suggest next best is Scotland and Ireland stay in a Celtic Alliance and join with the Nordic nations of Norway Iceland etc which we are nearer anyway in many cases.

  37. The 2016 referendum was based on lies “on an industrial scale (Prof Michael Dougan). Brexit was ill defined and after 3 years the Tory party which initiated it has still not decided what Brexit is. They should define Brexit and then let people have a vote as to whether they want it or wish to remain and the vote should be open to 16 year olds, all overseas UK residents including those for more than 15 years and EU citizens living and working and paying taxes and insurances in the UK.

  38. The referendum in the first place was flawed – an incredibly binary question was posed to a non-binary situation. Everyone defines Brexit differently and in places where referenda are often used they require a super majority to implement a decision. Allowing such a close result to create such a huge change isn’t democratic, it’s ignoring half the country.
    If it was going to be a fair referendum, they should have outlined what they meant by Brexit. If it was no deal, fine, but say what that means so that the populace can decide. The goalposts have moved so often. Now there is a deal, we should have the option to vote for the deal vs no deal vs no Brexit. Our politicians certainly don’t seem capable of making a decision or working across all political spectra for the greater good. It’s all in the party’s interest currently.
    I am utterly dismayed at how horrible people are being on the back of this situation. Name calling, increased racism and xenophobia, increased aggression – it certainly doesn’t feel even close to “great” Britain to me any more.

  39. We now know what an Armageddon Brexit is… lets vote once we are sure of the deal, Brexshitters of course will not want this as they know they will be annihilated.

  40. The 2016 referendum was based on lies and deceit, and was, therefore, undemocratic.
    All referendums should require a supermajority (e.g. 60%+) before any decision is implemented. The catastrophe of the last 3 years could have easily been avoided had this been a requirement of the 2016 referendum!
    Leave supporters cannot provide any tangible benefits for leaving other than debunked propaganda and emotive nonsense!
    There needs to a confirmatory vote to determine if public opinion has changed over the last 3 years!

  41. Because there years have passed and more information has now been published. Parliament is at an impasse trying to implement Brexit. A new vote may show that if it is Leave them they have to commit to the will of the people and implement the Withdrawal Agreement to prevent a no deal crash out and all the ramifications that goes with that .. or Revoke Article 50 to give breathing space and implement a Working Committee of cross party and business people to thrash out the terms of an agreement suitable to UK and the EU

  42. I think that the U.K. Should have a second referendum because previous to the first referendum the British public were (and still are) largely unaware of the importance of the E.U. and the significance of our relationship with it.
    I think that the U.K. should have a second referendum because an incredible sum of money has not been released to our NHS which alone should tell us that this was never on the agenda of the various governmental bodies implementing Brexit.
    And lastly, I think that the U.K. should have a second referendum because bendy cucumbers for strawberries was not a good deal at all. And I still haven’t seen a bendy cucumber.

  43. I wasn’t allowed to vote in 2016 and I’m still disenfranchised and still furious. I’m quite convinced that if there was a referendum now it would go the other way because enough people have realised what a stupid idea it is to leave the EU!

  44. We should take the course of action that provides the best outcomes for our citizens and our businesses. Jeremy Hunt has explained that some businesses will go under if we leave without a negotiated deal because the consequent imposition of WTO tariffs will render them uncompetitive in their key European markets, but that this is necessary in order to honour the 2016 referendum. He hasn’t explained what the up side is. The National Interest should trump all other considerations. If someone can explain in detail how leaving the EU will be more beneficial to the UK than remaining then I will support it. A further referendum will be an opportunity for people to do just that, provided they try. The last time round the campaigning was all about slogans, with promises made that have not come to pass. We need campaigns of substance and detail for such a momentous decision. This is not ‘best of three’ or ‘best of five’. It is not a case of carrying on until we make the right decision. If a further vote yields the same result based on the facts as we know them now then that’s it.

  45. With opinion this divided, the only way to settle this once and for all is with a second referendum. The last referendum was fought on lies, we now know project fear is very real, both Tory candidates are prepared for job losses and have said as much in their leadership bids. We know there isn’t going to be #350 million for the NHS, we also know that the last referendum was tainted with foreign money and interference.
    People are much better informed this time round and if the answer is still the same then it would settle the argument and we leave.
    It’s been 3 years since the last referendum and people are allowed to change their minds.
    We know the EU army is a pipe dream. We know that we control our own borders, we’re an island. We have control of our own currency, interest rates, our monetary policy. We don’t have to adopt the Euro, which was a lie peddled by leave, we don’t lose any sovereignty and we have opt outs and veto against any further integration.
    We also know that it was a lie about Turkey, Albania, and all the other countries joining the EU.This was a myth created to scare people into voting leave.
    This time the vote will be on the facts, and they are undisputed. Remaining gives us more freedom than leaving. We keep the NHS, we keep our public services, we don’t become an off shoot of the USA, with private healthcare, the biggest cause of bankruptcies in the US, we don’t have to lower our food and animal welfare standards. We get to keep our manufacturing base and we don’t end up permanently harming our economy. We are the gateway to Europe, lets protect what we have and build on what we’ve got.
    Lead Europe, not leave Europe.

  46. It is patently obvious that there is no longer a majority to leave. A true democracy allows the electorate to change its mind. We could hold another referendum or take the sensible way out by simply revoking Article 50.

  47. Even if you don’t recognise the flaws in the referendum, which was legislated as advisory and therefore didn’t require the super majority that would have been necessary to enact a Bill for a binding referendum; even if you still don’t feel outraged at being insulted by being lied to; even if you are easily persuaded that the pig’s ear is actually what you personally wanted; even if you are satisfied that the people most affected were denied a voice; even if you don’t care that businesses have gone under or moved to other EU countries; even if you accept that the govt also gave notice on Euratom (which gives us access to cancer treatments that we will lose) unnecessarily and without asking the people; even if you don’t give a hoot about the Good Friday Agreement; even if the Tories’ in-fighting, calling a General Election, having 2 leadership contests when they should be trying to unravel the most complicated problem; even if you think a statute can be amended by a sentence in a leaflet and without parliamentary agreement; even if you really do believe that politicians with their own agendas are more believable than experts who have considered the question critically, following evidence and not ignoring facts that detract from their preferred conclusion.

    You have to acknowledge that not all other people that voted Leave 3 years ago feel as complacent. You have to acknowledge that May triggered Art 50 at a point in time which strangely coincided with avoiding the EU Anti Tax Avoidance directive but without even the beginning of a plan on how Brexit could actually be achieved. You can’t scream “Democracy” whilst refusing to test how others feel since the flaws have been exposed. You can’t say “well they haven’t delivered on the first one yet” because that shows a failure to understand that we can’t just do our own thing and then rejoin with our current benefits if it turns out to not be the sunny uplands that were promised.

  48. Yes yes yes we were lied to it wasnt explained to us and it was corrupt and it would be a disaster for the country

  49. Let’s keep kicking this can down the road, everyone has told lies, made misleading comments both leavers and remainers, for every statement made by so called experts, saying it is a mistake to leave the EU and they can prove it, there is another so called expert saying they are wrong and that they can prove it, and so it goes on, the truth of the mater is NO ONE KNOWS !!!!! There are too many variables involved for both leavers and remainers. I do not want to stay in the EU because i am British by birth, i am NOT a European by birth. I do not want and never have wanted to be ruled by Brussels or any other EU Capital apart from London.
    I think the biggest problem why we are in such a mess is nothing to do with the will of the people, by having a 2nd vote, how would that sort the problem out, if leave won, parliament would still fight the result, if remain won then those people who wished to leave would be pushing for a 3rd vote, were would it end, the fault is placed solely with our current bunch of remain MP’s in Westminster. They are happy playing party politics and getting one over each other (and taking money for it), if the MP’s had done what their constituents has told them to do then we would not be in the position we are in now.but as they keep telling us they know best. If that was the case how on earth could after 3 years, the worst treaty that anyone (both leave and remain seem to agree) could have agreed to come out and have any chance what so ever of being agreed.
    There was a very interesting program about the talks (on BBC 3) following Barnier and Co, and it is well worth watching to see how we were treated and how we unconditionally surrendered to the demands of the EU.But what could we have expected from a remain Prime Minister.

  50. We were promised an easy deal, and the Good Friday Agreement was largely ignored during the referendum campaign. Now we have a deal, we should vote as to whether we want it, ‘no-deal’ or the deal we already have.

  51. We were promised an easy deal, and the Good Friday Agreement was largely ignored during the referendum campaign. Now we have a deal, we should vote as to whether we want it, ‘no-deal’ or the deal we already have.

  52. I would like a 2nd referendum , what is undemocratic about getting an opportunity to vote on the terms of which we leave , i’m really worried that we are going to leave with no deal and it will trigger a recession , i’m self employed and i haven’t properly recovered from the last one

  53. We are not being given what we were promised.
    We were promised the same deal as we have, the single market and £350 million a week more for the NHS. What we will be getting is no deal or a terrible deal which ties us to the EU along with a cost of £39 billion and the NHS sold as a trade deal.

  54. It does NOT respect the public vote to insist on carrying out their wishes as shown by their votes in 2016, when those wishes were based on lies and misinformation spread in illegally funded campaigns. There are criminal investigations in progress. The vote was respected by the efforts made to find a non-catastrophic way to leave – unfortunately all the “easiest deal in the world” predictions turned out to be tosh. Now we know that it would be very undemocratic to force through the outcome of that 3-year-old, tainted, advisory vote. Government and parliament may be choosing to treat it a a mandate, but that is their choice. The referendum I voted in was an advisory referendum. To preserve democracy, we need a properly organised referendum.

  55. 2016 had many valid voters cut from the voting roles, 4 close UK Citizen friends born here from a small circle. Quittlers Project fear claimed Turkey will join the EU. Lived Greece 74 to 84, never be allowed by Greeks from PM to peasant. By 2016 Turkish journalist Ece Temelkuran revealed Erdogan’s Dictatorship leanings so ALL EU countries were behind Greece to stop Turkey joining under Erdogan. Albania was dog whistled up on people fleeing 1991.92 by Quittlers. By 93 when Jonathan Spink & I walked Albania for two months EU foodstuffs were on the streets calming things to make the unendurable bearable. By 2016 Albania had been brought up ‘miraculously’ as Albanian neighbours said. Plus all the other better known lies. Quittlers now say no market deal with the EU, the opposite of what they said in 2016. Very few indeed voted for what is now on the table, almost nobody. Then how many young voters are on the rolls how many are empty spaces? NO validity AT ALL in the Referendum. Never was. Now, less then zilch..

    So what does JC and his supporters think they are doing gaslighting the UK, lying, denying and delaying towards Exit? Any form of which is opposes our interests in every single way?

    All Best,


  56. No no no no no no no and no!

    Leaving is the right thing to do, not just for this country, but every generation past, present and future.

  57. The first referendum was based on lies and misinformation and so the result cannot in all fairness be valid. The people need to be told the truth and so be able to make an informed decision.

  58. Those people that voted to leave didn’t know what they were voting for. “Out” mean Nout, as 3 years trying (and failing) to define what “Out” has shown. We need another Referendum to get US ALL out of this mess, so we can go about saving what we have left of our economy, our world standing, our society. Remain & Reform!

  59. Europe is crumbling and in a few years time will disintegrate. I don’t want to be part of it when it does. It has become a cesspit of corruption. It’s finances have never been audited, it is time for us to leave and forge our own way in the world. Within 5 years of leaving we will be a booming nation again.

    1. Go on line, Google “EU Accounts” and you’ll find them all there, a 140 page PDF for each year, independently audited. They’ve been passed by the European Court of Auditors, an independent body – an experienced auditor from each of the 28 nations, appointed by their own country and answerable to their own Government, not the EU.
      But I’m sure you’d prefer to wallow in your own prejudice and just keep on regurgitating thoroughly discredited myths.

  60. Yes of course we should have another referendum.

    A lot of promises were made during the referendum campaign. We were promised that a trade deal with the EU would be negotiated before invoking Article 50, and that this would be the “easiest trade deal in history”. We were promised all sorts of financial benefits, including £350m per week for the NHS. Predictions of economic hardship, factory closures, job losses trade disruption and border issues in Ireland were dismissed as “Project Fear”.

    If you now support the idea of leaving the EU without a deal, then you have to accept that this is NOT what people voted for in 2016. Nobody knew things would go so disastrously wrong back in 2016. To forge ahead with Brexit without any kind of confirmatory vote would be immensely foolish.

  61. The first referendum was based on lies, deception, fraud, dodgy money and Russian interference. We need a second clean referendum!

  62. We had a vote ..if we have another one we need a best of 3, then 5, then 7 etc …..We are meant to live in a democracy…the vote was leave the was a democratic vote, why do we need a second one, we don’t vote again and again with a General Election or anything else…the country voted in 2016 !!!

  63. Brexit is such a Stu-I’d idea. And as for strange statements on the 2016 sham referendum ‘not having been acted on’ uhm.. has anyone looked out of the window recently and seen the current mess?! That, in the real world, is what you voted for. Time to grave the opportunity to make up for it.

  64. Eu residents should be included in the voting as it happened for the Scottish ref. – the first ref. Was undemocratic by definition in nuce

  65. El comprende? you Brexiteers voted but where not aware of the Northern irish situation so a new vote where you KNOW ABOUT IT is necessary.

    When you get to who brexit effects, it becomes much more of a complex and multifaceted problem that is not solved merely by angry brexiteers or remainers and their stubbornness.
    It becomes a social issue for Northern Ireland and the good friday agreement.

    So yes we need a vote to keep freedom of movement from one side of Ireland to the other, for any irish citizen part of the good friday agreement – the big compromise which the tories keep hiding from you, calling it a backstop which will merely need a transition period. you only prove your ignorance by claiming we can just leave, regardless of the consequences –

    So you brexiteers who say ‘leave means leave’ or words to that effect, proving a simplistic level of understanding – you have no idea of the scale and you voted for leave with no idea about Northern Ireland.

    1. Robby Morris. You are ignorant. There has never been a so called hard border. Even at the height/depth of the troubles you could walk/drive from the ROI to the Six Counties! Get some education!

  66. No definately not
    .If the first was undermined and made null and void by a second vote that was in conflict with the first then a second vote would have no standing
    .honour the first

  67. implement the results of the 2016 referendum , as promised by the majority of the elected representatives of the uk in the houses of commons, then wait for 40 years and hold a second referendum. the answer is simples

  68. The people voted to LEAVE in a totally democratic vote, its just the losers who can’t stand democracy, you know who they, The Liberal UNDemocratic party, and all the other idiots.

  69. are these remainers so thick keeping on about 75 that was a trade agreement we still want to do trade deals with the eu and the world and not pay billions to do it our parliament should be in charge off our laws not an unelected body who are answerable to nobody

  70. We were lied to by omission and are still being lied to. No vote should count unless based on fully disclosed truths. Brexiteers are still screaming about costs and immigration.noe of which was relayed truthfully by the Brexiteer groups. If the truth had been shouted as loudly and they’d listened as carefully to it, minds would have reacted differently and Brexit died in infancy.

  71. Article 50 is clear and only has provision for a single extension starting at the end of a very specific 2 year period. That ended on the 13 Apr 2019. The second extension is a Breach of Article 50, there is no provision for it, as such article 50 is very clear that the on 13 April 2019 all treaties ceased to apply.

  72. Since when did a referendum have to be repeated time and time again it’s unpalatable they seem to think that if we keep having one every time it doesn’t give the answer I want in the end it will .NO WAY !.

  73. Both leave campaigns lied and were supported by fake news and criminal overspending and voter manipulation.

  74. we didnt honor the 1st referendum yet i voted to leave im not stupid i did know what i was voting for and no i didnt change my mind. Unfortunatly i was only 10 in 1973 so i couldnt vote Not to join in the 1st place i had to wait 43 years to get a vote to leave all i saw in these 43 was my country lose all its great industries and most of all its pride so no i dont want another referedum i want out with NO DEAL, the eu hasnt exactly gone out of its way to help the situation of leaving one deal and one deal only no alterations why would we want to be involved with dictators like this and then we have the french throwing stones at our fishing boats and ramming them when its our season to fish not theirs and we do nothing no navy went to their rescue so i say out and take back all what is ours and dont you dare try and use our waters in a new deal with the eu they are ours and we need them back for us and as for not having a steal industry well you all think on imagine another WW and we cant produce our own steal what will happen then

  75. While the remoaners think they have a chance of overturning the 2016 referendum by any means the country wont reunite, brexit needs to happen then finally remoaners wont have that option then the healing of the country can begin and not before

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