Should UK Have SNAP General Elections in 2018?

Should UK Have SNAP General Elections in 2018?

Exclusive Flash Poll: Should UK Have SNAP General Elections in 2018?




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  1. Mike Stewart says:

    IMHO General Elections should be boycotted until we have a voting system which makes each vote equal in value, apportions parliamentary seats proportionately to the number of votes a party receives, and which allows voters a real choice instead of only the current ‘lesser of two evils’ options.
    IMHO both the Conservatives and Labour are a perpetual train smash – but under our current voting system voting for anyone else is a ‘wasted vote’ – and right now there isn’t another party with any real credibility anyway!
    Bin FPTP and institute an appropriate variation of PR, and we’ll start to have meaningful choices.

  2. Alan Baker says:

    Here’s what I’m really struggling to understand. All I’ve ever heard from people, for years, is:

    “bloody bankers and their bonuses”
    “bloody rich and their offshore tax havens “
    “bloody politicians with their lying and second homes”
    “bloody corporations paying less tax than me”
    “bloody Establishment, they’re all in it together”
    “it’ll never change, there’s no point in voting”

    And quite rightly so, I said all the same things.

    But then someone comes along that’s different. He upsets the bankers and the rich. The Tory politicians hate him along with most of the labour politicians. The corporations throw more money at the politicians to keep him quiet. And the Establishment is visibly shaken. I’ve never seen the Establishment so genuinely scared of a single person.

    So the media arm of the establishment gets involved. Theresa phones Rupert asking what he can do, and he tells her to keep her mouth shut, don’t do the live debate, he’ll sort this out. So the media goes into overdrive with:

    “she’s strong and stable”
    “he’s a clown”
    “he’s not a leader”
    “look he can’t even control his own party”
    “he’ll ruin the economy”
    “how’s he gonna pay for it all?!”
    “he’s a terrorist sympathiser, burn him, burn the terrorist sympathiser”

    And what do we? We’ve waited forever for an honest politician to come along but instead of getting behind him we bow to the establishment like good little workers. They whistle and we do a little dance for them. We run around like hypnotised robots repeating headlines we’ve read, all nodding and agreeing. Feeling really proud of ourselves because we think we’ve came up with our very own first political opinion. But we haven’t, we haven’t come up with anything. This is how you tell. No matter where someone lives in the country, they’re repeating the same headlines, word for word. From Cornwall to Newcastle people are saying:

    “he’s a clown”
    “he’s a threat to the country”
    “she’s strong and stable”
    “he’ll take us back to the 70s”

    And there’s nothing else, there’s no further opinion. There’s no evidence apart from one radio 5 interview that isn’t even concrete evidence, he actually condemns the violence of both sides in the interview. There’s no data or studies or official reports to back anything up. Try and think really hard why you think he’s a clown, other than the fact he looks like a geography teacher (no offence geography teachers) because he hasn’t done anything clownish from what I’ve seen.

    And you’re not on this planet if you think the establishment and the media aren’t all in it together.

    You think Richard Branson, who’s quietly winning NHS contracts, wants Corbyn in?
    You think Rupert Murdoch, who’s currently trying to widen his media monopoly by buying sky outright, wants Jeremy in?
    You think the Barclay brothers, with their offshore residencies, want him in?
    You think Philip Green, who stole all the pensions from BHS workers and claims his wife owns Top Shop because she lives in Monaco, wants Corbyn in?
    You think the politicians, both Labour and Tory, with their second homes and alcohol paid for by us, want him in?
    You think Starbucks, paying near zero tax, wants him in?
    You think bankers, with their multi million pound bonuses, want him in?

    And do you think they don’t have contact with May? Or with the media? You honestly think that these millionaires and billionaires are the sort of people that go “ah well, easy come easy go, it was nice while it lasted”?? I wouldn’t be if my personal fortune was at risk, I’d be straight on the phone to Theresa May or Rupert Murdoch demanding this gets sorted immediately.

    Because here’s a man, a politician that doesn’t lie and can’t lie. He could have said whatever would get him votes anytime he wanted but he hasn’t. He lives in a normal house like us and uses the bus just like us. He’s fought for justice and peace for nearly 40 years. He has no career ambitions. And his seat is untouchable. That’s one of the greatest testimonies. No one comes close to removing him from his constituency, election after election.

    His Manifesto is fully costed. It all adds up, yes there’s some borrowing but that’s just to renationalise the railway, you know we already subsidise them and they make profit yeah? One more time… WE subsidise the railway companies and they walk away with a profit, just try and grasp the level of piss taking going on there.

    Unlike the Tory manifesto with a £9 billion hole, their figures don’t even add up.

    And it benefits all of us, young, old, working, disabled, everyone. The only people it hurts are the establishment, the rich, the bankers, the top 5% highest earners.

    Good, screw them, it’s long overdue. #VoteLabour #ForTheManyNotTheFew

    • ste says:

      Sir that Is one of the best reply’s I have read in a long time it perfectly sum’s up the whole political climate. and more to the point it is true and 100% believable. I take my hat off to you if more people had your good sense then the country would not be in the mess it is in today. J/C is honest and straight to the point and that truly scares the people at the top and it should because it is exactly that kind of person who could save this country and bring it back to what it once was not an empire, but a country that is truly great and works for everyone not just the few. his ideas are nothing new but they will work and that scares people.

  3. Moira Hewitt says:

    Since I saw that the Tories hired Maximus, a corrupt USA company, fined millions for defrauding Medicaid, to assess our vulnerable ill and disabled patients, I detest Mrs. May and her cronies. They must have checked this companies background. It is unbelievable how many genuinely vulnerable people have had their social security dropped to £73 a week, until they have waited for an appeal date at tribunal, for months, to get backpayment of the full amount. 70% of tribunal cases are overturned in favour of the patients. What a disgusting way to treat our most vulnerable. GUILTY UNTIL PROVED INNNOCENT. This is why there have been thousands of suicides. The Tories knew that they would be able to make job figures look better. DESPICABLE.

  4. Wrighty says:

    “Now comment BELLOW”?

    Does that mean I’ve got to shout?

  5. Terry McInnes says:

    We need a General Election to stop the Austerity in this country, to sort out Brexit, To get rid of the zero hours contract, to give people on this country the security that this present Government have taken away from them, We need to stop this corrupt Government spending money on the rich and powerful, and spend it on schools, hospitals, housing etc. And to stop homeless people dying on our streets, We also need to stop this Government raping the country, with it’s fracking policies etc. And selling off all our assets for the sake of profit. Also because there seems to be no money for the poor people in this country, but plenty of money for MP’s wage rises, bankers bonuses, business bailouts, and Tory party whimsies. to keep their jobs.

  6. Zorro56 says:

    I certainly don’t want a general election, if the right tories get into power when the traitor has been kicked out, fine. There is no way shape or form I want the terrorist sympathiser Corbyn ever near power in this country. I don’t want open borders or the freedom of movement. If you want to become an Islamic country just vote for this idiot and that stupid black hippo.

  7. Geraldine M says:

    This government is the most incompetent and self serving I have ever known. They have turned us into a joke on the world stage, they have no integrity, employment and other statistic are fudged, the national debt has trebled and is now more than any other Labour government’s put together, Brexit is a shambles, education and the NHS are in crisis and peoples quality of life and life span is reduced, etc etc etc., enough is enough – get them out now.

  8. Michael Collingham says:

    Theresa May claims she is enacting the wishes of the people and that she believes in democracy. 48% made it clear by their vote in the referendum that they don’t want her Chequers plan. Of the 52% who voted leave, many claim that they want a complete break from the EU. One thing is clear and that is the majority of British & Northern Irish people do not want her Chequers plan. This can only be sorted out by a general election.

  9. Q says:

    The British political system is occupied by a bunch of self-interested feckless shits who are accountable to no one. To believe in British democracy at all is to be naive in the extreme. I could go on but I won’t.

  10. Alex Bryant says:

    The sooner this lot of muppets is gone the better, I can’t believe some of the previous comments about the probability of seeing a Labour Government, led by Jeremy Corbyn, take the reins.
    It seems that he term “Social Justice” puts the fear of God in many people . . . . I can expect that from a Banker or an Industrialist, but from everyday folk?!

  11. Jamie James says:

    If you support Brexit how can you vote for Labour, they cannot untie themselves they are being damaged by momentum and if that terrorist sympathiser Corbyn ever gets to be PM I’m emigrating. Just deliver no deal Brexit, then have a Tory leadership contest 2020 have a general election

  12. Michael Preen says:

    I have never been more scared than I am right now of a Conservative Government’s lack of leadership and any credible policy’s, we are heading headlong and fast into another Labour led term of debt and despair if they don’t start working for the people and not themselves and the 1% that own and control all the power and wealth, and as much as I and others wish it still don’t think UKIP will ever be able to form a viable option. 🤔

    • Moira Hewitt says:

      The Tories can’t even treat our vulnerable ill and disabled people properly. They hired an American, private company called Maximus, who were fined millions for defrauding Medicaid to assess patients in the uk. Did they check the background of this company? Pritti Patel, on a video I saw, said firstly, she wasn’t sure, then that the Tories are very precise and they would have done it. The DWP say no to 80% of mandatory reconsiderations. (When sick people have to write to the dwp and prove their innocence fgs!). So next, after having to go to the CAB and write to tribunal, they are left on £73 a week, until they wait weeks or months until they are reimbursed the full amount they are owed. 70% of decisions are overturned in the patients favour. GUILTY UNTIL PROVED INNOCENT. No wonder there have been thousands of suicides, as the Tories make these genuine people out to be liars. Despicable treatment of our vulnerable. The Tories have a lot to answer for and do not deserve to run our country.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Mr Corbyn record of honesty caring speaks for it self cannot say that about the tories?

  14. Tony says:

    No, the main stream parties need to be put to sleep, the parties to do it aren’t ready yet.

  15. Matt says:

    A general election is Labour’s answer to everything. After watching Labour’s party conference and seeing people who can’t work out what gender they are, I shudder at the thought of a government lead by Corbyn and co, so I’m out.

  16. Andrew Wright says:

    With opinion poles suggesting people are changing their minds over Brexit, unlawful campaigning by various groups supporting Brexit, and talks stalled, it would be prudent to stay a part of the EU until better terms and preparations can be put in place before leaving. We can leave at any time on our own terms, but shouldn’t we have the infrastructure in place, manufacturing, transport links, etc before jumping blindly into the abyss of a no deal Brexit or a Brexit that has a deal that is bad enough to destroy our economy? Personally I believe we have a seat in EU where we have a say on policy, and we should be engaged with the EU to ensure the best for our citizens. Why become a third world nation because of greed? It’s greed that will destroy all political systems in the end. At least a snap election now will either prove Mrs May is on the right track or allow another party a chance of pulling out of Brexit or obtaining a better deal.

  17. richard lorych says:

    if jeremy corbyn manages to implement only one quarter of labours promises it will change this country for the better, but i think he’ll do much more than that!

  18. Janet Stevenson says:

    Not only do we need to change this government we need a government made up of the best brains no matter what party or none they represent. We can not change the Conservatives for Labour (although I think they would do a better job) because we need a unified government that is totally committed to staying or leaving (preferably staying) so that something is done immediately before this country is destroyed any more than it has been. The is not one area in the UK that works at the moment. This is down to both Labour and Conservatives who are in it only for what they can get out of it rather than for the good of the country as a whole. Perhaps we need to change the whole constitution not just the government. No I am not advocating revolution.

  19. Nick says:

    When the labour party conference prioritises virtue signalling about Palestine over Brexit and the NHS, it doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

  20. Louis Loizou says:

    As in the Thatcher years this small group of countries is going the wrong way. As other European nations take seriously nationalised industries, the importance of investment in the future, green energy, services fit for purpose, we are hostages to a plutocracy masquerading as an ideology – yes there is an ideology that says free markets rule and everything is up for grabs (neoliberalism), but it’s a front for the 1% protecting their vested interests and those of their cronies.The Tory party under May is particularly galling because she keeps spouting about equal opportunities for all while her party’s policies continue to punish the poor and create more poverty. She and her party are supported by the billionaire media moguls who don’t just run the Mail, Sun, Telegraph etc but also have their fingers in the BBC.
    Even the head of the IMF has indicated that austerity is a false doctrine, causing more damage to the economy as well as to the majority of people and the services they are entitled to, pay taxes for.
    When you add it all up, the Tory party is little more than a criminal institution, supporting tyrants with arms, killing 120,000 people on disability, talking themselves up as the sensible thrifty party when they have plunged this country deeper and deeper into debt.
    Their dirty tricks on Corbyn are evidence of how scared they are of him. Once he gets in, gets investing in people and communities and turns things round for the many, the Tories will be confirmed as a totally dead parrot. They are afraid. The billionaires are afraid, so they conspire with the Israeli government, the right wing (and some left wing) press to drag Corbyn through their filthy made up stories, when they know that there is 10 times more antisemitism than the probably very small pocket in Labour. Israel is recognised as breaking every convention on human rights by the UN. It is not some looney left view. They truly are a criminal administration, now enshrining apartheid in law, a fact barely noticed by aforesaid media.
    This country needs hope, not division, investment, not austerity, Labour, not the Tories, now that under Corbyn Labour has redeemed its mildly socialist soul.

    • Olivia Atkinson says:

      Well done Louis, an excellent response! Do you mind if I share it?

    • Muchsin Maltezos says:

      Louis Loizou ‘yes there is an ideology that says free markets rule and everything is up for grabs (neoliberalism), but it’s a front for the 1% protecting their vested interests and those of their cronies’ Thank you. Sums up my experience of this utterly incompetent government that is dragging this country down. If we don’t vote them out asap we will have no-one to blame but ourselves for letting them get away with their crimes.

  21. john says:

    I think we need a public inquiry into the (criminally) negligent handling of Brexit by this Conservative government. A general election will be a start to putting this country back on track and re-establishing cordial relations with our European partners.

  22. Michael Bridge says:

    Given that the most difficult thing that the present UK government have achieved is to make Corbyn look like a reasonable alternative ….. and the repeated refusal of May and Raab (and DD before that) to engage with expat Brits in the EU (like me) …. sooner they’re gone the better.

  23. Jon Miller says:

    They’ve really messed it up, and are opaque about the worst risks without being able to demonstrate any concrete benefit in leaving.

  24. Sue Wilson says:

    Absolutely appalling handling of the country and Brexit by the Conservatives.

  25. Martin Lovatt says:

    This is the worst government I have ever witnessed, The alternatives within the Tory party are frightening, we need change…. Corbyn may not be everyones cup of tea but he is sincere, precisely why the Tories hate him, YES bring it on, we need change and I’m ready to hit the campaign trail again..

    • Lynn Huston says:

      Jeremy Corbyn..”sincere” !?… pfft. His plea to the Jewish community (but including ‘all other races/religions’ ) while metaphorically waving the Palestinian flag. His shiftiness over an answer to where he stands on Brexit, keeping his feet in both camps til the last minute…the list goes on. This man wants to turn Britain into a socialist state that will ruin us. I,like my dad, voted Labour all my life. But no way will i with this man in charge. And the prospect of Diane Abbott in charge of the home office is unthinkable. They both have terrorist sympathy links,they shouldn’t even be in the Houses of Parliament let alone anywhere near power.

      • ste says:

        At least Corbyn wants to give something back to the whole country the “maybot” just wants to take then give to the 1%
        the other 99% are the poor so they don’t matter. Just look at the NHS, universal credit, Brexit. to name but a few. but don’t worry all the MP’s will be fine. they have private health care paid for by us, expense accounts paid for by us, and off shore accounts for when the country is in ruin’s J/C won’t even ride a train in first class if it’s being expensed but yea he’s the worse of the two options. please wake up lady, and smell what the conservatives are shovelling.

      • Trev says:

        Why should Corbyn offer May a lifeline. She’s got herself into this mess. He should just leave her to stew.

    • Michael West says:

      You cannot be serious! Corbyn????? The most renowned two-faced twat who ever sat in a seat at Westminster!

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