Should UK Have SNAP General Elections in 2019?

Should UK Have SNAP General Elections in 2019?

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SNAP election is on everybody's wish-list (or at least they claim to be). But there is more to know than just that.

SNAP General Elections in 2019? Read the facts before you vote and comment below:

Updates: The Conservatives lost in Brecon and Radnorshire by-election and this could lead to a SNAP election in 2019 to secure more political support for October 31.



Is SNAP election possible in 2019? 

In the last couple of months, since Theresa May announced her resignation, there has been many political leaders  asking for SNAP election, from all political spectrum.

MPs from all major parties insisted that the new PM should call for a SNAP election in 2019 and this possiblity has not been denied by Johnson or Hunt.

Tory MPs hope they will have stronger support for their policy, the BREXIT Party is hoping to have more seats to push for a hard Brexit.

The Labour Party leaders regularly stated that people are fed up with the Tory administration and are will to give more support for Labour Party.

Could BREXIT political negotiations trigger a SNAP election in 2019?

Hard brexiteers want to have a larger majority supporting an eventual NO Deal Brexit. Soft Brexiteers would like to have more support for a new negotiated Brexit Deal.

Remainers hope that a new majority will be able to cancel the Article 50 or at least call for a second referendum over BREXIT.

EU negotiators have listed a SNAP election as one of the possible events that could a justify a BREXIT delay.

So, who is willing to go back to the people before BREXIT?

It is hard to say as , obviously, at least some of the above are lying, but all politicians will claim they are not afraid to face the all mighty Judge: the People.

So, what do YOU think ?

Should UK have SNAP General Elections in 2019?

Vote and comment below with your best arguments.



Snapshot of the results

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52 Responses

  1. Elizabeth Anne Nightingale says:

    Not until democracy is restored to the UK – and the voting system is tightened up to stop fraudulent voting – identify should be shown at the polling booths – as in a lot of countries

  2. Mary Mc Veagh says:

    Yes there most definitely should be a snap General Election this year to remove this harmful divisive inept government and resolve the impasse of a so called brexit. Put democracy back into our government.

  3. Jenny says:

    The Conservatives do not have a clear mandate. This will be the 3rd Priminster, I feel this is undemocratic. Give the country a general election…..

  4. Sam Woods says:

    No. Not yet. The BREXIT PARTY need more time to get candidates in EVERY Constituency.

  5. Sam Woods says:

    No. Not yet. The BREXIT PARTY need more time to get candidates in EVERY Constituency. We need to get out of the EU first. Then next year 2020 have the election.

  6. Tracey Leonard says:

    Yes We must get rid of the Tories, to make sure we come out with a deal. I’m a remainer, but accept we might be coming out of Europe. It absolutely must be with a deal.

  7. Joe orange says:

    We need to get rid of the conservative government who are distroying our country and overturn this brexit madness

  8. Faith says:

    Yes. Get these Tory swine out. Neither BJ nor JH are fit to be PM.
    Revoke article 50 and start again. I voted leave but have changed my mind now l know what lies were told. I am sure many people have changed their mind now the real impact of Brexit is becoming clear.

  9. Lou says:

    What do you all think is going to happen should we have an election?
    Labour is now going the same way as the LibDems, and Greens three parties split votes they don’t stand a chance, especially with all the criticism of the Labour Party and it’s anti semitism their vote rigging people have no faith in them.
    The conservatives also don’t stand a chance with an early election, as they have handled Brexit so badly.
    The fact is any election wouldn’t be about policies but about Brexit, there is only one party that will win a snap election and like it or not that’s the Brexit Party.

  10. Carol Milner says:

    We must stop the idiocy of Brexit or it will break apart the United Kingdom and ruin the future for our children. Why should the younger generation have to desert the UK because the older generation is too selfish to consider them? Mind you if all the young leave I wonder how the over 50s that are left will manage with most of the workers gone? PS I’ll happily follow my children and grandchildren away from the idiocy of Brexit.

  11. pat massie says:

    revoke article 50, snap election. sort the country and the people first and immediately.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Yes! Snap election !

  13. Richard James says:

    Keep waiting for someone to have the balls to deliver the people’s wishes, the minority don’t like the outcome, they didn’t expect it but there it is. The most important thing is democracy exists neither does the British Identity. Time we flourished on our own without any hanger oners like limpets. Get us out know, don’t like it move to the EU and give up your British rights. Where has the British backbone gone? died in 1945

  14. richard.feaver says:

    Brexit must happen because the EU will be come a super state & the House & commons/lords will be abolished . Stop Brexit and there will be Civil War . The EU ONLY WANT OUR MONEY & DONT CARE ABOUT ANY OF US . Labour,libdems,Snp,Plaid Cyrmu are lying/bullying,Blackmailing,Racist Remarks & all scare stories that where meant to happen have back fired . More money has been invested in UK since the referendum than ever before .

  15. Mark Bebbington says:

    The sooner we have a government that can reverse the cruel policies that been enacted against the majority of UK citizens the better .

  16. Anonymous says:

    The Tories have failed on Brexit. It was all about appeasing the right wing of the party. Now they have their answer they are incapable of delivering it. They have systematically wrecked this country and fuled their own pockets while the rest of us struggle to provide the basics for our families. They have launched austerity on us and made us suffer and some have even killed themselves over it. Enough is enough.

  17. Linda says:

    Stop the brexit madness. Elect a party pro people’s vote.

  18. Paul says:

    We need socialism not just in the UK but the whole world, a better life for everyone.

  19. Annie says:

    Yes we should to clear parliament and start anew

  20. john ramsey says:

    due we didnt vote for Boris or Hunt to become PM as should be people vote so Snap Election is a must

  21. Linda Roberts says:

    Do people really want the likes of Nigel Farage and Ann Widdecombe in parliament! Will they please do a bit of research into the Brexit Party and not just accept what they say.

    • pat massie says:

      I agree with you, but add i want Jeremy Corbyn and Labour in power. revoke Brexit and sort the country and the despair that clouds over the people and the country.

  22. Janette says:

    The 1st referendum needs to be upheld before a second & to talk about revoking Article 50 (which ALL political parties agreed to at the time) would be political suicide for any party & the UK, if the damage has not already been done. Deliver BREXIT & mop up the mess the politicians have caused, Labour / Tories & Lib Dem’s are not fit to run a bath let alone our Country.

    • Colin Hanslip says:

      The first referendum is the one the enemy refuse to respect, the result was overwhelmingly to remain

    • Wanda Lozinska says:

      If we leave we will lose all the concessions we fought so hard for over the last few decades, eg no Euro, no Schengen and generous rebates. The EU can’t let us keep these if we then try to go back in, as it wouldn’t be fair on the other countries.

      Also, leaving will hurt our economy, as all this uncertainty is already hurting businesses

  23. Susanne RIchings says:

    The Tories are not fit for government and Brexit will ruin our country.

  24. Martin says:

    The reason I said no is I just want us out with no deal and get on with it. However I’d say yes if whoever gets in pushes for deal and extend beyond October deadline.

    • Wanda Lozinska says:

      If we leave with no deal it’d be disastrous and trade negotiations would go on forever! Best way to end it quickly is to revoke Article 50 or hold a 2nd vote.

  25. Norman White says:

    I would worry that Cornyn could get in if the Brexit Party didn’t do as well as they think!

    • Roger Luffman says:

      Only the greedy and criminals have anything to fear from a Corbyn government so, unless you are in one of th we categories relax!

      • pat massie says:

        revoke article 50 and get on with looking after the people of this country and get Torys out. The people of this country are in despair and MPs should be looking to sort out the ridiculous Welfare Policies the Torys have implemented and killing 130.000+ people in this Country. Get Labour in Government to stop all these problems we have. Concentrate on the people and Sort brexit when Torys are out. ME? REVOKE ARTICLE 50 NOW.

  26. Norma Dalziel says:

    The present government is a shambles, demonstrated by the choice of candidates for prime minister.

  27. Wanda Lozinska says:

    The Tories are ruining the country and even causing unnecessary deaths (cuts to NHS & the Ambulance services, etc), plus hardships (children of working parents going hungry). We need to give Corbyn’s Labour Party a chance to bring about a better and fairer society.

    PS. Brexit won’t solve these problems and is more likely to make people’s lives even worse

  28. B Davidson says:

    Lets have a general election as i suspect boris will be stitched up by his own party, so lets vote for the Brexit party get them into power with more mps and kick the lib dems and labour into the long grass while we leave the EU even tho i suspect we have by law left the EU twice already maybe 3rd time lucky

  29. Mark Woodfield says:

    To stop this madness, funny how people bang on about unelected beurocrats within the eu because they didn’t get a vote on the presidents and yet they seem to accept Tories voting for our next Prime Minister without the public getting a vote.. The irony is astonishing… The Tories created this mess, they can’t handle it and so it needs to go back to the people

  30. John Foley says:

    Needed to define the UK electorates’ considered opinion on Brexit.

  31. Tina Webley says:

    To get Tories out and put a stop to the madness that is brexit once and for all.

  32. Linda Roberts says:

    Stop the madness that is Brexit.

  33. Anonymous says:

    We have to stop these power games Tories and labour are playing they have made a laughing stock of our country

  34. J khan says:

    We have to stop Brexit and especially oust the Nazi.sorry the Tory party agendas.

    • pat massie says:

      I agree with you. Nothing will get sorted as long as Torys are in Government and Labour with Jeremy Corbyn is in government.

      • Jeff says:

        Jeremy Corbyn will stop austerity. So we need him and Labour.

        • John says:

          If Corbyn gets in power austerity will seem like heaven. Under the Blair government the council tax went up 100%. . Corbyn would open up the floodgates to even more immigration which puts pressure on housing, nhs, schooling and infrastructure. Corbynites want to take the country back to the 70s. To back up my case, just look at how many days were lost due to strikes under the Wilson and callaghan labour government’s.

  35. Marjorie Carradice says:

    so the Brexit party can get in power to sort this big mess up plus clean up Westminster

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