Should UK Give an Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants?

Should UK Give an Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants?

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Almost 4 in 10 Europeans are worried about Immigration, according to the latest Eurobarometer results published yesterday, August 6. The survey has particular resonance in UK after Boris Johnson repeated his support for amnesty for illegal imigrants, acknowledging it could see “perhaps half a million people” gaining the right to remain in the UK.

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Question: Is UK intolerant with immigrants?

UK is more tolerant with immigration than many European countries according to the Eurobarometer. Almost 4 in 10 Europeans are worried about Immigration, according to the results published yesterday. In UK only 31% consider immigration more of a problem while 35% consider immigration more of an opportunity.

Question: How would an immigration amnesty be applied?

From Boris Johnson perspective, Illegal immigrants with a clean criminal record and a qualifying period of UK residence would  be allowed to legally stay in UK (with all rights associated- employment, social benefits, education, etc.)

Question: What are the benefits of amnesty for illegal immigrants?


Integrating the immigrants so they could legally work and pay taxes.

Reducing illegal work and exploitation.

Making many immigrants happy (editors note).

Question: What are the negative effects of an amnesty for illegal immigrants?


Rewarding illegal behavior (Migration Watch)

Encouraging other immigrants to cross the channel (Migration Watch)

Creating a new path to immigration for the relatives of those amnestied.

Little bit of history

Boris Johnson has a long history of calling for an amnesty dating back to his time as London’s Mayor, when he commissioned a May 2009 report on the issue. He repeated his support in 2016 during BREXIT referendum and again in 2018 during political turmoil.

So, what do you think?

Do you Agree with an Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants?

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  1. Trudie Stone says:

    There should be an “amnesty” for the LEGAL immigrants to the UK. Those who have paid tax and contributions having come to the UK with freedom of movement within the European Union should not have to jump through hoops to remain residents. Also the disgusting treatment of Windrush immigrants who were invited to the UK to live and work should be held to account and they should all be given citizenship. But no amnesty for illegal immigrants that is not a good idea at all.

    • Mark hill says:

      There should be only one way for any immigrants to enter the UK and that is by applying for a visa in their home country, attending an interview t0 check their suitability and skills match then arrive here by the correct means of entry, that is through the passport control and immigration, any other attempt to gain access here should result in prosecution refusal and a lifetime ban of entering this country!

  2. Polly says:

    No why should our own people come last again we need to look after our own people before anyone asap sick of paying our hard earned tax money for people who only come to this country for free we have to pay or the majority of us do sorry but we cannot keep everyone it’s time their own started to look after them

    • Helen Oakes says:

      I have voted ‘yes’ for keeping illegal immigrants because the Home Office seems unable to apply fair decisions for many people. I would answer ‘no’ if I trusted that fair decisions would be made, but like the dreadful mob who have been leaving citizens of this country to starve for the most spurious reasons cannot be trusted.

  3. Anna P says:

    Surely if they came out of the shadows they could become productive citizens instead of answering to slavemasters and paid peanuts.

  4. Patrick, J, ROWE says:

    If they are employed and paying their way Yes. If they are unemployed send them back.

  5. Taddeus ignatowicz says:

    No legal/
    Shouldn’t be here Depot them back to there own country

  6. Jamie James says:

    You are taking the mickey? you gave the IRA amnesty then prosecuted our troops. No British person gets an amnesty. who makes this crap up. Comrade Corbyn?

  7. Kevin Smith says:

    People who have been here a number of years and not broken any laws should be allowed to stay. They can then pay taxes and be of more benefit to the country.

  8. Kat says:

    Why should there be an amnesty most of the immigrants dont even pay tax and NI yet the british hars worker has to and get taxed to death why some foreigner working next to them gets to take everything they earn home!! ALL OF THEM SHOULD GO

  9. peter hallam says:

    NO,Send them BACK

    • Drene ampbe,l says:

      They are illegal by giving them Amnesty basically you are saying,its oK to break British Law,you are rewarding them for doing so.This will set the bar,thousands more will come in.We must show we are not a soft touch,if you want to come to Britain you do it Legally,if not you will be detained and deported back to where you came from.

    • Susie lee says:

      The majority of immigrants work and pay more tax than British people. All the hatred in this country is awful since the EU referendum. If people actually looked up what taxes immigrants pay instead of sumising and guessing they might know facts. It’s amazing that many complaining about the taxes what immigrants pay don’t even pay taxes themselves and have never done a days work themselves. They also don’t mind the government robbing them blind every minute of the day. They complain about Corbyn but out of all politicians Corbyn claimed the least expenses for the last 3 years

      • KELSEY LINTERN says:

        Wake up and read it properly ! Nobody is saying legal immigrants who contribute to society and to the economy. They are asking about those here illegally who contribute nothing as they cant work etc

  10. Michael Siddall says:

    NO! I’d make ’em swim home through shark-infested water! They claim and get what WE CANNOT GET and they get it! How is that fair?

    • Janet Moss says:

      Yes we need workers from other country’s always have.

      • Angela says:

        Janet Moss, that’s all very well! BUT they should come here legally and pay for work visas etc. just like the other legal immigrants! They must also be able to speak, read and understand the english language!

    • Tom Robbins says:

      No amnesty. Any amnesty will just encourage more illegal immigrants to seek the golden teat.

  11. Tisnoti says:

    It’s just cost my family £3,000 for visas to allow my daughter in law to stay here legally with her daughter – she àlso had to pay a lot of money for her “Englishness” test. This was not a small amount of money for my family to find…….why should others get in for free.

    • Why indeed. says:

      Why indeed?

    • David says:

      I served in the military for twenty years .I am now disabled and I have a fiancée in another country In order for her to come here and look after me I have to find £3000 too and I am a pensioner .No FREE rides for born and bred citizens so why should illegals get a FREE ride . It’s makes a mockery of even having borders

  12. David says:

    Illegal means illegal, if they are illegal immigrants then they will be doing other illegal things, fact.

  13. Margaret Palmer-Brown says:

    If desperate peop!e are fleeing for their lives, legal or otherwise, they MUST be given sanctuary. It is just over 70 years since refugees were sent to Safety from this country. Some folk have short memories

  14. Marion Durkin says:

    There are people who need to be here due to fleeing war zones because their lives are in danger. Child refugees who are in separate need. Illegal immigrants are taking these much needed places.

  15. Trevor Kent says:

    Illegals should have a choice, prison or repatriation to a country of their choice. No other options available.

  16. Helen sammels says:

    No they shouldn’t even be in the country.

  17. Margaret henderson says:

    No never ever, look at the state of things in this country already
    Murder rate through the roof
    Rapes through the roof
    Knife crime through the roof
    Definitely NO

  18. Tim Hiscock says:

    It’s irrational to refuse to try and resolve this. We believe there are a large number of illegal immigrants in this country, as there are in all developed countries. Many have been there for years, they support themselves, they work but pay no tax and spend their lives ducking and diving. We have two choices. Either put up with the status quo, or give them a chance to become tax-paying citizens. The chances of the authorities discovering a significant number of them is virtually zero. For goodness sake, even Boris Johnson has spoken in favour of giving illegal immigrants an amnesty!

  19. Julie says:

    Either they’re illegal or they’re not. If they are illegal they have broken the law. If no sanctions, having a law is pointless! Amnesty is equal to reward for breaking the law! How fair is that on those who followed proper procedures?

  20. Linda johnson says:

    No amnesty for any illegals,nobody in this country knows anything about them ,past experience from here and Europe should learn from what they have done ,so it’s a bigNO from me

  21. Darier says:

    Illegal is illegal is illegal … shouldn’t even be up for discussion – The finding and removing of illegals should be the priority.

    • Mrs Mary Sayers’s says:

      Illegal is illegal so I don’t think there should be an amnesty whether they been here a few weeks or years. They’ve broken the law so they don’t deserve to be rewarded, send them all back.

    • Mrs Mary Sayers’s says:

      Why should we reward bad behaviour, they have broke the law.

  22. Mark Holder says:

    why should someone illegal be given the OK to stay? They entered illegally, and the should be treated as a criminal which they are

  23. SHEILA BRIODY says:


  24. j simpson says:


  25. Elaine Wright says:

    No way, invitation to break the law

  26. yvonne whymark says:


  27. Angie Stone says:

    There is a Government Petition running on this and it is currently only at about 30,000, so come on folks get voting on that too: –

    It is time we stop being such a soft touch. We are nearly full to bursting and they are breaking the law. The clue is in the word ‘illegal’.

  28. MARILYN THOMAS says:

    No ….

  29. Kathleen Hill says:

    no amnesty, if you break the law you pay the penalty

  30. Karen Gregory says:

    No NO NO We should be deporting all foreign criminals including any illegal immigrants. Do not fill our prisons with the rapists that are convicted. Deport them and their families to their country of origin with a lifetime ban on ever returning to this country.

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