Should HM The Queen Take Charge and Break the BREXIT Deadlock?

Should HM The Queen Take Charge and Break the BREXIT Deadlock?

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  1. Paula Amanda Bates says:

    Yes I do believe our Queen should step in Now , we her Subjects who have served her for many many years , we Need to See our Queen Stand Up for Her Country & Her People , enough is enough End the People Suffering please we Applause You Help Us Make Britain Great Again , Please Please put someone in charger Whom wants what the British Public Voted For , Leave Means Leave , we want Our Country Back

  2. Debbie says:

    She has already stated publicly that both sides need to get along and find a solution together. She has seen much suffering in her years, and is in a good position to offer advice based on what she has seen. That may be all that British law would allow, but someone with enough power should step in. It IS Her Majesty’s Government, why shouldn’t she advise?

  3. Jan Wood says:

    As our PM has wasted 2 years and shown herself to be less than useless we need her Majesty to step in to help her people

  4. Floyd Roberts says:

    The government should listen to the majority, not decide themselves what our future is

    • Debbie says:

      The vote was so close that statistically it is virtually a tie. Not enough to justify leaving without at least a customs agreement so our taxes don’t rise as fast as corporate tax has dropped.

  5. Lynda Nix says:

    Yes, I think the Queen should be allowed to get involved. We have given the Government over two years to get this off the ground and started. Parliament has waded in and has made the situation even worse, no one has thought of what the people want, it is only what they want, PLEASE LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE, no one can make any sensible decisions, too much infighting as to who does what, the public are now so sick of the whole situation, they just want shut of it, just get out. There is not one party who knows what to do or can come up with any sensible ideas. We are paying for these stupid people to look after us and the Country, what a load of rubbish, SACK the lot of them.

  6. jennifer harvey says:

    Parliament is divided. We had a democratic vote nd leave won, a vote I might add that was biased as EU nationals also were allowed a vote. Leave won, but Parliament has a lot of remainers who want to stay i the EU anare doing everything in teirpower to thwart the decision. The abuse, lies, propaganda, and insults against leavers has been horrific for over two years of hatred and still they persist with their propaganda. we all knew what we were voting for and it was not a deal, we voted to leave, The majority of us have researched every aspect of Brexit which has made us more determined than ever to leave, Quite a few who voted remain have now chnged to leave after witnessing the EU in all it’s dictorial ways.
    The citizens of Britain voted to leave, no customs union and no single market, just leave. We can trade with the EU on WTO terms if W so wish.
    The queen needs to dissolve parliament or at least the mp’s going against democracyand just let us LEAVE

    • Debbie says:

      I accept that Leave won the vote, but not by a big margin. Not big enough to justify a no deal. I won’t starve when the government stop every truck entering or leaving the country and the shelves start emptying (I don’t think that will last long), but I know a number of people who will. That is why the Queen should be trying to help, even if she can only advise.

      Less than 52% voted to leave. Statistically that is a virtual tie. We didn’t vote to pay more tax (tariffs, duty, etc). We were asked one question: Stay or Leave, we were not told large companies would leave for somewhere more profitable. We weren’t told that stores would stuck running out of some food items even before we leave.

  7. Williams says:

    Unfortunately she is unable to do what Cromwell did. At the moment our political class are squabbling like cats in a cage, making trips to and fro to the EU, it is making the UK look like fools, have they forgotten what democracy is all about and why they are there? I firmly believe that someone with courage should take charge of the situation. Get rid of these career politicians that have sold off our country to our competitors.

  8. Scarlett Pimpernel says:

    At this point, this Brexit fiasco has me seriously considering the merits of Absolute Monarchy again! Parliament is broken, MPs are irresponsible and malfeasant and popular opinion cannot be trusted. Why not just hand back control to an unelected head of state with an apparently divine right to rule? It cannot be any worse than what has happened over the last 2 years, she might just sort it out … Of course, promptly withdraw her powers again as soon as Prince Charles takes over! :-)

    • JAS says:

      We got rid of the Monarchy having anything to do with Parliament by the signing of the Magna Carta…therefore she has no powers….yes she can comment and perhaps she should dissolve parliament as they are self serving treasonous sewer rats…

      • Denis Bright says:

        Learn your history, Magna Carta was all about the Barons, not ordinary people..The Monarch has very little power since Cromwell/ Charles the seconds time however there are limited tings they can do.

  9. Geoff Rogers says:

    OK, so we have a constitutional monarchy. The Queen cannot and should not take action in any way. But two caveats here: 1) She can and should advise the country and government of what she feels is the right thing to do for the sake of the UK. 2) She should refuse to countenance any action that the executive may take to try and curtail debate in our sovereign parliament. We should all accept we have a representative democracy that allows us to elect members of the House to do what is best for the country. This is not as populists believe to do what the ‘people say they want’. If they let us down, we can vote them out. Fascist dictatorships start with populism and referendums. We should be very wary of this path and look at European history for the past 100 years as a stark warning not to go down this road again.

    • Debbie says:

      I agree that she should be giving advice, but to me that is taking action. Sitting back and raking in the money helps very few of us (tourism aside).

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