Should Foreign Residents Get Full Voting Rights in UK Elections?

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Labour is planning to give full voting rights to foreign residents and EU citizens living in the UK.

A Motion to extend franchise to millions of immigrants was voted with large majority by Labour members.
The motion was tabled by the Labour Campaign for Free Movement and was passed at the party’s conference in Brighton on Wednesday morning.

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A motion passed by delegates at the gathering in Brighton will see the party adopt a promise to "extend equal rights to vote to all UK residents" if it wins power.

The change, which was first revealed by The Independent on Sunday, could have a major impact on future elections and any fresh Brexit referendum. Three million EU nationals residing in UK would a have a say in a potential second referendum.

The immigration motion approved supports the dismantling of the ‘hostile environment’ through a number of measures, from specific legislative moves to broader party campaign objectives.

In the UK, full voting rights are currently limited to citizens of the UK, Ireland and Commonwealth countries. EU citizens living in the UK can vote in local and European elections, but not general elections.

The motion backed in Brighton is committing the party to include the proposals in its next manifesto. The motion states that Labour will campaign for "free movement, equality and rights for migrants", and reject any immigration policies based on "incomes, migrants' utility to business and number caps or targets".

“In 2017, it was a source of shame for many activists that our manifesto included ending free movement. Now we can move forward not only committed to defending free movement, but to giving migrants to vote” said Ana Oppenheim, from the Labour Campaign for Free Movement.

The Labour Party is not strictly bound by policy passed at its annual conference. It is the ‘Clause V’ meeting – held once an election is called – that decides which parts of the party programme are included in the manifesto.

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Should Foreign Nationals Have Full Voting Rights in UK?

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  1. Jeffrey Joshua Rollin says:

    People should be able to vote on issues that affect them. It is absurd that, even if we remain in the European Union, if I live in Germany for five years I won’t be able to vote in Germany unless I take German citizenship, but I can still vote in the United Kingdom, and vice versa.

  2. G says:

    If they pay NiNo and HMRC tax and C Tax, they have a right to vote as what our politicians do affect their lives

  3. Dave Owens says:

    Stupid idea from Corbyn. Rather like giving the vote to 16 year olds. He’ll just keep on suggesting these stupid ideas in the hope that one might just appeal to someone. As for foreign residents voting, only if they sign a pledge of allegiance to the UK and revoke the citizenship of their parent country. NO dual nationality!

  4. karen game says:

    nope we dont have rights in other countries why should we always be the country to be accommodating its time we stood our ground and took back our country the way we want it ….

  5. arthur says:

    Yes. If anyone works, pays taxes and contributes to the community and society they live most definitely they should have all the rights of the indigenous population. Anyone who says otherwise are foolish and narrow minded.

  6. Martin Prior says:

    if they acquire British citizenship, for whatever reason, by all means

    also perhaps in local elections, definitely if they have kids at school, though one must be careful about how this is done

  7. Andy cole says:

    Because it is not democratic to let people of other nations to vote in whatever country they choose to live because they are not native to that land and only native citizens of the country are the people who should only be the ones to decide how they’re country is run by a mandate of its native citizens.

  8. Raymond Bond says:

    foreign nationals shouldnt vote because British rule is for the British to decided by British people, and foreign nationals can go back to their own country, its no difference then being under dictatorship of another country

  9. Gin says:

    Why should they vote, they chose to live in another country we did not send them there. Plus We cannot vote in another country

  10. Bernadette Woodall says:

    Absolutely NOT.
    ABSURD Suggestion by Clown Corbyn.

  11. Richard Bulmer says:

    nope because we do not have the same rights abroad

    • danny says:

      Abroad? So the UK should set its own domestic policy, but only once that policy that policy is matched by every single other country in the entire world first? i think youll be surprised to know just how many countries abroad UK nationals do have a right to vote in.. Starting with the alphabetical list of 194 nations ( excluding UK) the first on the list is one.. america, south africa, australia…. oh man i dont have the time… But one thing is clear from your comment.. Colonialist island mentality.. it will not be an insult to invite you to look beyond “your own kind ” once in a lifetime or so.

  12. Susan says:

    When we live in other Countries we are not allowed to vote unless you have citizenship

    • danny says:

      Thats why the EU refers to EU citizenship and never to nationality.. I shouldnt have to sacrifice my national identity which is part of who I am as a person just to matter . My opinion about how my life will be run by others can at the least be heard even if it doesnt ultimately chnge anyhing. I cant make people hear me , but I wont let them take my voice.

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