Should Convicted Immigrants be Deported from UK?

Should Convicted Immigrants be Deported from UK?

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With massive immigration and more asylum seekers on the way, UK is facing a natural increase in migrant criminality. What should be done with the immigrants that are convicted for crimes? Should they benefit from the UK reintegration services or should be sent home back home?

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  1. John Dent says:

    Any immigrants should be vetted much more as an immigrant they should be expected to undertake military service under the British flag and have a time period in which to learn the English language, also no benefits will be forthcoming for a 5 yr period unless the undertake governmental work schemes roadsweeping gardening, etc etc they have it far too east and if any crime is committed within a 10 yr period them immediate deportation is the sentence

  2. Colin Hayward says:


  3. john h.. says:

    wish we could have a vote on it…deport or not deport…no f—–g brainer for me…scum must go…

  4. William Coyle says:

    Their families should go with them,and should be stripped of their assets,let them leave with what they came here with,that would stop any thoughts they have of breaking the law in this country.

  5. Annemarie Fleming says:

    Their families should also go. Keep the families together… their culrural homeland.

  6. SJC says:

    Most definately, convicted criminals MUST be deported, and this should include an escort from the immigration team to make sure they do leave the UK. They should also be finger printed, Iris scanned, etc….. to enble the authorites to deal with them more efficiently should they attempt to re enter the UK. They have abused the hospitality afforded to them, no excuses, we want them OUT, deported back to their own country they have abandoned.

    I also believe that all foreign nationals who groom, abuse, traffick, rape and even murder white and Sikh women and children should also be removed permanently from the UK. If the family complain remove the entire extended family too, most of them are welfare parasites in any case, and they NEVER intergrate. This action alone would not only greatly reduce the population in the UK, but also send out a clear message that certain behaviours that are considered normal in Islamic countries will NOT BE TOLERATED in the UK.

    Break our laws and you are OUT, never to return.

  7. andrew whittall says:

    anybody who comes here needs to have a qualified job if they are terrorists and criminals then they are in court if guilty and deported i dont give a shite who they are

  8. Zorro56 says:

    The religion of peace does not exist, Islam was born from violence, maintained by violence and will always be violent. They are on a world mission to invade and occupy every country in the world and kill every non-believer. Now not only criminals but the 23000 known threats should all be exiled from Britain to a Muslim country. What do you expect when Mohammed married a 6year old and consummated the marriage when she was 9. Their religion is based on principles from 400AD and they are still stuck in that ancient time.

  9. Jacqueline Harkins says:

    We should deport all groomers, rapists and all other foreign criminals. Anyone who came here for a better life but destroys the lives of others should do their time then deport them. Most asylum seekers are liars, they go back to the country they say they are scared of for holidays. Revoke their British citizenship and leave them their.

  10. mark says:

    its nice to see these opinions but at the end of the day there is nobody in power that has the courage to implement all the opinions that have been written so nothing will change a govrnment that allows hate preachers to do what they do are a waste of space they should stop worrying about what others think and do what the people that elected them want a country that does what is right not what the eu say i believe that away from the eu britain will thrive companies will not stop using our products or technology because we are not in the eu

  11. Stephen Brook says:

    It is one thing to arrive here and fall foul of the law through a miss-understanding, but when these people come here and use their criminal skills to profit from their activities, then their ‘Human Rights’ should be declined and repatriation should take place. All peoples who abide by the laws of this land – have ‘Human Rights’

  12. Lynn James says:

    They should all be deported, commit a crime or not, our citizens are suffering because of these benefit seeking, law breaking scum. Each and everyone gone and get our Country back.

  13. fred barter says:


  14. K. D. says:

    If it turns out we cant chuck them out of country CAN THE GOVERMENT SANKTIFY WE CAN STONE THEM LIKE THEY DO IN OTHER COUNTRYS

  15. Richard OSullivan says:

    Deport,Deport ,Deport, whole families if we must and stop listening to the libtards, enough is enough.

  16. Heather Llewellyn says:

    Yes they definitely should, we have enough British criminals here in our jails. All Migrant criminals should be sent straight back from where they came.

  17. Chris Clements says:

    Immigration is the main cause of violent Britain.
    These “people” come here to make a better life,but all they do is commit crime.
    That is why stabbing’s a shooting’s are part of everyday life now.To these violence is a national sport.
    If we can see it,why can’t our so called “EDUCATED” Politician’s see it.
    If we sent all the worthless foreign law breaker’s back,most of the prison’s would be half empty.

    • linda jones says:

      The educated politician hah they are all like the 3 wise monkeys…….see all hear all and say fk all lalalala its nothing to do with me.IT has everything to do with you lot from the start of the 1st one till now.And now is to late to stop them…..

  18. Ronald says:

    Try breaking the law in most Arab countries and see wha
    t happens to you.
    They quite rightly exprct visitors to respect their laws. UK should expect no less.

  19. david bullock says:

    sorry all foreigners – WE ARE FULL.

  20. Anonymous says:

    We cannot let these people stay if they cannotstick to our laws

  21. Madeleine says:

    Depends on the crime. Is it cheaper to deport or give them community service

  22. Anonymous says:

    Comment is if we don’t stop it now we never will
    Regarding sharia law etc

  23. Stevo says:

    Yes they should be deported if it is a serious crime

  24. Maddie says:

    They should be deported. If they can’t abide by our laws they should not be here. If convicted for any crime then immediate deportation should happen, our prisons are already bursting at the seams and why should the British tax-payer foot the bill? I’d sooner pay for the flight back to where they come from than pay to keep them in a nice cosy cell with Sky TV, three meals a day, etc. Look after our OAP’s and homeless first, we’ve no room or money for criminals from elsewhere.

  25. HV says:

    There is no option …no debate , why even give it a benefit of doubt.
    Enforce it as fast and as strictly as you can . ….

  26. Beverly Guinevere Taff says:

    They should be returned to their country of origin or the last country they were in before entering the UK. This should be done humanely and promptly.

  27. Jane Reilly says:

    They leave human shit on the street.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I have never in my puff thot the law isinet doing it job. Enoh said let one in and you will regret it

  29. Derek Hemphill says:

    This is a no brainer

  30. Anonymous says:

    We accept them in good faith . We don’t expect to to train them in good behaviour. We don’t have the finances to house them in jail . Or the time aloucated to vet them on arrival. So no time should be apportioned to deporting them. Just get rid and accord space for the good and needy. Never mind what the EU directs.

  31. Bob MacDonald says:

    Do the polies and people in authority take any notice of the ordinary citizens once they have been voted in

  32. Anonymous says:

    “ASAP” without imprisonment,it costs the British Taxpayers to mail them ,,, Why should we pay to keep the Scum when our Government’s keep abusing our own AOP’s & Homeless with the lowest Benifits in “EUROPE”

  33. max says:

    yes Deport, our prisons are at breaking point already

  34. john hope says:

    they should be deported if they dont abide by our laws / minor offences can be dealt with by a fine. more serious offences they should be deported.

  35. George Seaward says:

    If they are found to be here illegally they must be immediately deported, and if they break the law in any way they must be deported, not imprisoned.

  36. Neil dunn says:

    They should be deported. Braking the law should not go unpunished!

  37. David says:

    Why should we keep them

  38. Lily Owen says:

    Our prisons must be full to bursting with foreigners. We don’t want or need this type of people in Britain. They don’t abide by our law’s they should be OUT of the country ASAP

  39. Ken Searle says:

    Any foreign national that commits anything more than a minor crime should be deported along with any family members. I’M m not talking about speeding etc but anything criminal would justify it. Post brexit we should rewrite human rights legislation to make it fit for purpose but of course that won’t happen. Too many snowflake pc liberal thinkers in the Westminster bubble.

    • Mick says:

      Its nothing to do with a bubble, they want them to be here it has so many layers of benefits for them, we all know that the mps are in bed with the big companies, they have shares in the companies as well, the big companies used to have to pay a fair wage, they went happy with these overheads and their profits they with the government have allowed mass immigration, this then brings in millions of cheap labour, wage suppression … increased profits government officials are given non ex positions ad shares for thank yous etc etc. Incrwased population all our supporting systems such as NHS is under the pressure of the sudden population explosion but due to debilitating lack of income from taxing these millions of immigrants there isn’t enough funding also there isn’t enough nurses doctors etc so guess what we need to then import more immigrants nurses doctors etc etc… not because the UK people need them, no due to mass immigration! We also have suppression of wages across the board and not to mention increase in property prices which again a bonus for all the rich property owners not to mention another layer of profits for the building companies….

  40. Val Spiers says:

    They come here expecting and being given everything for nothing then have the audacity to commit crime and we foot the bI’ll for that too. A totally ridiculous situation.

    • Mick says:

      You dont know the half of it I worked for the DWP and was threatened many time not just by the immigrants coming in no the worse was from the managers and above saying we had to ensure all foreigners got everything they where entitled to which was a hell of alot more than you or me I can tell you that, where if you came in English speaking UK resident we where told only to give you the info you asked for… knocked me sick.

  41. Honey Dene says:

    We are going to lose our country very soon if we do not react to this attack.
    We can’t just lie back and hope it will go away
    IT WON’T

  42. Anonymous says:

    So someone gets a fine because his dog shit and he didn’t see it to pick it and you want to deport him. Why don’t we just get rid of all the racist little shits in this country and we would not have these polls

    • Jeanie hansford says:

      If people want to live here they MUST comply with our way of living .. criminals should be thrown out . Not imprisoned. That costs the tax payers money .. just get them out .. they are wild and scroungers

    • says:

      Yes they should be deported and stay deported

    • Andy H says:

      What type of idiot are you. That is hardly criminal activity is it.
      A fine at most for such things, why is it you social justice warriors talk rubbish.
      Read the post again .. CRIMINAL activity.

    • Mark says:

      When i walk my dog on the lead i usually notice when he wants a crap as it becomes very difficult dragging him along the footpath.
      I think we’re talking more along the lines of rape, murder, terrorism and the like but you’re probably right, if you are that stupid that you didn’t realise your dog has just shit on the path…DEPORT.

      Dog too if foreign.

    • Robert Ashby says:

      What is wrong with deporting criminals,they do far worse than allowing their dogs to defecate,I know as when I lived in Croydon an immigrant defecated in my front garden

    • Dave says:

      I don’t think dog shit comes into it, it’s the more serious crimes that is the issue, so get a gripe snowflake

    • JAS says:

      Read the poll again idiot!!! CRIMINAL ACTIVITY……

    • Anonymous says:

      If you don’t like it just fuck off you prick

    • David says:

      I think the question relates more to proper criminals rapists, violent criminals not someone whose dog defecates on the pavement. Of course, there will always be those leftie shits who try to trivialise and demean proper discussion by playing the race card with some spurious argument.

    • Keith Baden Powell says:

      Anonymous!!!! Please notice.

    • Baz says:

      If you like foreign criminals living in this country, you are either foreign yourself or stark raving mad.

    • says:

      If it was th3 other way round, a Brit would be deported from another country without hesitation.
      I you love foreign criminals so much, why don’t you invite some of these lovely convicts into your home?

    • SHAUN says:

      Dog shit ? silly sod, I think we are talking dirty bastards raping children, selling hard drugs, preaching hatred about the country they come to sponge from, setting up slavery sects, ya know the nasty stuff. get real.

    • Mick says:

      Yes deport them, in fact deport the lot! You complete and utter moron! We are overpopulated, and running a deficit due to the mass immigration scheme of the 80s90s 2000 etc. Over the past 30 years population gas increased by almost 25 million million 83% of that increase is directly from immigration (ONS) with this you can like data, crime has skyrocketed to levels that back in the 80s you would of been laughed at again 73% increase has come directly from immigration it hasnt taken in to account those who are 3rd generation which the way most of these breed is happening unsustainable fast. Again all stars can be found at ONS. Increase in diseases and introduction of disease that where irradiated from this country, these again haven’t been brought in by tourists but again immigrants… the mass drain and suppression of wages, it is fact that you have to be earning around 33 to 35k a year to break even with the state in tax contributions (on qverage) the effect of more workers suppressing wages and then those that just want to live off the state, againusuing up funds draining more money from the state and increasing the taxes on us. The cultural classes which gas been forced on to the UK with free speech being completely censored common sense being brushed aside by morons like you who use buzz words such as racist or xenophobic or bigot all because your paper thin mind set cant actually process truths because it goes against your fragile moral structure. Honestly this country has circled the toilet, it had a chance to get out by leaving the EU, going to wto and then deporting the millions that have settled here and not assimilated but built mini versions of their home lands and shunned any one who dare tell them what they are doing is against our morals or our laws with numpties like you backing them up with your circular moronic standings.

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