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Labour and Tory MPs are pushing for a delay to Brexit to provide more time to agree a deal in the Commons, with the UK due to leave on 29 March having not ratified an agreement with the EU.

Early last week, Theresa May has offered MPs a chance to delay Brexit for a short time if her deal cannot pass the Commons.

We should notice that she had been under pressure from members of her own cabinet on this issue with members threatening to resign.

While some MPs pushing for a BREXIT delay are openly against BREXIT, some continue to support leaving EU but on better terms that would require more time to negotiate.

Even EU leaders are not on the same note on this, with chief EU negotiator Michael Barnier asking for  a clear plan in order to accept a delay. The French President, Emmanuel Macron asked for a clear objective and new choices and German Chancellor Angela Merkel being more flexible and willing to accept a delay.

So... what are the British Opinions regarding BREXIT delay?

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9 Replies to “Should BREXIT be Delayed?”

  1. No – it was leave or remain on the voting paper – no half measure – We leave on the 29th March – no Deal.
    It was not and option.They

  2. Brexit is a disgrace and an embarrassment. It definitely needs to be delayed to give the choice back to the people.

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