Should Boris Johnson Resign?

Should Boris Johnson Resign?

Should Boris Johnson Resign - Flash Poll result

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The final result is here. The majority of our readers have decided that Boris Johnson should keep his job.

Our further analysis is under work, but here are the key figures.

Fifty eight percent (58%) voted NO, supporting the UK PM to keep his office. That is 19605 votes for this option.

Nevertheless, forty two percent (48%) voted YES, strongly suggesting that Boris Johnson should quit his job. That is 14448 votes.

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This poll has has seen spikes of interest every time Boris Johnson made some critical moves.

When Boris Johnson suspended the Parliament

When Supreme court ruled his move as illegal.

When Boris Johnson negotiated the Brexit deal.

When Boris Johnson failed to take UK out of EU on 31st of October.

This story ended October 31, 2019.

Final Update: UK General Election has been set for 12 December 2019. The resignation of Boris Johnson is irrelevant as he chose "to be judged by the people". And so he will.

He also promised to take UK out of EU by October 31, with or with out a deal but he faced strong opposition to his "Die or Do" Brexit approach.

The British Pound oscillated since 24th of July, his first day in office, but ended up with pretty much the same value.

Earlier updates:

October 21: Scotland's highest court has delayed a decision on whether the prime minister has fully complied with a law requiring him to ask for a Brexit extension.

October 19 later in the night: Boris Johnson has sent an unsigned letter to tEU asking for a BREXIT delay, and second arguing against it.

October 19: Boris Johnson manged to get a deal approved by EU but MPs voted to postpone ratification expressing fears that UK might crash with NO-deal if required legislation will not be passed.

Earlier in October 2019: Boris Johnson has been forced to deny an allegation that he groped a female journalist.

Sunday September 29th, 2019: PM Boris Johnson said UK can still leave with NO Deal and failed to deny asking EU nations to block extension, ramping up speculation that he is planning to bypass the law that stops the UK from crashing out of the EU without a deal, writes The Guardian.

The GBP/USD exchange rate sank on Friday,  September 27, following the Bank of England’s (BoE) policymaker, Michael Saunders, commented that the Bank of England could be forced to cut interest rates even if Britain manages to avoid a no-deal Brexit.

Boris Johnson also said he has "no interest to declare" over his links with former model Jennifer Arcuri. It follows claims that the American entrepreneur received public money and privileged access to foreign trade missions while Mr Johnson was London mayor, writes Skynews.

Friday September 27th, 2019:  SNP has expressed support for a no confidence vote against Boris Johnson and are ready to accept Jeremy Corbyn or anyone else as caretaker PM .

Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament for five weeks was unlawful, the Supreme Court says.

“That advice (to the Queen e.n.) was unlawful. It was outside the powers of the Prime Minister to give it. This means that it was null and of no effect”it states in the judgement of the Supreme Court.

Leaders of the opposition are asking for his resignation with voices from the Tory suggesting the same path.

Two of the opposition leaders have asked for the PM’s resignation with voices from the Conservative Party suggesting the same path.

The British prime minister,  indicated early this week that he would not feel obliged to resign if the justices rule he misled the Queen in his reasons for suspending parliament.

This confirms what we already knew – Boris Johnson isn’t fit to be prime minister. He’s misled Queen and country, and unlawfully silenced the people’s representatives. - twitted Jo Swinson, Lib Dems leader.

Jeremy Crbyn asked for Boris Johnson’s resignation in an unexpected address to the party conference in Brighton following the bombshell Brexit judgement. 

“I will be in touch immediately to demand that Parliament is recalled so we can question that Prime Minister, demand that he obeys the law that’s been passed by Parliament and recognise our parliament is elected by our people to hold our government to account.” Corbyn stated.

Speaking outside of the court, Ian Blackford, SNP MP for Ross, Skye and Lochaber said: "It is now very clear we have a job to do, we must be back in parliament immediately."

He added Mr Johnson "must resign immediately".

We will be back with updates.


Boris Johnson suspended - or prorogued - Parliament for five weeks earlier this month, arguing it was necessary in order to hold a Queen's Speech and set out a new legislative programme.

But the court said it was wrong to stop MPs carrying out their duties in the run-up to Brexit on 31 October.

Supreme Court president Lady Hale said "the effect [of prorogation] on the fundamentals of democracy was extreme" and the government had provided no justification for it also underlying that the avice given by the PM to the Queen was unlawful.

The PM has promised the UK will leave on that date, with or without a deal with the EU, but before the prorogation, Parliament passed a law intended to force a delay instead of allowing a no-deal exit.

What do you think? Should Boris Johnson resign?



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257 Responses

  1. Joanne says:

    He is trying to push through the decision of the majority after his predecessor dithered about trying to bring us out whilst still keeping us in. He wants to finally deliver what was promised by all the UK parties at the General Election. His options were limited and time was against him, but he’s doing what the UK mandated him to do. Good on him.

  2. Howard Robinson says:

    Obviously unlike some other party leaders and their cronies his spouse/partner is not receiving funding from the EU and he’s striving for a Democratic outcome

  3. Joan Worsley says:

    No why should he the traitors should get out !

    • Dorcas says:

      Boris should stay to dot the i’s on his agreement & withdrawal bill & present it to us in a referendum, which won’t take long, about as much as chosing a new leader & them getting their feet under the table. What are the people driving brexit frightened of? If it really is the will of the people, they will vote for it & shut Remainers up, which it will do. It also has the good point that when some of the people who wanted Brexit complain about it later, they won’t have a leg to stand on . Threatening us with another election at this point is also massively timewasting & childish. It also may not bring the majority the government desires. We need ot move on. The deal on the table currently offers a transition till Dec 2020. This is just enough time to move £20bn of eu financial trade that needs to go from our shores to the eu. In this period, there is enough time to decide whether we want hard brexit or an extension of 2 years to form a deal with the EU. In reality, 2 years is probably not enough. trade deals usually take longer than that, the EU/Canada one, which Boris hopes to emulate took 7 years, but you could argue that they have probably all been planning for it since 2016, so it may be a bit quicker. More likely, we will face Hard brexit again & will have just shoved the cliff along. The biggest problem of deciding to Brexit is that it continues uncertainty & instability. In the Canada deal, they only have to give each other 6m notice. In the EU you are signed up for 10 years with a pretty clear plan. Business wants stability more than being able to make cuts that often effect people’s ability to buy.

  4. Leo-e says:

    A1+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ KEEP CHRISTIANITY ALIVE & SAFE

  5. steve batchelor says:

    only problem there is, he is dragging the UK down to

  6. Judith John says:

    He’s doing a brilliant job.

  7. Jimmy simeon says:

    Mr Boris Johnson is doing greater job than the rest in 40 years yes he should stay and get us out.
    Scotland does not rule England.

    • David Innes says:

      What right does England have to rule Scotland? It works both ways..the Treaty of Union was a EQUAL union of two independent countries, and like a divorce, can be instigated by either party. What,s keeping you England? If we,re such a drain on your economy, why not let us go? I think the Treasury knows the answer to that question

      • Joe Kelly says:

        Scotland aren’t capable of organising themselves! I give you an instance; they allowed an unsuitable person to be in possession of firearms and ammunition contrary to law and against the written recommendation of at least two serving police officers. They then mishandled the Public Inquiry into the Dunblane tragic massacre.

      • Eileen Rye says:

        I would welcome Scotland leaving And the £1600 paid into the Scottish Parliament per head of population cancelled .Maybe when you have to pay for higher education prescriptions and grannies nursing home and your taxes rise because of bad fiscal policies you will regret it.

        • Jemma Milner says:

          Eileen Rye, tax is devolved in Scotland and we already pay higher income tax than the rest of the UK. But we have better public services. And our oil has kept UK afloat for decades. Quite happy for us to leave too.

      • Dennis M kirwan says:

        We don’t rule scotland yous sign up to the union. We did not put a gun to your heads.

      • Barry says:

        England doesn’t rule Scotland, Scotland is part of the United Kingdom the capital of this Country is London, don’t let your hatred of the English cloud your intelligence .

    • Ann Dennis says:

      Yes I very much AGREE he has back bone which we have not seen in a very long time good luck Boris keep going and get us out on the 31st october

    • Sandra Blake says:

      Absolutely agree

    • Robin Clay says:

      Oh, it has done, for years and years !

      Ever heard of the Barnett Formula ?

  8. Stuart says:

    I personally would like to see him resign – I’d also like to see Corbyn resign as well – think there both out of touch with the issues of the country and the next few years won’t get well with them at the helm.
    Post-Brexit we need strong and invigorating business experts to work on new trade agreements both with the EU and the Rest of the World and I think there are better people for the job

    • Andy says:

      Quote attributed to John-Claude Juncker, former President of the EU Commission –

      “Democracy in Member States must be swept away. Immigration from the African Nations will be a tool used, to ensure that the National Identity of Member States be so diluted that forward momentum for a Single State will be made without dissent”.

      You do not believe it, this is ‘fake news’ or a ‘conspiracy theory’?

      Well do your own research on:
      1. The ‘Rabat Process’, Euro-African Dialogue on Migration and Development
      2. The ‘Marrakesh Political Declaration’ – page 5, Objective 3 in particular
      3. The UN’s ‘Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration’ – find Stefan Molyneux’s critique on youtube

      Alternatively just walk around any Town or City Centre in the UK at lunchtime and ask yourself whether our ‘National Identity’ has been ‘so diluted’? Ask yourself why ‘Merkels Millions’ were invited into Europe rather than assisting the Unemployed from Southern European Member States to fill the jobs in Germany? ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS.
      GET US OUT BORIS! With a general election on November 5th! Teach those traitors a lesson…….New legislation to make any MP that switches party or loses the whip force instant by election!

      • Rob says:

        Just had a scan and skim of the documents you list.
        1. The main thrust of adopting the ‘Marrakesh Political Declaration’ (targeted and operation Action plans ….based on a regional approach whilst also respecting state sovereignty;)
        2. page 5 objective 3 – it is an encouragement to sign up to existing international human rights conventions, especially with regard to those ..’refugees and other forcibly displaced persons’.

        The document does go on to state that there should be ‘….commitment to international obligations relating to the prevention and fight against migrant smuggling and trafficking in human beings, which are two serious forms of organised crime under international law…’ It goes further to indicate that there should be ‘..[a] stepping-up of efforts to prevent and combat these phenomena, both in Europe and Africa, through various instruments. Within this framework, the search for alternatives to the informal economy stemming from the illicit smuggling of migrants and the trafficking of human beings, as well as awareness- raising measures, are particularly encouraged.

        Nowhere in this political declaration does it once suggest or otherwise infer that a dilution of member states sovereignty is a desired outcome. In fact it is stated several times that regional identity is crucial. Reducing the impact of forced migration and human trafficking and embracing legal migration is the way forward. Your comments are distinctly xenophobic. Over the last three weeks I have seen a doctor from Jordan, had some electrical work done by a Polish ‘spark’, sought advice from my Italian pharmacist, had a tooth repaired by a Spanish dentist. In that time (amongst the other hundreds of student) I have taught 12 young Syrian and Afghan refugees – so grateful for the safety and opportunity – three of them already have told me they intend to become doctors and another one wishes to be an engineer (to help rebuild communities shattered by war). You can go on about ‘national identity’. To me our identity as humans born, living, working in the UK is ultimately to make this world a safer more equal place. We (this country) are the architects of that, isolating oneself by recoiling into the dark depths of isolation makes us a paler less vigorous version of what we are. Boris Johnson is a boil, the cyst that must be lanced. He only sees power and with it making those around him richer. Unless you have millions stashed in hedge funds somewhere in the Cayman Islands you, like me will suffer under his plans. End brexit now – revoke A50, remain a strong and leading member and reform the EU from within for ours and everyones benefit.

        • Margaret Robinson says:

          No of course not This is exactly how the eu work inch by inch to their desired objective. They had planned by getting African countries to sign these lovely fluffy worded treaties and permitting mass immigration into Europe they would find more leeway to rape African resources all under the treaties signed. They are experts at it but you will never see or understand how they do it. Unfortunately it would appear that China is beating them to it using hard cash instead of immigration. If we remain you will find out you are living under full authoritarian rule. No free speech or disent allowed. Tax centrailised with the eu receiving the revenue and setting tax rates, wealth re-distribution, and debt sharing by all eu states. As income tax, vat and all other taxes are controlled by the eu who will you complaint to.

        • Jane says:

          Thank you for doing the research a putting the lie to the previous person’s post – these people who peddle falsehood and rumour monger anti-EU are an evil influence in our culture that cause untold damage to the country and to the fabric of what it means to be European, and Britain IS European, whether it likes it or not. It is no Asian, or American (although Trump wants it so!), or South American, or Australian, or Eurasian, or African, or Antarctican – and that covers all the regions of the world. So it had best keep friends with the group of countries that are most like itself and stop this ridiculous and damaging scare-mongering and misinformation about the EU.

        • Tim says:

          Well said Rob – beat me to it! Andy probably believes the fake Lisbon Treaty of 2020 too.

        • Malcolm says:

          Well said.

  9. Fasil Demsash says:

    Yes – Boris should resign for the good of the Country, its wonderful People and Value and Respect we all share as Human being, man, woman, Christian or Islam, whether we were hijab or hat for the reason of our faith. Boris is the most disgusting figure of the British establishment topping up Cameroon and May.
    We need to send him a clear message that he cannot govern this country in such manner. We need to remove him from power before it is too late and clean the messes he and his collages have been doing on this country and its voiceless and helpless people for almost 10 years now! We should DO this as One Nation regardless of our Political affiliation, Boris doesn’t represent us (THE PEOPLE OF UK ) as PM!
    We deserve better!
    Good Bye Boris!
    (Please find yourself a career elsewhere, statesmanship is NOT for you mate!)

    • Deb says:

      Rubbish, Boris will make this country rich ….

    • Frank Whisken says:

      Don,t talk rubbish you just dont like it because he says what he thinks not what you want to hear. I am not racist but sadly the Musliim & Black people are the most racist on the planet and that is a fact so why should he stop saying what he does when many others from all communities are saying the same thing about each other.

  10. Rhian Williams says:

    No, since Boris is doing what the country voted for and that is to LEAVE the EU

  11. Brian May says:

    Because he’s twice the man any other politician with the possible exception of Jacob Rees-Mogg. And if other politicians resigned every time they were caught out, the House would be empty.

    Go Bo Jo, because if you don’t The Brexit Party will be there. I would prefer a compromise with the Tories, but if he is going to get us out next month, I’ll support him.

  12. Pedro says:

    Let him get on with what the people voted for

  13. Nigel Jones says:

    Boris is a breath of fresh air in party leaders.
    1. He accepts the result of the referendum
    2. He has pledged to deliver that result.
    3. As a result he has become the target of every shyster in Parliament and
    4. He would appear to have more balls than the rest of Parliament put together.
    Well done Prime Minister, don’t stop now. Full support.

  14. Some of the accusations directed at the Prime Minister appeared to be pre-engineered.(I watched the entire speech, all the responses and all the 90-odd questions – I saw nothing wrong with the PM’s response to the Labour MP’s overly emotional outbursts, (I appreciate they were good friends and colleagues of JC) however they are supposed to be Professionals and while a dignified “in control” reference would probably be rightly empathised with, however – these outbursts are not appropriate because they smack of using this tragedy coupled with references to “death threats” to progress the remain argument. (There MP’s on all sides of the argument who face such threats from a minority of very sick people it comes with the territory these days and is without doubt reprehensible). I read about the work of Jo Cox and also her Charity Work. I wonder if her advice to her personal friends and professional colleagues would have been “best to leave my name out of the perogue debate”. Certainly in responding once Jess Philips had elected to refer to Jo Cox. The PM responded genuinely and with dignity. From his response I got the impression he regarded her as a true democrat who, although being on the opposite side would have wanted parliament to deliver what the people in their majority voted for. In that spirit he thinks the best way to honour her name would be to get on and deliver Brexit. Remain supporters are manipulating everything but they cannot divorce themselves from the fact that the 2016 Referendum result Leaving the EU must be delivered and Boris Johnson is now probably the only person who can do that. Hence he is every remainers target.

  15. Dawn Gee says:

    Boris at this moment in time is the best we have, I sincerely hope he sticks to his guns and we leave with no deal

  16. Joan Cooper says:

    No Boris is doing what we asked him to do I back him 100%

  17. Peter Allen says:

    Absolutely Boris must stay and deliver BREXIT. This is all a plot by remain to stop us leaving

  18. Richard Sale says:

    He at least is trying to fulfill the wish of the majors of people who voted on Brexit

  19. Michael Graham Chandler says:

    I support Boris 100% the thing is that a lot of you have forgot what the real deal is and that being I do not wish to be enrolled into a Federal Europe run by the gestapo of Brussels and nor will You as from 2022 we will loose many of ways of freedom we will not be able to say bo to any thing that they come up with and that will shock many, our courts and rulings of Parliament will no longer count, and you have John Major for that he signed up to the Lisbon Treaty because he did not have the brains to think it through, to me there should have been no stupid rows over this as the WTO COUNTRIES are lining up to give us contracts, and how stupid are the people of Britain to think that there will be no future trade with the EU are you stupid of coarse trade will continue and prosper we are the EU money bag, cars-and all of the producers are going to carry on trading as they need us so let’s have a little sense given for once…………………..there are over 100 countries waiting to join us.

  20. Liana Alecu says:

    Boris Johnson should NOT resign, because he really, really wants to deliver Brexit.

  21. Keith CLIFF says:

    Let him stay and put himself into deeper shit, he’s dragging the whole Tory party down with him.

    • Owen lavelle says:

      You ignorant man !
      For the life of me and millions like me,Believe in sovereignty and democracy Boris Johnson will be seen in history as a politician of the people!
      pls respect my country and her people, they voted leave ! What ever relationships you make ! To begin with a lie is unforgivable!
      Democracy is absolute! Perhaps you should be thinking of leaving Britain as democracy does not suit you sir !

    • Ayshe Gul says:

      He does not have the interests of the people at heart and has lied to Parliament and the People. He is undemocratic and lacking in judgment and lies accussed or racism and Conflict of Interest in his role of Mayor of London where he wasted £millions on vanity projects whilst people were sleeping rough on the streets and knife crime was increasing. He lacks integrity and is not trusted by honest people. …….even many members of his own Party.

    • So standing up for a democratric vote is wrong? When did this take place and what part of Cummunism do you support? says:

      If we as a nation have no democracy then we have anarchy ,if we as a nation have no borders then why bother with doors or windows on your home, if we as a nation stood as one and lost loved ones in a war while those back home rationed and worried .all to get freedom not just for ourselves but for Europe .why would we want to give it up to a big brother unelected EU ruining Europe? If we in our great nation who have taken abuse about past empires have redeemed ourselves why would we stay in an unelected EU wishing its own empire who will no doubt start the next war. I have no problem letting anyone enter our shores who our useful have skills and integrate ,but I do have an issue with those that our economic benefit immigrants, have no skills and instead of integrating hate us rape our children and wont obey our laws wanting their own to replace them. Enoch Powell once said there would be blood on the street he was right it is our blood by the ones we took pity on but show no pity themselves

    • shirley watson says:

      Boris has the mandate of the britishpeople to get out on 31st without a deal if necessary. Professor of law at oxford said the supreme court got it wrong. Constitutional experts said the judges clawed themselves more power from thepeople and is dangerous and needs clawing back. Otherwisw people can keep taking gov to court if they dont agree with them . Our power needs clawing back from the courts. Treason has already been committed in past parliaments stealing the peoples democracy and the queens and parliaments sovereignty and given to eu

    • Keith Jackson says:

      What a load of bollocks. He is standing up for the 17.4 million who voted in the democratic referendum, which is more than the undemocratic, racist opposition parties are doing.

    • Ian M says:

      So you would sooner see Steptoe or JO Swansong in No 10.——– Would you work for a company that has not had its account audited or signed off for 20 years, so has no idea if is make a profit or how much it is loosing ????? —– Would also like to live in a country that you had to pay an extra £ 6 to 8.00 per month to a country that you had NO say in and that forced you to do what they wanted.
      That is what it takes each working person to pay the £ 39,000,000,000.00 the E.U demandes per year. Just so they can waist ans squander your money on just what they want too.

    • Ryan says:

      Why should he resign. These are unproven allegations from 20 years ago and very conveniently brought up now when we finally have a PM doing what was voted for.

    • Ann Gaunt says:

      The party members he kicked out did that !

  22. eric harvey says:

    Just let him do is job because no one else can

  23. Proroguing Parliament is the Prime Minister’s privilege, and is not an illegal thing to do.
    John Major did it during his prime ministership, but nobody criticised him.
    The panel of the supreme court consisted of 12 nobodies who said that what Boris did was unlawful, but they refused to say what law had been broken.
    People have said that Boris lied to the Queen. How do they know? Where they present at the meeting?
    It seems to me that people don’t want Boris to action Brexit – they want to safeguard their incomes, even if their actions are UNdemocratic.
    All the remainers are trying every trick in the book to hinder Boris, and possibly clutching at straws.
    Boris should definitely not resign, in fact he’s the best PM Britain has had since Mrs Thatcher.

    • danny says:

      youre giving yourself away there for being the paid american influencer you are. Not just by th choice of language and style of attack, but by getting the number of jusges wrong. there were 11 , not 12 as in the american supreme court. Unless you an tto add yourself to the list of noboddies.. These people are quite simply the most senor and respected judges in the land. Full stop. People said Boris lied to the queen? He wasnt even there .. youd know that too id you know how the privy council works. People can say what they like but these judges very specifically ruled that his motive was irrellevant. Doesnt matter if he lied or not.. PAY ATTENTION…. It matter that HE SUBMOTTED NOTHING IN DEFENCE THAT WOULD GIVE THE COURT ANY CAUSE TO BELIEVE THE PROROGATION WAS JUSTIFIED.. Had he given a good reason ANY reason in defence instead of telling the judges to fuck off he wont answer to them when summoned,, then they could not have reached that descission. This was not a criminal trial but a matter of equity… In the balance of things the individual brining the action put something on the scales and the respondent put nothing.. The judges invited the respondent to argue why the applicants evidence should be dismissed. Invited a witness statement to be offered in defence , but none such was given.. PAY ATTENTION…. he lost the case BECAUSE HE DID NOT DEFEND IT.. not beause the court are nobddies or because people in the street thinks he lied to the queen.. ( WHICH HE DID ). and the uestion of wheter or not the house of democracy ought to stand closes has nothing to do with my income being protected. And boris himself keeps repeating , this had NOTHING to do with brexit… If you think that people re opening parliment is a direct result of wanting to stop brexit then YOURE the one saying HE LIED TO THE QUEEN.. please.. DO KEEP UP… this is a BRITISH debate. We use FACT . LOGIC and REASON. sweeping genarlisations ony works in Trumpfuckistan.

      • Angela says:

        Danny, if you are going to criticise someone, how about checking your spelling and grammar before hitting the send button! Your reply is totally discredited!
        Wow, pot calling kettle black comes to mind reading your response! You are obviously a remainer and you have to attack someone with your own BS speaks volumes about the type of person you are!

      • Kev says:

        Sorry mate but if your going to criticise someone’s language I suggest you had best learn to spell first.

  24. Ronald Maxwell says:

    There have been many occasions where the government of the day has been overruled by the courts. A similar challenge may be made against any public body. The accusation that the Prime Minister lied to the Queen is ridiculous; the advice was given in good faith then overruled. There is nothing unusual about this process.

  25. Mr JAN WOOD says:

    Bo Jo was great in the house made remainers look stupid now all the traitors should shut up and back Boris and make Britain great again onward and upward pull togeather idiots we need this great PM

  26. Mr JAN WOOD says:

    Bo Jo was great in the house made remainers look stupid now all the traitors should shut up and back Boris and make Britain great again onward and upward pull together idiots we need this great PM

  27. Lynn Sargent says:

    Boris should not resign. All he has done is try to do the will of the people, despite the best efforts of those who don’t like the result of the people’s referendum of 2016.

  28. Karen Dobson says:

    He should NOT resign,parliament are doing their best to stop Brexit,he and the rest of the leavers are trying to get it done,deal or no deal,he prorogued for 5 days not five weeks,after the conference season was done.They could have said we would like to keep parliament open instead of conferencing,but they didn`t,or at least the majority didn`t,they could have given up some of their 6 weeks off but they didn`t,so no I don`t see anything wrong in what he did.

  29. Lynn Sargent says:

    Certainly, Boris should NOT resign. He’s trying to deliver the will of the people despite the vile spittle from the ‘hounds of hell’.

  30. keith says:

    who holds the supreme court accountable for there actions

  31. Elizabeth Ferido-Bohlin says:

    The people voted for the U.K. to leave that monster EU, so be it and the leader who can deliver BREXIT is P!M Boris Johnson. He must remain PM until the will of the people is carried through.

  32. Lawrence Welsh says:

    He is currently trying his best to enact the result of the referendum. Parliament as a whole do not represent the current will of the people and are placing barriers in front of him at every turn. They’ve had three years to come to an agreement and the only thing they do seem to agree on is stopping the result of the referendum being implemented. Boris has the support of the people because he is the only ‘current’ Parliamentary party leader prepared to listen to the wishes of the electorate.

  33. Paul Skinner says:

    No he should not resign. He has finally got people back interested in politics as something is finally happening regarding Brexit. If only he had taken the reigns from Cameron we could well have sorted this mess a whole lot quicker. Let us hope for a general election soon so we can back Boris to the hilt.

  34. Tony Foad says:

    Because he is the only one prepared to get us out .

  35. David Colman says:

    we can’t afford to lose him .

  36. Fred Mason says:

    Of course, he SHOULD NOT RESIGN He’s the only chance we have of getting out of this corrupt EU..

  37. Chezzy says:

    No he should not resign, he is our only hope for a fair brexit deal, I just wonder what all the other mps are getting out of brexit being postponed all the time as it seems they are doing everything possible to delay it, possibly cancel it all together.

  38. Annette Gill says:

    No i dont think that he should resign . What i think that he should do is arrest every single mp that went behind his back ,
    Even if it emptys both houses then repeal the treason law and slam all of them in jail for a good few decades . Some people just dont get democracy

    • Steve Stockley says:

      Of course he shouldn’t resign, he was merely carrying out the powers invested in the Prime Minister of the day. The Supreme Court haven’t said which law he has broken . It was in effect a ‘KANGAROO COURT’

    • Jill Blonsky says:

      How is Boris defending democracy by closing Parliament?

    • jacque sadler says:

      love your reply and agree 100% all those trying to stop Brexit should be made to disclose there interests they are all going against the conservative party rules (self interest)

    • Calum says:

      This is just another example of his disregard for our laws and contempt for the public. He thinks he’s above the law and should be arrested for misusing public funds as mayor of London. He should face charges of treason for lying to the queen.

  39. jean swinburne says:

    He must not resign

  40. David Exell says:

    Are we sure that the assembly was legal, it seems in some way or other they all had some interest or ties with the EU. To say that the decision was not Brexit related is somewhat unbelievable, unless of cause you still believe in Father Christmas .

    • Ian Jones says:

      Ten of the eleven who voted were Remainers and all had or have connections with the EU through the ECHR or the ECJ…..says a lot huh, protecting their EU pensions?

    • Kevin Armes says:

      Are you that dense? It was Bojo himself who said prorogation was nothing to do with Brexit! Surely the lying bastard wasn’t lying? :-D

    • Kate Eccles says:

      Boris definitely should not resign, he is trying to carry out the result of a democratic referendum to leave the EU which did not include a poor deal that would make the Uk worse off than staying in the EU.
      He is beng thwarted by the people who lost the referendum despite Party policies of major parties voiced by MPs at the last GE promising to uphold the result

  41. Steve says:

    The UK people were asked whether they wanted to stay or go, and 17.4 million voted to leave which was the majority vote, yet after many MEP and PMs trying to overturn the vote for there own personal agendas, Boris and Nigel are the only one who are pushing for the people. How and why we are even still in the EU after 3 years is a total disgrace and parliament is seen as a complete joke internationally.

    • Ian Jones says:

      Agree wholeheartedly

    • Quinapalus says:

      3 years ago, 27% of the UK population expressed an opinion in a non-binding referendum.

      Democracy is an ongoing process, and owes nothing to a single expression of opinion 3 years ago!!

    • Thomas Moore says:

      How come the question on link is should Boris resign??? And yet when you vote , the question is should he hold onto his office?????
      I would say the result here is fake.
      Having voted no to should he resign, I noticed , the question had been changed meaning I was mislead !

      • phillip k harrison says:

        i agree i believe this is a tory run site and the result is being deliberatly altered when i voted it was massively in favour of he must resign now its the other way around and extended yet again, if a poll does not close when its supposed to then its a bullshit poll and site

  42. Khatt Lambert says:

    Boris DID NOT prorogue Parliament for 5 wks, ffs, 4-5 days tagged onto the normal Conference season..the mps, HOC, have had 3 yrs to debate Brexit, boohoo to them that they couldn’t come to any agreement on how to deliver what 17.4 million people voted for, the biggest mandate in our history, D Cameron and T May are most to blame, DC ran off cos he wasn’t expecting Leave to win, TM cos she just didnt believe in Brexit, she was and is a Remainer at to John Major, where was the outcry, the court judgements when he prorogued Parliament for 19 days to cover up his “cash for questions” scandal??..Tony Blair got rid of the post of Lord Chancellor so he could install the Supreme Court system like the US have..he also got rid of the Treason Law which is why he can’t be indicted for his taking our country into the Iraq war ILLEGALLY…so my thoughts are: no, Boris should most definately NOT RESIGN..he is the only one who is doing his utmost to get us put of the corrupt EU..oh one more thing, I was under the impression that EU law supercedes UK Law, let that sink in a little, so that means that the Supreme Court ruling is itself ILLEGAL, NULL N VOID…put that in ya pipe n smoke it Ms Miller..she makes me so bloody angry..🤬🤬🤬

    • Ian Jones says:

      Agree wholeheartedly but, you will ever convince the brainwashed, brain-dead on the Left

    • Angela Maskell says:

      Khatt Lambert, did you watch Question Time last night ? I saw it through to the bitter end, but like you my hatred for Gina Miller is beyond comprehension. One bloke who was a Leave Voter in the audience telling her that all this mayhem was caused by her made my night ! Every time I see GM or Jo Swinson my blood pressure soars !

    • phillip k harrison says:

      stop deluding yourself bojo the liar did exactly that and is guilty of breaking the law when he was mayor lol

  43. Michael Savage says:

    No he should not resign just get us out show em who is boss

  44. JOHN PARRY says:

    No he should not resign, he is doing his best to deliver the Brexit we voted for. The corrupt establishment is opposed to the peoples choice to leave the EU.

  45. alan taylor says:

    as any one asked the queen if he lied you don’t know you weren’t there you only think you know what is the truth you don’t know so shut the fck up he said she said ear say

    • Ian Jones says:

      No one has said how or whether he LIED to her majesty…no proof has been proferred as far as I know

      • phillip k harrison says:

        he refused to give a written statement to the court lol why do you think he did that? the answer is because he did lie to the queen and evidence was produced about that to the Scottish court as well

  46. Richard Shephard says:

    When we had the referendum in 2016 people voted to come out of the corrupt Eu,All MPs agreed on the outcome to leave then after they realized they would probably lose their big pension pay outs from the Eu then they decided they did not like the first referendum and now have gone against the people vote But surely when the vote was agreed it should have become law in parliament and it could not be changed.

  47. Sean Meffin says:

    What needs to happen, is the Judges need to be put Firmly in their place and ORDERED to uphold British Law as dictated by British Government and the Monarch, lets make no mistake,

    Sovereignty is the principle that the authority of a state and its government are created and sustained by the 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐨𝐟 𝐢𝐭𝐬 𝐩𝐞𝐨𝐩𝐥𝐞, through their elected representatives (𝐑𝐮𝐥𝐞 𝐛𝐲 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐏𝐞𝐨𝐩𝐥𝐞), who are the source of all political power.

    Someone would do well to read and remember this, WE do not bow down to Foreign Un-Elected Power Crazy Moronic Money Grabbing Despots !!

    • Pam says:

      The judges did uphold the law. That’s why they UNANIMOUSLY voted the way they did. What you are missing is that the government is not above the law and they should act in the best interests of the people. It is not in the best interests of the people to suspend parliament before a crucial Brexit deadline.
      I genuinely wonder why you believe that we bow down to the EU, we have more leeway with their rules than any other country and most of the things people claim we can’t do we can we just choose not to.

  48. Helen says:

    Yes he should resign but not immediately. We will need an extension to article 50 for a few months to avoid crashing out and need to have a Prime Minister in post to go to the EU and ask for one.

    • Trevor Jenkins says:

      Crashing out? What are you talking about? You have no idea – a complete buffoon.

    • David A Palmer says:

      CRASHING OUT – OMG, a CRASH, Death and destruction, children crying and screaming, women attacked and raped – CRASH… After being in business with 7 companies employing many hundreds of people, based in the UK and in Los Angeles (Burbank) and exporting to over 40 countries throughout the World, the only country that caused me a headache was Germany. Outside the EU was easiest, (many on WTO Trade terms) so I am trying to see HTF you justify the use of extremist and provocative language like Crash! THE ONLY WAY TO NEGOTIATE WITH THE EU IS TO HAVE NO DEAL AS AN OPTION, THIS WILL SCARE THEM INTO A REASONABLE DEAL FOR THE UK, AS NO DEAL WILL HURT THE HELL OUT OF THE 27 COUNTRIES LEFT. GOT IT?

    • Anita says:

      You are talking rubbish. We need no extension. The decision is made. We are leaving. Boris should not resign. He stands up for the majority vote and dispite the wrong ruling, has done nothing unlawful or illegal. Unlike the judges or Corbyn and remainers in a sham Parliament.

    • Ian Jones says:

      No one has said how or whether he LIED to her majesty…no proof has been proferred as far as I know

  49. Richard Shephard says:

    First thing Boris Johnson should do when parliament resumes today is sack John Major for taking to a corrupt court which is run by all remainers who are unelected. Major stabbed him in the back.

  50. Deborah Lloyd says:

    Is this poll fixed?, i click on NO he should not resign, it then asks me to leave a comment on why he should resign? NO HE SHOULD NOT RESIGN.He is the only one standing up for the people of this country

    • David Exell says:

      Are we sure that the assembly was legal, it seems in some way or other they all had some interest or ties with the EU. To say that the decision was not Brexit related is somewhat unbelievable, unless of cause you still believe in Father Christmas .

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