Should Boris Johnson Resign?

Should Boris Johnson Resign?

Should Boris Johnson Resign - Flash Poll result

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The final result is here. The majority of our readers have decided that Boris Johnson should keep his job.

Our further analysis is under work, but here are the key figures.

Fifty eight percent (58%) voted NO, supporting the UK PM to keep his office. That is 19605 votes for this option.

Nevertheless, forty two percent (48%) voted YES, strongly suggesting that Boris Johnson should quit his job. That is 14448 votes.

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This poll has has seen spikes of interest every time Boris Johnson made some critical moves.

When Boris Johnson suspended the Parliament

When Supreme court ruled his move as illegal.

When Boris Johnson negotiated the Brexit deal.

When Boris Johnson failed to take UK out of EU on 31st of October.

This story ended October 31, 2019.

Final Update: UK General Election has been set for 12 December 2019. The resignation of Boris Johnson is irrelevant as he chose "to be judged by the people". And so he will.

He also promised to take UK out of EU by October 31, with or with out a deal but he faced strong opposition to his "Die or Do" Brexit approach.

The British Pound oscillated since 24th of July, his first day in office, but ended up with pretty much the same value.

Earlier updates:

October 21: Scotland's highest court has delayed a decision on whether the prime minister has fully complied with a law requiring him to ask for a Brexit extension.

October 19 later in the night: Boris Johnson has sent an unsigned letter to tEU asking for a BREXIT delay, and second arguing against it.

October 19: Boris Johnson manged to get a deal approved by EU but MPs voted to postpone ratification expressing fears that UK might crash with NO-deal if required legislation will not be passed.

Earlier in October 2019: Boris Johnson has been forced to deny an allegation that he groped a female journalist.

Sunday September 29th, 2019: PM Boris Johnson said UK can still leave with NO Deal and failed to deny asking EU nations to block extension, ramping up speculation that he is planning to bypass the law that stops the UK from crashing out of the EU without a deal, writes The Guardian.

The GBP/USD exchange rate sank on Friday,  September 27, following the Bank of England’s (BoE) policymaker, Michael Saunders, commented that the Bank of England could be forced to cut interest rates even if Britain manages to avoid a no-deal Brexit.

Boris Johnson also said he has "no interest to declare" over his links with former model Jennifer Arcuri. It follows claims that the American entrepreneur received public money and privileged access to foreign trade missions while Mr Johnson was London mayor, writes Skynews.

Friday September 27th, 2019:  SNP has expressed support for a no confidence vote against Boris Johnson and are ready to accept Jeremy Corbyn or anyone else as caretaker PM .

Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament for five weeks was unlawful, the Supreme Court says.

“That advice (to the Queen e.n.) was unlawful. It was outside the powers of the Prime Minister to give it. This means that it was null and of no effect”it states in the judgement of the Supreme Court.

Leaders of the opposition are asking for his resignation with voices from the Tory suggesting the same path.

Two of the opposition leaders have asked for the PM’s resignation with voices from the Conservative Party suggesting the same path.

The British prime minister,  indicated early this week that he would not feel obliged to resign if the justices rule he misled the Queen in his reasons for suspending parliament.

This confirms what we already knew – Boris Johnson isn’t fit to be prime minister. He’s misled Queen and country, and unlawfully silenced the people’s representatives. - twitted Jo Swinson, Lib Dems leader.

Jeremy Crbyn asked for Boris Johnson’s resignation in an unexpected address to the party conference in Brighton following the bombshell Brexit judgement. 

“I will be in touch immediately to demand that Parliament is recalled so we can question that Prime Minister, demand that he obeys the law that’s been passed by Parliament and recognise our parliament is elected by our people to hold our government to account.” Corbyn stated.

Speaking outside of the court, Ian Blackford, SNP MP for Ross, Skye and Lochaber said: "It is now very clear we have a job to do, we must be back in parliament immediately."

He added Mr Johnson "must resign immediately".

We will be back with updates.


Boris Johnson suspended - or prorogued - Parliament for five weeks earlier this month, arguing it was necessary in order to hold a Queen's Speech and set out a new legislative programme.

But the court said it was wrong to stop MPs carrying out their duties in the run-up to Brexit on 31 October.

Supreme Court president Lady Hale said "the effect [of prorogation] on the fundamentals of democracy was extreme" and the government had provided no justification for it also underlying that the avice given by the PM to the Queen was unlawful.

The PM has promised the UK will leave on that date, with or without a deal with the EU, but before the prorogation, Parliament passed a law intended to force a delay instead of allowing a no-deal exit.

What do you think? Should Boris Johnson resign?



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257 Responses

  1. Carolyn Wallace says:

    Closing down parliament for a few days prior to the Queen’s speech is normal.
    Closing down parliament for weeks to avoid confrontation/debate/scrutiny on the terms of Brexit, albeit sometime before the Queen’s speech, is an illegal reason.
    Nothing to do with Brexit itself…. nothing to do with votes in or out…. nothing to do with ‘should we go softly or hard’… purely the fact that the reason given for the closure was a lie otherwise it would have been closed, as before, for a few days not weeks. The reason given was not true – it closed parliament to avoid debate and criticism, which in a democracy (are we still a democracy?) is illegal.

  2. ian parkinson says:

    so Johnson should stay should he I have yet to hear or read a valid reason as to why all the old rhetoric about we won you lost is getting boring now what you leavers do not seem able to see is that with a no deal LEAVE NO ONE WINS you also want to ask your selves is why is he so set on leaving on the 31 oct. why not 31 nov or the 31 sept. ? ? ?

  3. DAVID A JAMES says:

    No he should not resign he seems to be the only one trying to do things for the people. but time will tell.

  4. Stephen Gilchrist says:

    If Boris has to resign, then so should every other MP in Parliament! They have ALL lied to us and each other! 75% of MP’s were voted in on the promises they made in there party manifestos! Every party said they would deliver the referendum result and take us out of the EU! Labour even promised to scrap Uni fees! And then said they couldn’t fund it anyway! So NO Boris should NOT resgn, he is doing what was promised and Parliament doesn’t like it! 31st October will be the UK’s independence day!

  5. jed says:

    Don’t give in Boris you have Nigel Farage in the wings to help you in an election .

  6. jed says:

    Leave Boris alone he is only what he promised to do . As for Corbyn he is against everything . He said he wanted an election now he says not until brexit is sorted . He has no chance in another election bring on Nigel Farage he would make the remoaners laughing stock .

  7. TONY Stark says:

    Britain’s needs a General Elections Asap.
    This Idiot/ Drunker Boris Johnson Lied to Our Respectable Majesty Queen Elizabeth.. To Our Public and to the Mp’s.. Power to Our Public to Choose a Mr Rigth Candidate than don’t Say Stupid Lies.. WE Cannot Leave the EU without a Deal. Leave without a Deal wel’ll be a Massive Drastic Consequences on Our Economy and Society and International Relationships. Please open Your Eyes a Britain’s. 😡

  8. Ion Griffis says:

    He should resign he has broken the Law if us commoners break the law we go to prison… No one should be above the Laws of the land not even Brexiters or Remainers spitting out their dummies because they want their own way.

  9. Marion Stanton says:

    Why oh why oh why do brexiteers keen going on about democracy when the whole brexit campaign was rigged and full of lies.

  10. Paul says:

    Remainiacs are tearing up our constitution. I think this was an ill considered ruling that the judiciary will come to regret in the “Fullness of Time” as they have entered the United Kingdom Independence (Brexit) fray – A very Bad move!

    Bercow and his mates have been shredding convention after convention to get their way and we ended up in this situation because of that. We now have a legislature that proposes and enacts legislation in order to force the executive to follow courses of action it disagrees with. This is serious stuff and basically now means that unless a government has a very clear majority the UK is now ungovernable.

    Bercow and the rebels are accountable to nobody. Where is el presedente Bercows manifesto or popular mandate?

    The establishment is playing with fire here – Very dangerous move they will deeply regret.

    The Supreme Court verdict and Paperwork is being looked at very carefully – As I type.

  11. David Edwards says:

    Of course he should resign! Every time he opens his mouth he lies. He is dangerous and should never have been allowed to hold office in the first place! This whole Brexit mess is as a result of in house fighting within the Tory party and nothing to do with what’s in the best interest of our Country!

    • Eunice Treanor says:

      No he should not resign all politicians are liars all he is doing is trying bring about the democratic vote that 17.4 million people voted for ok some would say it was a narrow win none the less it was 17.4 leave that won the referendum,that 3yrs down the road has still not been honoured, Theresa May was a traitorous remainer who should never have been Prime Minister now there is a liar if ever there was one so no he SHOULD NOT RESIGN

    • Peter Webb says:

      Spot on, David. Boris is a total liability. Nobody voted for him, he’s only interested in himself, he’s now a laughing stock and he should go before he causes any more damage.

    • Denise Williams says:

      Hear hear well said.

    • David Adams says:

      And i suppose you are another expert.

  12. Sharon t says:

    Boris should be backed all the way ,lets get on with what we voted for ,had enough of the bloody remainers now theyve tried to stop brexit from day one ,im all for boris

  13. Hanuman Sumananda says:

    Johnson is a fascist and a liar. If you really think that this rich guy is going to lie to parliament, the Queen, his bosses, cheat on his wife and actually admits to making stuff up, but he’ll tell you, the ‘great British public’ the truth about Brexit and why all these rich Tories want it?
    They are doing it to line their own pockets. This is why they are telling you that another vote would be undemocratic……what? As opposed to just going ahead with whatever Johnson says? That is Fascism and a dictatorship. Not democracy.

  14. mike scott-ram says:

    Since he became PM he has pushed the limits of what is allowable to a ridiculous degree and his attitude shows contempt is hard wired into him. He dismisses democratic procedures as thought they were nothing and it is not hard to imagine him taking on extra powers and installing himself as dictator.Totally unfit to be PM.

  15. Constance Sleaze says:

    No surprise about the lies
    All Bojo’s supporters can do is say why did Major get away with it then?
    Doesn’t make it anymore right that Bozo … oops I mean… BoJo tried it too does it?
    Didn’t BoJo’s bozos hear before… 2 wrongs don’t make a right ?
    But he just keeps digging and digging his hole deeper still why won’t he resign? because the Tory CONS have lost their majority in Parliament and will likely lose the next general election then we will see how these Brexiteers feel about democracy then… hopefully without this hard brexit “no deal exit” debacle…
    when will BoJo’s Bozos wake up??

  16. Pamela Diane says:

    Boris should not resign. He has not done anything wrong. Parliament has paused for the conference season for a very long time. Parliament stops, usually for about 5 days, prior to a Queens Speech being presented. So the total amount of time that Parliament would usually have closed is exactly the same as it was meant to this time. If MPs were so comcerned about needing time to deal with Brexit then maybe they should have cancelled their summer recess or have actually done something over the last 3.5 yrs.
    I have more confidence and faith in Boris than in 90% of the rest of Parliament.

  17. sandra richardson says:

    this whole debacle is totally disgusting, 30 million plus people voted on a ballot that said remain or leave, they did not vote on deal or no deal, if they did not learn the facts regarding the question more fool them…leave won end of, dont care about percentages a win is a win, get another general election and resolve it that way because I for one will not vote in a second referendum, implement the vote as it was not a best of 3 vote, Boris is doing what we want and has been thwarted at every turn ..get over yourselves snowflakes…if you voted either way you had a democratic right so why can leave not have their democratic win implemented..

  18. Alan R Page says:

    Boris should not resign either as PM or Tory leader, simply because that would mean in the latter case a protracted election process which would require an extension to the Article 50 process beyond the end of March 2020 when the implications of the EU’s Anti Tax Avoidance Directive would be applied, bringing the taxation relationship the UK has with the Crown Dependencies and British Overseas Territories into conflict with EU law. Much better to stick in there, purge the Party of ‘remainers’ and fight a GE with an “accommodation” with the Brexit Party (currently Torys polling 38%, Brexit Party 14%). There are historically Labour but now Leave constituencies like, I heard today, Bishop Auckland, where voting Tory is anathema but voting Brexit Party is the option of choice. A Tory/Brexit Party coalition could well form a majority in England which would possibly give an overall UK majority with the Northern Irish UDP. Don’t look to Scotland for much help in that quarter.

  19. Chris Takel says:

    It doesn’t matter about the vote in this instance, he lied to Parliament, he lied to the Queen and he lied to the public. He is untrustworthy and unfit for office because of this. Someone with more moral scruples should immediately take his place!

  20. SHIRLEY EVANS says:

    Boris Johnson should definitely NOT resign,As for the court case .Why did corrupt John Major get away with shutting parliament when the Cash for Questions issue got too hot for him to handle.Probably because he was on the take himself(As are the Judges in this case in my opinion)The other reason is, Corbyn is either senile or cant decide what his manifesto will be. In, one week -out, the next.Jo Swinson is the equivalent of a Dictatorship(We will just reverse the referendum-Stuff the 17.4 million-WHO DID know what they were voting for)And the greens,well words fail me.As far as I am concerned he is the only one attempting to deliver what was decided 3 years ago.AND voted on by a majority in Parliament.Nothing will convince me that the Mps trying to stop Brexit are not corrupt.Paid by EU in my opinion.They are all a disgrace to the country.

    • Ruth Millar says:

      The truth is that Boris johnson stands to make an obcene amount of money if the UK crashes out of the EU without a deal. THAT is the single most important thing to him. He was once a US citizen, and renounced his US citizenship in order to rid himself of a hefty tax bill which remains unpaid. His Gods are money and power, and he cares for nothing and no-one outside of that. Don’t believe me? Do you research. I have two words for you. Hedge funds.

    • ann pegg says:

      i agree totally with you Shirley ,these judges should not have any power in parliament at all ,this means anyone with loads of money gets to stop our democracy ,people are wiped aside for wanting to save our country and democracy and independent christian lives ,its time to rid our country of all these traitors

      • linda isaacs says:

        I agree,and as for blaming the Tory Party for all this chaos and corruption going on,LIEBOUR has one and one only objective along with other parties and that is to get Corbyn into num 10,he talks about bj like he is a criminal,to be calling the kettle black is a laugh,backhanders flying all over the shot,false promises,look at the crap he tried to pull over the peoples eyes in his last campaign,now its close schools,take from better off etc, etc…..who does he think he is Robin Hood,Parliament don’t care about the people,its all about what they can each gain from their corrupt,lying behaviour,its a headhunter tribe of corbyn’s plan to cause as much school yard chaos as he can,and all those has been PMs putting their oar in,that’s a laugh on its own with their backgrounds,wonder how much they were paid to slither out of the closet.Remainers should not complain about anything ie the NHS,policing,housing etc,etc because they are allowing the EU to rip the heart out of this country,take as much money as they can and take our freedom,and DO NOT post things about our Heroic men who fought two wars to keep OUR country free,you do not deserve that right,wasted lives i say with us going under German rule unless we leave.

    • sandra richardson says:

      you are so right, we have been taken over by snowflakes and idiots, this has now set a precedent for government to be taken to court on any matter a person disagrees with, we have been let down very badly and our democratic vote has been swept under a corrupt rug..we have now become the laughing stock of the world

    • d blakey says:

      who said he lied . how on earth does anyone know what was said, judges say parliament tells bojo what to do and mps say therefore he should do it or resign , the people tell parliament what to do and they dont so the whole bloody lot should resign

    • Peter Webb says:

      The referendum was advisory only. It is an “alien graft” onto our democratic system which has, for centuries, determined “the public will” through elections, not referenda. The referendum is a process imported, ironically enough, from Europe. It’s a technique used by dictators to provide the illusion of seeking public sanction for their illicit ends, whilst in reality giving quasi-justification for the kind of violent action advocated by others on here, such as David Owens at 4:38pm. We live in a Parliamentary Democracy, not a chaotic anarchy.

      Nothing was decided three and a half years ago – there was a plebiscite advising Parliament of public opinion at that moment in time but “the people” themselves were able to decide nothing. Parliament makes decisions on our behalf. In a democracy that’s why we elect MPs. People’s views change over time, so we have elections every 4 years. Nothing is written in stone. You cannot say that the result of a referendum 4 years ago is still valid any more than an election is.

      Finally your comments about the honesty of any public servant who doesn’t share your extreme views. John Major, the judges, the MPs trying to stop Brexit. According to you these are all corrupt individuals taking bribes from the EU. What utter nonsense! You do not have a shred of evidence to prove that they are on the take and if named individuals became aware of your allegations they would be justified in suing you for defamation. Be careful.

    • Andrew Gower says:

      Well said

    • Sean Meffin says:

      Hear hear Shirley

    • Shirley Reeves says:

      No, he should not resign. He is the only one who is doing everything possible to get us out of the EU and by the 31st October with traitors all around him. He was advised to prorogue parliament by the Attorney General which means the Attorney General is responsible for the decision. I agree that John Major and Tony Blair should have been ashamed of themselves attending the court to give evidence against someone who has done nothing wrong. 17.4 million people voted to get out and MPs are doing every traitorous act to stop them.

  21. Mike Don says:

    He’s been caught bang to rights acting unlawfully. An old-school Tory would already have handed in his resignation; But Johnson sees himself a a Trump mini-me scofflaw. Go now, and take Dom (The Mekon) Cummings with you

  22. Colin Wright says:

    He should definitely not resign .. He is the only one who is trying to deliver on a democratic vote . Which was won by leave.

    • Chris Takel says:

      It doesn’t matter about the vote in this instance, he lied to Parliament, he lied to the Queen and he lied to the public. He is untrustworthy and unfit for office because of this. Someone with more moral scruples should immediately take his place!

    • Are you allowed out without a carer? Never seen so many dickheads as you lot in one place. Maybe you go around shoplifting and stealing and mugging people all the time as you really have no respect for decency or honesty. EVERYONE with a braincell (working) knows that the referendum was fraudulent. Also you lie a lot 17.4 million DID NOT know what they were voting for because ALL the Leave leaders were saying that we would stay in the single market. and ifyou say you voted for a “no deal” (another dickheads expression) then you are a liar as “no deal” was only mentioned the first time in 2017. The only disgrace to the country that I can see is the total lack of any real education in the idiots posting crap here

    • Marion Stanton says:

      Why oh why oh why do brexiteers keen going on about democracy when the whole brexit campaign was rigged and full of lies.

  23. Margaret Paterson says:

    He should be made to resign as he has told his MPs ,the public and the Queen lies ,his whole few weeks in office has been a lie

  24. Jude Biscoe says:

    He can’t be trusted to tell the truth … simple as that!

    • John Doherty says:

      And Corbyn can?

    • chris says:

      show me one politician who can be trusted ??? I have looked for years and found 000.000 anywhere

    • David Adams says:

      You know him well then?

    • Wendy Garfitt says:

      So are you saying that Major didn’t lie when he prorogued parliament, that Blair didn’t lie when he dumped us into an illegal war, that Cameron didn’t lie when he said he would abide by the will of the democratic vote of the people and May didn’t lie when she promised she was going to get us out of the ridiculous EU. Boris has not lied, he is carrying out the will of the people

  25. Martin says:

    He can’t open his mouth without lying.

  26. vanessa cooper says:

    im with bojo one million percent, he done nothuing wrong how come major got away with it for 7 weekws then??? no very biased people around including those of the supreme court who like many others are receiving back handers from the eu, get us out borris, and then we can laugh when the rest of the eu crumbles like a house of cards

    • Valerie Matthews says:

      Got away with it? He is supposed to be guiding the Country through the Brexit process, NOT running away! He has lost EVERY vote so far , and you are suggesting he knows better than Eleven Supreme Court Judges, This Judgement has NOTHING to do with Brexit , it is about lying to the Queen to get hisd own way. He is, and always has been. an utter disgrace.

    • Shirley Reeves says:

      Vanessa – I totally agree. He shouldn’t resign. Remainers are just trying every trick in the book to stop Brexit. I can’t wait to get out and preferably with NO DEAL. We didn’t vote for a deal we voted to Leave. The remainers have never accepted the result of the referendum and won’t accept they LOST.

  27. Paul Butcher-Fielding says:

    Johnson has been caught out yet again but lies to H M Queen is totally unacceptable so he should fall on his sword NOW

    • Dave Owens says:

      So, you are privy to what was said between the PM and the Queen, eh? Even the judges don’t KNOW what was said and are at best guessing and at worst, traitors to our country. Well, we WILL leave the EU and I strongly suggest that people like you cross the channel because should civil war/ unrest break out, it is people like you who WE will be coming for, mark my words!

    • Dianne says:

      HE SHOULD NOT RESIGN. If hes made to I will never vote again!!!! How much money has been WASTED on these court cases? Bl…y RIDICULOUS!!!

  28. Terry says:

    The British people voted to come out of the EU the vote said we should he is simply trying to exercise the Democratic right of the people’s vote. 😡

  29. Christine coates says:

    Boris should not resign has he was doing what 17:4 million.people wanted him to do he should leave eu on w to

  30. john ramsey says:

    Boris the clown should be sack outright for lying to Queen and lying PM

    • Wendy Garfitt says:

      Do you have inside information or were you there when Boris spoke to the Queen. I think the answer to both those questions is NO!!! You need to look at the fairly recent politicians who have been PROVEN liars and traitors

  31. Glen Shakespeare says:

    He deliberately lied to the Queen. To Parliament and to the people. He effectively turned the country into a dictatorship. He did it purely to avoid Parliamentary scrutiny of his actions. Given the true reason behind calling the Brexit referendum. The EU Anti Tax Avoidance Directive that is unforgivable.

    • Terree Selby says:

      Agree 100%. This judgement was not about Brexit it was about misleading the people and parliament – oh and the queen. It was about stifling democracy and interfering with parliamentary processes. He should resign. He has behaved, or tried to behave, like a pound shop dictator and he needs to go.

  32. Liz says:

    So many people gave their lives in in WW2. Fighting fascism. One of the early manifestations of Fascism is attacking independent institutions like the judiciary (saying judges are ‘Remainer traitors’ ) and the civil service.

    • Dale says:

      Boris should not resign
      He has done nothing wrong apart from respect the vote leave you all forget Corbyn was walking with the IRA and condemned our own forces also never attended any veteran days or respect and as far as the queen he dont even attend or respect her.our closest allies are america and all he does is cause havoc to Americas come on guys boris or Corbyn dont make me laugh boris all the way 100%

  33. Royston Webb says:

    Boris Johnson has misled Parliament and lied to the Queen,he has broken the law. He knew exactly what he was doing in proroguing Parliament for so long. He is a serial liar and he should resign today. We cannot have a criminal as Prime Minister.

  34. Alan Walford says:

    This is not the fault of Boris he was working for the 17.4 million who wish to leave only to be brought down by Bercow Labour and the rest of the remainers. This has been a complete plot to bring the Government down including the latest Gina miller case of which several judges worked within the Eu.It is not normal for 11 supreme judges to all to agree that it was unlawful The people who have lied Bercow Corbyn are getting away with it. The public will not stand back any loner and be dictated to

  35. lynne bond says:

    Boris Johnson should not resign. He should make sure we leave the EU on 31st October. The remoaners in parliament should resign, theyre traitors and don’t respect the will of the people.

  36. Wieslaw Piatkiewicz says:

    First he has to lie in front of a bulldozer….

  37. Christine Ewart says:

    Johnson is only acting for his own self interest and the interest of his millionaire friends who want us out of the European Union because it will cost them if we remain.The first thing the Tories would do should we come out is Scrap the Human Rights act, we have the lowest paid Pensions in Europe and the poorest Benefit System The Tories would like to make it worse. Don’t let the Lies of the Few Millionaires ruin life for the many at the bottom of the pay scale if we come out of Europe once again it will be the poorest who suffer, but the rich at the top will be much better off. GET RID OF THE LIAR

    • SHIRLEY EVANS says:

      If our benefits system is the lowest in Europe,Why are immigrants in camps at Calais waiting to come here.Why do they not settle in one of the other EU countries they have passed through.Which they ARE legally supposed to do.Viva La France,Media don’t mention them either.

  38. Lance dorrell says:

    The judges holding British people in contempt

    • Dianne says:

      HE SHOULD NOT RESIGN. If hes made to I will never vote again!!!! How much money has been WASTED on these court cases? Bl…y RIDICULOUS!!!

  39. Alan Phipps says:

    Anyone with an ounce of respect for democracy knows that this is a Remain establishment stitch up.
    Why are they not investigating the Electoral Commission for Remain bias? They are clearly unfit for purpose. The Serious Crime Agency have completely exonerated Arron Banks after subjecting him to years of false allegations & harassment. I believe he is planning to sue & hope he takes the biased fakes to the cleaners.
    This Remain elite bullying campaign has to be stopped, lets have a General Election & see what exactly it is that the people want.
    The people have already spoken emphatically in the Euro elections & that’s why the Remoaner’s of the House are absolutely terrified of us having another say.
    When populism takes a hold in Britain just remember who it was who caused it.

    • Shirley Reeves says:

      Alan Phipps – Totally agree with you. Its unbelievable how low remainers will sink to stop us leaving the EU. Corruption of the highest level.

  40. James scott says:

    How can a country be governed by a proven liar,and still saying out at 31st Oct,he will not obey the law of the land,GO your time is over and take your greedy group with you.

  41. Mike Hitchcock says:

    The Supreme Court carefully side-stepped the issue of whether Johnson lied to the Queen. The Scottish court was less diplomatic and said he ‘misled’ her.

    You lie to your monarch, you go. End of. Boris won’t, though as he has all the moral integrity of a dog on a croquet lawn.

  42. Steve D.. says:

    How you ass’ole remoaners have the audacity to even use the word ‘democracy’ and as for truth and honesty don’t make me laugh!!

    • Chata says:

      Of course he should resign but the pompous wazzok won’t. He lied through his teeth to HRH and tried to fob off that the extended prorogue wasn’t anything to do with brexit and to gain time to let the clock run out. He’s been caught out and if he has a ounce of decency, he should voluntary step down.

  43. Justin Robinson says:

    Parliament and the judiciary have shown nothing but contempt for the British people’s decision to leave the EU in 2016. Clearly they will stop at nothing to stop Boris from getting us out on October 31st. If they win, Britain will no longer be able to call itself a democracy. Bring on the General Election. Time to Leave the EU, drain the swamp in Parliament and remind the judiciary that democracy matters.

    • Polly Rodwell says:

      He should resign because he is incompetent. I have it on good authority from someone I know in the Foreign Office that this was the general opinion of him

  44. John Macpherson says:

    Government are elected by the people trusting that they will do the best for ALL the population of the uk. This defiant government are only running the country as their own business using OUR money and no respect for the people ,Lying in every action that they do

  45. Helen Turnbull says:

    I don’t think he should resign the courts are run by remainers and their finding is not legal

  46. Sarah Phillips says:

    They have trashed our bill of rights. Driven roughshod over our ability to govern. The powers are no longer separate. How can a PM govern with the courts dangled above his head. He must not resign. Take us out on Oct 31.

  47. Betty Curtis says:

    Democracy this is breathtaking where is the democracy of 7.4 million people. This government is tarnished they are disgusting come on Boris appeal and hopefully the Queen can prove you didn’t lie and that her ministers are corrupt taking money from Europe only thinking about their own pockets I’m totally disgusted with the complete biased judges

  48. says:

    I don’t think he should NOT resign he is working for the benefit of the UK it’s sad that the majority of the parliament are not doing the same they are supposed be working for the people not them

  49. Glenys Hutchinson says:

    I didn’t vote that he should resign – yet you ask me to comment on why I voted that he should. Your whole system is flawed. You did this the other day on another vote – your system is rigged.

    • SHIRLEY EVANS says:

      Yes I noticed that.Like everything else to do with REMAIN.Skewed.

    • Lynn James says:

      I voted Boris MUST NOT RESIGN, your reply was !!!!! my reason for saying he should so, telling me even a snap vote is rigged against the Berxiteers. P.M. Bobris Johnson is the only one trying to, carry out the democratic once in a lifetime vote of 17.4 million people, to leave the corrupt E.U. I believe we left in March, So carry on Boris.

  50. Berny Marsden says:

    He has nothing but contempt for the law, democracy, the British people, Parliament, truth, honesty and decency.

    • Annette says:

      Democracy, what democracy. He was trying to honour democracy by honouring the referendum vote but I forgot its only democratic if we stay in the EU

    • Pam Dewell says:

      What is democratic about ignoring the referendum rest.

    • Andy says:

      Boris is a congenital compulsive liar, he has lied to his wives, to his mistresses, his girlfriends, his one night stands. The most honest thing he’s ever admitted is that he doesn’t know how many children he’s fathered. He’s lied to his employers and been fired by the editor of the Times for plagiarism and fired by Michael Howard, the then shadow leader of the opposition for lying about an affair. He’s lied to his constituents, telling them he would lay himself down in front of the earth movers to stop the third runway at Heathrow and then ran off to Afghanistan to avoid voting in the House of Commons. He has lied to a House of Commons Committee looking into the missing £31million in the failed Garden Bridge across the Thames – being told by the Chair “That’s all very nice Boris, but none of its true” who then requested the police to investigate. He’s been found guilty of lying to the Queen.
      And so many people still believe him.

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