Should Boris Johnson Resign?

Should Boris Johnson Resign?

Should Boris Johnson Resign - Flash Poll result

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The final result is here. The majority of our readers have decided that Boris Johnson should keep his job.

Our further analysis is under work, but here are the key figures.

Fifty eight percent (58%) voted NO, supporting the UK PM to keep his office. That is 19605 votes for this option.

Nevertheless, forty two percent (48%) voted YES, strongly suggesting that Boris Johnson should quit his job. That is 14448 votes.

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This poll has has seen spikes of interest every time Boris Johnson made some critical moves.

When Boris Johnson suspended the Parliament

When Supreme court ruled his move as illegal.

When Boris Johnson negotiated the Brexit deal.

When Boris Johnson failed to take UK out of EU on 31st of October.

This story ended October 31, 2019.

Final Update: UK General Election has been set for 12 December 2019. The resignation of Boris Johnson is irrelevant as he chose "to be judged by the people". And so he will.

He also promised to take UK out of EU by October 31, with or with out a deal but he faced strong opposition to his "Die or Do" Brexit approach.

The British Pound oscillated since 24th of July, his first day in office, but ended up with pretty much the same value.

Earlier updates:

October 21: Scotland's highest court has delayed a decision on whether the prime minister has fully complied with a law requiring him to ask for a Brexit extension.

October 19 later in the night: Boris Johnson has sent an unsigned letter to tEU asking for a BREXIT delay, and second arguing against it.

October 19: Boris Johnson manged to get a deal approved by EU but MPs voted to postpone ratification expressing fears that UK might crash with NO-deal if required legislation will not be passed.

Earlier in October 2019: Boris Johnson has been forced to deny an allegation that he groped a female journalist.

Sunday September 29th, 2019: PM Boris Johnson said UK can still leave with NO Deal and failed to deny asking EU nations to block extension, ramping up speculation that he is planning to bypass the law that stops the UK from crashing out of the EU without a deal, writes The Guardian.

The GBP/USD exchange rate sank on Friday,  September 27, following the Bank of England’s (BoE) policymaker, Michael Saunders, commented that the Bank of England could be forced to cut interest rates even if Britain manages to avoid a no-deal Brexit.

Boris Johnson also said he has "no interest to declare" over his links with former model Jennifer Arcuri. It follows claims that the American entrepreneur received public money and privileged access to foreign trade missions while Mr Johnson was London mayor, writes Skynews.

Friday September 27th, 2019:  SNP has expressed support for a no confidence vote against Boris Johnson and are ready to accept Jeremy Corbyn or anyone else as caretaker PM .

Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament for five weeks was unlawful, the Supreme Court says.

“That advice (to the Queen e.n.) was unlawful. It was outside the powers of the Prime Minister to give it. This means that it was null and of no effect”it states in the judgement of the Supreme Court.

Leaders of the opposition are asking for his resignation with voices from the Tory suggesting the same path.

Two of the opposition leaders have asked for the PM’s resignation with voices from the Conservative Party suggesting the same path.

The British prime minister,  indicated early this week that he would not feel obliged to resign if the justices rule he misled the Queen in his reasons for suspending parliament.

This confirms what we already knew – Boris Johnson isn’t fit to be prime minister. He’s misled Queen and country, and unlawfully silenced the people’s representatives. - twitted Jo Swinson, Lib Dems leader.

Jeremy Crbyn asked for Boris Johnson’s resignation in an unexpected address to the party conference in Brighton following the bombshell Brexit judgement. 

“I will be in touch immediately to demand that Parliament is recalled so we can question that Prime Minister, demand that he obeys the law that’s been passed by Parliament and recognise our parliament is elected by our people to hold our government to account.” Corbyn stated.

Speaking outside of the court, Ian Blackford, SNP MP for Ross, Skye and Lochaber said: "It is now very clear we have a job to do, we must be back in parliament immediately."

He added Mr Johnson "must resign immediately".

We will be back with updates.


Boris Johnson suspended - or prorogued - Parliament for five weeks earlier this month, arguing it was necessary in order to hold a Queen's Speech and set out a new legislative programme.

But the court said it was wrong to stop MPs carrying out their duties in the run-up to Brexit on 31 October.

Supreme Court president Lady Hale said "the effect [of prorogation] on the fundamentals of democracy was extreme" and the government had provided no justification for it also underlying that the avice given by the PM to the Queen was unlawful.

The PM has promised the UK will leave on that date, with or without a deal with the EU, but before the prorogation, Parliament passed a law intended to force a delay instead of allowing a no-deal exit.

What do you think? Should Boris Johnson resign?



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257 Responses

  1. Helen Pickford says:

    Nothing but death and distraction in this country since tories got in in 2010 their supporters have been living in a dream world while the rest of the country have been living in hell , never giving a thought to our NHS sick and disabled, elderly and homeless , this government have done absolutely nothing to help them instead we have seen thousands of deaths due to their miss handling of the whole situation. Governments were put in place for the people by the people but this government apposes it’s people which tells me they are not politicians and they definitely aren’t here for the poorer part of the country and never will be so all Tory politicians are Liars and are not fit for job they are supposed to do ,10 whole years of deception, cruelty’ and their manufactured Austerity! Just resign Johnson it’s the least you can do , the only problem is for you it will make millions of people happy (now we can’t have that can we ) you don’t want the poor to be happy !!

    • Lynda Cripps says:

      You must have a very short memory, Tories took over a country that labour had bankrupted, they had no choice but to put in austerity measures to get us back on an even keel which they have done to their credit. As long as we are tied to the EU and paying them billions every month when there are other countries who don’t pay anything then our NHS, police etc are going to suffer!!

      • Valerie Matthews says:

        Labour did NOT bankrupt the Country! An International Money Crisis occurred whilst they were in power Are you aware , under the Tories the National debt Has risen to 2.1 TRILLION POUNDS , all whist imposing draconian cute on the poorest whilst giving tax breaks to the richest! Just because some idiot in Labour left a silly note does not make it true ! If you want to rreal disaster , look forward a few months and you will realise under Labour it was Paradise for most people .



  3. RolyG says:

    This is [Rubbish]

  4. bren says:

    blame Labour. blame lib dems. blame the traitors of tory’s for not honouring the referendum vote

  5. Ruth Degan says:

    To all the brexitiers on here voting conservative in order to leave the EU, let me ask you this. How do you know we will be better off outside of the European Union? Because Boris said so on the side of a bus, where he promised £350 million a week to the NHS? The very same NHS that he and is party are now selling off to the US and companies in which many of his party have vested interest. So leave the EU and become the 51st state. So you back Bojo because you want to leave. How many of the other Tory policies do you agree with? You can all afford private health care for you and your families? You’re happy that funding for public services is being cut time and again by the current government? You don’t care that schools your children attend are underfunded, class sizes of nearly 40, no equipment, no teachers, unqualified people teaching your children. You don’t care that the NHS is on its knees, nurses exhausted, physically and mentally because of underfunding. Junior doctors working 96 hr weeks because there aren’t enough of them because of tuition fees. You don’t care that the fire service has been relentlessly cut and all Bojo could say when questioned was ‘get stuffed’. Spoken like someone who clearly has no clue. And who amongst you voted for a no deal Brexit? Oh none of you. This GE is going to be all about remain or leave unfortunately. Unfortunate because leave will vote this proven liar back in to power regardless of his other policies that are driving the UK back to Victorian Britain. The irony is some of you voting for Bojo will end up worse off under his leadership but that won’t matter because we will be out of the EU.

    • David says:

      Respect the referendum vote . That’s democracy . Not your long winded load of garbage . Unless of course you have a Crystal ball !!!

      • Robert Warburton says:

        I would suggest it’s you that has the Crystal ball.Seeing as the UK larder is empty due to the Tories in power since 1979,in one guise or another(please note that statement before you come back,in one guise or another)and destroyed the UK manufacturing base on the orders of their true bosses,the banks and everything we made and the world lusted after and bought they now own.In the Globalized economy with the Tories throwing away world trade to join the EU and who now have their own trade deals brought about when the Tory UK cast them adrift.If you have any kind of inkling as to what post Brexit UK it is now your duty to tell each and every,should I leave or should I go,because the Bullingdon scammers have not done so in nearly 4 years.Have a think before you come back attacking common sense because the Union and its people would like to know if we are going to do a lemming jump in our bolt together society for the likes of Nissan and all our foreign owned Motor manufacrpturers for a toe hold in the biggest tariff free market in the world,or was until the Final Brexit.

      • George Jenkinson says:

        no crystal ball. Just a suspicion of rich tories and a functioning brain.

      • Tracey says:

        Sorry but people have a right to know what they are voting for. And quite frankly it’s a sell out. And you think it’s ok to have our NHS sold to America. I don’t think so. A referendum on a better deal that will protect our country is what is needed now.

    • S dyer says:

      You and labour obviously di not believe in democracy!! Enough Said!! Go cry to mommy!!

    • Robert McCombe says:

      Ruth Degan, I think you’ve managed to cover all the bases. Well said.

    • Matt says:

      Very well said 👍👍👍

    • Stephanie says:

      I voted out.. if that means no deal then great as long as we leave I don’t care how it’s done anything is better than being stuck in the EU under a dictatorship and this is a big world with more than one continent in it.. and I sick of people bringing up that bus because anyone with half a brain would realise they ment the money would go to things like the NHS… But no one is stupid enough to think that only the nhs would have got money.. I would be going to education housing homelessness disabled elderly carers and anyone else in this country in need.. grow up and stop harping on about the bus..

    • Bill Smith says:

      Ruth Degan,
      You have well been brain washed by the left. Most of your rant is about how the Tories did not do this or did not do that.
      The truth of the matter is austerity was caused by labour, Brown sold off our gold at the bottom of the market, Labour introduced food banks, Labour was selling off the NHS and selling off our hospitals to PFI companies for 13yrs whilst Blair and Brown were in office.
      We now have more Doctors, Nurses and more people (particularly young people) in work than we have had for the last 30yrs.
      As far as class sizes are concerned and long waiting times for medical attention at hospitals, clinics etc. With open EU borders (that Labour support), we have 100’s of thousands, if not millions more people to look after and children to teach, so yes it’s hard for schools and the NHS to keep up.
      Junior doctors have always worked very long hours, they have been quoting these figures since 1948 when the NHS was formed.
      All the lefty MP’s were suggesting that Donald Trump was after the NHS and in his visit to the UK he was asked about this, he didn’t even know what the NHS was, just scare mongering. Trump has since said that the NHS will never be included in any trade deals with the US.
      Every thing you have quoted in your post above Ruth, is absolutely futile and miss quoted in every way.
      You will no doubt vote for comrade Corbyn and his communist followers, well best of luck, you will be a loser once again.
      Labour are full of rich people telling poor people that they will protect them from the rich people whilst making themselves even richer.
      Just to finish, I wonder if the leader of the Lib Dem’s will share the £3.5 million grant here family business received from the EU. I bet not !

      • Jenny Curry says:

        I totally agree with you Ruth,you talk sense
        I remember the last time Labour Left office, and the Conservatives moved in there was a letter from Labour saying ,”(There’s nothing left in the pot “) so Labours Fairytale proposals £10 per hr for even 16 year olds,
        Get rid of tuition fees,30 hours free child care for 2/4 year olds, free school meals, free prescriptions for all,etc etc,where the hell is all this coming from,he’s going to build more houses and social houses too,hospitals
        This is the Government that last time almost Bankrupted our Country,PDF buildings cost treble what they were costed out to be.
        Let the gates open,let everyone in,then you won’t get a doctors appt or dentist etc etc.theve not payed a penny,
        So as I see it ,it’s all going out (money ) and not coming in ,Wow,Fairytales.

        • Jenny Curry says:

          No not Ruth, sorry I don’t agree with her, it’s Bill Smith. i agree with,
          I’m voting for a strong leadership, and that’s Boris .x

  6. Cynthia Kernohan says:

    Why would he need to resign when the Parliament is the worst ever since Oliver Cromwell. It has stymied him ar every turn and made things utterly impossible for The PM. It would be preferable if the Country at the Polls showed ire at the outrageous shenanigans of individual Parliamentarians of all colours and put them into limbo. THEY ARE THE REASON FOR THE POUND SLIDING AND THE GOVERNOR OF THE BANK OF ENGLAND HAS NOT HELPED THE SITUATION BY DIRE WARNINGS. This is not a game but the survival of the Country , we are in a serious situation and it is about time the Government was allowed to govern. The behaviour of the Parliament is an insult to the Office of PM and the Queen!

    • Robert McCombe says:

      Cynthia Kernohan, in answer to your question: Johnson is an arrogant, blustering serial liar, who has a total lack of integrity and, as such, should never be anywhere near the levers of power.

  7. caz says:

    nothing better out there !!!! so better the devil you know then the devil you dont know ,

    • Better than Labour or Lib Dem’s Anyway.One day you will all face the maker?The NHS cannot and will not be here forever totally impossible. The more outsiders you bring in will maximise the n h s to zero.Its ok all you worried about money. Labour git us in this shit because they didn’t know how to keep there money together only having big loans over and over.We must only bring the best into the country no cheap labour at all. Cut down totally on immigration .W3 have to because what I see is the start of a third world country ,will get worse under Corbyn .and that bitch Swinton she hates People claiming benefits and the disabled. I’m with. Boris or the Brexit party to get what I voted for .Get out of that corrupt dictatorship. .This is my country and I’m being invaded. If 4 million Brits descended in Poland ,Germany ,France .Romania ,Latvia?lithuania ,Hungary ,Bulgaria. do you really think they would make us welcome ,Give us council houses ,free n h s , I don’ lot are talking absolute rubbish about Boris.That n h s on the bus we can’t touch that money UNTIL we get out of the E U….N H S do get plenty and enough money but they abuse it and give it to the big guns instead of on the wards ,surgeries ,or equipment.and a lot is wasted ,and too many foreigners here ,or come here taking it. Of course you have your own opinions but who can you really pin down in the politicians as honest ,it’s not just Boris .They all promise and none give because they always find excuses why things don’t happen.

      • Jeremy Fryman says:

        Really a rather inarticulate and racist rant!
        You do the Brexit campaign a disservice with this.
        I am afraid you do seem to fit into the Brexxiteer stereotype.

  8. Paul says:

    Clearly for some, truth and honesty is not important. No wonder so many people voted for Brexit…

    • You’ve got a bloody cheek .who lied on the Remain side. Osbourne told ten lies to be exact none of his predictions happened. Liars .N HS was not promised it was a suggestion on the bus it saId £350 million COULD. BE SPENT ON THE N H S. .see the big C could could could got that now . Could be spent not has to be .Anyway grow up and read things carefully before you accuse like all the remoaners do ,they are the worst bunch of people I have come across.Never been round people like them in my life time spoilt little brats.i India wanted there independence from the u k because we went in and invaded there resources. Well now we want our independence from foreign invaders it’s got to stop .

  9. Isabella Clark says:

    Boris has been undaunting doing his job he has been faced with the undemocratic mps who are a disgrace to their country.Hold your head high Boris you have a job to finish and we are behind you all the way god bless.

  10. Jon says:

    Long live Boris get Brexit done

  11. Jennifer McLoughlin says:

    No he should not resign it is remain MP’s who went against their constituents who should resign. If Boris was PM and not Teresa May we would have been long gone from EU.

    • No Boris should not resign. For what.All the politicians would be out of a job if they were honest .Its not there nature and many things they propose they cannot undertake …My worry is should they get paid after this shambles they proposed WE were asked a question would you like to Remain in the EU or would you like to leave. Nothing else we chose LEAVE .and that’s what we want. .Too many hideous remoaners who want to see us fall into the trap all the other countries the e u poor poverty unemployed. we keep giving they keep taking .and they always will.We do not need ruling by disgusting corrupt beurocrats in Brussels foreign old men.

  12. Annie Gill says:

    No . He’s done his best . He can’t help it if Blair major brown corbyn bercow may and the rest of the scum in that den of enquiry are running to Brussels behind his back , anything to undermine him . None of them have any respect whatsoever for any pm unless it’s for stay in the EU . If Boris and Nigel got together they would be strong together . No one else other than the pm should be making any deals with Brussels . They’re all on the payroll and have committed every fraudulent deception they could think of . Now it’s time for them to pay the ferryman . And the price will be high for the lot of them . If it were me I would have the lot of them charged for high treason and all put in a firing line and shot as traitors because that’s what they are

    • Robert McCombe says:

      Annie Gill, you sound more deluded and dangerous than Johnson!
      Just one question, “How has being a member of the EU had a negative impact on your life?”)

    • Helen Pickford says:

      Blair was a Tory in the Labour camp sorry to burst you bubble, millions know already,you need to know your politics!

  13. Alison says:

    He made promises he knew he could not keep to get the top spot and us now childishly blaming the opposition because what was inevitable has happened. He needs to grow up, admit that he took a gamble and lost and make room for somebody who isnt reckless.

  14. Timothy says:

    Boris is the best chance of uk exiting the Eu with a deal he has achieved more then the previous prime minister in a very short time it is a pity he was not involved in the negotiations over three and a half years ago we would be Much further forward with the negotiations that is what a true believer in Brexit not a pretend leaver as what we had previously.Keep going Boris your doing a great job .

  15. Diana Byrne Craigie says:

    Yes. He has done enough damage to our country. I now feel ashamed of what was always my beloved country.

    • Paul says:

      I feel the same. So much shame that the office of PM has been degaded by this man and that so many ignorant people in this country not only dod not see it, they revere him as a hero. It is so sad. All we can do is get out and vote against him and his kind. Vote tactically. Look at who is most likely to beat the Tories, Labour, Libe dems or green and get out and vote for them. Time to make a stand and take bak control of our country.

      • Patricia says:

        A lot of people don’t want Lab/Lib in office. Broaden the outlook to Brexit Party. A new party to politics is what we need in Parliament not the same old Con vs Lab vs Lib. Time for a clear out.

      • Bill Smith says:

        How can you “take back control of our country” by staying in the the Federation of EU countries.
        If we stay in the EU we will lose all control of our own destiny and just be a province of the EU.

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