Ownership & funding information

Ownership & funding of British Opinions

Ownership & Assets

British Opinions (britishopinions.co.uk) is a privately owned online media outlet owned and operated by Semantica SRL Chisinau. company incorporated in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

Semantica SRL is also the owner of the Facebook Page “British Opinions” (@britishopinion on Facebook), the Twitter account “britishopinions_”.

We have official signed partnerships with a number of advertising providers for display ads throughout our website.

We also have partnerships for interactive content authoring (I.e. polls) Apester Inc. and Playbuzz Inc. And the content recommendations are implemented in partnership with Taboola Inc.

We comply fully with the laws on online publishing, data management and privacy according to the United Kingdom legislation and the EU regulations.


None of the company owners, managers, editors or other employees have any affiliation with UK political parties, HM Government or other entities with a direct interest in the topics we cover.


All the expenses related to the operation of British Opinions are covered from personal savings and from the income generated by the website.

Our main and single income stream is from the advertisement displayed on the website and the commission earned from referring our email subscribers to affiliate programs.

The advertising placements are mediated trough automatic services like Adsense, Monumetric, etc. We do not control the brands (commercial or political) displayed in the ads placed on our website, nor do we negotiate directly with any of the buyers. The monetization strategies do not affect or in anyway interact with our Ethics Policy.