NO-DEAL BREXIT Support – September 2019

NO-DEAL BREXIT Support – September 2019

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The prospects of No-Deal Brexit is at the core of the political crisis and all the brexit news.

Rebel Conservative MPs are set to join forces with opposition parties on Tuesday to try to stop a no-deal Brexit on October 31.

The Tory leadership has told Conservative MPs that they will be kicked out of the party if they vote with the opposition to block a no-deal BREXIT.

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Earlier in August, opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, announced his plans to  planning to oust the incumbent PM, Boris Johnson with a vote of no confidence backed by a MPs coalition including rebel Tories. After intense negotiations, Labour Party has agreed to post pone a vote of no confidence in favor of legislation to avoid No-Deal Brexit.

British Government has launched campaigns to prepare everyone for a no deal brexit and multiple contingency plans have been drafted.

Also, there should be mentioned that according to a recent Govt analysis suggests there may be up to 2 days delays at Dover in event of no-deal departure.

On the other hand the Department of Transport announced “investing £30m at maritime ports to ensure businesses and consumers will continue to receive the goods they need after #Brexit – ensuring we’re ready to leave the EU on Oct 31st.”

Also  the Department for International Trade have produced country by country guides for how UK businesses can trade in services to other EU countries in the event of a no-deal.

There are also reports of the sterling (GBP) will lose even more value in the eventuality of a No Deal. According to Lord Kerslake, the former head of the UK civil service, in an intervention for Business Insider, the pound could hit reach parity with the dollar in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

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68 Responses

  1. Shaun Mcloughlin says:

    We voted to leave not about deal no deal just leave,can it be that hard to understand.

  2. Ian Stretch says:

    I didn’t vote for any “Deal”. I Voted to Leave the EU.

  3. Andrew Scott says:

    No deal was what I voted for.

  4. P young says:

    Load of tosh. They need to export to us. So there will be deals after we leave.

  5. Peter Sanders says:

    Let’s Just get out, sick of the politicians acting like a lot of school kids!

  6. Karl says:

    We can’t trust Johnson to do anything he says. He is not a statesman, he has no concept of the suffering in the poorer areas. Johnson is looking after Johnson and no one else

  7. Colin Wright says:

    Leave the EU soonest No Deal preferable.

  8. James Dytor says:

    I want to leave with a no deal is because Europe will only ever give the deal they want us to have because it suits them and disadvantages us, Barnier and Europe think they are there to govern every country they can absorb into thier little club and call all the shots, Well us true English men and women are not accustomed to being pushed around by self electing misfits so I want to get us out and start rebuilding the UK back to when it was a world leader and a country proud of it’s Heritage.

  9. Ena Young says:

    We’ll never get a good deal now, and I’ve always preferred No Deal and sort it out afterwards because EU is so corrupt they could hide a myriad of ways to keep us in even if the deal appeared to be a good one.

    • Jeannette Callaway says:

      If you think we pay a lot to the EU now wait until we have to stay in indefinitely it will double in no time, we will have a European army which our snowflake youngsters will have to join, (they may not be quite so keen to accuse the leave faction of stealing their future when they see what that entails!) use the Euro and be dictated to even more than now. Not a prospect I view with unadulterated joy!

  10. Blaise F Egan says:

    Anyone who has been paying attention to the official government reports, not to mention the unofficial leaks, must be well aware that crashing out of the EU with no deal will cause chaos at the ports, with interruptions to supplies of fresh food and medicines. They will know that medicines are being stockpiled but that those stockpiles can last only a few weeks. They will know that some medicines, such as short-lived radioisotopes used on cancer patients, cannot be stockpiled.
    They will know that the high tariffs that will be put on lamb and beef will put those farmers, who rely on exports to the EU out of business.
    They will know that the delays at the ports will destroy the just-in-time supply chains used by the car and aircraft industries and force them to relocate to EU countries.
    They will know that British financial services companies will be unable to service their EU customers, including 38 million insurance contracts worth 1.5 trillion pounds, from the UK. In mitigation, those companies have now established offices in the EU from where they can operate by relocating all that business, This is a huge loss to the UK exchequer in tax revenues from that highly profitable business.

    No deal Brexit is economic suicide.

    • Gabrielle says:

      Well said. No deal is suicide to so much of what we currently benefit from.

      • Jan Everton says:

        you are wrong,it is not suicide at all,the government have been preparing for a no deal for a while now,there won’t be shprtages of food or medicine’s,just mass panic and scare mongering,ridiculous….NO DEAL ALL THE WAY,LETS GET OUR COUNTRY BACK,WHY DO YOU THINK MILLIONS OF YOUNG SOLDIER’S DIED IN TWO WORLD WARS…..FOR OUR COUNTRY TO BE FREE……TOO MANY PEOPLE WANT TO IGNORE THAT FACT…

  11. dean says:

    no deal is the only deal to go for

    • John says:

      Wrong on all counts. Even if you were right then it will be possible for both sides to negotiate an agreement in good faith starting in November. The EU is not doing so at the moment, for example, the Irish backstop. We only have to look at Switzerland that borders five EU countries with no restrictions.

  12. Mary williams says:

    There are so many research agreements, shared information and data bases, and cultural and labour cooperation links with Europe that would prejudice Britain by an all-out withdrawal. They are things that can’t be replaced in the short term, if at all. Any withdrawal agreement has to be carefully negotiated, and it can’t be done on an all or nothing basis. This was a problem with the 2016 referendum. A simple yes or no vote without sufficient information doesn’t work, and was made worse by deliberate lies told particularly by the hard-line “leave” politicians.

  13. Christina says:

    Well said Molly Ashdon

  14. Carl Heery says:

    No more subservience to an unelected EU politburo. Lots of countries tade with the EU without being tied to the ‘federal project’ that it has become.

    • Blaise F Egan says:

      “No more subservience to an unelected EU politburo.”

      It’s not unelected. The British PM that we elect sits with the other heads of state in the Council of Ministers. The Euro-MPs that we elect when we have European elections sit in the European Parliament.

      “Lots of countries tade with the EU without being tied to the ‘federal project’ that it has become.”

      True, but if that’s what you want, we could do that outside the EU but inside the European Economic Area, like Norway and Switzerland do. No need for the catastrophe that is No Deal Brexit.

      In fact, Nigel Farage kept pushing the Norway comparison at the time of the 2016 election. That means we trade with no tariffs and we have the heft of the EU behind us getting us better trade deals with non-EU countries than we could get by ourselves. But by crashing out in a temper tantrum we lose much of our trade with the EU – our biggest customer – AND we lose the great deals the EU has secured on our behalf. The cost of this will be hundreds of thousands of jobs.

      What the EU is asking for in the withdrawal deal is reasonable. They are asking that

      * we treat EU citizens in the UK fairly
      * we pay all monies that we have prevously agreed to pay, including the pensions of our EuroMPs and
      * we do whatever is necessary to keep the Good Friday Agreement and maintain peace in Ireland. That means that Northern Ireland has to be in regulatory alignment with the Republic of Ireland so there is no need for a physical border. It’s just a line on a map, as now.

      • Saeed says:

        Bravo. Ardent Brexiters are ” short ” of knowledge and their point of reference is from ” certain ” tabloids. Yet, they have formed an opinion based on inaccurate information and feel very patriotic at the same time.

      • John says:

        The Council of Ministers makes suggestions. It is the unelected politburo called the European Commission that makes ALL the rules called Directives.

  15. Elaine Harwood says:

    I voted no deal, because i’m sick of the EU, telling us what to do, it’s our money & our country, and we are sick of immigration, we are full, & why is it only men coming to the EU ???????????? and we had our vote we won, it said nothing about a deal, so why ask ??

  16. Den says:

    A no deal brexit would irrevocably damage the UK economy and undermine the UKs international standing, and her ability to maintain security at home and abroad.

  17. The EU is essentially a tightly coupled trade deal. Yes, it is very political. Too political you might say. Saying the EU needs reforming is silly because the EU is a work in progress so is constantly improving itself.
    The EU has little to do with austerity, immigration or decline of British industry. These are internal British problems. However, Brexiters like to blame the EU like the Nazies blamed the Jews: easy scapegoats.
    A no deal Brexit will be economically catastrophic as we would leave a really good trade deal with no replacement. It could mean severe shortage of funds for NHS, high inflation, cuts in pensions, UK been bailed out by the IMF etc… Project fear? Do you really want to find out? About cuts in pensions: ask the Greeks.
    The real issue is obsolete, dated institutions. Lies were allowed to be told in referendum and now we have got an unelected prime minister who is a notorious liar and has no credibility. There are an extraordinary amounts of issues with our parliamentary “democracy”: an MP can have a criminal record for instance.
    The solution is not Brexit, but reform. We need a new code of conduct for MPs for instance.
    I would suggest getting a team of constitutional expert to design a new constitution:
    My response to those that claim EU is too political: leaving is even more political and makes no sense at all.
    About immigration: we can reduce it with correct planning and more training of British people in relevant fields.
    About austerity: this is caused by tax evasion by large multinationals. If HMRC recruited top tax experts, that would certainly reduce the problem. Non domiciled resident status needs to be abolished.
    About decline in British industry: we need to introduce a fiscality that encourages British owned British industry.
    You are never going to see any of these reforms with a no deal Brexit.
    Instead UK wil become a US vassal state.
    About being bullied by EU: wait and see when we are bullied by United States, China and India.
    About EU telling us what to do: this is usually a British law, like Bojo’s kipper.
    More than fighting Brexit, I am first and foremost fighting lies. UNITED AGAINST LIES!

    • John says:

      What a load of convoluted, tiresome rubbish “Oh look, a remainer comparing “Leave” voters to Nazi’s……how original.”
      You clearly do not understand why people want to leave the EUSSR, and as you have had 3 years to absorb information, rather than sit in your little echo chamber vehemently denying any opinion but your own, there is little point in trying to explain anything to you that is outside of your “bubble” as you clearly aren’t going to understand it (if it hasnt dawned on you after 3 years…….it never will).
      There is something DEEPLY disturbing about people who have witnessed the aggressive, bullying and outright threatening tactics of the EU, the worlds only SHRINKING trade bloc in terms of actual trade, yet STILL want to stay part of it.
      Masochist, much?

      • RuthRage says:

        John what a load of utter tiresome garbage – yes you are the one living in a little bubble – little Englander, dying to make the UK a vassal state for the US, Russia, China, whatever – do wake up. Criminally Fraudulent 2016 ADVISORY Referendum result – Electoral Commission & High Court. Would have been Criminal Prosecutions if Referendum had been BINDING!! Brexit intended to benefit only Billion/Millionaire Offshore Tax Evaders!! Trying to avoid EU’s 2019 Offshore-Anti-Tax-Avoidance Directive!! Zero benefit for ordinary folks who will pay more for everything, due to taxes, higher transport costs etc., etc…. Then PM D Cameron had been arguing with EU since 2012 trying to avoid this Referendum but keep his offshore tax evader pals happy!! You one of them?

      • George Peckham says:


    • Matt Ruane says:

      Well said, man. Hopefully, others will soon wake up to reality.

  18. Lillian Lowery says:

    The Country voted to leave the EU 27.4 million of us – we were told if we leave . We would leave the Single Market – The Customs Union – No free movement of people – No UMM, – meant times over – Deals were never mentioned Stuck tomthe PLAN – LEAVE WITHOUT A DEAL.

    • Matt Ruane says:

      Don’t lie, lass. 27.4,000,000 did NOT vote to leave, it was 17.4,000,000. Regardless, neither figure is a majority of 65,000,000.

      • Bob Stevens says:

        46,500,000 were eligible to vote…..16,141,241 voted in favour of remaining…….17,410,742 voted in favour of leave…..12,948.017 did not vote , but were content to allow their vote , to be granted to whichever side gained the maximum votes …Therefore the actual amount of votes for leave are 30,358,759.which is a lot closer to the actual truth of the vote.

        • RuthRage says:

          Utter garbage Bob Stevens – many did not vote as they simply could not understand and differentiate the lies from the truth!! Only 34% voted for Leave – 66% of electorate DID NOT VOTE for Leave – hence Remainers, generally, including myself!! And don’t forget – Criminally Fraudulent 2016 ADVISORY Referendum result – Electoral Commission & High Court. Would have been Criminal Prosecutions if Referendum had been BINDING!! Brexit intended to benefit only Billion/Millionaire Offshore Tax Evaders!! Trying to avoid EU’s 2019 Offshore-Anti-Tax-Avoidance Directive!! Zero benefit for ordinary folks who will pay more for everything, due to taxes, higher transport costs etc., etc….

  19. Molly Ashdon says:

    SO we have a parliament stopping any future trading with the European small, medium business people and Brussels stopping the European small, medium business people having any future trading with the British business people because of their arrogant attitude and dictatorship dominance. This is now a stalemate the only way to break it is to leave without any agreement. What does this mean for all the business people ? For the British business people I can’t say but as for the European business people especially the french I can’t see them excepting being told they can’t trade with their largest customers without kicking off big time. With that in mind I can’t see trading getting stopped between Britain and the European countries, so for me a no eu agreement ( which is what it is, not a deal ) is the only way to go

  20. Molly Ashdon says:

    SO we have a parliament who wants to stop the government from trading with the business people of Europe and we have Brussels stopping their business people stopping

    • Michael Igoe says:

      The insecurity, Molly, is entirely British made. An opportunistic political ploy devised by a past PM and continued by his successor.

  21. Kark Hofmann says:

    The clean break is the least good of all the leave options but it is needed for the event of the EU not discussing a mutually beneficial leave agreement.. A fair analogy would be to walk into a shop without the option of not buying anything, who would walk into a shop if you had to buy an item for whatever the shopkeeper would accept… A penny chew for a milion pounds? That is what we have without the option of a clean WTO leave option on the table.

    • Blaise F Egan says:

      ” A fair analogy would be to walk into a shop without the option of not buying anything, who would walk into a shop if you had to buy an item for whatever the shopkeeper would accept… A penny chew for a milion pounds?”

      Your analogy is anything but fair. If you walk into a shop and reject the penny chew you walk out. No deal. The status quo is maintained: the money stays in your pocket and the penny chew stays on the shelf.

      That’s not the case with No Deal Brexit. Life will not go on as normal. Over the 40 years we have been in the EU thousands of arrangements have been made and deals agreed. All of those arrangements will fall away with a No Deal Brexit. Thousands of things that we take for granted will suddenly stop.

      If you want to go on holiday in France you just put your passport in your pocket, put some deflectors your car headlights and off you go. After October 31 your British driving license won’t be valid in France and you’ll need a 90-day tourist visa. If you like France so much you decide to retire there is no problem at the moment. Buy a property and drive there. If you need healthcare just show your passport at the doctor’s surgery and you will be treated. The bill will be sent to the NHS, who will pay it. Trading with EU countries will be very bureaucratic. British lorry drivers will need visas for every country they pass through and their loads may also be inspected at each border.

      If, in Britain today, you are unfortunate enough to get cancer you can be treated in a hospital and you may be treated with technetium 99m, a radioactive element made in the EU and transported to the UK. Transport of nuclear materials is strictly regulated but Britain’s membership allows our hospitals to buy nuclear materials. That treaty falls away on October 31 and British cancer patients may have to do without.

      If your children want to study in another country now they may use the Erasmus programme. It will be unavailable. There are literally thousands of ways in which we will lose out.

      • Tony Cook says:

        About the Show Passport thing …. yes the NHS pays for all the UK citizens ling abroad in the EU ,,,,,,, shame it is not reciprocated here …. due to high levels of red tape … and and don’t forget … if we ask someone who is not a UK national to show their passport then remember …. we are F(*&NG RACISTS …. we can not win ….. OUT i say!

  22. jean Williams says:

    I dont support any brexit but especially not no deal. The loss of and shortages small business, big businesses leaving, of jobs, food medicines etc and also trained EU professionals will be felt for many many years. Racism is a major problem. Why on earth do we want to leave 27 other countries most of which are our nearest neighbours, that stand together for the good of them all and cast ourselves adrift. The EU is a huge trading bloc and we want to leave that for what? We have nothing anyone cant get elsewhere in Europe and after brexit they can get it easier elsewhere so why bother with Britain. The timing of all this seems coincidentely close to the EU bringing in the laws about tax offshore assets etc. Rather inconvenient for some people

    • Bob Stevens says:

      Which would you prefer if you were a trader ….A potential market of 513.5 million people ,which is the EU ….or a potential market of 7.7 billion people ,which is the world.

  23. Stephen Beaumont says:

    You ard based in Moldova? Just how ‘British are you.?

  24. Judith John says:

    No deal is the only way, we do not want further restrictions placed on us by the E U . Enough is enough we want out now with no strings attached.

  25. Graham Greenwood says:

    The referendum result was caused by a fraudulent lying farce. It is certainly not the will of the people. Most people now realise that we are better off IN the EU, leaving is idiotic, stupid and pointless. The drive to leave is fed by a number of millionaires and billionaires with no moral compass, planning to make themselves richer at the cost of the majority of people. Try learning about what the EU is. It is a club of 28 sovereign nations that come together to improve the lives of all citizens. The EU is only an administrative organisation, which the membership set up, and control.
    The EU does not in any way control the member countries, the member countries do give prior competence to the EU, in some areas of common purpose. Mainly for commonality of social, scientific, engineering, environmental and security harmony of standards. These are agreed in treaties. There is no earthly possibility of all 28 agreeing to lose their sovereignty, and to become a federation, not in my lifetime, if ever.
    The UK leaving this beneficial club, for whatever spurious reasons, is completely idiotic, stupid, and the most pointless UK public policy ever conceived. We are far better off staying IN the EU as the strong, influential members that we currently are.
    Our annual contribution to the EU budget is superb value for money at around £8 billion a year, please bear in mind that our annual interest, on our national debt is around £75 billion and nobody takes any notice, apart from the billionaires whom we pay.
    You obviously have no concept of the danger to the UK economy of a no deal brexit. We do not need to leave, it is only the wealthy that want to reduce pay and employment conditions for their workers, and want to evade the new EU company, anti tax avoidance legislation who support brexit.
    The only sane and sensible solution for the UK, is to withdraw the Article 50 notice and stay as the strong influential members that we still are!
    Incidentally I do have a Masters in UK and EU public policy.

    • walter daniel bowden says:

      Those wishing to remain in the EU have my blessing, do it! I on the other hand wish to leave the EU as soon as possible, I don’t mind trading with them as the UK usually do. But I draw the line at paying huge sums of money as a toll (membership) for the privilege of trading goods with them! The UK is a Democracy, a land of freedom for all who live here with a Sovereignty of which I would like to retain; I recent the EU (a dictatorship) making the laws for the UK to follow n obey! Our border should be closed n immigration limit! Those responsible for overturning the peoples right to withdraw from the EU, should face the courts for TREACHERY n TREASON!

  26. Molly Ashdon says:

    Why on earth listen to politicians, use your common sense if you have any. Just look at the state in most of the other eu countries, high unemployment especially the youth unemployment, over 50% unemployed, is it no wonder eu nationals want to come here to live and work. Then their financial mess, some already made bankrupt by Brussels and many more very near to bankruptcy, even Germany not looking good financially, all due to Brussels big dream of a united states of Europe. Let’s not forget the big mistake of Merkel’s big mouth, inviting all and sundry into Europe which has turned many countries into unlawful shit holes.
    The eu has caused all their problems and they will carry on causing bigger problems in the future, why would anyone want to stay part of that.

  27. Wanda Lozinska says:

    A No Deal Brexit would be a disaster for the entire country. Only millionaires could profit. Can’t understand why ordinary people should think that’s what they also want. They must have no idea of the consequences.

    • steve silverstone says:


    • British not European says:

      I am not a millionaire, and I will benefit.
      So will British taxpayers on the NHS waiting list when we start sending all these illegals back home, who are a drain on our NHS and resources.
      Not sure YOU have any idea of the consequences of us being tied to the EU, but I’m guessing you are a European not a Brit, so that answers my question ….. YOU benefit from OUR money!!!!

      • Carol Milner says:

        I’m British, but not stupid. I voted Remain and a no deal Brexit would be even more disastrous than one with a deal. But then I have never understood why the Brexit voters elected for the option to sabotage the UK economy and probably trigger the break up of the United Kingdom, I can see why the Russians might want that or even the current US government, but not why non traitors would.

  28. Ian Cann says:

    The choice seems simple to me a man who supports and meets regularly with terrorist groups, is a self declared Marxist who will do his best to break up the union, end the monarchy and purposefully target anyone he considers to have made a success of their life, and who will effectively neuter the armed forces and the police to ensure his own survival or;
    someone who believes in self determination for the United Kingdom, someone with pride in being British who believes our strength lies within ourselves and seeks positive outcomes. Someone who believes in democracy and will deliver the instructions given to government by the people. It’s a no brainer.

    • Michael Igoe says:

      Simple, Ian? No, not at all. Simplistic ranting describes your posting better. What evidence do you have for the claims above, other than the statements of such as the Daily Wail?

  29. Sylvia says:

    I don’t trust him, but anyone is better than Johnson and his Tories…..

  30. Juca. Sawyer says:

    I support a no deal Brexit

  31. Al solano says:

    Every leader of the political party promised to respect the will of the people. Well, people said we want out. But after 3 years ignoring the mandate of the people to leave EU. Nothing happens. I can see many of these MPs are just liars and crooks. The only aim for these creatures is self preservation and money grabbing exercise. Ignoring that they are the people representative. They work for us and not Brussels

  32. Pat Melia says:

    Jeremy Corbyn is the only person I would trust.To do what is best for UK working class.

    • Catherine Knight says:

      I and every member of my huge English/Irish family have been Labour voters from its birth. I was a Labour Party member and voted for Jeremy Corbyn as leader. At the last count The Labour Party have lost my vote and over 100 members of my family. What is now known as the Labour Party does not represent the Working Classes any longer. Over 80% of Labour MP’s are millionaires and few live or are actually from the constituencies they represent. They have lost touch with their core voters and are seemingly only interested in wooing the liberal comfortably off middle classes and making promises to minorities and those on benefits that they will water down or ignore once in power (if Blair’s government is anything to go by). Over five million Labour voters are Leavers and the distain and arrogance that have been shown to them by the likes of Keir Starmer and Emily Thornberry is shameful. Most voted Labour in the 2017 election because the referendum result was promised to be honoured; we felt that the result was safe in the hands of a life long Euro sceptic. Our loyalty, trust and unwavering belief in the Labour Party has been taken and trampled underfoot by sneering and condescending Labour MP’s. I live in Northumberland nowadays (originally from London) and this betrayal will not be forgiven or forgotten. Before anybody starts calling me an ignoramus I have a degree in Social Policy and Politics and am married to an Economist. I also have a degree in Librarianship and Information Science so both I and my husband and extended family knew what we were voting for – a clean break Brexit, not a new European Enslavement Treaty or Corbyn’s appeasement plan.


        Well said ,I applaud decent people like yourself who have good jobs and respect from the public ,and you want to leave. They said we’re all stupid who want to leave. I know many decent big buisness people who want to leave I for one.when I campaigned to leave in 2016 referenda ,I have never had so,much abuse from the opposite side. Put lighters to my balloons almost causing my hair to go up in flames ,calling me fascist racist. Nazi ..I know what I voted for ,and I I now know even more that’s why I voted to leave .why I decided I wanted to leave I do not like open borders anyone coming in to our country from everywhere including outside of Europe .i want to spend our own money on our own things .i don’t like Brussels controlling our lives ,our laws and rules ,I hate they have taken our fishing industry away leaving dead fishing ports .They didn’t care when our people got unemployed by the thousands due to cheap labour from the EU. It’s blighted our cities ,towns and villages .The crime has gone up with EU citizens being a big part of that. E u citizens are taking nearly £5 billion in benefits from the u k ..I see no good reason to be shackled to this corrupt club. Only economically .They control too many small buisnesses. Being in the EU has never been fair to Britain Nearly 4 million e u citizens have come to Britain. Many npw unemployed or most getting some sort of benefits ,and more than our people..we only have 1.3 million u k citizens spread all over Europe working very few will,be unemployed. Slightly different to,the 4 million which have come here .i wonder how Poland ,Lithuania ,Romania ,Spain ,Italy e t c would feel if 4 million Brits settled in there countries in a short period of time like they have here .Not racist or biased but I do object to Britain being taken over by all and sundry .sorry maybe people do not agree with me but there you have it .EU will not sustain itself much longer forcing people to do what they don’t want to do. Unemployment 50% in most countries in Europe. .The euro is the worst currency invented my opinion only .But the EU are stuck in there ways and they will or cannot reform. Wether they domreform or not I want to leav3 1 million % even more now. Thankyou for your honest post .

    • Angela Frost says:

      You must be joking! So you trust someone who supports the IRA and other terrorist organisations? The man is a communist!


      Jeremy Corbyn is the most u likely person to become priminister we’ll be back to 1950 s because labour will run up such debts we won’t never pay them off ,they got us in this mess Tories have been trying to bring ithe debt down.Besides Corbyn is a Marxist collaborator with terrorists vile liar like most politicians you could not make it up …what do you think Corbyn could do for you he’s anti british ,anti monarchy ,Muslim party now .

  33. Robert says:

    40 years plus of he’ll being in the stood up to these EU cranks ,set.the UK free from this corupption

  34. Unlike most politicians, Corbyn has a track record of sticking to his principles for decades. He’s basically an old peace and love hippy who still believes in peace and love.

  35. Elizabeth. Alway says:

    Corbin not proven as as big a liar as Johnson

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