March 2019 – Second BREXIT Referendum Support – Flash POLL

March 2019 – Second BREXIT Referendum Support – Flash POLL

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Even if UK Parliament rejected a second BREXIT amendment proposed by the Independent Group (Ms Wollaston), Labour and Tory Mp's confirm that the question of a fresh referendum stays on the table but "in the right time" they say.

The most suggestive move came from Labout party, where, defying party orders, 25 Labour MPs voted for Ms Wollaston’s motion, while 18 broke ranks to vote against it. Shadow ministers Yvonne Fovargue, Emma Lewell-Buck and Justin Madders, whip Stephanie Peacock and parliamentary private secretary Ruth Smeeth all resigned over the issue. Dozens more of the party’s MPs who support a People’s Vote also refused to back the proposal, writes The Independent.

Most of the pro People's Vote supporting MPs focused on voting an article 50 delay and waited for a better chance to push for a second referendum. In a statement explaining their decision to abstain, more than 30 of them said they were instead waiting to back a different amendment, being drawn up by Labour backbenchers Peter Kyle and Phil Wilson, that would see parliament withhold support  for Theresa May’s Brexit Deal  until she put it to a public vote.

So, long story short, a second BREXIT referendum is still on the table for many MP's and we can still see this idea pushed for vote again in the Parliament.

So, what do you think? Should UK hold a New BREXIT Referendum?

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48 Responses

  1. This is a topic which is near to my heart… Cheers! Exactly where
    are your contact details though?

  2. Sergioz says:

    Here is the truth why Brexit is a poison for the UK nation. Theresa May says ‘I think we should stay inside the EU’
    This is another reason why
    And for some extensions some facts
    Nigel Farage the Former of UKIP which is a rapidly spreading virus argued in the EU Parliament with Biased Information.
    Brexit Animation
    New About Brexit
    Leave.EU Fake footage
    Greta Thunberg warns:
    Dirty section of the DUP’s “dark money” Brexit donor

  3. FRANK BAYBUTT says:

    Bit of a silly question but with a second referendum vote when the peoples vote will be more than the 17 million voted in 2016 due to the anticcs of Junckers.tusk etc what are you going to do then ask for another vote to change the peoples vote yet again ??

  4. Val Spiers says:

    If they don’t honour the result of the referendum why would anyone trust them to honour a second vote? Regardless of how people voted this is about democracy.

  5. Paul says:

    When I voted to leave the EU in june16 K voted out from all things Such not the bollox the PM has done

  6. Julie cosmen says:

    This country voted and majority was to leave this needs to happen on 29th March or this country will be a laughing stock not only that but I fear a civil war will be next
    WE VOTED LEAVE AND LEAVE WE MUST and with no deal they have had enough of our money don’t give them a penny more

  7. david harper says:

    if igo to afootball match and my team looses even though they may have played better icant demaned a replay same thing

  8. Susan Davis says:

    Yes we should have another vote. The last campaign was based on lies and some people are only just realising what brexit will actually mean for the uk.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I voted to leave as i no longer wish to prop up third world countries which were invited to join by the EU. The result being that I now have to retire at 67 and pay more into my pension pot. At the time of the vote, retirement ages across Europe got younger and younger until you reached Greece which was the age of 42. These countries contributed hardly anything to the EU as a whole.
    Our parents voted to join the Common Market in 1974. It has evolved into the debacle it is today. Non Democratic, it is a Dictatorship. Let’s get rid! OUT OUT OUT!!

  10. David Carter says:

    We oted in 2016 so why are you still arguing about it should. not all the parties be working together instead of trying to take over the whole process to do what the country wants

  11. Patrick Iredale says:

    We had ‘The People’s Vote’ on 23 rd June 2016 and the result has yet to be delivered. Leave with No Deal on WTO Terms which is what most who voted to Leave expected to happen.

  12. J Wayland says:

    I’m nearly 76…. I remember a different Britain to you. Brexit is the biggest disaster to hit since WW2. While I’m here, I have to ask you where that University is that teaches collage? :-D Scientists have proved now, beyond doubt that Brexit voters were either …….. uninformed, xenophobic, or lacked intelligence (I will add or common sense because many intelligent souls still haven’t grasped common sense).

  13. Sue Proctor says:

    It is evident that leaving the EU with May’s deal or no deal will be disastrous for the economy, for security, and for tne United Kingdom. Any big decision needs a cooling off period while you read all the small print and consider whether to go ahead. It’s only right that the people give as much if not more, consideration to leaving the EU as they would to buying a car or a washing machine.

  14. Elza Maria Gower says:

    Two years and nine months have gone since the referendum in 2016, many old people who voted leave have died and many young people who could not vote can now vote and safeguard their future. Also, the majority of people who voted during the last referendum was not aware of all the implications of leaving the EU, now we know what this will entail. Besides, there was Russian influence and illegal things on the side of Leavers.

    • J Wayland says:

      I totally agree. A referendum that should have been cancelled (as confirmed from Court). I hope Karma visits all those who are destroying the country and its people.

    • ron marshall says:


  15. SHIRLEY EVANS says:

    To have another vote puts us in a different category politically.A dictatorship,rather than a Democracy.Plus now it has been proved that the elite wish to remain in EU,We will see a rise in Right wing partys.AND I think possibly now that there appears to be some doubt about corrupt MPS will it be rigged.Dictatorships tend to force people to vote until they get the result they want.NOT the will of the people.

  16. Stephen BORASTON says:

    We should leave with a NO DEAL, MPs are full of negativity, just thinking about their own life, bank accounts, all wanted to be EuroMPs for the money!!! Scaremongery is their game. We can save £Billions with a NO DEAL, we can acquire any other import material from the rest of the world the EU is run by MAFIA that has broken many countries, Greece, Hungary, Italy it has only made Germany stronger. All the other countries will be leaving as great dissatisfaction! They cannot dictate to us anymore, they will be on their knees hoping to do exports to us as we import far more than export!!!

    • ron marshall says:

      Totally agree with you m8 young people believe all the lies and scaremongering ,there not used to thinking for thereselves any more and have to rely on others to tell them what to think ,id ask them why on earth did we have a Butter mountain back in the day all due to this FAILED EU EXPERIMENT BY FOOLS

  17. Richard Gabb says:

    What reason do all these leavers want to leave the EU? You have ruined this country already, and the results were obtained by a number of lies, together with gross overspending. TM ‘s plan does not give you what you wanted.

    • Angela Thompson says:

      Richard.we weren’t lied to…we knew exactly what we were voting for and why….this is a democracy if you don’t know what that means I will explain….a country votes on a subject…the majority of votes are the winning votes and in a democracy the people of the country abide by that ruling…it’s only the remainers who go on about being lied to.

  18. Ray Cornish says:

    Definately not if you cannot.agree after two years then call an election because the present parliament is inept and the civil service needs to reaffirm their impartiality or resign

  19. joy woolley says:

    already voted

  20. James gordon green says:

    The post I have done well here is a bit more for you,a few years ago there was a program on TV about what happens to food when not enough is sold, A tv company visited a company who had a very large Unit which had a mountain of all sorts of food which would have been mulched up I don’t know what or were it was for,I would think it would be for farmers to feed their stock.
    Have any of drove past a farmers field with black plastic sheets covering of what is stuff that is no good for human consumption,but will feed his few cattle of which I suppose will be to fatten them up to be slaughtered for human consumption.
    I did a bit of slaughtering in my young day’s, and I have watched a farmer in tears nearly because he had fed and watered that beast from birth to being slaughtered. I’m not as good at remembering things these days items come to me in time……It’s just old age lol

  21. James gordon green says:

    In 1972 we where asked or told to vote for Britain to join the ‘Common Market’ ie EU as is today, Some of you wouldn’t have been born then, I’am 81 years old and I can remember what happened with all the farms especially the Dairy farmers ,in the 40s/50s,/60s /70s every dairy farmer would have around 3/4 hundred milking cows which kept Britain adaquitly with milk ,
    Then when we joined the two above, Farmers were told to cut their heards down because we would be buying milk from other countries, which farmers did,we would go for walks through the fields (paths) and we began to see fields the cattle used to feed
    but we started to see so those fields just lying there and not being used, Farmers couldn’t use those fields for anything else, then we had Agricultural Farm’s grew enough vegitable’s to keep Britain going plus other farms, the all of a sudden some of their fields wasn’t being used, All that was through being members of the common market/EU the fields that where not used were called ‘Fallow’…….Here is another thing that happened, We had to buy milk from other countries and we ended up with a glut of milk and what did we have to do get rid of the milk by which way was this is a belter….What the government which ever it was decided to make a Milk Lake I’m not sure where it was,they had to do that because the stupid C/M just made us have so much milk we wern’t using the alloted amount of milk we supposed to have done and that is were the gallons and gallons of milk was done away with, I’am 81 years old and can remember all those thing plus many more that Britain had to do because of just like now the EU the Common Market to my mind was the worst thing Britain ever did to be members of those two money grabbing Ideas. When I come to think of what I have posted today some or most of you where not Born then but you would have read about it at Collage /University thinking you know everything that went on in my young day’s.

  22. DAVID DUNLOP says:

    I want OUT.

  23. Amynina Roach says:


  24. Chris says:

    If it’s the same question as in 2016 – NO, NO, NO! And if it’s a choice of some deal or no deal ….. just think about it a moment. 1000s of provisions within one document? None of which may be later changed without yet another referendum? Leave or Remain are “Macro” questions and decisions. But voting on the 1000s of issues for a deal is “Micro-management” and plain lunacy for a referendum question, because those issues then become set in referendum “stone”! Ridiculous! So NO, NO, and NO again! Whatever their sneaky question might be!

  25. derek williams says:

    Knife crime in the UK skyrocketed this week when 17.4 million voters were stabbed in the back by our own politicians. The conduct of these MP’s is nothing short of deplorable. Constantly trying to undermine a legitimate democratic vote and making themselves,the country and it’s people a laughing stock. MP’s are voted in to serve their constituents. Any MP, in any party who has a majority mandate from their constituents to leave and then votes against that mandate,in any shape or form,needs to be deselected A S A P. and the Tory cabinet ministers who voted against the government this week should be sacked, if they don’t have the moral fibre to resign first. Westminster is often called “the mother of all Parliaments” maybe that should be changed to “the mother of all cesspits”

  26. Graham Roberts says:

    It’s now gone beyond Leave or Remain it’s about whether we are a democratic society or not if a 2nd referendum is allowed it will be the end of democracy in this Country and Politics as we know will change forever all because the current MPs are abusing their powers and trying to circumvent the biggest vote this Country has ever had. It appears their arrogance serves no bounds as they blatantly flaunt the law of the land the few who still maintain a degree of honesty and integrity will survive however the traitors will perish at the next elections because they have seriously underestimated the mood and feelings of the people. The current Government has had nearly 3 years to sort this out if they had any intention of leaving the EU why has nothing been done in preparation? We keep hearing ‘crashing out’ and ‘Hard Brexit’ absolute tosh if we leave with NO Deal which is what we voted for we leave on WTO rules which is far from ‘crashing out’ It obviously doesn’t help to have a remainer negotiating the so-called deal.

  27. Ray Loveridge says:

    Pm Cameron Promised one vote and one vote only.. Leave won end of story…

    • L.Jennings says:

      Theresa May’s had two votes now, and she’s now looking for a third so why wouldn’t we have an INFORMED vote now we know what we’re voting for?

  28. Tracey Herbert says:

    Leave is leave. Why drag this on. All remainers MPs should be sacked & stripped of all benefits as they are traitors & should be dealt with accordingly.

  29. David Foster says:

    Having seen good and bad times over a considerable amount of time now we see the so called unification or attempts of the unification of the UK into an undemocratic dictatorship called the EU. They want our money to prop u the ailing Euro, They want our money to prop up their own countries and organisations etc. We look at what we pay in £355 million a week now the rebate that we are allowed is miniscule compared to our contribution. The EU wants to bleed the Country dry of Industry by paying bribes to move. Much of this funding has come from our contributions. Leaving with NO DEAL should not scare us we can and will survive to become prosperous again we can all do it.

    • Brian Beuken says:

      There’s not enough facepalm gifs in the world to make the point about how utterly wrong and idiotic that post is….explainations are pointless they’d go right over your head.

      • Aljo says:

        Typical comment of an Arshole. You know better than the rest of us don’t you….cos u are clever. A clever know it all I think.😜

    • Glen Shakespeare says:

      You sure your name’s not Nigel Farage?

  30. Ifor Llewellyn says:

    ONLY if we can do the same after General Elections and Local Elections.

  31. Rosemarie Grealish says:

    Oh why was it called the people’s vote ,when politicians who are supposed to represent the people are going against us …Mrs may is the worst mp in my living memory ….

  32. Linda savage. says:

    No we don’t need another we’ve had one, respect this first one, 17.4 million citizens of this country voted to leave, leave means leave no deals just out.

    • Farelle says:

      Weird all the leave campiagns ran on the Norway option, with Farage repeatedly calling for it, as did Jonson and Gove, it’s only afterwards, at the behest of their various masters in Moscow and Tehran that they changed their tune.

  33. Joy brown says:

    Never will I trust Conservative or labour ever again it’s the Brexit party And UKIP for me from now on

  34. Ronald Branley says:

    We had a referendum in 2016 why should we have another just to please those who lost

    • Fred Steele says:

      To those clowns who say we had a referendum in 2016 which the Remainers lost let me say this, yes remain did in fact lose that ADVISORY vote, however the Brexshiteers claim to want our Sovereignty back (which by the way we have never lost) yet choose to ignore the Sovereignty of our Parliament by quoting what David Cameron said. Parliament NOT David Cameron is Sovereign and Parliament did NOT agree to the result being binding BEFORE the People voted. In their EU Referendum Bill they stated, and I quote, ‘this is the type of referendum known as ‘Pre-legislative’ or ‘Consultative’, it does not contain any requirement for the UK Government to implement the results of the Referendum’ unquote. So the goaslposts were retrospectively moved which I regard as being Electoral Fraud……ONLY 37% of the British People expressed a will to leave, nomatter how the figures are massaged that is a FACT which can NOT be changed, it is also a FACT that for whatever reason 63% DID NOT express a will to leave….a majority !

      • Kim percival says:

        Fred, most referendums are only advisory to governments. Butif you remember which you don’t, this referendum was enshrined into UK law by mr. Cameron.

        He so believed it would fail that he ran like a chicken, you maybe should have voted as it seems you want that one chance to vote. Lol.

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