Would You Trust Jeremy Corbyn as Caretaker Prime Minister?

Would You Trust Jeremy Corbyn as Caretaker Prime Minister?

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SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon  expressed support for installing the Labour leader or "someone else" stating that a vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson was the only" failsafe" option.

She added that leaving the EU without a deal was a "terrible" idea.

Boris Johnson's prorogation of Parliament has been ruled unlawful by the Supreme Court and the decision was followed by the opposition leaders asking PM to resign.

Boris Johnson announced Wednesday that he will suspend the Parliament in September. British pound is loosing value as the political crisis deepens.

Jeremy Corbyn is planning to oust the incumbent PM, Boris Johnson with a vote of no confidence backed by a MPs coalition including rebel Tories and other opposition parties. He's facing opposition from the supporters of Boris Johnson but also from the Lib Dems.

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How Jeremy Corbyn could become Prime Minister in September?

Jeremy Corbyn called on all the opponents of the Tory Government to make him caretaker Prime Minster for a "time-limited" period in order to stop a No-deal Brexit. His mission will be to postpone Brexit and to call a general election.

The plan could be put in motion as soon as early September when the MP’s are returning from the summer recess.

Who’s against Jeremy Corbyn in his PM?

Beside the obvious opposition from the incumbent government and the Brexit Party, Jeremy Corbyn is facing strong opposition from the fellow remainers.

Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson has stated in a public letter that “Jeremy Corbyn risks jeopardising a vote of no confidence in the government by insisting he becomes caretaker PM”. She expressed doubts that he could rally enugh support in the Commons and insisted that another leader should be chosen for the “caretaker” PM mandate.

Labour and Mr Corbyn have rejected the calls, saying it should be the leader of the opposition who spearheads the movement.

Leter edit: according to the Telegraph , , Labour insiders have signalled a shift in strategy to let Remainer MPs first try to seize control of Parliamentary business. The vote of no confidence might be planed for middle September.

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213 Responses

  1. jovan jovanov says:

    Yes i would .He doesnt lie .He will do what he says.A truly honest politician.

  2. steve107613@gmail.com says:

    This is a complete self indulgent idiot, not even his own political Party support him.
    Corbyn is a deluded fool, even his socialist friends have seen through him, he is a traitor to democracy and socialism………

  3. William Smith says:

    The man is a Terrorist loving Scumbag who’s only intent is the same to that of Sinn Fein/IRA and the SNP to divid the United Kingdom … United We Stand… Divided We Fall and don’t they know it..NO SURRENDER !! 🇬🇧

  4. Pauline Thomas says:

    Why wouldn’t I trust the most honest politician in the house today, one who has consistently voted on the right side and the side of right for 30 years. One who has received at least 2 peace prizes and who believes we should always talk before going to war. What more could anyone ask of a good Prime Minister

  5. Jeff says:

    JC is an anti British self serving politician who will wreck our country if he is given the keys to No 10.

  6. Marilyn Parker says:

    I wouldn’t trust Corbyn to sign his own name. He is devious, sneaky, completely out of touch with working class people and is trying to overturn the result of the referendum, when he promised to honour it. His manifesto for if he becomes PM is crazy. Most of what he says is humbug.

  7. Alun Thomas says:

    Liebour” anyone who can’t stand for god save the Queen and supports terrorists like the IRA and Hamas will never get my vote.
    Not fit to have a say in parliament let alone run the Country………

  8. Theresa Hales says:

    Corbyn walks and talks with terrorist, in my opinion he can never to be trusted. A person who prefers the company of killers scars the s.h.i.t. out of me. I have listen and I hear nothing coming from him that he says he can save our world and the everything will be alright in the morning lol… He is promising more than he can or will be able to deliver. As I’ve said at the being I don’t trust him he is Communist or Nazi can’t tell only know he is not there for, for the British People at least not all of them…

  9. Susannah says:

    I would not trust this man with my bath water! He is a traitor to our country

  10. Jan says:

    I would definitely trust Corbyn to be our next PM. The tories have made such a mess of this country – you only need to look around to see that. Brexit was sold to us on the basis of lies, and so many have understandably changed their minds, now that we know more about what leaving the EU would mean. That is why we need a peoples vote for either remain in the EU or leave with a good deal. Leaving without a deal would cause so much chaos and hardship to ordinary people. Anyone that believes otherwise isn’t really paying attention.

  11. Brendan says:

    Because anyone, anyone is better than Johnson!

  12. Anya Phillips says:

    I don’t think that Jeremy Corbyn would make a good PM whether it be caretaker or otherwise. He has sold out his principles on the topic of the EU on the say so of his Momentum masters in order to get the leaders job. A man like that can’t be trusted. Any party that has the current lineup of front benchers that the Labour party do are unelectable in a GE. We are not a communist country, we are a parliamentary democracy, Jeremy Corbyn and his whole party with just a few exceptions have shown themselves to be anti democratic and I feel that he would make a very dangerous PM.

  13. anthony reid says:

    if he believes he can choose which ballots to comply with i don’t trust him

  14. Bill Smith says:

    Corbyn trustworthy? This is a man who supports terrorist organisations. Who refuses to sing the National Anthem. Who lays wreaths on memorials to terrorists. Who was arrested while protesting the “innocence” of the Brighton Bomber. Trustworthy? NEVER!

  15. John Tustin says:

    Corbyn was first elected Member of Parliament (MP) for Islington North in 1983. Ideologically, he identifies himself as a democratic socialist. Born in Chippenham and raised in both Wiltshire and Shropshire, Corbyn joined Labour as a teenager. Moving to London, he became a trade union representative. He has actively supported the IRA and passively supported various murderous middle Eastern terrorist groups. A fine British patriot. , He has been a parasite on the back of society all his adult life never having actually worked in a job that produces anything useful. A lazy person, could not even finish a degree course at North London Uni… How could one envisage such a weak person as PM?

  16. Hugh Murphy says:

    I wouldn’t trust him as far as I can throw him, as a ex forces man, this IRA sympathiser deserves to be thrown out of parliament rather than let him become PM.
    He is detested by every veteran who has served in NI.
    As a politician he sits on the fence and cannot make a decision for himself he is a leader of the racist party that was investigated for racist and xenophobic comments made about the Jewish members of his party.
    The only other party investigated for racist and xenophobic comments were the BNP party.
    Make of that what you want but as a leader you set a example, he sets a terrible example for his members, and we see that every day.
    Plus how can you have a PM who won’t even sing the national anthem, refused to attend meetings with the royal family.
    He is a parasite of the highest degree.

  17. Lee Oswald says:

    That’s would be like putting the Lunatics in charge of the asylum….
    He’s a terrorist sympathiser.
    He was the biggest Euro sceptic for the last 50 years and now changed his mind. He has broken his promises of not holding a another referendum…
    His duplicity and Treachery are staggering but fortunately it’s there for all to see, he can’t hide from what he has done…. It’s time for a general election we need to change the players in the game….

  18. Peter Lihou says:

    Jeremy Corbyn is the leader of the official opposition and therefore the right person for the temporary role as caretaker PM. It only involves getting an extension from the EU to stop us crashing out in a few short weeks, and calling a Referendum or General Election. Those who stand in the way of this process are clearly either Leavers determined to frustrate our efforts or party political schemers, more intent on political games than stopping Brexit. WE don’t have time for these games. PS I’m not Labour, I’m a member of another party.

  19. robert king says:

    actualy bojo, thatcher, major all sided with the ira, corbyn braught on the good friday agreement which the tories, may smith bojo have all ignored, get your facts right zionist pig

  20. Sarah jaine says:

    I support jeremy corbyn all the way for number 10. He is the only man who can unite the country he will also scrap universal credits bring people together and reverse the tory cuts Jc4pm asap the man of the people the only one showing any leadership

  21. lynne hallam says:

    no I would not trust this man, he is a liar and a traitor to our country

  22. Barbara Garratt says:

    Wouldn’t trust Corbyn to guard a Lollypop let along get his slimy hands if this great country.

  23. Julie says:

    I would not trust this Traitor with anything let alone the future for my Children & Grandchildren . He should not be allowed to have anything to do with politics at all considering who he associates with . He promised when we voted out that he along with the rest would give the people what they voted for , now as always he has relinquished on that promise . He hates our own countries Armed forces , and dis respects our fallen . He won’t even show respect toward our Queen . It will be a very sorry day if ever he gets into power . He is a dangerous man and will bring this country and it’s people to its feet .

  24. Yael Schlichting says:

    Corbyn is a profoundly dogmatic hard left socialist who would act in favor of his ideology rather than for the good of the many.

  25. Kelvin Walker says:

    Jeremy Corbyn has a very long track record of doing what he said he would do, voting as he said he would vote, and standing up and speaking out when he said he would. He is from his track record one of the most honest politicians in Parliament today. If he promises he will only do certain things as PM, that’s what he will try and do.

  26. G Knox says:

    It would be devastating to the good of this country if Corbyn was ever to be Prime Minister……he is untrustworthy and incapable of governing

  27. James Welch says:

    Will be possibly the best thing that has ever happened to this country. That’s why THEY try so hard to slander the man and bring him down.

  28. Barrie Crowther says:

    Hi Jane, what’s your take on Corbyn getting rid of private schools and their assets, that’s a communist doctrine is it not?

  29. Michael FitzGerald says:

    Jeremy Corbyn is untrustworthy and dishonest. He has spent his life advocating Brexit and now for purely party political reasons he is trying to prevent it. He is also authoritarian, arrogant, intolerant and a vicious racist who has turned the once decent Labour Party into a sanitised version of the BNP.

  30. Sylvia Spendlove says:

    I would trust Corbyn as I would a poisonous snake. He is a treacherous man which was proved when he sided with the IRA against us.

    • Leon Carter says:

      He never sided with the IRA and you need to learn what is involved in negotiation which takes two sides and not one, yes he did talk to them the same as Mo Mowlam did and between them they brought the GFA something JC is still fighting to safe when brexit could harm that peace

      Get your head out of MSM Press

    • Guy Falkenau says:

      Sylvia Spendlove Trotting out the same old Tory bag of lies.Corbyn did not side with the IRA .He acted as a mediator between the two sides talking to both Loyalists and Nationalists as both Ian Paisley’s widow and David Ervine ,have publicly stated And yet we hear this same old nonsense..

    • MR C L O'SHEA says:

      He is a Terrorist lover any one who supports Terrorist should never be aloud to be in Politics , and never ever aloud to be Prime Minister of this Great Country of ours, he hates our Queen& family, he hates our Military, He will do his upmost to destroy our country and Military.

    • robert king says:

      actualy bojo, thatcher, major all sided with the ira, corbyn braught on the good friday agreement which the tories, may smith bojo have all ignored, get your facts right zionist pig

    • Casee Leigh says:


    • Neil says:

      Don’t be so stupid Sylvia, he talked to Sinn Fein, not the IRA. He did so at the request of Mo Mowlam and he has said over and over again “I condemn all bombing, I condemn what was done by the British Army as well as the other sides”.

      It is also a matter of fact, that both Thatcher and Major WERE talking to the IRA!

      I personally think talking to both Sinn Fein and the IRA was a very good thing by everyone involved, resolving disputes by talking, rather than deaths via a war of attrition has to be a good thing.

      Or would you rather both sides sent even more people to die and even more innocent civilians also died, just so our elected officials didn’t have to talk to people they didn’t like!

    • Jan says:

      Corbyn did NOT side with the IRA!


      If you want to know about the link between the IRA and the tories though, you should look up the name Maria Gatland.

  31. Pickers says:

    Jeremy Corbyn is a moderate left wing politician with a credible alternative to damaging austerity such as investing in health, schools and other vital public services. Re-nationalisation of the UK’s railway will bring vital funding back in to public hands rather than profits for shareholders, which prevents re-investment and drives up ticket prices for customers. Jeremy believes in social justice and looking after the most vulnerable in society unlike the current tory govt who believe in keeping the countries wealth within a small proportion of the population and hoodwinking everyone else by vilifying people like Jeremy Corbyn by allowing accusations of extreme far left views, terrorist sympathising and antisemitism. Newspapers owned by tory financers and wealthy minorities publish this in their news publications including the Daily Mail and Fox news to add credence to the conjured stories and support from people who accept that news as fact. These are lies and you have to ask yourself, why would the establishment go to such lengths to vilify Corbyn? Because he’s actually credible and they don’t want you to know it. Read the labour manifesto and see if there’s anything in it you fundamentally disagree with. https://labour.org.uk/issues/ Even the tory’s have stolen some of the manifesto pledges and watered them down because widely, people like them. He’s not an idiot, a lunatic, a commie,or a racist. Try not to let your bias lead your thinking and read in to it.

    • Maggie Gothard says:

      Hear Hear! Well said 👏👏👏👏👏

    • walter daniel bowden says:

      Pickers- You’ve hit the right notes about the Tories 100%. But sadly I disagree what you have to say about JB, this man n the toss-pot party are out-n-out-anti-British-do-gooders-n-Snowflake-losers, who will willingly-hand the UK over to a third-World existence in the blink of an eye without losing a nights sleep! No-way would I allow this nut-case within an inch of government control, true these Tory failures are ready to flog the UK to a DICTATORSHIP, which is the the end of the UK as we know it; this n only this is why we should fight this SCUM with anything we can lay our hands on! The Brexit Party are ready to fight for the British people at the drop of a hat n if Boris go’s TITS-UP, we’re going to have a real threat to deal with, a threat so big it will take every loyal-Brit-political-party-n-every real caring Brit’s efforts to destroy OUR enemies! From today everyone of these remain voters should in all honesty revalue exactly what they are going to lose by their misunderstanding of their countries history!

    • Ron Eccles says:

      Have you ever heard of a Communist country reinvesting in industry etc, but you expect a Marxist, terrorist sympathiser to do just that? Have you ever heard of a Marxist (communist) country sharing it’s wealth out? Communism has never worked and never will as long as the leaders have your money to spend.Go ask Mr average Russian, Romanian,Bulgarian, how much money their Communist Governments shared with them. Heaven help us from deluded Labour supporters.

    • Keith Hayes says:

      He is trying to keep us in the EU . Under EU law we can not nationalise the railways . He would just borrow us into more debt than we now have which is Fu**ing Loads . He is not fit to run Tap .Never mind a political party . Or heaven forbid the country .

    • Steve says:

      Your right on all points Pickers this rush to get us out of the EU is because they will tighten rules which allow the very rich to avoid tax, as they have done for generations.

    • Raymond Dove says:

      I am sick to death as to what is going on will never trust a politician again

    • Kaz says:

      Yawn, yawn, yawn, what like Tony Blair did? Give it a rest, you really need to take off the rose tinted specs love.

    • mally says:

      then explain this when in government 28% inflation, wont bury dead, rubbish on streets, national strike. time after that bankrupt country bankers running riot nothing left in kitty for conservatives thought it a joke?conny EVERY TIME have to have AUSTERITY COS O THESE BASTARDS FIDDLING EXPENSES. i dont go for conservatives but labour thieve more from working class than connies ever did,

  32. Jane Clark says:

    No don’t trust the Marxist who defended Russia when the poisoning in Salisbury happened ,cosied up to the IRA ,

    • Leon Carter says:

      He did not side with Russia but he did call for a full investigation which the Tories refused as for the IRA yes he did talk to them but then that was need as negotiation is a two way process which brought about the GFA

    • Frank Keys says:

      No i don’t trust a man who played tennis with russians for £50.000 Lied to the queen.Told people there were no press present while two feet away the cameras flashed .Had the police at his door .Paid a poll dancer with our money .Spend a small fortune on water cannons along with a bridge that turned out to be useless .Wrote two speeches one in favour of brexit the other against and picked the one that would forward his agenda.Etc Etc Etc .In actual it would be difficult to find a subject he has not lied about

  33. john shelton says:

    i see this thread is attracting all the trolls,if you want to know about corbyn google his name and then avoid the tory propaganda lies and trolls and get the truth,we cannot ask mo mowlam bless her but her and jc brokered peace in northern ireland where the fascist torynazi party wanted to keep the troubles stoked up,if you call negotiating peace being a terrorist then your either a fascist tory or off your trolley.JC4PM CWFDL VOTE LABOUR OR LOSE OUR NHS AND OUR PENSIONS AND POSSIBLY OUR LIVES UNDER A FASCIST TORYNAZI REGIME.

    • C N Jarvis says:

      So,we should just believe the left Wing lies and propoganda. JC did F all to bring about peace, he is a two faced anti-establishment back stabber. This view of course is about as balanced as yours with your “fascist torynazi party” nonsense. Left Wing fanatic fantasists like you are the problem with today’s politics, you have no sense of reality or balance.

    • Donald James McKinnon says:

      Does your mummy know you’re playing with her computer?

    • Mei Lim says:

      He is a BREXITER

    • Kaz says:

      Oh you’re funny, at least we Tory trolls have our eyes and ears open and fully understand where your man is coming from. All he’s ever been is a rich activist telling poor people how he’s going to make their lives better but still I guess that’s ok as long as it’s not a rich Tory ay? Personally I’m not into socialism it ruins lives, you think he would not sell off the NHS wake up the Labour Party would sell your house with you still in it if they could just to make you poorer.

    • tony davies says:

      this is typical of labour supporters we will never lose our nhs, or lives under tory government , also not under a fascist tory nazi regime, i do not know where you get your ideas from are you taking something?? the only person that is against the jews is corbyn so i think that is being a nazi fascist, get a grip and how will we lose our liveswould be interesting to know.

  34. Dave T says:

    I believe he is a hypocrite regarding his stance on Europe and is a dangerous leftwing fanatic who would destroy this country with his monetary policies and radical views. And if he gets the power he craves then that bloody stupid Diane Abbott would become Home Secretary. God help us all.

  35. martin ryde says:

    Would’nt trust Corbyn and the tripe that follows him to run a tap let a lone a country

  36. Graham says:

    No I don’t trust Corbyn He is useless all he is good at is stiring hate across the country!!!

  37. Nouri says:

    He is not trying to set up a an Etonian clan or a Bullingdon Club for the few and he has not got someone like Dominic Cummings (Boris right hand man advisor) who can sack and hire anyone with impunity. Furthermore, when Boris keeps his word and hand in £350 million a week for the NHS as suggested during his Leave manifesto than I can take him seriously.
    Corbyn on the other hand, is working hard to bring the many together for the benefit of the many not the few. Furthermore, he is not trying to turn the UK into the 51st State of the USA and sell more public assets to their obscene greedy corporations that will take their profit out of the country. For the many and not the few. Keep calm JC and carry on with your social justice agenda. Those that will fail to pin you down on your common sense policies will sort to insults, abuse and try to impress none but the naive, the gullible and the ones that have been fooled by the same elitist breed that is not in touch with citizens day to day concerns.

  38. Margaret Morgan says:

    Yes i would .He doesnt lie .He will do what he says.A truly honest politician.

  39. Stephen says:

    After years of scrutiny and probably the most thorough search for a character in British history, finally a book was written listing his worst failings. Once all the lies had been discarded along with other gross distortions of the truth, the worse crimes Jeremy had committed where “reading too much”, and once, eating baked beans out of a tin!
    There’s also the fact that everyone who meets him comments on his genuineness and compassion. I’ve got lots more reasons to trust him. But the failure of the media to find a single credible flaw, along with the testimony of so many individuals, makes it clear that Jeremy IS a man who can be trusted.

  40. Richard Pink says:

    Well Corbyn is the voice of reason he is everything i admire he stands by his morals and has a voting record to match his words which have always been on the right side of history. The establishment in the UK seems to have lost its moral compass and the Tabloids are telling us good is bad and dad is good black is basically the new white its spreading like a disease and we are all in great danger of infection. Corbyn sense is the antidote.

  41. Deborah Barker says:

    I’m sorry for you if you believe he’s an ambassador for the past. His party is an Absolute shambles. We need to make our country great again and we don’t need the EU to do this. We are a small Island that can look after all our own needs….Its called The United Kingdom. We can only do this together..The Scottish need to respect the fact if they leave us they need to build a good boat that can cross the Irish sea
    ..mean waters….to join their friends..

    • Daveena Daley says:

      Deborah Barker, please can you explain how this ‘small island’ can look after its own needs? What do you mean by this? What about all the trade deals necessary to bridge for shortfall that will occur as the EU is the UK’s largest trading partner. Do you know how many trade deals there are in place with non EU countries post Brexit? If you research this, I think you’ll be quite shocked. What about supplies of medicines and food? Do you assume that these will flow freely as they do now? Again, research this. What is the situation regarding air space? Has this been dealt with? What are the implications regarding exports/imports? There’s myriad of issues that need to be resolved. Here’s a link for your perusal. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-47225806

    • Stephen says:

      When people demand respect, but show none. Its hard to take them seriously. Jeremy on the other hand shows nothing but respect, and frankly, astounding levels of patience and understanding even with those who lie and work to undermine him, who should be on the same team. It impresses me greatly that he showed the hand of friendship to opponents after the leadership challenge, and even offered Owen Smith, his main opponent, a place in the cabinet. Corbyn always referees to his mandate when pursuing any policy and never responds to personal attacks. This is a man who places duty, compassion and democracy, far ahead of his own ego. He’s made it clear he’s there to serve, and THAT is greatest respect he could show this country.

    • Gwyndster says:

      “We are a small island that can look after our own needs” – I’m not sure where you learned your history from, but this ‘small island’ hasn’t even been able to feed it’s own populace from it’s own resources for over a century, if we can’t even manage to feed ourselves, I’m not sure any of our other ‘own needs’ are going to matter all that much.

    • Neil Godwin says:

      Where will you find the people to pick the fruit in the banana plantations? What’s that? We can not grow bananas? Or strawberries out of season?
      Never mind, we can have a meal to commiserate at Wetherspoons. What? A lot of their meat comes from Ireland and there’s a shortage following Brexit?
      But we can “look after all our own needs”, we were told.

      • walter daniel bowden says:

        Neil Godwin- Its hard to understand people that bang-on about we can’t grow this n that or get that n this without trading around the countries; of course we can’t its always been like that, there’s nothing new about it, that’s an Islands way of life; you do know that the UK is an Island I take it? These Tories-Labour-Libdims- and whoever else, don’t want to leave the EU for entirely their OWN GREEDY NEEDS and instead of getting the country up-n-ready once more for self support-n-cheaper means of importing-n-exporting, they would sooner attempt to scare the living day-lights out of the British public, as though the EU are the B-all n end of our lives! Those people that can’t believe we Brit’s can not survive with out the EU, can consider themselves ‘BRAINWASHED’! We can grow n trade whatever we need whenever we need it without giving-up OUR BRITISH NATIONALITY n LIFE of FREEDOM in order to be ENSLAVED in the EU DICTATORSHIP that intends to rob the UK of everything we hold dear; just so that the ELITE can increase their wealth n prosperity on the sell-out of British Freedom! On the other side of the coin, JC is a first class yes-man n do-gooder, totally anti-British in whatever he thinks or does and if allow full control of the UK, he’s so weak n spineless; will allow the UK to become a 3rd World shit-hole for the worlds worst SCUM!

  42. Mr james Mcbride says:

    Your really showing your ignorance mate by saying he is a communist, been brainwashed by the mail etc have we. And as for saying he is a terrorist sympathiser that is totally disgraceful, as he and diane Abbott and tony blair were mainly the reason why we had the good friday agreement, and if thatcher had had the foresight implement there would have been thousands of lives saved, but o no the lady wasn’t for turning was she. I thinks your a bit mutton jeff when it comes to getting your facts straight matey. !!

  43. Joya Ghose says:

    Jeremy Corbyn has been on the right side of history on every major decision the government has made throughout his life, regardless of what was actually done. He cares about people – all people, not just his cronies.

  44. Pablo Martini says:

    The muppets attacking him are just paid for bots! OR more a blot on our country!

  45. Jim Mutton says:

    Would I fuck as like trust him or his daft mates McDonnell and Abbott. Don’t like and never will like communists especially when they are terrorist sympathisers.
    The man is a total disgrace and the popularity of the Labour party is at an all time low with the pillock Corbyn in charge of it.

  46. Sharon Neish says:

    He’s the only person who represents the interests of the ordinary person, who will fight to save our jobs and the NHS and now that Johnson has overstepped the mark Jeremy Corbyn is our only hope to protect our constitution and most importantly our freedom of speech.

  47. Jake says:

    He has integrity. He’s always trying to do what’s in the best interest of the people, and which is also viable – not always easy. The complete opposite of BoJo who’s a complete charlatan and only interested in himself and his own career.

    • Michael Dixon says:

      He has blown the integrity tag. Always a lifelong critic of the EU he has now decided it is pragmatic to be a Remainer. As Marx said, ‘ if you don’t like my principles, I have others.’ Grouch of course, not Karl.

      • Steve says:

        Here’s a thought: maybe you can be a Eurosceptic – which Corbyn is – and still reject the Brexit project?

        Corbyn spoke against Brexit before the referendum. You know that. Brexit is a Tory project, pushed by the right-wing using xenophobic rhetoric and outright lies. Corbyn has been an anti-racism campaigner his entire life, and is almost pathologically honest, even when it’s not convenient for him. Why on Earth would you think he’d support Brexit?

        As a politician representing a major party with the potential to form a government, rather than a minor faction like the LIb Dems that can only glom onto another party, Corbyn has to talk about what we will do if/when Brexit goes ahead. He can’t just shout #BollocksToBrexit and leave it up to Fate. But the idea that he supports the Brexit project is nonsense. If he did, he would have pushed for Labour to support the Withdrawal Agreement and we’d already be out.

  48. Grant Beerling says:

    Simple, consistency of message, humility, does not get swayed by the press wanting simplistic answers to complex issues, look at his expenses, he delegates like Attlee.

  49. Henry O'Tani says:

    I personally support Corbyn


    He is the only(?) front-bencher who has not a University degree of any sort ..

    He fell out with (a previous) wife over sending their boy to Grammar School…

    That he was selected as leader “by accident” (somewhat like “Putney Swope”)

    I would be happy with ANYONE who meets say the criteria for Jury service… Any British person, any party, any race, creed or religion – providing they are not “self-appointing, ambitious, cunning, competitive winners” …

    (What the Germans call “the we know better than yous”)

    There is plenty of space in the Westminster system for “peers” “experts” “lobbyists” “spin doctors” “celebrities” “archbishops” and “we know better than yous” … not to mention the academic cream of the Civil Service….

    As Greta Thunburg demonstrates “neurotypical skills” any more than “accountancy skills” should not be the ONLY criteria for electing our Parliamentary “House of Commons” REPRESENTATIVES.

    I believe in a House of Commons which consists of mundane and decent common people (like lay Juries vis-a-vis professional advocates, expert witnesses, barristers, judges and clerks)

    And mainly in the possibility of “Democratic Leaders” (- the phrase not an oxymoron..)

  50. Anthony Hicks says:

    You cannot trust this man he is a traitor to Great Britain and must never be aloud to be in charge of this country

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