Would You Trust Jeremy Corbyn as Caretaker Prime Minister?

Would You Trust Jeremy Corbyn as Caretaker Prime Minister?


SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon  expressed support for installing the Labour leader or "someone else" stating that a vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson was the only" failsafe" option.

She added that leaving the EU without a deal was a "terrible" idea.

Boris Johnson's prorogation of Parliament has been ruled unlawful by the Supreme Court and the decision was followed by the opposition leaders asking PM to resign.

Boris Johnson announced Wednesday that he will suspend the Parliament in September. British pound is loosing value as the political crisis deepens.

Jeremy Corbyn is planning to oust the incumbent PM, Boris Johnson with a vote of no confidence backed by a MPs coalition including rebel Tories and other opposition parties. He's facing opposition from the supporters of Boris Johnson but also from the Lib Dems.

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How Jeremy Corbyn could become Prime Minister in September?

Jeremy Corbyn called on all the opponents of the Tory Government to make him caretaker Prime Minster for a "time-limited" period in order to stop a No-deal Brexit. His mission will be to postpone Brexit and to call a general election.

The plan could be put in motion as soon as early September when the MP’s are returning from the summer recess.

Who’s against Jeremy Corbyn in his PM?

Beside the obvious opposition from the incumbent government and the Brexit Party, Jeremy Corbyn is facing strong opposition from the fellow remainers.

Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson has stated in a public letter that “Jeremy Corbyn risks jeopardising a vote of no confidence in the government by insisting he becomes caretaker PM”. She expressed doubts that he could rally enugh support in the Commons and insisted that another leader should be chosen for the “caretaker” PM mandate.

Labour and Mr Corbyn have rejected the calls, saying it should be the leader of the opposition who spearheads the movement.

Leter edit: according to the Telegraph , , Labour insiders have signalled a shift in strategy to let Remainer MPs first try to seize control of Parliamentary business. The vote of no confidence might be planed for middle September.

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213 Responses

  1. Mary Thorpe says:

    Jeremy Corbyn is an honest man.. his integrity shines through him … People in general go for the false person, the Bojo’s of the world, because they want the excitement of being a part of the illusion that is created by these false persona….. While Corbyn is the strong and stable man, who wants equality for all, where we all have decent jobs , housing,and prosper as a whole…While Bojo only wnast it for his wealthy friends

  2. Kenneth Bardsley says:

    I voted YES, but it seems to have been recorded as a no. WTF ?

  3. Sue Lee says:

    Those saying Corbyn is an IRA sympathiser should look at the Conservative party. It is the Conservative party that has an IRA member in their party. Maria Gatland left the IRA to join the tories and they accepted her into their fold with no questions asked. Pot calling kettle comes to mind. Newspapers keeps that quiet though

    • BrianJ says:

      Corbyn has already called the IRA heroes for their armed struggle against the British invaders of Ireland and he has supported Palestinian Terrorism giving them support and succour, he has already said he will remove Britains nuclear deterrent and McDonald wants us to leave NATO, I think if he took over as a “caretaker” he would find a way to make it impossible to remove him

  4. Clive Alexander Haddow says:

    Give me a man such as Jeremy Corbyn with a backbone to lead this country and not a habitual liar as Boris Jonson who lied to H.M. A man of ignorance and self-illusion and as big a liar as Tom Pepper, and he was thrown out of hell by the devil.

    • Stephen Williams says:

      Corbyn man with back bone.my arse.he is a terrorist sympather.he is not fit to run a country or even run for a bus.the man is scum

  5. Dawn Bradbury says:

    Jeremy Corbyn is an honest man, who cares about people. Labour policies are costed and thoroughly thought out, in spite of what some newspapers and even the BBC would have us believe.

    • brianJ says:

      how can you call him an honest man with backbone, when asked about Labour policy over Brexit he may or may not support a new referendum, when asked about an election he says Not yet because he is afraid to commit to anything that might make him look unpopular until he has got power then God help this country, comrade Corbyn et al will ally us to comrade Putin and we will end up as pariahs in the West

    • Mary Thorpe says:

      Dawn Bradbury,, agree with you ..Labours Manifesto has been costed , the tax’s from the wealthy who have their cash stashed in the overseas banks , not bailing out the Corrilios and the other privateers..All the profits that now go into the billionaires pockets ‘ , will pay for the nHs and keep the country safe and healthy ……. .. Corbyns integrity shines out of him

  6. DAVID A JAMES says:

    He is an absolute scum bag. Supports all the scum of the world & refuses to sing the national anthem. He is a dog. Ruined Labour for me. And I wont even mention the racist Abbott.

    • Andrew Scrivener says:

      You are spot on David A James , i could not agree more

    • L Hilbert says:

      He is the only hope for a functional Britain after the devastation of Tory rule – with or without Brexit.

    • Kevin says:

      I agree that he’s a scumbag of the highest order. Anti-Israel, insidious & no good. Never may he be PM!
      Boris is a man who does WHAT HE SAYS, unlike so many of the wussie parliamentarians we have in the Commons right now.

    • Dave Carrick says:

      You brainwashed moron.

    • Mark hill says:

      He is nothing short of being an enemy of the state !

    • John Goymer says:

      A man of quality. The most smeared politician in history. JC4PM.

      • BrianJ says:

        How can anyone be so deluded to say that Comrade Corbyn is a man of quality, as for smears we dont need to do that he is an acknowledged supporter of the IRA and Hamas, he has vowed to remove Britains deterrent, divide the UK by supporting Scottish devolution, he and the rest of the Marxists in the Labour party are traitors to Britain. he also wants to make Britain a republic no doubt with him as president, he has already insulted both the Queen and country by refusing to stand and sing the National Anthem

    • mally says:

      you mean BLACK ABBOT the mathematician 2plus3 make 7 works for her inflated wages, n for corBIN to sleep with her should be a sacking offence guts like asbestos.

  7. bruce cooper says:

    He’s one of a few honest men in Parliament; one who is there to help people rather than to make money out of them. He is constantly smeared by those with money, because he wants a fairer society.

  8. John Locke says:

    He`s an Anti British, Anti White, Anti Semitic Terrorist Supporting piece of Communist scum.

  9. Raymond Dove says:

    I am sick to death as to what is going on will never trust a politician again

  10. Mr M McPhillimey says:

    No way can you trust a man, who has no respect for this country of ours. He wishes to get rid of our complete Military or nuclear weapons. Openly supports Terrorists Organisation, refuses to acknowledge our Queen who he also wishes to get rid of. He will split up the UK. By given N Ireland to the southern Irish. Give Scotland their Independence also Wales if asked…
    How can people vote for him….?

  11. Betty Freeman says:

    get us out will. tell you that only have penies last at end and but would you to have what i have left can not travel with you but can not do it i have faith in you all

  12. Betty Freeman says:

    Jeremy Corbyn is untrustworthy and dishonest. HE has no wish to see brexit leave in my mind he is one of the QWEENS WORST ENEMYS. IF THIS CLOWN WINS. BRITIAN IS DEAD.if i can only send 2gbp out of my pension credit i can not go buu will be with you all in my hours cab noy get a mobility scooter on vot will be witg you in spirit .

  13. Joya Ghose says:

    He’s one of a few honest men in Parliament; one who is there to help people rather than to make money out of them. He is constantly smeared by those with money, because he wants a fairer society.

    • Rob Albury says:

      He’s about as trustworthy as the main players in the E.U. Corrupt and secretive, a weak stalk in a breeze; he’d back anything that achieved his goal of a Communist State.

    • kev watson says:

      if you cant see he only wants to get into no 10 so he can turn this country into a communist state then you will never get rid of him and his cronies wake up

  14. mark greenwood says:

    wouldn’t trust corbin as far as i could throw him,he wanted an election,then turned it down,now he’s plotting a no confidence vote to be pm basically by default because he knows no way of winning an election,have you read some of labour policy,its nothing short of communism,he’s about as democratic as stallin was in the ussr,if brexit happens or dosen’t we dont needs this nasty person in charge of a nasty party running the country.

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