Is BBC biased about BREXIT (August 2019)?

Is BBC biased about BREXIT (August 2019)?

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FAQ on BBC bias about BREXI

Q: Who’s monitoring BBC reporting?
A: BBC is regulated and monitored by Ofcom, the UK's communications regulator.
Q: Who’s financing BBC
A: BBC work is funded principally by an annual television licence fee which is charged to all British households, companies, and organisations using any type of equipment to receive or record live television broadcasts and iPlayer catch-up.
Q: Does BBC receives EU funds?
A: No. And yes.
According to the BBC the public service news programmes are not allowed to take any external funding, including from the EU.(...)There are three areas that do not influence BBC editorial policy that benefit from EU money”
As listed by corporation this areas are: BBC Media Action (an international development charity), Research and Development (they get EU grants for developing innovation in broadcasting) and Independent Production Companies (EU money for drama productions).  
So, what do you think? Is BBC biased


Ever since 2016, BBC has been under fire from Remainers and Brexiteers regarding the alleged bias over BREXIT.

But, in the last year and particularly in 2019, we’ve seen more prominent accusations of BBC bias coming from the Remain side.

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BREXIT Party surprising success in the EU elections, lead to an increased time on air dedicated to Nigel Farage, and covering the leadership contest of the Tories, meant a lot more coverage dedicated to pro BREXIT messages.

One of the most recent critiques came on August 4, from the labour politician, Andrew Adonis, former Secretary of state on Transport on Twitter.

Why do pay the licence fee to have Brexit lies read to us as ‘news’ by the ‘impartial’ public broadcaster?” asked Adonis referring to the 7am ‘news’ reading  “pro-Brexit headlines”.

Also civic groups have protested against alleged unbalanced representation favoring the pro Brexit side.

On the other side almost all leaders from the Leave side, culminating with Boris Joohnson & Nigel Farage as well as many Brexiteer MPs have been very active this year, accusing BBC of pro EU bias and anti Brexit propaganda.

There is even a campaign crowdfunding in order to ask for a judicial review over BBC News reporting.

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33 Responses

  1. Peter Wilton says:

    I’m astonished at the comments about the bias of Question Time. When it’s broadcast from a Remain area the producer has been seen planting someone in the audience for the purposes of expressing a strong Leave view. For a long time, Nigel Farage had made 30 appearances on the programme, when no pro-European MEP had ever been invited.

  2. Alwyn Barber says:

    The BBC always go on the side of the remainers, especially on politics live the interviewer will always let’s the remainers points be heard without interrupting them but when it is a leaver talking they will interrupt them. It seems that they never have an equal panel also they remainer never gets stopped from interrupting the levers point of view.

  3. Simply put, anything that can or has gone wrong is blamed on Brexit. Japanese car plants shutting, even though Japan now has a trade deal with the EU, so they can now build back in Japan and create jobs there. Steel works closing, ev,en though the price of steel hit rock bottom because China flooded the market and EU rules prevent a government rescue bail out. Today a 0.2% drop in GDP, mainly due to stockpiling for the 31st March exit which didn’t happen now catching up with the over all figure for the year to date. For goodness sake BBC, get a grip, like Corbyn you are living in your pampered little tax payer funded bubble where everyone is afraid that if they speak in favour of Brexit they will never work again in the media. It’s not just the BBC, it’s all TV broadcasters, none of you do a real job and you are all full of your own self importance. Guess what, if you disappeared tomorrow, there would be no tears shed for you and you wouldn’t be missed. Being able to read an autocue doesn’t make you an expert.

  4. Maureen Foster says:

    The BBC always gives more time to the ‘remainers’. Brexiteers are constantly interrupted when they are talking during discussions and can’t finish any point they want to make, whilst the ‘remainers’ are allowed to make any point they want in full. Also, the BBC are always making a ‘No deal’ sound like Armaggedon is coming on November 1st!! Everything is going to collapse into chaos as far as they are concerned and those of us who voted to leave are too stupid to see it.

  5. Peter simcock says:

    The bbc is totaly biased considering they are controled by the eu you wouldnt expect anything differant.

  6. Kathleen Barber says:

    The BBC is a disgrace its supposed to be impartial but shows a distinct bias against Brexit. I am sick of all the doom and gloom and how they manage to show all the remainers moaning about how dreadful it is going to be when we leave. The phrase when we crash out of the EU is used all the time and shows the bias to start with. How we are crashing anywhere when we have had 3 plus years to prepare I dont know. Panels disguising Brexit always have more remainers than leavers and If not they try to discredit leavers asking irrelevant questions rather than asking for their views. When Boris was questioned all they wanted to ask about was his argument with his girlfriend which would never been mentioned if he was a remainer. No coverage of the demos in london by the leavers or the veterans rally. Interviews help with an eu flag in the background few union Jack’s do I need to day more. What are we paying our licence fee for. Not impartiality that’s for sure.

  7. Andy says:

    The BBC is s vehicle for remain. Question time is invariably top heavy remain and news is presented with a Remain bias. It has always been an outlet for supposedly pseudo intelligence and has lost any pretence of neutrality.

  8. Evelyn says:

    There has been a marked imbalance in persons chosen for interviews about Brexit. At the most generous, one would have to say that “shock value” of the way some present their views influences selection (and they “happen” to be pro-Brexit), because the shock value draws viewers. – But whatever the reason, while sometimes MPs and others who are for a Final Vote, or who have sound arguments against Brexit do get invited, these represent a smaller % of guests, and receive distinctly less air time.

    There was a time when the BBC was considered world wide as reliable and neutral in its coverage of news. It has been very sad seeing that change in recent years.

  9. David Symons says:

    The BBC journalist do not ever challenge the lies and misinformation routinely spouted by politicians on every radio and television show, every day. The Today program reads out newspaper headlines and treats hideous probrexit tabloid comics such as express, mail and telegraph with undue respect when they should be ignored. Brexity supporting people hate it when their fantasy Brexity is challenged by experts with different opinions and conclude that all media outlets are anti Brexity if they dare tell facts or expert opinion.

  10. says:

    Yes !! every time they discuss Brexit on question time etc, the panel is always remainer top heavy. They also spread the fear and lies doom and gloom. Never any mention of the positives that’s to be had when we leave. No mention of the undemocratic dictators and how they get their positions, nor what’s happened to the tens of millions that’s gone missing.

    • George Jenkinson says:

      Apart from rich tax avoiders getting richer. And bankers betting on the value of the pound I have yet to see one verifiable true benefit to my country. Brexiteers have nothing to add to and argument apart from slogans like ‘take back control’ (We have not lost parliament), the people (37%) have spoken (3 years ago… 1,000,000 have died and been replaced with new voters, the ones who were 16 and 17)

      • Bill Walsh. says:

        Stop lying and twisting Mr Jenkinson. We have lost sovereignty, as Ted Heath admitted we would (FCO documents will prove that fact). The old twisted LIE about 37% and lots of Leavers are teens. Those who chose not to vote should not be included in your figures either. Do you have definitive proof that ALL new voters would vote Remain? I think not !

  11. Fred Steele says:

    Read a copy of Parliamentary Briefing Paper 07212, Section 5 states that the referendum was only ADVISORY, Section 5 adds that were a referendum to be binding upon the result of the vote then on a constitutional issue, such as leaving the EU, then a SUPER majority (60% or more) would be required…..I remind you that Leave only got 37% of the peoples support and even if you say 52% of the vote it STILL fell short of that required SUPER majority…..We ‘The People’ are being CONNED….Big Time !

    • Bill Walsh. says:

      Read the £9m taxpayer-funded leaflet that Scamoron had posted to every house. That did not once say the referendum was ‘advisory’. What it DID say was that the result of the vote would be implemented (before the coward ducked his office).
      Please stop retelling the old worn out lie about 37% of the population. The number that matters, in a democracy such as the UK, is the majority of votes whether or not some chose not to vote. The majority wins the vote and you cannot change that, although the EU can’t bring themselves to respect that.

  12. Fred Steele says:

    Even Farage admits the referendum was only advisory and ONLY 37% of the British People actually have said they want to leave the EU, that is a MINORITY. It is absolute tripe therefore for Boris Johnson to claim he has a mandate to deliver Vrexit…..He certainly has NOT !……Why are the BBC and other Media not jumping all over those wild claims about having a mandate and being the will of the People as neither are TRUE !

  13. Jan says:

    Their biased phraseology and selective interviewing has been very obvious over the past 3 years.

  14. David Smart says:

    Why .? Because they have been and i believe still are in reciept of funds from the EU
    They have interviews with we will say 2 remainers 1 Leaver and the the interviewer is arguing on the side of remain as well. designed to make leave look weak. and and a,
    minority subliminal thought manipulation.along with an EU flag somewhere .i myself no longer watch anything on the BIASED BROADCASTING CESSPIT

  15. Avril Steytler says:

    yes the television channels all seem to be anti brit exit yes I trust Boris as he did a brilliant job of mayor of London and he is the only one I trust who will deliver exiting the EU on time

  16. Robin Parker says:

    The BBC has been very pro EU! The political talk shows were always bias towards the EU with more pro EU or Remain camp guests than Anti EU or leave camp guests. They have fully admitted this along with the fact the audiences on these types of show were also heavily populated by Pro EU, remain voters. The news readers always used phases like “Cliff Edge”, “Catastrophic” and other alarming phrases to describe the UK operating under WTO trade rules. Interviewers frequently use alarmist wording and phrases to describe Brexit or a No Deal scenario. The potential benefits of Brexit are rarely mentioned. The disgusting 4.8 Million extra migrants into the UK in the last 20 years. Is never mentioned. The BBC is blatantly a pro EU propaganda channel.

  17. ROBERT Pearce says:

    The BBC (and Sky) are fully of lefty liberal, Europhiles. They are anti-democratic. Most of the people they invite on are also lefty liberals and anti-brexit.

  18. Abdulrahman telly Bahaga says:

    We proudly say yes,
    About brexit more propose to say we proud about the great Britain,,, right

  19. Marie Varney says:

    The BBC were noticeably absent from the recent huge pro remain demos. The fringe and ultra right wing minority events get more coverage and air time.
    There has been little meaningful reporting and explanation in laymans terms what true implications of leaving the EU would mean to ordinary people. Particularly in terms of job losses, food prices and health implications.
    When conducting spot interviews in the street the reporters usually manage to find the most extreme or ill informed fruitcakes to interview. It seems they are more concerned with creating a sensation than getting ordinary balanced views across on tv and radio.

  20. Preston Forster says:

    The BBC are biased against brexit. They ask decent although one sided questions to remoaners and labour mp’s. When talking to garage or other brexiteers they are ridiculed like garage was on matts show. BBC have been warned more than once about their biastry

  21. Mark Neary says:

    Whether the BBC is deliberately or inadvertently pro-Brexit is a moot point. However, the coverage by the BBC has been effectively pro-Brexit for the following reasons:
    * The failure to properly challenge Leave sophistry, lies and false promises, allowing viewers to be misled by them.
    * The “false balance” that insists on someone to give a counter-opinion. Thus, no matter how well established, researched, academically supported and reasoned and anti-Brexit argument was, it was allowed to be opposed by someone spouting soundbites, misinformation or bland dismissals of facts and reasoning.
    * A tacit support of the idea that the Referendum was (and still is) binding (it never was) and to challenge the Leave campaign fully and repeatedly over the overspending and manipulation of the vote by the likes of Cambridge Analytica and foreign powers.
    * The constant granting of pro-Brexiters – especially Farage – a platform on programmes such as Newsnight and a marginalizing of pro-Remain MPs.
    * Minimizing and playing down the pro-Remain protests – despite the tens and hundreds of thousands of people attending, yet never failing to cover pro-Brexit protests (especially if Farage is present).
    * The BBC may, from time to time, do fact checks on its website but this utterly fails to make up for the failure to fact-check Leave claims during the actual news coverage and in interviews. Andrew Neil’s challenge of Johnson over GATT 24 – 5c was an all too rare example of what the BBC should be doing every time a politician makes an inaccurate or simply false claim. (If the “gnomes” on QI can run real-time fact checks, then it cannot be impossible to have the same during recorded interviews.)

  22. Pat Kafel says:

    The BBC is so unpatriotic, full to the brim of liberal left winger who loath Britain and its values. They’ll stop at nothing to defend every threat to our society. I don’t know what they think they actually want, but in following the bad shepherds, they will be guilty of the destruction of Britain and western values.

  23. Sue Wilson says:

    Little or no mention of pro-remain policies, supporters etc. Overwhelming support for Farage, who hasn’t ever been an MP

  24. Mark Kelly says:

    The Metropolitan Elite will never reconcile themselves to the result of the 2016 Referendum; Leave voters will always be sneered at because they don’t think we understood the issues involved.

  25. Veronica Vee Goddard says:

    BBC is totally biased against Brexit; every debate is loaded towards remaining in EU.

  26. Stuart Hammond says:

    Focus in news feeds and discussion forums is seldom representative of balanced programs and the democratic will of the country.
    They appear to cast themselves in the role of establishment propaganda, which does them no favours.

  27. Julia says:

    54% of the voting public are forced to pay for the BBC yet the biased corporation has done nothing but lie about Brexiteers and Brexit. It’s an utter disgrace and Boris Johnson should end the right the BBC has to demand a TV licence fee.

  28. Raymond says:

    The BBC has been biased since day one.

  29. Dan O'Connell says:

    I love the BBC, but the omission of some news items (eg the 1 million marching in London) and clear bias as in Question time, make the BBC news absolutely useless and NEVER worth listening to

  30. David Alan Webster says:

    Have I got News For you, The News Quiz and even Question Time are packed with Remainers. Remainer statements are rarely question and I literally cannot remember seeing or hearing a pro Brexit view expressed by the BBC but dozens of rabidly anti Brexit. The BBC has also openly condoned assaults on Brexiteers and repeatedly celebrated the idea of Brexit voters dying.

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