What Would Happen IF BREXIT were CANCELED?

What Would Happen IF BREXIT were CANCELED?

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BREXIT could be Cancelled by UK Parliament as European Court of Justice has granted fast-track procedure for BREXIT reversal case to be decided on 27th of November. The decision was announced on Friday, by ECJ, and it comes after a request from a Scotland’s highest court on the reversibility of Article 50.

The case has been brought by Mr Maugham and a cross-party group of politicians in Scotland, comprising Labour MEPs Catherine Stihler and David Martin, Joanna Cherry MP and Alyn Smith MEP of the SNP, and Green MSPs Andy Wightman and Ross Greer.

Does ECJ have to right to decide over Brexit?

Yes, because until there is an official Brexit, UK is under ECJ jurisdiction.

What is this article 50?

“A Member State which decides to withdraw shall notify the European Council of its intention. In the light of the guidelines provided by the European Council, the Union shall negotiate and conclude an agreement with that State, setting out the arrangements for its withdrawal, taking account of the framework for its future relationship with the Union. That agreement shall be negotiated in accordance with Article 218(3) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. It shall be concluded on behalf of the Union by the Council, acting by a qualified majority, after obtaining the consent of the European Parliament.”


What a reversal BREXIT case means?

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) will consider whether Brexit can be halted if MPs vote to do so.

If it is successful, this case could boost the support for the Remain side as UK Parliament will have the legal right to keep the UK in the EU even after the final details of its departure terms are known.

It would give Parliament the power to unilaterally halt Brexit if it feels that any final deal - or no deal - is unacceptable.

The Parliament will be free to do so EVEN IF the May government wants to leave.


So, if things will go as the “Remain” camp wants, BREXIT could be halted by a simple vote in Parliament. This vote could trigger immediately after it becomes clear that May cabinet will not get a Brexit Deal, and therefore Hard Brexit will be imminent.


So, if Brexit were canceled, how would you, your friends and/or your family react?

Vote in the Flash Poll and leave a comment to fully express your view on this issue.

The ECJ confirmed on Friday that it has “granted the fast-track procedure on the request for a preliminary ruling from a Scottish court on the reversibility of Article 50”.Jolyon Maugham QC, who is one of the people who brought the case, said a hearing would now take place on November 27.

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17 Responses

  1. Barb says:

    I am quite surprised at the majority of the comments on here. Over 17 Million people voted for Brexit. We were promised that Leave means Leave, Theresa May is a traitor to the country, to the parliament and to democracy. The UK economy in the approach to Brexit has improved. A considerable number of remainers are said to have changed to become Brexiteers. The United Kingdom has always been a sovereign nation and should stay that way. The vast majority or Remoaners do so because they have ties to the EU eg Tony Blair who is paid vast amounts by the EU and doesn’t want his gravy train to be stopped. It is time for the country to pull together and stand as one as we leave the EU on WTO rules. If we don’t Civil Unrest will be the start and it could lead to Civil War

  2. Scarlett Pimpernel says:

    You do realize that somewhere the greatest Frenchman of the twentieth century, President Charles de Gaulle, is looking down at all this Brexit farago was smug vindication. THIS is why he vetoed British membership of the Common Market three times and accession was only granted to the UK (along with Eire and Denmark) once he had left office! Tragically, I’m not entirely sure the United Kingdom deserves the EU and the other 27 might feel liberated from not having a surly, truculent UK hanging around any longer and spoiling it for everyone else. I wouldn’t mind if the (criminal and borderline treasonous) Leave campaigns had come up with how to apply leaving the EU sensibly & responsibly that didn’t crash the economy or tear up Britain’s diplomatic relationships. Instead, UK MEPs will be extracted from Brussels with all the decorum across the Channel of a clumsy bull in a chinashop and a haughty chutzpah matching the way Britain partitioned and left India in 1947! A time-out for little England may be required in order to understand how to be good Europeans, or not. Though, I accept it may not be the same country petitioning to re-enter a few years later…

  3. Philip Tolhurst says:

    The referendum basically gave us a view of the political will of the nation in June 2016. The problem is that two and half years in political terms is a long time and the view of the nation then is not the view of the nation now – especially as we are far more informed of the likely outcome of Brexit and less misinformed about what might happen – and that’s by either side.

    People in general are not stupid and can quite clearly start to see just how bad any version of Brexit will be for the nation and for them generally. Yes there are extremes on each side of the vote and the first post on this thread is a clear example of that. However, in general the will of the people has changed and you can bet your life our politicians are all too aware of that fact.

    As for what will happen. I expect some rowdy marches by those who most strongly wanted us to the EU and believe somehow we would be better off as a little island in the Atlantic with no friends eating bleached chicken imported from the land of Trump.

  4. Peter Bird says:

    It would depend on how it was cancelled. If by a further referendum, it would be “democratic” and in spite of the small cabal of rabid right-wingers led by Rees-Mogg, most people would accept it and get on with their lives.

  5. chris says:

    I believe that if Brexit were stopped there would be mass protests followed by mass direct action. I also believe that ALL credibility of ALL our politicians would be finished!

  6. Gregory Yerbury says:

    We would see lots of cross letters in the Mail and Telegraph and Nigel Farage would appear on everything. Most of the country will either think what a relief or not even notice.

  7. If Brexit was cancelled we would see national celebration on one side, abject relief on the other, plus Brexiters would be able to console themselves
    by knowing that they won the vote, but also dodged the bullet.

  8. Allyson Wright says:

    It would be a huge relief, the vote was corrupt, illegal, based on lies, and manipulated. There is a small minority of people who want Brexit to go ahead, but the overwhelming feeling is that the majority of leavers, many of whom were making a protest vote, have changed their minds. The fact that this Tory government is ignoring the current and overriding ‘will of the people’ is proof that their only consideration is their own wealth. The tax haven laws that the EU are bringing into force were the motivation behind the original referendum. You only need to look at the number of prominent exponents of the Leave campaign to see how many of them are busy shuffling their investments into offshore and EU investments. There is no consideration of the irrefutable harm that will affect the economy and the damage it will do to the ordinary citizens of this country. It is both infuriating and disgraceful that we are being denied a Peoples Vote, how is that democracy. If you they using the ‘we voted this is a democracy’ argument, then what you are saying is that there should have been no General Elections since the first one held in 1708 as the people had made their choice.

  9. Tracey Runciman says:

    First – RELIEF! Then celebration. Then I would start to do all those things that have been neglected for two years! I want my life back!

  10. Steve Kean says:

    The referendum was stated as advisory, the Leave campaign was illegally funded & entirely based on deliberate lies. Because the vote was advisory, no standard majority was set & the result was extremely close. There was never a plan for how Brexit could be achieved & there is still (2 years on) no clear plan for how it will work. Nevertheless, every indicator shows that any Brexit deal (or none) will be significantly worse for the country, our economy & most sad of all, those who voted leave are likely to be hardest hit of all. The only way out of this mess is to apologise, withdraw Article 50 and think again. Maybe someone can devise a sensible plan for withdrawal which will actually benefit the UK & most of the inhabitants. I doubt it, but if they do, then leave will be an obvious and positive course of action rather than the destructive mess it is now.

    • Hanley says:

      Steve – Forgive my urge to comment on your reply.
      You are correct when you state that the referendum was all a fraud and we should withdraw the Art50 notice and apologise. That is obvious, but you do not answer the question which is “What would happen if Brexit were cancelled?”
      From your introductory sentences I would deduce that you for one would get a feeling of being right if Brexit were cancelled. Your last two sentences torpedo that idea where you speculate about whether there could be an advantageous leave scenario. Two years of government “as we leave the European Union” propaganda seem to have influenced you here and you are reluctant to embrace the “remain” possibility.
      I think the question itself can be answered in three words. Relief, rejoice, repair.

    • Cliff says:

      Are you for real !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1Camerons words if the vote is OUT then were out Mays words she will stick by the vote which ever way it goes !!!!!!!!!!!!! who gave traitor May the authorisation to go to Brussels and try to make deals for us to stay in????????Try checking their speeches!!!!!!!! and their wage packets and the money in the space of 2 yrs+ that has been wasted !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. wildgran saunders says:

    I believe there would be an violent uprising should BREXIT be CANCELED….it would show theat we do NOT have a democratic country and that the EU are pulling all the strings , it would also prove That Mrs May IS a TRAITOR TO THE PEOPLE & THE SOVERINTY .

    • Hanley says:


      Quite consistently pro-Brexit protests are smaller than expected. Once the cause of discontent (Conservative government policies over the years) are addressed the EU will no longer be the scapegoat.

  12. ALAN FORD says:

    Britain was deceived by Heath it is all about the EU controlled by Germany to crush Britain since they lost to world wars…the EU is a deception to break us up and be in total control of the EU Mafia…we have been lied to for years by politicians and TRAITOR MAY is trying to keep us in by devious ways we will never be a free country anymore unless we get out completely this time has now arrived WAKE UP TO THE VARIOUS TRAITORS AT WORK !!

    • Hanley says:

      That is an extraordinary view, but it does mirror Kremlin ideology. They see the end of the Soviet Union as a humiliating defeat. Read Aleksandr Dugan”s book on Geopolitics for a greater insight. I would guess you are either a Kremlin troll or part of an organisation that radicalised people in that direction. Right?

    • Bryan says:

      Amazing logic that. So Winston Churchill advocated the EU and allied countries France, Belgium, Denmark etc joined to facilitate Germany crushing the UK because it lost 2 world wars, the last one ending over 70 years ago and the surviving combatants being nonogenarians.

      Even more amazing is that this ancient malice and Machiavellian plan would be feasible despite Germany having a minority in the EP and on the Council of Ministers.

      It might be easy to see, from what you present, that somewhere there’s an ancient evil German bady, like Ernst Stavro Blofeld, manipulating Europe (can we presume you believe in the Illuminati?). Or alternatively to conclude that your post is delusional.

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