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Update 16.02.2016: We had to publish this opinion engagement 4 times. The first 2 times the links leading to this article were blocked by Facebook for undisclosed reasons (content unavailable). We will publish again if necessary.

We strongly believe that asking a question is NOT abusive and people should have the right to express their opinions and engage others in order to support their cause, whatever that might be. After all, this is what British Opinions Project is about.

We will not let this incident intimidate us or stop people from their legitimate free speech.

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One Reply to “Hero, Villain or Neither – Complex debate”

  1. He was a strong leader in a time of war but I cannot call him a ‘hero’ because he also had a villainous side. To me a hero is someone who is innately good – who would risk their own lives to help others or who have always adhered to what is right. Jeremy Corbyn is my current hero; he has always been on the side of what is right throughout his life. There are other amazing heroes throughout history, like Jesus Christ, Mother Teresa, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Malala and you only have to watch the Pride of Britain Awards to see many ordinary people who risk their own lives for others – these are the ultimate heroes.

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