Are You Ready for Early General Election in December 2019?

Are You Ready for Early General Election in December 2019?

General Election in December 2019

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Updates: UK General Election has been set for 12 December 2019 after a majority of MPs have voted for the simple motion submitted.

Our readers have voted in vast majority (65%) in favor of early election in December reflecting the fact that a snap poll was expected and welcome by the voters.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson failed Monday in his  attempt to hold an early general election on 12 December, after Labour MPs abstained.

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On Tuesday, the PM will proposed a simple motion in the House of Commons calling for an early election. This required a simple majority of just one vote and had the support of the opposition.

Mr Corbyn said his condition of taking a no-deal Brexit off the table had "now been met" after the EU agreed to extend the deadline to 31 January 2020.

PM also asked the support of opposition Liberal Democrat and Scottish National Party (SNP) MPs by making the short bill "almost identical" to one proposed earlier by the two parties for an election on 9 December.

Friday, last week, EU ambassadors failed, on Friday morning, to reach agreement on Brexit extension. In result PM might not get MPs support for early elections as Labour and SNP stated earlier they would back GE only "if NO-deal Brexit is off the table".

Thursday: Boris Johnson has written to the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, setting out his proposals for a general election. He plans to organize the snap election on 12 December.

The decisive vote should take place Monday and will introduce fresh uncertainty into British Pound's outlook.

The British Pound fell further pushed down by the uncertainty in the markets regarding Brexit and prospective elections, reported Financial Review. 

Who is expected to support an early election?

Initially - the Tories, Labour and SNP.

Update: Labour and SNP could withdraw their initial support for a early election as the risk for a No-deal "is yet to be assessed".

Obviously, excluding the Tory rebels, Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party MPs will support a call for an election.

Labour also stated that is ready to vote for a general election as soon as EU27 leaders have signed off on a Brexit extension, despite the desire of some senior party figures to secure a referendum first.

Labour’s shadow business secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey reconfirmed on Thursday the Laboour position to vote for an election if the EU grants an extension.

The SNP announced last week that is ready to call for a three-month extension to Brexit and a general election.

Ian Blackford, the party's Westminster leader, has tabled an amendment to Super Saturday's motion in the Commons, rejecting the new Brexit deal.

Who’s against a general election before Christmas?

In short: Labour and Tory rebel MPs and Lib Dems

Labour backbenchers would vote against election

Some Labour MPs, including the Remain faction in the Labour believe that the party should focus first on the Second Referendum. They are also worried about the recent polls showing Labout behind Tory.

BORIS Johnson faces a growing revolt from the Cabinet and backbench Tory MPs over his threat to hold a general election before delivering Brexit. It is worth underlining that Tory rebels that have been excluded from Conservative party will find it difficult to win back their constituency with out any party support.

Lib Dems are not very excited about the the prospects of general elections as they were hoping to have a Second Brexit Referendum approved by the commons. Their clear Pro EU will help them in a new referendum pushing them as it did in the last EU elections.

Why it is very likely that UK will have a General Election before BREXIT?

The PM has vowed to force a snap poll if Brussels agrees to Parliament’s request for a new three month-long Brexit delay until January 31.

Boris Johnson has tried sending the country to the polls 2 times already this fall, on 4 and then on 9 September but MPs have rejected his calls.

The most ardent proponent for an immediate general election is the PM’s chief adviser in No10, Dominic Cummings.

What are the odds for a General Election in 2019?

It looks increasingly likely.

For PM to call for a GE, he will need to win the backing of two thirds of Commons, necessary under the Fixed Term Parliaments Act. With Labour and SNP support he might just succeed.

Otherwise Boris Johnson will have to ask for a vote of no confidence on himself and actually resign, hoping the the opposition will not be able to vote care taker PM in the next 2 weeks.

When an early election can be organized in 2019?

Any general election called before Brexit will be most likely in December

Here is why: According to the legislation there has to be a gap of at least five weeks before election day. (The law requires Parliament to dissolve 25 working days before the election.)

It is unlikely that until Monday, 28 October,an official election call can be approved in Parliament.



61 Responses

  1. shaun thompson says:

    What is article 218 (3) of Article 50 of the lisbon treaty ? why should we pay £ as a final settlement to leave the EU, where none of the members were Voted in. we need back out independence and we need it now, 50 billion in our bank in our nhs in our schools not the EUs deeeeep Pockets.

    strange how my copy and paste has stopped working whilst doing this eh

  2. Mark Langton says:

    Why should we have another election? is it in case people have changed their minds? I thought that had been outlawed.

  3. Maureen Foster says:

    Only the traitorous parties don’t want an election because they know they will be redundant after it.

  4. Corbyn was responsible for getting the Good Friday Agreement made. How does this make him a terrorist?

  5. Marc Wilson says:

    I want there to be an option to vote on the choice of Boris’s deal or Remain. A general election will just allow the clock to be run down again.

  6. Linda Grant says:

    If you are ashamed to be British leave !! Wishing anyone dead is abbhorrent i am ashamed of you and others like you! Despicable comment.

  7. Jo L says:

    The present Parliament is a joke – most of them were elected on a manifesto of honouring the referendum result, but they haven’t. If those whose constituents voted in a majority for us to Leave had, after doing their own thing and getting into deadlock, had just voted according to their constituents, we would be out by now. No deal needs to stay on the table, otherwise any deal we get will be useless. We can’t go on with this shambles of a Parliament dictating how the elected majority party can act. The EU is happy to keep extending because it means they are still getting our money and we are technically still in! Get us out – no deal if necessary and we can negotiate afterwards, when they don’t have us trapped. The EU is a dreadful waste of money and has ruined many of its members’ economies and lifestyle, such as Spain (mass youth unemplyment), Greece (bankrupt), Italy, France (the gilets jaunes protests are still going on) and those like Lithuania, where the skilled have left to work and earn more money elsewhere, leaving those left in even more poverty. They are disgraceful.

  8. Cari Miller says:

    No. I want a third Referendum as soon as possible with a 66% being the MINIMUM mark to pass. This government is intent on ripping away my 21% French & German DNA. I’d like to keep it. I am proud to be European.

  9. Darren says:

    Get no deal off table hold people’s vote on brexit then election based on. Real issues this country faces.

    Don’t trust Tory scum or liberals at all

  10. jean swinburne says:

    We need to keep NO DEAL on the table cannot negotiate with both hand tied behind your back.

    • Terry Egan says:

      We need a change of government for the many not the few.

    • Scott says:

      Yes it’s the default position. But I think it should be no deal. As the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 is a country the EU IS NOT !!!

      • Marc Wilson says:

        “GB is a country the EU is not”.

        So what? Can’t see the relevance. At heart, the EU is a trading bloc. One in which we have considerable influence, being one of the “Big Three”. Outside it, we’d just be one of 180+ countries in the WTO – and a new member at that, vulnerable to veto by any existing member. Argentina, for instance, who would like the Falklands. Or Spain, who would like Gibraltar.

        Nobody is pretending that the EU is a country, apart from the right-wing press.

    • Andrew James Chandler says:

      The ‘negotiations’ with our ‘friends and neighbours’ are over, in case you hadn’t noticed. We now have to decide whether we want the treaty or not. Treating them as ‘the other side, foreign powers’ was why Boris got nowhere until he agreed to go back to a NI-only backstop which they offered in 2007, and Mrs May rejected, for the same reason the DUP rejects it now. I support it, and so does a majority in parliament and in the country, though it clearly needs amending to satisfy the DUP, and these negotiations will be sensitive and cannot be rushed. In fact, the bill would stand more chance of getting through if we had a Government of National Unity. Boris has made a pig’s ear of everything (an ‘independent’ view – I won’t vote for any of them until Brexit is done!)

      • Andrew James Chandler says:

        Actually, just realised that Boris calls them ‘friends and partners’ before continuing to treat them as enemies. I really wish he would just crawl away and die in a ditch. Having represented the UK abroad for thirty years, officially and unofficially, I’m ashamed to be British in a country in which people really did die in ditches seventy-five years ago, murdered by fascists. That’s what re-integrating Europe is all about.

        • Linda Grant says:

          If you are ashamed to be British leave !! Wishing anyone dead is abbhorrent i am ashamed of you and others like you! Despicable comment.

      • Andrew James Chandler says:

        Sorry, I meant 2017. Just seems like more than a decade ago!

    • Marc Wilson says:

      Nothing to negotiate. The deal is there; the options now are accept it, revoke, or no deal.

  11. John Millwood says:

    We should be out of the EU prior to the election to ensure we are out. Otherwise if by some stupid result Labour should be in government we would remain locked in the EU this would suit Corbyn to let the EU run the UK because he has no idea how to.

  12. Brenda Williams says:

    I would like to know who voted which way to supporting the NHS. Then i can make an informed decision about who to vote for…. I really think we should get the Brexit sorted out first….

  13. Marian Donovan says:

    Id prefer an election in the spring having a new vote first to rule out Brexit for good stay in EU then go for an ekection we need a change of government urgently who are honest and trustworthy get rid of Torys for good

    • Andy says:

      What’s the point of a GE if you’ve already denied all the possibilities beforehand? We need a GE now, it’s up to the relevant parties to build their manifesto deciding what can and can’t be there, not for the remain MPs to legislate regulation before a vote!

      • Ros. Henke says:

        Whilst Tory owned run and used IDOX is still being allowed in Britain (but banned in many other countries.)
        It doesn’t matter when or how we vote we will always get the result the owners want

    • barbara says:

      rule out brexit for good? and ignore 17.4 million people?

    • John Smith says:

      Marian Donovan….. REALLY ????

      You are obviously one of ‘those people’ who believe Corbyn will sort out all the UK’s problems, he’s got all the answers, and he will magically put everything ‘right’ ?? You utter GOON !! If you believe anything that communist prick says then you are as stupid as your answer.

    • B Vipers says:

      Oh you mean Vote for the BREXIT PARTY then???

    • Domenic says:

      Totally agree with this

    • Tim Holyoake says:

      So, who would you suggest? From my position you are stating very good criter, But there is absolutely no one out there who comes even close to filling them

    • John Meek says:

      Agree but whether the UK remains in the Eu or leaves the EU, it will be a great deal better with a Corbyn Labour government

    • Kevin says:

      You can’t just ignore the majority vote and say no to democracy. Leave means leave which is what we were all told by the politicians including Cameron before the referendum

    • shaun says:

      If we stay in, they take control of our defences, all of them NUKES AS WELL and can call our young people up to do conscription, what we pay them will fix all out NHS and armed forces money issues, the rats are leaving the ship and it is not sinking.

  14. John Andrews says:

    Referendum first and then a general election.

  15. Peter Stephens says:

    If we do not get a general election these corrupt MPs will keep us in the corrupt EU for ever and we have to carry on paying absurd amounts of money to the EU

  16. Cynthia Kernohan says:

    This whole Parliamentary shenanigans is absurd and something needs to happen as the rebels are holding up the process of running the country. They are holding the country to ransom. This is the worst Parliament since Oliver Cromwell!

  17. ivor says:

    In 2016 Government with the 6:1 support of Parliament, comprised of much the same members ad today, avowed itself unable to decide whether it was best for the UK to remain in the rapidly-evolving (and fundamentally unreformable let it be said) EU project, and decided then to give the People the ultimate decision, whether to stay in and continue to submit to EU directorates and creeping bureaucratic federalism, or to Leave and be free of that; the PM, MP after MP, Lords and ex PMs all lined up to say that if we left, it would be after 2 years given by the Article 50 rule, as voted on by the very same MPs, and if no deal had been reached, with NO DEAL and thus under WTO rules. 3 years have gone by in the preparation of a WTO exit, but our treacherous parliament has again vetoed their own cast-iron promises and want a further delay to discuss an essentially only slightly-changed deal.
    Whoever thinks a referendum is the answer to the impasse created by the same MPs who have broken their promise when they have not implemented the instruction that they were given by the people in very clear terms, and without misunderstanding or any lack of information and because only of their own tactics to create a re-framed scenario that would permit them to claim that the situation has “changed” (if it has, it is because of them, the EU, and the pro-Remain powerful interest groups working in collusion behind the scenes to subvert the People’s instruction) and thinks that they can yet again trick the populace – as they have done for some 45 years – will find out at the election that the People do not trust them and will put into office a new parliament made not of the ideological bought-out federalists but of MPs who support independence and sovereignty. The age of federal empires like the EU is over, we see them for the corporate-collective centrist mind-hive they are, now dangerously veering towards repression, militarisation and ever-increasing economic self-destruction. A far better future awaits Britain outside, and the election will make that happen and free us of this throwback to an utterly discredited project that has its roots in the utopian idiocy of the 1930s.

  18. Peter Barlow says:

    This government should bring us out of the EU before asking us again to have a GE, they do not have a majority to do or pass any other legislature, but they should be doing what the people tell them not them telling us when they have not complied with the referendum result.

  19. Jo says:

    No deal needs to be firmly and categorically off the table before anything else. I don’t want anything that jeopardises that outcome.

  20. Your question is facile, very badly put and is loaded. This is not about keeping MPs in their jobs. This is about Brexit and then about who runs our country.

    I want a confirmatory referendum first, to decide Brexit. Deciding Brexit through a general election, when so many other issues motivate people to vote for a party, is madness – almost as mad as having the original referendum in the first place. After three years, with people having a much better idea what Brexit entails, the people should be given a chance to decide whether they like Johnson’s deal, with or without amendments, or whether, on second thoughts, they rather not Leave the EU. People in a democracy, are allowed to change their minds you know.

  21. Tracey says:

    But few years back ukip got million or so more votes than the SNP but only 1 mp in parliament meanwhile with less votes the SNP got 57 Muppets in parliament. How can this be right????? So if that’s anything to go by then theres no HOPE.

  22. Helen says:

    We need to ensure leaving the EU without a deal is not possible before we have an election. Boris calling an election now is just a smoke screen.

    • Jack Birchley says:

      Go for no deal, then negotiate from a position of strength when out.
      Surely even the idiots in the labour party could understand this.

  23. jan says:

    To getpolitical correctness out the door and sensibility back into parliment

  24. John Russell says:

    Lets clear the house of treason,the electorate are not stupid,we see the Labour party nd Lib Dems choking the will of the people,we see through the Speaker of the house and the games the EU are playing.

    There will be leave areas furious with there remain MPs and heads will roll.

    We see the stance of Corbyn has changed on the EU drastically and wonder where all those missing unaccounted for million have in the EU have gone?

    Xmas is coming and the Turkeys on opposition benches await being —cked

    • Dave says:

      Not really the will of the people when only a third of eligible voters voted to leave the EU, and the “will of the people” isn’t one thing, leavers had many different reasons for voting to leave. I agreed with my wife that we wanted to buy a house. The estate agent offered us a one bedroomed terraced house with damp, noisy neighbours and a short leasehold. They wanted half a million pounds. It was the will of me and my wife to buy a house, but this house was very bad news

  25. Pauline says:

    Labour Lib Dem’s Greens Anna Sourbry they’re all scared of losing their seats
    They all went on manifesto’s pledging to respect our vote
    Now they’re all in different party’s they won’t hold a by- Election they’re taking the electorate for mugs.
    They are the ones that stole our vote
    They lied to us
    Do not trust them

  26. Roy Beveridge says:

    New elections will show which way the people feel towards our paralysed Parliament

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