Do You Trust Boris Johnson as Prime Minister?

Do You Trust Boris Johnson as Prime Minister?

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After 3 months in office, Boris Johnson succeeded from 4 attempts, to trigger early elections on 12 December.

In his victory speech, Mr Johnson promised he would "deliver Brexit, unite the country and defeat Jeremy Corbyn".

Boris Johnson has been elected as the new leader of the Conservative Party and he is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom since 24 July 2019.
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Here is a short review of who was pro and against Boris Johnson when he took the office.

How many of the Tory members voted for Boris?

The final count was announced on Tuesday at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in London and he won 92,153 votes. Jeremy Hunt won 46,656 votes and almost 90% of the Conservative members voted.

Wile he’s got the clear support from the majority of the Tory members, many voices from the opposition and even from his own party are showing less excited about his mandate as PM for the country.

Who are the Conservatives against Boris Johnson?

Just last week, Boris Johnson’s threat to take Britain out of the EU without a deal suffered a serious setback when close almost 40 rebels from the Conservative party, including chancellor Philip Hammond, mobilised in a bid to block it.

The show of strength by Conservatives against no-deal was a warning sign to Mr Johnson that when he becomes prime minister he will face formidable parliamentary opposition should he try to execute a hard exit from EU.

At least six high ranking conservatives from the actual government resigned under the prospects of having Boris as the next PM.

Among them Sir Alan Duncan, Foreign Office minister quit yesterday claiming that Johnson's expected victory would lead to a "crisis of government."

How opposition leaders reacted to the election of the new Tory leader?

From the opposition there was obviously no cheering.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, noted that Boris Johnson has been elected by “fewer than 100,000 unrepresentative Conservative Party members”and asked, again, for a GE.

New Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson stated that “Britain deserves better than Boris Johnson”only minutes after her election and one day before Boris was confirmed to be the new ory leader.

And last but not the least, the leader of the Brexit Party, Nigel Farage warned Boris Johnson that delivering Brexit as promised is a “do or die” pledge. And wished him well…

How did world leaders reacted to Boris Johnson election?

From the international community, Donald Trump was the first to congratulate Boris Johnson.

He was followed by less excited Chief European negotiator,  Michel Barnier and the Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.

And there will be many more official reactions after his official appointment that is expected tomorrow.

Updates expected soon....

So, what do you think?

Do you trust Boris Johnson as the new Prime Minister of the country?

Vote and comment with your best arguments.

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82 Responses

  1. Jane Houghton says:

    I think he will if he doesn’t Tory’s are dead so are labour the lib Dems have never been up to much that leaves the brexit party .and that is what they are all scared of so yes he will get us out.

  2. Joan Cooper says:

    I just hope he wipes the EU eyes especially Macron

  3. Because he is the only one that seems to understand what Leave means says:

    Because he is the only one that seems to understand what LEAVE means

  4. john ramsey says:

    cant trust Boris Johnson as worse than T May and his choice of cabinet is danger toward for UK
    Boris listen what Trump tell him what Trump want him to do

  5. Richard Goffin-Lecar says:

    I do not trust Boris Johnson, or any of the current Conservative party. The whole Brexit farce was brought about by David Cameron, who wanted to spike the guns of Nigel Farage. Unfortunately for us all, it backfired. We are now governed by a gang of Brexit supporters, who will be (almost) openly linking their pockets at Britain and Europes’ expense. I would like to see Labour embrace a strong Remain position, kick out this kakistocracy that we are saddled with, and revoke Article 50. Fight the xenophobia, fight the racism, and bring on the European Union of Socialist States!

  6. alan says:

    He is a tottle lopo!!!!

  7. Watt tyler says:

    Last Tory prime minister for several decades. Still in for a rough ride. Cabinet from hell . Full of liars crooks and cheats.
    Still he might change his mind again and revoke article 50.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Wouldn’t trust him at all. Compulsive liar, selfsrrvi g and da gerous, just look at his cabinet and worrying things they Stan for. Bigots, racist, homophobic, etc….

  9. Nick Wilson says:

    Historically I have always voted Labour. In recent years however, I have noticed that the Labour party has followed the general political trend in indulging in chronic navel gazing and not looking at the bigger picture. I have got to know Boris personally and have at least come to the conclusion that he means what he says.

    It isn’t unknown for him to stumble over his words, but I am convinced as I’ve got to know him that it isn’t always the easy way out to tell the truth. A man of principle is a rare thing in today’s political landscape

  10. Susan Halls says:

    Not at all he is a blatant list and only cares about himself

  11. Dave Cair says:

    Because of his constant lies…

  12. Jane says:

    Having Boris as Prime minister means this country is in danger of crashing out of the EU and the world stage generally. He is an egotist and a fantasist and I am astonished that he has come this far . He is one of the protected elite so whatever he and his new cabinet choose to do to further destroy this country and its standing in the world , they will be unaffected . Watching some of the leadership contest discussions was excruciating as was seeing the extraordinary party members justifying their Boris vote . What planet do they think they are living on ? What experiences do they have of life and the world ? They appeared to be Middle and very small Englanders with terrifying and uninformed opinions . How dare they wreak such havoc on this country . Not in my name ……

  13. Linda Vaux says:

    Because he is a human weathercock swinging in the wind of his ambition. Because he is a known liar and habitual cheat. Because he is a racist. Because he is an over-privileged, not very bright incompetent. Everything he touches turns to shit. Is that enough? Oh yes, and he was willing to facilitate a disgraced city boy mate in having a journalist beaten up. So a crook as well.

  14. Lynne Campbell says:

    He is a serial liar and philanderer. Clearly doesn’t stand by his principles, like lying down in front of the bulldozers to prevent another runway ! where were you that day Boris?? Blatantly and unashamedly wasted UK taxpayers money on stupid vanity projects like the garden bridge and buying Water cannons in case of riots. He started out as a remainer, until he realised becoming a brexiteer could be more lucrative for him. If that isn’t bad enough, he continues to support the selling of arms to the Saudi’s so they can bomb the living daylights out of innocents and then managed to add 10 years to the sentence of that poor woman wrongly held in Prison in Iran because he doesn’t put his brain onto gear before opening his fat gob ! When will people wake up and smell the coffee ! The reason he wants to leave Europe is because they are going to outlaw tax havens for him and his crones. He is a liability to this country and it’s people, even MI5 have decided he can’t be trusted with secure information and now we are a laughing stock of epic proportions !

  15. Anonymous says:

    Don’t matter who has changed theit mind. The vote was leave. It was a one off’s like going out for a meal, choosing it, eating it then saying but I didnt mean to order that ive changed my mind so i wont pay for it!

  16. Hahahahaha lol says:

    Hahaha lol

  17. gloria steer45 Steer says:

    I think he will want to go down in history as having made a success of his time as PM. He is clever and will do his best under difficult circumstances.
    There are many anti British people in our country who would do us harm

  18. alan bradney says:

    where to start, Bojo is a liar, a racist, an islamophobe and a cheat, and to make all that even worse he is a Tory. I would sooner shit in my hands and clap than trust any tory

  19. Jason Gibbs says:

    Go BOJO

  20. Alan says:

    I don’t trust racists

  21. Alex van Oortmerssen says:

    At last we have someone with the passion and guts to really make Brexit happen. Lets say goodbye to the negativity and can’t do attitude that has prevailed from the time the vote said we should leave. Let this great democracy show what it means to be truly democratic. Boris is long overdue as Prime Minister of this great country!

  22. Bellboy says:

    He’s for this country and I trust him more then the terrorist loving labour leader that all the snowflakes love

  23. Michael Spencer says:

    He will do anything to acquire power and wealth. He has real position on anything and will switch sides if he thinks it will suit his agenda, as Cameron found out to his cost.
    Selling out the UK to corporate interests are not a problem to him, as long as he gets his backhander. The only difference between Trump and Johnson is Boris is educated and can string a coherent sentence together.

  24. Chris Britt-Compton says:

    The future of our hard won and precious democracy depends on Boris delivering Brexit as voted for in the referendum. His optimism and energy are a relief to see after so much negativism and stagnation in the last few years.

  25. Michael Siddall says:


  26. Michael Siddall says:

    He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.” Jubilee Bible 2000 This is so true! I am not religious but how many of you could cast the first stone at Boris? We’ve all lied a little, cheated and called names just like most on here are doing now! Is it not better to give people a chance before decrying them? All politicians LIE through there teeth. The media are corrupt and lie! Me personally, I have told the odd PORKY too to get out of a sticky situation. So don’t judge unless you want to be judged. I can only hope that Boris is sincere about getting us out of the EU, and whether you like him, hate him or love him he deserves a chance and our support! That’s democratic! That’s fair! To err is human! Go Boris, get us out of the CORRUPT EU CLUB so we’re English and sovereign again!

  27. Peter Kingham says:

    Yes. I trust Boris will deliver what the people voted for. A clean break from the undemocratic institution know as the EU. 😎 🇬🇧

  28. Anonymous says:

    Through cunning machinations he manipulated the facts and caused the 1992 Danish référendum resulting in the country rejecting the EU Maastricht Treaty. It very nearly toppled Europe. His dry run for Brexit?

  29. Anonymous says:

    It’s not a cabinet reshuffle, it’s a warped game over!

    • Dave says:

      Yes a government full of his rich rich cronies including Sky Directors. Even news paper publishers on his side. What better way to spread the rubbish he spouts. Tax Haven UK. Who does that benefit. They only want out because of the EU Tax Avoidance Laws. Tories are only in it for the rich not the poor.

  30. Vicki says:

    I trust him. Yes he has said and done things that perhaps he shouldn’t have done, but lets face it, how many of the others are squeaky clean and have said or done things they wish they hadn’t. Theresa May made this damn mess, at least give him the chance to stand by his convictions and get us out of the EU and give us our country back instead of condemning him before he’s even got his foot through the door.

  31. Mary Mc Veagh says:

    He m ight talk the talk. but I don’t think he will be able to walk the walk.

  32. Mike Peacock says:

    He’s a proven blatant LIAR. He’s nothing but a self-interested, self-promoting charlatan out for fame & personal gain.

  33. Paul Brogan says:

    I trust him because he can communicate, lead, and inspire.

    • Tracy Meddings-Hirst says:

      not really reasons to trust someone – Hitler was one of the greatest leaders in history for same reasons you listed (although in fairness Hitler also had better economic policies and results than Boris)

    • Dave says:

      The man is a pompous idiot. He says things that are wrong. Fishy stuff. WTO rules he does not know properly. Why because he has not done the research first to fully find out. He makes more gaffes than English breakfasts.

  34. Stuart Parkinson says:

    How about referring to black people as pickaninnies with watermelon smiles

  35. chris Jones says:

    No not a chance would i trust this guy who has lied his way to where he is with no other talent in posesion and a superiority complex as big as anyones who ever existed before. I genuinly do not feel safe in this country now and i do feel if we had a dictator like Kim jon un instead we would be safe. He is unelected with no working majority and no manifesto of his own. He has no public mandate to be here and must call an imediate general election as soon as possible.

    • Billy says:

      You don’t feel safe in this Country, that’s because of that Dirty wee Turd Khan the Cunt, it has nothing to do with Boris, Your an IDIOT !!!

  36. says:

    Yes i do trust Boris, he will surround himself with likeminded talented people who will all be moving in the same direction.

  37. Andrew Price says:

    He’s a narcissistic, racist liar. Just about says it all. Although John Crace in the Guardian can add a bit more!

  38. graham green says:

    how sad to see so much negativity. just all remember there is a little bit of bad in the best of us. and a little bit of good in the worst of us. we just hope the best comes out and boris tells the injustice oversiers of the so called justice system. that he will not contest the case they will then find we left on the 29

  39. Veronica Goddard says:

    I trust Boris because he fervently believes in Brexit, as opposed to Mrs May who was a fervent remainer.

  40. Anonymous says:

    A typical Tory through and through only interested in himself and his rich cronies. This country is now a laughing stock but in reality there is nothing to laugh about. We live in scary times .

    • Bill Johnston says:

      Don’t talk such rubbish!

    • Nick Wilson says:

      You couldn’t be more wrong. Boris is one of the few politicians who says what he believes rather than what he thinks others want to hear.

      I’ve known him my whole life, even though our upbringings were very different. I look now at those hailed by the press and compare their self serving characters with that of Boris. The political allegiances of Boris and myself may be at odds on some issues but somewhat astonishingly, far fewer than might be supposed.

      I remain confident that going forwards, although we may disagree on the route whereby we address various problems, our goals in maintaining the security of independent nations cannot be achieved by simply disregarding the rights of an individual

      • Traveller says:

        “who says what he believes rather than what he thinks others want to hear”
        I wish – but he says what comes across his mind, often without thinking it through (let alone thinking about the dangers of saying what came into his mind) … and what come across the mind is often more something to trigger amusement rather than carefully thought through points – e.g his “kipper’ story, completely inaccurate that would have been a good comic show item but not factual, or his comments in Iran that caused continued lock-up … the NHS bus tale that he admitted he knew was inaccurate but would appeal to listeners.
        We need a statesman, not a comedian.

  41. G Muggeridge says:

    Because he is a Tory

  42. K L MADGETT says:

    It will serve himself and his own before the British people as do all Conservative leaders. He will take any deal on Brexit just to push it through in hopes of a longer term. He is a proven liar, racist and cheat. He has failed spectacularly in all other offices held, now because of being the right “type” he will lead the country off the cliff of Brexit, back into what will now be a necessary austerity, blame everyone but himself and then abdicate the position. Standard Tory tactics.

  43. Sheila Ellix says:

    I don’t trust him because he lies continually

  44. Elizabeth Anne Nightingale says:

    Better than the altar-rail eating, daughter of vicar who did nothing but lie for three years. Worst PM in history and people say Johnson is not to be trusted . Can’t possibly be worse than her

  45. Polly says:

    He has proved himself over and again to be a liar and an egoist. He cares for nothing but himself and I fear for all of us if he remains in power long enough to actually do something

  46. Jane says:

    Because he is a lying, cheating egotistical man. He is racist, sexist and only in it for himself

  47. Bob Orr says:

    He will deliver Brexit one way or another, either way we will survive the economical adjustment required short term, then launch us out into the world for deals using our new independence

  48. Marcus Davies says:

    He’s a lying, backstabbing, racist bigot that only has his rich friends and family in mind not the country. #NOTMYPRIMEMINISTER.

    • Peter Kingham says:

      Just the stupid sort of comment that divides a nation. Wash the soap out of you bigoted eyes, & behave like a true Britain. Your remarks are a disgrace. 😎 🇬🇧

      • alan bradney says:

        where to start, Bojo is a liar, a racist, an islamophobe and a cheat, and to make all that even worse he is a Tory. I would sooner shit in my hands and clap than trust any tory

        • Billy says:

          Your so full of crap, it running down your chin, ya fucking snowflake , Boris is a an islamophobia again your full of shit, and you can’t even spell the word, so he is against this cult, because he said they look like letter boxes , they do, and have NO right to be here in the UK, they can take their ideology and shove it up their arse , the same place what you are talking from, Fucking Idiot …

      • David abbott says:

        Why is this not true, why is he so eager to make the UK a tax Haven for the rich. It will not benefit the ordinary people just allow the rich to pay less tax. JRM is already a director of a company dealing in Tax Havens. Rich pay less tax. Poorer pay more.

      • Neil Hann says:

        In case you hadn’t noticed the nation is already divided thanks to Brexit.

    • Jason Giibbs says:

      Oh yes he is. Hahaha

  49. Jason Johnson says:

    He won’t, not because he doesn’t want to but because the parliament is hell bent on remaining regardless of what the country thinks

    • Fen C says:

      Excellent! That’s PARLIAMENTARY DEMOCRACY for you – designed to eradicate idiots & their ideas (whether PMs or voters) before they can do too much damage. And, BTW, now the country knows (because our courts have confirmed it) about the corruption, lies, fraud & illegality in 2016 the best evidence we have is that ~60+% of voters now want to remain (which is why #Brexiters are so against checking, because they know people have changed their minds). #Brexit is only still alive because of a legal loop-hole exploited by Cameron then re-exploited by May & now Johnson. His government will be one of the shortest in history.

    • Pamela says:

      He has lied about so many things and these lies have been called out time and time again. He has zero integrity and much like Trump, is a clown, a very dangerous one at that and an egotistical racist and his dishonesty has been well documented, specifically, his fraudulent activities. It is terrifying to think he has the authority regards pressing the nuclear button, along with the equally incompetent Trump, .. both are dangerous idiots. Boris will destroy the country and Millions will suffer as a result of this Brexit, mostly those who are the poorest and most vulnerable, including disabled people and veterans who are already on the breadline. He, like his rich Tory pals, will not be affected by Brexit or a no deal Brexit since they are rich enough to afford private healthcare etc and their incomes are obscene to say the least and their off-shore accounts and hedge-funds for tax avoidance purposes should be outlawed and the money confiscated until they pay the tax due. He and his chums would sell their granny’s if it meant a profit. When David Cameron called for Brexit, it was a bluff that went horribly wrong as he didn’t expect the country to vote for it. He also called it on the premise of the EU closing down the Tax Havens in Europe, something Theresa May’s Hubby would lose out in which is why she was so adamant we leave the EU. It had bugger all to do with ‘taking back control’ etc, it was based on pure greed. Since then, Brexit has seen the country go to hell in a hand basket. Boris CANNOT be trusted because he is incapable of telling the Truth. His track record in government has been a catalogue of failures. His ‘motor-mouth’ without engaging his brain which saw Nazanine McGarry-Ratcliff being jailed for 5 yrs. He is nothing short of an incompetent, dangerous politician who should never have been elected as an MP, never mind PM.

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