Do You Support a NO-DEAL BREXIT?

Do You Support a NO-DEAL BREXIT?

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What are the chances for a no-deal Brexit?

NO-DEAL BREXIT or as it is called the “Leave on WTO terms” seems to be the most simple and faster way of dealing with BREXIT. But many have pointed to economic and security threats.


On August 1, Boris Johnson's majority in the Commons has dropped to just one seat, so more opposition in Parliament against a no-deal scenario. Also this might lead to a snap election in 2019.

On July 31,  Mr Sajid Javid has doubled the no deal funding making the no-deal an official scenario for the Gov. policy.


Boris Johnson warns that NO-DEAL BREXIT is no bluff, and he is not alone in this

Boris Johnson, as the favorite in the Tory leadership contest and most likely the next Prime Minister, has made it clear that, if no visible efforts are being made by EU officials to reach an agreement, he will be happy to lead the UK out of EU on WTO terms.

Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party are obvious supporters of NO-DEAL idea and any hesitations from the Downing St. 10 will fuel his campaigns and increase his popularity.

Other brexiteer MPs have backed the option to leave EU October 31, 2019 no matter what.

NO-DEAL BREXIT has strong opposition too

On the other side, the WTO director warned about the need to have some form of agreement in order to avoid higher costs on imported and exported products.

Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party (who recently, officially joined the Remain camp) are warning about the social impact of a leaving EU with out a deal.

Pro EU parties like Lib Dems and Change UK have continuously campaigned against any type of BREXIT, placing anyway the NO-DEAL scenario as most dangerous one.

Anyway, the bigger issue is not about trade but about Northern Ireland.

A NO DEAL scenario would imply a border between NI and the Republic of Ireland. This could lead to different kinds of trouble, from smuggling to civil unrest and tensions between the loyalist and the republicans, according to the head of NI Civil Service, David Sterling.

“The Police Service of Northern Ireland assessment has been and remains that new infrastructure on the border would be at risk of attack by republicans.” underlined Sterling.

Maybe there will be no need for a NO-DEAL Brexit

Johnson, told a hustings that the chances of a no-deal Brexit were vanishingly small, as he believed there was a mood in the EU and among MPs to pass a new Brexit deal.

“It is absolutely vital that we prepare for a no-deal Brexit if we are going to get a deal,” he said. “But I don’t think that is where we are going to end up – I think it is a million-to-one against – but it is vital that we prepare.”

So, what do you think?

Do you support or do you oppose the NO-DEAL BREXIT scenario? Why?

Vote and comment with your best arguments?


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52 Responses

  1. Elizabeth Anne Nightingale says:

    Better to have a no-deal Brexit and then trade under WTO terms – if the EU was to negotiate on different terms we can negotiate outside the EU

  2. Tony Myles says:

    I believe that a No Deal exit from EU will be devastating for the UK. Which is why the UK needs it to happen. The Leave voters will never accept the fact that they were fed misinformation and lies and will continue to regurgitate the sound bites that make them appear patriotic. So get on with it!! This divided country will never repair itself until one side is proven beyond glorioulsy right or horrendously wrong. Even then tthere will be those who resort to calling names and trading insults but at least we will know.

  3. Neil says:

    A trade deal would be better but the EU leadership can no longer be trusted to deal fairly anymore. I believe a WTO “no deal” Brexit will benefit the Uk as the EU’s trade with us is suffiently large enough that they CANNOT just walk away.
    If we leave on WTO terms then I believe within a short time the EU will come to us trying to deal.

  4. Peter Ellis says:

    The EU is far more democratic than the UK, with its unelected House of Lords and PM elected by just a few thousand people. BREXIT is absurd and even more so if abandoned without a deal of some sort.

  5. Paul Butcher-Fielding says:

    Brexit is the worst thing that can happen to this country or europe lets not sell ourselves out for a totally uncertain future lets keep what we know The EU is right for us America and WTO is not right for us

  6. Nick says:

    No I don’t want Boris the baby and Donald crackers trump scoffing our NHS and other institutions , free trade means giving away our most prized possessions.
    As for the European disenfranchised that didn’t get a vote I’d rw regards n with those in the frame.

  7. David Parry says:

    According to Defra a no deal Brexit would immediately cut off our markets to the EU fir farmers.
    An example of this would be the mass slaughter of millions of lambs, which we should be unable to sell and it would be uneconomic to keep them alive. This small (c10 million lambs) example reflects on all industry following a no deal scenario.
    Those who claim they voted for a no deal are not telling the truth. It didn’t appear on the polling form.
    If people want to destroy our economy that can only be after a considered vote on any deal, no deal or remain. Put it back to the people,…. But with no cheating this time!

  8. Richard says:

    I voted to leave the eu completely I didn’t vote for a deal with the eu

  9. Joan Cooper says:

    We Voted. Out we will start again they lied to us from the beginning hoping by the time we realised what was going on our Country has become a third world them taking our wealth look at the roads in Europe especially in Spain while ours are full of pot holes Our industries have gone our fishing I could go ON And On ETC timid to take our Country back

  10. Helen Higgs says:

    Unbelievable that so many people are so uneducated they think no deal, or any kind of Brexit, will be good for them. They are being led by the nose to give up their freedom and their welfare so that the great work done since World War 2 can be undone. Brexit is about switching power and wealth away from ordinary people and into the hands of those who would be our masters. Look how Johnson and Mogg talk about bypassing Parliament. How is that ‘taking back control’? It’s ending democracy, tearing up the social and welfare protections these idiots take for granted and accepting the slavery of fascist dictatorship.

  11. Antony cooke says:

    Out ment out. 17.4million betrayed.

  12. Ian clarke says:

    We hav already lost over 300000 well paid jobs because of brexit , all major companies say they will not invest to the same amount in the uk in the event of a no deal scenario , even brexiters such as dyson are investing away from the uk and rees mogg in europe it is a ridiculous idea sold by the right wing to allow us to become the poodle of the US

  13. paul carter says:

    People need to understand better what No Deal means.

    It means from the first day that our goods are not compliant with EU standards and thus will be very difficult to sell there. Our lorries will face massive paperwork and those carrying perishables will have to dump their loads. Many small firms will stop exporting and some will fail altogether.

    Goods which we currently import, including 40% of the food we eat, will become subject to a 10% tariff where now they are tariff-free.

    Firms which manufacture using components from the EU will find their costs has risen by 10% and those that use JIT methods will have to cease production because of the delays in entry.

    And so on. A DISASTER. There is very good reason that no other large country uses WTO.

    As for whose fault this is, the EU negotiated over 18 months and several versions, an agreement with the British government which then ERG torpedoed. The “intransigence” has been totally ours

  14. Anonymous says:

    Anybody who thinks leaving on WTO principles is a good thing is deluded….. it will be a disaster. Actually leaving the best thing we have … membership of the EU… is and will be a total disaster. And for what? Insanity.

  15. Mike Smith says:

    A no-deal Brexit was only supposed to be a negotiating tactic. – The reality would mean fewer jobs, lower pay and a very large, around 30%, fall in the value of Sterling. – In short, most people would be poorer and have fewer opportunities. Maybe it sounds OK in theory, but when you work 50 hours a week and still can’t take your kids on holiday or buy them decent things, then things might look different.

  16. peter masters says:

    A no deal Brexshit would be a total disaster for the UK, we know it, the EU knows it, and even Boris the bedwetter knows it, in my view any type of Brexshit is bad, let’s have a peoples vote to stay in the EU, give two fingers to the populist Nazis in the Tory hierarchy and remain

  17. VINCE EDWARDS says:

    No Deal leaves us alone and exposed to the will of the big economic entities. WTO rules are even more complex and prescriptive than EU rules and we have no say in them.

    The EU doesn’t need us more than we need them and they have planned for No Deal thoroughly. No dDal affects their economy by only 1% GDP loss. Our loss will be 8%.

    Boris Johnson has no realised that we cannot have two years tariff free trade with the EU from the outset. To get that you have to have a firm deal with the EU outlining what the arrangements will be. We have no such deal. It would take at least three years to negotiate such a deal. Meanwhile we are stuffed and will be having to negotiate 70 other deals with other countries that we had through the EU. This will also take years, but without the clout we had as part of the giant EU economic bloc.

    The world has changed. We no longer have an empire We are one small vigorous and inventive nation, but that is not enough in the modern world.

  18. Bill says:

    I do not support No Deal. I don’t support Brexit but if it is going to happen tyen we must minimise, not maximise the damage. People don’t seem to realise we trade around the world today but with favourable tems that we enjoy being part of the EU. There won’t be a new store (country) opening for us. The ignorance about our role in the EU is mind blowing.

    • Jill de Sayrah says:

      I totally agree with you. Unfortunately the right wing press has peddled lies and hatred of the EU for years and all of these no-deal leavers have swallowed them whole. It gives me no comfort to know that they are likely be the hardest hit if it was to happen. I still hope that leaving EU can be avoided through a people’s vote, because I think most people in this country actually don’t hate Europe but voted in protest at other things in 2016. Before then I hope that at least this ridiculous “no-deal will be no problem’ rhetoric can stop. It is yet another like.

  19. John Buey says:

    Fed up with the delay. The ballot paper said remain or leave, nothing else. I voted leave and that is what I expected 2 years later. Sadly our government has cost us £trillions, as businesses did not know wheter we were coming or going. Get put of the EU, then get rid of this government, in fact I wish Conservative and Labour would singpk into oblivion..

  20. Carol Powell says:

    No Deal Brexit was never on the table when the referendum was taken. We were all told that there would be a deal. You can not walk away from your largest trading partner without a deal, it would be a disaster for this Country and we would face years of economic decline. I do NOT support a “No Deal Brexit” in any shape or form.

  21. Richard Goffin-Lecar says:

    I do not support ANY form of Brexit! The UK should be a part of a strong, united Europe., not a weak little puppet state of the USA. Shengen, Euro, the whole thing!

  22. Sheena Beech says:

    For all the brain washed out there you will be the first to complain after Brexit because you do not check for yourselves if what you are told is fact or fiction. Life will be harder and mire downtrodden for the masses after Brexit if No Deal happens. I live in the present not the past and am proud to be known as a European. The Future is what counts, a secure,peaceful and stable one!

  23. Karen zkirk says:

    Definitely we will better off after leaving EU. We can make òur own trade deals. I beleive there will be no job loss es. We will not have to pay 9nerous amounts of money to Ezu.

  24. M.Godfrey says:

    It is obvious that the EU wish to keep us in on their terms only. Given the gradual fall in exports to Europe and a steady but marked increase in our trade with the rest of the world it is only common sense that we trade on our own terms without the constraints of rules and regulations of Europe, some of which do not suit us.

  25. Marie Hollingworth says:

    My ballot paper said leave or remain, nothing more, I voted leave and better to make clean break from EU and start again on our own

  26. Julie ONeill says:

    I would agree with leaving on WTO rules . The EU and the UK already trade under these rules with other countries .According to Article 50 , ( once triggered ) the leaving member state LEAVES by its OWN constitution and has only 2 years to negotiate a new trade arrangement……Article 59 cannot be stopped , reversed or extended ( funny how they can change the rules ( their rules ) when it suits them !

  27. Geoffrey Nichols says:

    No deal brexit is the only true brexit, we have got to be truly independent, any deals will result in not really leaving, plus why should they get a penny for raping this country of industry n billions upon billions of our taxpayers money, we have a massive trade deficit with them where do we benefit?

  28. Diane Ayerz says:

    I support Brexit because I feel we cant trust the EU tbey ate not voted parliamentarisns they are dictators who want to run europe completely Money Army Justice everything.Not for me Thankyou

  29. Steve Storey says:

    We tried to be reasonable and reach a mutually agreeable solution. But the EU have shown themselves to be completely intransigent and have left us no alternative.

  30. Richard James says:

    For crying out loud, get out, you promised to enforce the decision, you failed the people. You have bugger about for 3 years and still, haven’t done what the people democratically voted for. Stop the scaremongering, we will survive we always have. The people we don’t believe that are weak, the EU is corrupt, non acountable, wastes money, never been audited and our money is supporting this failed experiment. Get out now before it’s too late

  31. Maddie says:

    To be tied to the EU in any way, shape or form would be a total disaster. We voted to leave the EU and that is exactly what should be done.

  32. Julie farley says:

    I want brexit. And i want a no deal. And we trade with the w.t.o..

  33. Robert Perkins says:

    Its time to stop messing about and get on with it!

  34. Collin millington says:

    Democracy for one and possibly the most important reason.
    The EU is non Democratic.
    My ancestors have fought and died for world freedom including mine and my children.
    The gravy train is disgusting the lies the pantomime is completely rotten.

    • John Buey says:

      Those saying that leavers vited for a deal are talking bollox. The ballot paper said LEAVE or REMAIN, simples…
      Leavers understand leave means leave, just lije leaving work, one gives a months notice, then leaves, that is the only deal. Fir the EU it is 2 years notice, giving businesses ample time to negotiate with the biggest market in the world, nit the pussy 500m in the EU. We also do not like a dictatorship, as neither did our forefathers, that gave life and limb to save our freedom. Remainers are trust cowards, traitors and treasonists. If they do nit like a democracy, then feel free to F oxtrot O scar to a dictatorship…

    • David Parry says:

      Odd so many leavers keep complaining about the EU being undemocratic but all the Brexit parties were so keen to stand for the EU’s democratic elections….. which, incidentally, are a far better reflection of the will of the people than by the UK’s 1st past the post system of electing MPs.
      It actually reflected what polls have been saying…. many have changed their minds. Still a strong pro Brexit presence but much reduced. See the results of the SNP, PC, Greens and Lib Dems. All remain parties.

  35. Allison says:

    I voted out…simple….no one mentioned a deal…therefore it has nothing to do with the brexit I voted for….leave or remain….a deal is another vote…I’ve no interest in the it only benifits the rich…not the average working man.or woman…we remain poor whatever happens

    • Jay says:

      disgraceful that no one in government understood the facts. UK businesses have been trading within EU for over 30 years within unique single market/customs union. This means no documentation, no customs fees, no checks at any borders within EU for every one of the 28 countries, which is why so many manufacturing companies moved to UK over past decades to take advantage of unique single market system, trading with 28 countries, and 500 million people..
      Customers in EU who buy from UK businesses are already holding back orders because of ‘no deal’, and most are probably looking for another supplier in one of the other 27 countries to keep within the EU single market.
      UK businesses have worked hard to get customers under fierce competition from other EU companies, now the selfishness of unpatriotic Brexit voters is destroying thousands of UK businesses, Brexit voters are callously indifferent to the businesses and jobs that will be lost because of ‘no deal’.

      • Richard says:

        At last!! Some common sense. Even the Vote Leave campaign and the leading figureheads of the Brexit campaign said we would get a deal before we left so, in essence, “No Deal” wasn’t even on offer at the referendum which means that anyone saying that they voted for no deal is either mistaken or lying!! Leaving under WTO rules would be an economic and commercial disaster for this country!! If you want to do that to us then you are unpatriotic and ignorant!

      • Donald James McKinnon says:

        Unpatriotic? I voted leave. I also served in the British Army for 23 years at the start of which I swore an oath of allegiance to HM The Queen. That oath has no expiry date.
        Choose your words more carefully.

  36. Gary says:

    If the country believes in democracy then we must leave
    .No if or buts out means out and with no sneaky deal that locks us in.

  37. Robert Hedlley says:

    We the people of Britain voted to leave the EU. Not part of it but all of it., To me that means a NO DEAL BREXIT. We want a WTO Deals across the world. Let’s get on with just that. TOTAL EXIT FRON THE EU

  38. Kev says:

    To leave is the right thing, the EU have shown us a proved they are corrupt for the few of which our own parliment, many want the EU gravy train jobs, when their finished, it cannot happen, democracy must win

  39. Rose Dixon says:

    It would be a disaster for this country.

    • Arthur Read says:

      Britain managed on it’s own before it joined the Common Market and can do so again.As the Referendum showed the majority don’ t want to be a part of a European super state.

  40. Nick Wilson says:

    I would prefer an FTA but we’ll get one anyway once we’re out

    • Jerry Fenner says:

      We will – but only once we have settled our financial obligations, kept the NI border open and settled the issue of the EU27 nationals living in the UK… and then get settled for about ten years of negotiation.

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