Do You Support a No-Deal BREXIT?

Do You Support a No-Deal BREXIT?

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  1. ben says:

    Anyone remember a little law called Habeas Corpus. It was supposed to be one of our fundamental rights that government did not have the power to change. It protected you from being detained for more than 3 days without charge. Now under the EU system of Law you can be detained for the rest of your life without ever being charged. Starts with a 6 month detention ordered by any government appointed judge. BUT it can be renewed every 3 months for as many times as they like. Till you die. Maybe you remember you right to trial by Jury. That little gem stopped state oppression. Gone ! Think before you vote for Tyranny, because any links to the EU kept by our politicians WILL contain these laws.

  2. Ruth says:

    BREXIT total insanity and completely impossible, without causing terminal and catastrophic damage to the UK and many of our citizens. Revoke/Repeal/Reverse Article 50. Tory Govt 2016 Referendum was merely a Tory in-party fight to keep Tory Party together and to to hell with the UK. Greedy and selfish Nasty Party, me, me, me….. typical CON trick and many Leavers fooled by the immigration, take control and NHS money, all frankly fraudulent LIES!!!!

    • Ben says:

      You are a moron. This is not about money it is all about your fundamental rights and protection against a tyrannous parliament that have been removed by EU membership. A bit of hardship can fixed, being locked up without charge for the rest of your life for saying the wrong thing is not something you can fix.

  3. Captain Stephen Hill says:

    The most important reason for the UK leaving the political european union is lack of Sovereignty and the loss of power to our own parliment, we must be able to set our own laws , taxation, foreign policy, and imegration .This is probobly the most important issue for the the British people, since the establishment of the principle of Magna Carta in Runnymede.

    • Ruth says:

      Got news for you Capt Stephen – we can and always have been able to do all of those things, you mention, if the Govt of the day could bother to take the necessary steps and create the necessary infrastructures!! You have been fraudulently conned by this present and last Tory Govt. We pay our MPs salaries and expenses to do all of these things.

  4. Winulf Behrend says:

    Interesting the tons of NO voters – Not a single comment of the EU biggest adantage:
    >> contract partners can not have war.
    Just think of European Wars since 1066, Endless, just UK vs F was 100 years.
    Living in secure peace is worth it, even it it was federal,
    we are probabla the only generation never seeing war in our home countries.
    How come, all of you just see money, cost vs advantages. How shortsighted.

  5. Chris Carr says:

    Why would anyone of right mind countenance being part of an Autocracy that has no accountability to the people it rules and cannot be removed when it’s deemed to be unfit for purpose. Total power breeds corruption and profligacy already apparent amongst the demagogues in Brussels.

  6. Cllr Robert H Brown says:

    Yes of course I support a NO DEAL BREXIT. Let’s get our country back pre-1972 with all it’s borders.

    • Fryderyk says:

      And go to the 70’s – poor, dirty country, with capital penalty, corrupted ruling class, mutiny in Welsh mines, primitive industry, obsolete army, just a laugh. You werr begging to join EU in 1973 and after that this country began to develop quickly. Now, such peope as you, “councillor” are drowing this island down to ghe abbys… Jump on your own, let us live in the civilised Europe. Go away!

  7. Ann King says:

    WTO. Is best for the UK.Trading freely with the works rather than staying in a protected dictatorship is the only way to progress. The EU is RE- guessing! We must be a Nation State! Making our own laws, guarding our own borders, running our own country. Too long we have ignored our commonwealth countries and the rest of the world. The EU is an outdated system. We need to look to the future, free to take control. We need a Parliament eager and willing to do this! The present one is not going to do this! Time for a new political system with different parties. Cull the House of Lords and the Commons. Far too many. Age limit?

  8. Steve Peel says:

    NO DEAL This is the only way out of Europe, any deal will be poisoned. WTO will give us all the market we need, and the EU will be begging to do trade. We need to have a strong no-nonsense PM that will restart British industry, aviation for example, and our steel industry. All lines of financial drain to Europe State must be severed.

  9. SHIRLEY EVANS says:

    NO DEAL is the only way.will recover fast from the downsides ,and no longer tied to CORRUPT,DISHONEST EU.Leave them all to rip each other apart.

    • Ruth says:

      And then be tortured and eaten alive, with no employment or any other rights, by the fraudulent lying UK Tory Govt and it’s austerity with no checks or balances whatsoever to save you? Truly CONned….

  10. Dr Richard Armstrong says:

    No-Deal is an insane measure foisted on the UK by a disgruntled minority. If they want to leave, by all means, leave the UK!

    • Stephen CHARLES says:

      The only disgruntled minority are all the remainiacs that are totally against a democratically taken referendum! WHICH THEY LOST!!!!

    • Kathleen says:

      Im sorry i was given to understand that 51% voted to leave are you takling about a different referendum.

  11. paolo says:

    we have to get out with no deal the EU is a unelected and out of control they have never had ant accounts that can be verified they try and rule by fear we have given away far to much of our manufacturing and all our national assets gas- coal-power-fishing-etc we have to get British law back and the way the government handling it there all self serving lying cheats so i can see a big change coming at next election every MP that said they would support the result of the referendum and now lying to protect the EU will be held accountable by the electorate as you can see some are already giving notice to quit and i respect them the rest we will hit at the polling station

  12. Davy73 says:

    We then govern freely and are back to ansovereign state to do our own destiny, if We stay in we just become one eu nation with unelected bosses

  13. Bill.C says:

    We new what we were voting for and out means out and not being subject to any rules or governance by the EU they are corrupt,
    and have one intention and that is to complete the work started by Germany in 1939 a one state europe and this time they are trying to achieve there goal without firing a single bullet. I will not surrender my country to unalected foreign powers to rule over the United Kingdom.
    When did they ever declare a open audit on the EU finaces.

  14. Annon says:

    The vote was out. Out means out. I still believe in my vote. OUT. stay out completely and let’s make Britain Great again.

  15. Marguerite Avery says:

    No deal, we can have cheaper food, clothes, shoes, if we cut tariffs, at the moment the eu have high tariffs to protect French farmers, German manufacturing, each year we trade less and less with the EU and more on WTO terms with the rest of the world. The Lisben treaty comes into effect next year, giving up even more sovereignty. I don’t want unelected bureaucrats making any more decisions that aren’t in the UK’s favour. I have confidence in our country, I wish I had confidence in the Government or opposition, but sadly they’re both wanting. Brexit has opened peoples eyes to the corruption in Parliament, next election there will be big changes.

  16. Roger says:

    We won’t be in The same EU the Lisbon Treaty changes everything

  17. Jain Barrington-Wright says:

    There are a hell of a lot of Moaning Remainers on here. All with No Courage or Guts, all been brought up in the Dictatorship of the EU & so Know no better. Most having been Brainwashed either at school, college or university. We CAN survive on our own, what do you think we were doing before 1972? No EU then ! Heath should have been taken out into the street immediately after signing the paperwork in 1972/3 & Hung from a lamp post by his neck until dead – Traitor, as have been all those since !

  18. Steven Rhodes says:

    Because we didn’t vote for a ‘No Deal’ Brexit. Leaving the EU and the Customs Union wasn’t on the ballot paper, and Brexit leaders continually told us we could be like Norway (in the single market) or Switzerland (with a deal). In fact they repeatedly told us we’d get a really good deal, easily; all of that was just made up.

  19. Frederick Maskell says:

    If Mrs May agrees to Brexit with a deal (of any kind) we will still be in the EU, and under the jackboots of Barnier Tusk and Juncker. We desperately need a NO DEAL Brexit.

  20. I am truly shocked by the vitriolic anti-EU abuse posted against this Poll and I shudder to believe that these Brexiters are serious?
    Our country is heading for years in decline, increasing numbers of important businesses & our few remaining profitable industries are relocating to EU countries, plus we will lose the benefit of all the rights of travel and trade that we already have, but despite all this mounting evidence they are still scrambling towards the cliff-edge – what is all this Hatred really about?

    • robert stevens says:

      Penny Howard…. The EU abuse is a natural reaction against any unelected dictatorship that would attempt to destroy the few freedoms that the British subjects have managed to accrue over the past couple of hundred years ,very often at the cost of multiple lives . …There is a very good reason that the loss of many industries and businesses that have in many cases been cajoled by the leadership of the EU , using the largesse that has been gifted to them by the UK , to make massive financial hand outs , in order for these companies to relocate , in order ,to on one hand destroy the UK ‘s financial ability to oppose the EU and on the other to take advantage of lower labour costs …I suspect that you have never been attacked so you may not understand the mentality, but a very natural reaction , is to retaliate against an attacker…..if for one moment you believe that the EU will stop rights to Travel and Trade , I think you have been listening to the propaganda from the MSM , the EU will not under any circumstances turn away any offer of income that comes their way …Finally if you really think the EU is such a wonderful organisation you have the Freedom to go and live there , unfortunately most of the hatred is for the reason that the EU would ,If we remain with them deny us our freedom and liberty …it is what unelected dictatorships do.

  21. Hugh says:

    The January 12 deadline on page 14 of the “Withdrawal ACT 2018”
    (which is law now) Has passed and she has till Febuary 8th to make the No_deal move to WTO declaration. as THAT is 21 days from her deals rejection in the house Jan 10.
    See Withdrawal Act 2018 page 13-14

  22. ann pegg says:

    we need out to save our country our sovereignty and our real laws from the traitors in parliament with their illegal statute laws and ECJ our common law is the only law allowed in our country and cannot be taken from us by any foreign power ever

  23. Anonymous says:

    Why do remainers talk such a load of bollocks

  24. Dave King says:

    Yes, and it should have happened immediately as promised, the 1972 act should have been ready in place as it was just one of two possibilities.
    Then we would have been leaving under English law not Napoleonic law

  25. Robert Hill says:

    The Ballit paper said Leave or stay,In or out , Once in a lifetime vote,The People Were told it would be their Decision and Parliament would obay the Decision, So on the 29 March at 11.00 pm the people demand that Great Britain Leaves

  26. Cyril Penaluna says:

    We voted leave we understood out is out so why are we still fighting to get a deal if will mean we are still shackled to the EU and won’t leave as we gave the mandate for far too many losers who cannot except the democratic vote of the ordinary people

  27. JBB says:

    1. No Deal means the U.K. wilfully breaks international agreements voluntarily entered into; 2. No deal is not what the Leave liars promised; 3. All the evidence is that no deal will be bad for the U.K.. the only sensible deal is the one that we already have as a leading nation within the EU.

    • Peter Fernando says:

      Spot on

    • Jain Barrington-Wright says:

      A Leading Nation within the EU???? Where the hell have you been hiding for the last 40+ years, we have virtually No say, that’s why we have so many absolutely Useless & utterly stupid Rules & Regulations – all dictated by the EU. We voted Leave, because we Know that for a while things will be difficult but we can & will survive, the same as we did back before the EU was ever around. All it needs is Courage, Guts & Work (Oh, I nearly forgot, our Younger “Entitled” generation do not like work or want to go to work.) Unfortunately they will HAVE to ! Tough. If you are Truly Brittish then you will work to make Britain Great again. If you want to be part of the EU = MOVE !

    • robert stevens says:

      JBB . These voluntary international agreements …were they the ones that the pervert heath was Blackmailed into signing ……..Question , you have children ?………..Would you prefer they have a German or French General after they get their conscription papers………..where exactly do you get your ,”Evidence”, from,…… I presume that you put your cross on the referendum paper , did your paper say anything about a deal or an arrangement or even ,” I think it is a good thing that the UK has given the EU 400 Billion Pounds net in 43 years and only got 200 million back”,

      • Poiverts says:

        You english love the perverts ;) you got that queens honours list every year that loves handing out gongs to pervos and weirdos, your coverups are excellent and even when they are shown to be coverups you dont care and vote these tories back in and love them even more.

        Youre utterly stoopid rooles!!! like what, you dont get to dump raw sewage on your beach no more? and you cant sell anyone mad cow disease beef from cows that were fed other cows spines???!!! man, youre really crazy whacky people

        stay out of europe, youre democratic veto on the eu laws are just repressive and depressing for the good of everybody else….

      • Kathleen says:

        Hear hear.

    • Micky B says:

      What evidence are you talking about, it’s impossible to have any evidence of something or anything that has’nt happened yet.

      You might like to read “The Great Deception: Can the European Union survive ?”, that’ll open your eyes

  28. Christopher Taylor says:

    I support a NO DEAL Brexit because this country is in a really bad state as it is. Yes our goverment cannot be truted but who the heck would trust the EU system with their track record. You got to be hiding under a rock in denial to support them.

    Whateve the so called harm a No Deal Brexit will deliver I say this. We will still eat, sleep and go to work. Why because we ccan sure as hell run our own system and without the EU getting in the way we can finally rid most of the problems that the EU has dumped on us.

    Rule Britania

    • Brick Wall says:

      Some of us dont eat at the moment, its called foodbanks, take your head out of the cows backside its up and look around outside your little bubble.

      Britania is a smelly corpse mostly made of gammon.

  29. Noel says:

    No deal is the only option to secure removing ourselves from the eu.
    The government has shown it cannot be trusted to honour the leave vote with a sensible deal that does not infringe the political future of this country..
    NO DEAL.

    • Peter fernando says:

      Why leave the EU- the most Democratic trading block in recent history. There is not a single law that is that bad and every law has a fair and just appeal system for all its citizens

      • Dryden says:

        The E.U. is not democratic by a long way.The only part the people vote for is the European parliament.Which is a revising chamber.All laws and legislation are proposed by un-elected Ministers.

  30. Jane says:

    I personally don’t support a ‘no deal’ as it will do a lot of harm to the poorest people in Britain, and will give the Government a free hand to treat British subjects exactly the way it wants to – which won’t be good – look at the track record of spending cuts and lack of care for the most vulnerable – without any other organisation (ECJ) to appeal to when the country is being screwed by its own government. However, I think a ‘no deal’ Brexit is the only thing which will prove to the British people, that currently think being isolationist in the modern global world we live in is a good thing, that their view is incorrect. They will find out the hard way what it is like to live in a small island off Europe, with no international friends, in a world that is connected by many international agreements, trade blocks and liaisons. It will be a bit like moving to a new country, where you don’t speak the language, don’t know anybody, and they don’t need you, nor are they interested in your welfare. They are only interested in what they can get out of you and how much junk they can sell you at exorbitant rates, because you are over a barrel and desperate for trade. It’s not a comfortable place to be, but I think the part of the British public that want this, will have to learn through experience what that kind of world is like, and they won’t have the EU to blame anymore.

    • Lorraine Surringer says:

      At least it will be our own elected government which will be accountable to the people of Britain – and I don’t think the Tories will get in again after the way they have screwed the poorest of this country! We have an opposition which is the organisation to appeal to when the government is not doing its job properly and we have the power of the vote.

      Super governments are the most dangerous type of government. Have you an idea how much of our hard-earned money is wasted by these pompous non-elected bureaucrats? They live the life of luxury at our expense and have no care for the poor.
      We may be a small island but we will never be alone. And the countries of Europe need us more than we need them. They rely on our tourism for one thing and will hardly want to stop trading with us just because we are out of that, in my opinion, ‘Big Brother’ Government.
      The ordinary people of the UK were taken in unwittingly and tied in by treaties such as the Lisbon Treaty which very few people knew anything about. To me it was all done illegally and with clandestine motives. I think once we go it will pave the way for others too which is why they are using all these desperate scare tactics to keep us in.

    • Ian says:

      The poor are the ones that will be hit the least. Big-money is the one to suffer.


      What the heck do you think Brussels does to us. We will not be isolated you listen to too much rubbish .we are and always have been a great nation and we can do that again E U makes us stagnant and it’s nit working ,why don’t you Jane look what’s happening in Europe Italy ,Germany ,Spain. Portugal e t c e t c unemployment is rife , no money the euro which is crap. The EU don’t care about them ,all they think about is that expensive over rated club in Brussels .check the e u future out before you comment because i thin’ you’ll have a shock and I think your followimg the leader on this one …leave leave leave a s a p nearly three years ago we voted

      • jesus says:

        What a massive stupid bint you are christine, youre such a poor simple fool, why dont you shut up and go watch the chase, you might get some answers right today.

        • Kathleen says:

          That’s all you seem to be able to do remainers insult people who don’t agree with you. I for one don’t cave in to bullies

  31. Tony Cave says:

    A no deal brexit would be the worst possible outcome.
    Either remain or accept May’s negotiated terms.
    Either a free vote in Parliament or a binding referendum leave on the exit terms or remain as now.


      You listen and absorb so much rubbish. No such thing as crashing out. .its leave or remain and we voted to leave. Totally not a deal not bed and breakfast not to go dancing but to leave We need a bit of a shake up in this country of ours and disruption is always good. We must show Brussels we were never meant to be rule takers we are far too big for that 65 million people not small at all wake up sunshine a little disruption does us no harm that’s how we progress .We will,stagnate in this club handing over all our hard earned money so these corrupters can spend it how they want on all sorts of crooked deals .

      • Jesus says:

        Well show those Pesky EU types how to rip ourselves off and start stockpiling food! Christing you massive ugly lumpy gammon, whats wrong with you???

        • Graham Jennings says:

          Ad hominem attack, How terribly grown up of you. “Christing” Did you mean Christine?. Do concentrate and try to get it right, With a name like Jesus it should be easy.

    • Peter Ellis says:

      Scrap Brexit. It is utterly insane.

      • Peter Fernando says:

        I remember last time when the pound dropped a few people made millions. That is the only advantage of a no deal Brexit. I had a friend who used to go on holiday every time the 6th decimal point changed on the pound!

      • JAS says:

        Peter Ellis…read the Lisbon Treaty signed by our treasonous governments…… will soon change your mind. By 2020 we have to sign over over our sovereignty and become a state of Europe…also we have to have the euro as our currency! Read it!!

        • Daniel Jones says:

          I suggest you read the Lisbon Treaty yourself. Particularly Article 31, where it deals with vetoes being scrapped.

          It is true to say that *some* vetoes were scrapped – this was in 2007 – but there were several exceptions, military matters being one of them.

          I have seen what you are referring to, and what you have been reading – that all vetoes are to be scrapped, with no exceptions, for one and that we will lose all sovereignty for another – is discredited, fake news.

          If you want to read the actual Lisbon Treaty, it is here:

        • says:

          Indeed you should read the Treaty of Lisbon. You will then learn that you have been lied to. None of your assertions are supported by the details in the Treaty.

        • Anonymous says:

          You are simply wrong – you are either stupid, ignorant or a liar. The listbon treaty is easy to find online. YOU READ IT

        • Richard e says:

          Conspiracy theory, No mention of the year 2020 or “2022” in the 2009 Lisbon treaty anywhere at all.

        • Richard e says:

          Conspiracy theory, There is no “2022” printed l anywhere in the Lisbon treaty.

        • Em says:

          The Lisbon Treaty has been in force since 2009. It can’t be that bad if you’ve not noticed it in nearly ten years.

          If you read the actual Lisbon Treaty rather than a completely fabricated meme, you’d know.

      • Raymond Bond says:

        it a dictatorship not a democracy, the EU wants to control and dictate to the west and they have admitted it, we can do more to help our own people without getting ripped off, by a group of people that makes nothing ,no product , takes cash from many countries and take a lump for doing nothing and makes the people think they give us something in return when they dont

      • says:

        You are in sane matey. I. Not staying in a federal state of Europe dictating to me and my future brethren. I do not want them to be communised ,they had enough of that in Europe. E u army I do nit want that any of my family have to sign up against there will. You really need a reality check

      • David Wood says:

        The thing about Quitters is that they seem incapable of coming up with any rational arguments against the EU – just soundbites from the tabloids: “the corrupt EU”, “out means out”, “leave means leave”, “EU bureaucrats”, etc.

        • Kelvin Evans says:

          Hello dreamer, the EU IS top heavy with bureaucrats, leave DOES mean leave, out DOES mean out, the EU IS corrupt, the UK politician fatcats that are lapping up the gravy and are having a say on our future even though they are NOT elected are proof of that, you should go to Specsavers. You lost the vote so get over it and back up your country, we will make a better world for ourselves. It comes to mind that “Too many Cooks Spoil The Broth”.

      • hill billy says:

        staying in the EU with the Gestapo unelected scum is madness

      • says:

        No deal we need to be free of restrictions

    • John walker says:

      No deal we will be under the rule of the jackboots forever

    • Dave Muir says:

      No Deal


        No deal is the ONLY real option that takes us as far away as possible from that regime .They have little interest for humans or decent working people .They need to admit there little crappy club is not working and it’s a waste of tax payers money .Its a greedy corrupt regime ,I don’t care what people say about human rights and working conditions .we can take that on and change what we don’t want …E u I can’t wait until your club collapses and that building g is a ruin brick by brick must fall then the tunnel sink it

    • Christopher Barnett says:

      I support a No Deal Brexit.

    • Doreen Skeggs says:

      Yes we were promised when we voted in referendum we would come out if that was the vote of the people and told no if buts or anything else so yes come out with no deal would be the will of the people,

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