Do You Agree with Labour’s Decision to Stay Neutral on BREXIT Before the General Election?

Do You Agree with Labour’s Decision to Stay Neutral on BREXIT Before the General Election?

Members of Labour Party voted against campaigning to stay in the European Union, a boost to leader Jeremy Corbyn who wants to first secure a national election and then determine Labour’s stance.
Corbyn has been under pressure to back staying in the EU, but the Labour leader has argued it is more important to unite a party split over Brexit before deciding which way to campaign - either to leave with a deal or to remain in the bloc.

His plan was met with criticism from Liberal Democrats:

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“With today's Composite 13 vote, the Labour Party has again shown that it supports the idea of Brexit. Remainers deserve better than Corbyn's continued fudging of the issue” was stated on their official twitter account.

She accused Mr Corbyn of wanting to “sit on the sidelines” and “betraying Remain voters.”
Grassroots Labour group Momentum said that the tricky issue of Britain leaving the EU should be “handled delicately.”
A spokesperson said: “Labour is offering another referendum with Remain as an option.
“Simply revoking Article 50 creates more problems than it solves.”

We will update with new reactions from other political leaders.
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Do You Agree with Labour's Decision to Stay Neutral on BREXIT Before the General Election?

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3 Responses

  1. Nat says:

    Being a remain voter in a leave town that was lost to a Tory, I see both sides to this.
    My own husband voted Leave.
    I felt like my voice couldn’t be heard I felt that we would crash out under the Tories without a voice.
    nobody was offering me a chance. I have been called, bullied and mobbed on social media. But I respected the referendum result and wasn’t any of those things I was called, Jeremy Corbyn has given the Leave voters a chance to secure a deal they feel good about. and the remain voters the chance to still say they wish to remain.
    This is the adult sensible clear result we needed as a country. in areas such as mine (Mansfield) who voted majority Leave Labour need to address the elephant in the room. Leave won the Referendum and we need to respect it.
    By doing what the Tories are doing nobody gets a chance to be represented, same with the LibDems
    Labour however is saying, look you have a choice the power is yours! for years we have been ignored, petition after petition falling on deaf ears, the Tories doing what they please. from cuts to wars. they just don’t care at all as long as their donors are happy.
    Well now you have a chance to change history under a leader for Labour who wants you to feel empowered. I would like to thank all the delegates who voted in favour of Neutral position as my household and my town needed that representation of the 99% of voters in our country. .
    I understand why many voted for a remain only but it risks alienating so many people, it would be like me now being a lone remainer in a brexit town, I can tell you it isn’t nice to not be represented. Labour is Democratic and this is democracy at it’s best.

  2. nancy everingham says:

    I never voted in last referendum because it was a total Tory project plus very confusing on both sides.I feel i can now vote on a more imformed decision on the facts now.


    The Referendum result must be respected, Leave voters cannot be ignored but Labour members are convincingly in favour of Remain so this policy proposal allows both sides to campaign together.

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