Do You Agree With BREXIT Party MEPs Turning Their Backs to EU Anthem

Do You Agree With BREXIT Party MEPs Turning Their Backs to EU Anthem

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What is happening?

Nigel Farage and his Brexit party MEPs turned their backs during the playing of the European anthem at a ceremony to mark the opening of the European parliament.

As a saxophone quartet and opera singer performed Beethoven’s Ode to Joy in the Strasbourg chamber on the first day of the new parliament, the 29 Brexit party MEPs turned away from the group to face the back wall.

The European parliament’s president, Antonio Tajani, rebuked those MEPs who did not immediately get to their feet. “[It] is a question of respect; it doesn’t mean that you necessarily share the views of the European Union. If you listen to the anthem of another country you rise to your feet.”

Labour’s leader in the European parliament, Richard Corbett, later described the move as pathetic.

A spokesman for Tajani told CNN that even if people disagree with the European Union, turning away for the anthem shows a "lack of respect."

Justifying his gesture on the BBC, Brexit Party MEP David Bull  said "I think it was still the right move," because it is “not a national anthem, it is a federal anthem, and we don't believe in the federal Euro-state.”

Center-right French MEP Nadine Morano called the gesture "outrageous" and "unacceptable." She said: "Those are people who will get paid to break Europe," adding that Farage is "a clown.

Speaking to Euronews, Farage said he refused to show "respect for foreign anthems that have been forced upon us."

Many internet users reacted vocally in support or against this gesture, with most visible reactions on twitter.

What do you think? Do you agree with BREXIT Party MEPs gesture?

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45 Responses

  1. Elizabeth Anne Nightingale says:

    The Brexit Party was protesting the fact that the EU is NOT a country as specified by the speaker who told them to stand. Europe is made up of lots of different countries (The EU is not one of them) and each individual country has their own flag and anthem. Nigel Farage rightly said they would never disrespect the anthem of another country and they didn’t BECAUSE THE EU IS NOT A COUNTRY. Also amazed to see lots of other MEP remaining seated. Thought the Bollock to Brexit tee-shirts very childish

  2. Anon says:

    They totally shamed and embarrassed our country ,they were disgusting

  3. Wuggly says:

    The EU are Anti-Democratic and have designed themselves on the East India Trading Company anyone who can still believe the Bloc is not the rise of the Fourth Reich
    is deluded. What they could not do with force in 2 wars they are doing with money. The Brexit Party are the only hope to save not only the UK but Europe, once again !!

  4. J khan says:

    They’re happy to waste seats. ..take the earnings…and shame our country…that’s not responsible representation. I’m embarrassed for UK. It’s simple showmanship to appeal to the misguided extreme esp racist Brexiteers. Tommy Robinson would be proud …ugh!!!😠😬😡😦

  5. Ray Crawley says:

    At least the Brexit MEP’s stood, there were many MEP’s who continued to sit ignoring the request to stand. No one seems to mention this it’s only The Brexit Party who are criticised!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yes I do agree. With what they Did. 👍

  7. ronald parkin says:

    Come on brexit party. The so called main party’s have not listened to the majority of the British people for the last 30years and more. Immigration jobs housing low pay the EU taking over our country ext.time for change. End of.

  8. Robin F Phillips says:

    Fact! The NAZIS, NSDAP, were socialists. Left wing not right wing! Ribbentrop the NSDAP foreign minister made a non aggression pact/treaty with Stalin. Todays Left do not know or understand recent history, as its easier to scream and shout and beat your opponents, just like the “Brown Shirts”! BTW, NAZI is German short for National Socialist German Workers Party! Hardly a Right Wing party! And just to educate our Lefty students a little, Fascism was invented by an Italian, of the hard Left! Do your selves a favour and study/learn a little before throwing insults and assertions!

  9. Sylvia Hughes says:

    The EU is comprised of 28 nations and should not try to put its self as more important than any one nation it is an undemocratic organisation with an undemocraticaly elected elite making decisions that smack at nepotism

  10. Colin Mucklow says:

    I do agree we are not EU we are British we are UK we support The Brexit Party we will leave the EU, Lib Turds Dem say Bollocks The Brexit Party and you remainers and the EU think that’s okay, we are leaving the EU, not one leg in one leg out.

  11. Ben Read says:

    If they truly wanted to protest they would do it by partaking in debate, doing their job any refusing the handsome pay packet they will receive…
    Turning your back is but gladly accepting a wage is disingenuous at best

  12. Dr David Turner says:

    Whatever the issue, rudeness always demeans he perpetrator and casts doubt on the sincerity and intelligence of the cause.

  13. David Smart says:

    Yes they should as a show of disgust at the way that the EU has coluded with May and dissrespected the outcome of the 2016 vote .

  14. Jason Pollock says:

    Definitely right to turn their backs. They should not of even been there. The whole country is sick of all the MPs thinking they know better than their constituents who they represent. Democracy is a joke and I was a remainer. I feel strongly that the vote was to get out the EU sand European Union and single market. Failure to do so is going against democracy.

  15. christopher horner says:

    We should not be there in the first place the extension was illegal so was the appointment of MEPs so why would they listen to a nazi call to arms

  16. Mike Marsh says:

    We brits have our national anthem, it signifies our allegience to our queen (king) we owe no allegience to the EU as we are in the process of leaving.

  17. David Joyce says:

    It is a ‘national anthem’ imposed on the nation states of Europe by the unelected bureaucrats of Brussels and has no legitimacy. Our Brexit Party have every right to turn their backs to demonstrate their opposition.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Yes I agree with them turning their backs.. the EU is NOT A NATION, it is a union…!!! all the European countries have their own anthems…we do not need or want one chosen by the DICTATORS to have a “cover” for the whole of them.

  19. Jocelyn Ruddell says:

    The idea for the anthem came from a lady who had been held by the Nazis. She wanted something to inspire future generations and wrote to the President of the Council of Europe requesting such a hymn to inspire everyone to work together for lasting peace. Ode to joy was chosen and all countries, including the UK, voted to adopt it. It is the anthem of the Council of Europe. All they did was disrespect that lady and the ideal of working for peace. Shame on them.

    • Jarvo says:

      Diddums den…..

    • Christine williams says:

      Oh dear poor lady who cares we don’t respect the EU or there anthem.its a dismal song depressing and we have kept peace ourselves the e u has not done it ..We have only been in the dictator part of the e u for 23 years the other years were common market .but Your intended lies to us ,brought us to the decision to leave this dictatorship .Throwing million’s of people into our country without our permission .i never had a vote on free movement and thousands of foreign criminals coming here .we the people had no say on the building of the tunnel or the life of luxury you keep yourselves in .You just take take take. Billions come from our tax payers to waste on luxury you don’t deserve ..or need .You keep people in Europe poor and depraved .And mak3 them vote twice well it won’t happen here. Britain rule Britannia Britannia rules the waves not the EU.bye bye forever I hope .

  20. Anonymous says:

    they are representing 17.4million Voters . They are Our Voice . Had the Referendum Vote been Honoured , they would not have to .

  21. Gary Munro says:

    Just accept the result of the 2016 referendum. The EU are taking us for s ride if you can’t see that your blind. Nothings changed, remainers still haven’t come up with ANY positive aspects of being in the EU, so bleat about what could happen if we leave. The EU are a lot closer to the Nazi’s than those trying to protect our democracy

  22. Derek Robert Stronach says:

    Yes I agree with their protest .It’s the federal state of Europe’s anthem not ours

  23. Anonymous says:

    it is not our Anthem or an Anthem of another country,it is made up for the EU Parliament so why do we have to stand up for it, if you want to complain about things like this you just need to look at Corbyn who refuse to sing the British Anthem and turns his back on British Veterans

    • Barrie says:

      Oh dear anonymous. Your stupid words reveal what a cretin you are in believing the right wing media character assassination of Jeremy Corbyn. He never refused to sing the national anthem and he never turns his back on war veterans. Prove me wrong and show me the evidence.

  24. VINCE EDWARDS says:

    Really, to show sincerity, Brexit Ltd and UKIP MEPs should have stayed away like Sinn Fein stays away from Westminster and refuse to take salaries, expenses and pensions. Unlike Sinn Fein, these Brexiteers have no principles. They appear more similar to the Nazi deputies who turned their backs at the Reichstag in 1930.

    • e cooper says:

      do sein fein mps not collect their salary I understand they do

      • Debbie says:

        Sinn Fein MPs don’t receive a salary from Westminster. A few years ago Westminster didn’t even offer it to them. They do attend committees at Westminster, and they receive expenses (not in excess, I may add). They live off a small wage (equivalent to the voters they represent) paid by Sinn Fein, and presumable funded by donations to the party.

  25. Hitler’s Nazi party did this at the Reichstag in 1924. If the Brexit Party MEPs really wanted to make a protest, they should do as Sinn Fein do and refuse to accept salaries and expenses and refuse to attend. All this stunt does is make them look like they’re show-boating their Nazi credentials. I dread to think what political direction the Brexit Party is headed in if they are trying to emulate to the Nazi party’s actions in 1924.

    • Sean O'Hanlon says:

      The comparison with the SF MP’s is absolutely correct. Neither the Brexit Party nor SF accepts the legitimacy of the parliament where they have seats for the areas they represent. The main point being, that these seats cannot be used against the people the parties represent. The difference being NF & 1 or 2 of his cohorts need the camera-time (and money).

    • Angie Stone says:

      What tosh. They need to cause as much disruption as possible, so that the EU will be glad to be rid of us.

      • Denise says:

        Quite right Angie, we elected them to cause as much disruption as possible. Where did politeness and apeasement get us? We are humiliated day after day but these non elected burocrats. How do they justify an anthem anyway, when complaining of ours. Poor choice, this is the one that was played in Parliament to celebrate Hitler’s birthdays. Farage did say, the gloves are off now. I feel it’s about time too.

      • Peter biddulph says:

        They will be delighted to see the back of us already

    • Linda Ibbetson says:

      How low can you stoop using the word Nazi to describe ANYONE? Just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it, you horrible man. Go read up about Adolph Hitler, the true Nazi and stop using that word to describe anyone who dares to disagrees with you 😈😈😈

      • Jo Gooch says:

        I think you should read up about the rise of the Nazi Party. There is nothing wrong with comparing the way our far right parties are going. History is there to be studied and learned from.

    • Jayne says:

      It amazes me that the first thing you can think of is the Nazis did this. A lot of political movements including the Suffragettes did the same and turning ones back is a protest, nothing more nothing less. The Brexit Party was protesting the fact that the EU is NOT a country as specified by the speaker who told them to stand. Europe is made up of lots of different countries (The EU is not one of them) and each individual country has their own flag and anthem. Nigel Farage rightly said they would never disrespect the anthem of another country and they didn’t BECAUSE THE EU IS NOT A COUNTRY. It also amazes me that you don’t appear to have a problem with other MEP’s who refused to stand and sat through the entire thing and it also amazes me that people have more of an issue with this than they do about the blatent waste of taxpayers money. Why use OUR money (the money of every single taxpayer of member countries) to pay for a live brass band when a recording would have done just as well. THAT is the travesty here.

    • Robin F Phillips says:


    • Lee says:

      Nazis ( Or National Socialist German Workers’ Party ) were not right wing.. they were socialists..
      But never mind you be a good boy and keep believing what the establishment tell you.
      Sinn Fein, or the IRA, refuse to take their salaries or expenses? There are two flats that they use in London that the taxpayers pay that not claiming expenses then?

      Also, it was 1930 when the Nazis turned their backs in the Reichstag not 1924…

      • says:

        Did you study history at school? The Nazi’s were not right wind, they were socialists? Crazy statement. You clearly haven’t got a clue. How can someone be so dim?

  26. Anonymous says:

    I do not agree!!!!!

    • Angie Stone says:

      And ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ was not childish? Disrespect us and we will disrespect you. I think the BP need to cause as much disruption as possible, so that they will be glad to be rid of us.

      • Anonymous says:

        The Libs Dems slogan Bollocks to Brexit may as well say Bollocks to Democracy – Lib Dems are a disgrace to Democracy I dot know how they even have the nerve to even have the word Democrats in their party name

    • Peter Simcock says:

      They were right the eu treat the uk with contempt. If we stay the uk will pay dearly.

    • John Macpherson says:

      I think it was a very childish gesture and it implied that all the British people feel the same way.WE DO NOT !!!

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