Do You Agree With Boris Johnson Suspending the Parliament?

Do You Agree With Boris Johnson Suspending the Parliament?

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Boris Johnson has asked the Queen to suspend Parliament after MPs return to work in September. The decision came as a coalition lead by Labour Paty is trying to oust the Governement in order to avoid to avoid a no-deal Brexit on 31 October. British sterling is loosing value as the political crisis deepens.

According to PMs plan, the Queen's Speech would take place after the suspension, on 14 October.

Why the Queen has to suspend the Parliament in September 2019?

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BBC royal correspondent Jonny Dymond said the precedent was for Parliament to be suspended before a Queen's Speech, and it would be "impossible" for the Queen to reject the government's request to do so now.

"The fundamental is the Queen acts on the advice of her ministers - in particular, on the advice of her prime minister," he added underlying that this convention lifted the pressure off the Queen depoliticizing her intervention.

Latest reactions to Boris Johnson plans to shut down Parliament:

Speaker John Bercow is calling the planned suspension a “constitutional outrage”.

Opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn issued a statementunderlying that This is an outrage and a threat to our democracy. (…) If Johnson has confidence in his plans he should put them to the people in a general election or public vote.”

Scottish Labour MP Ian Murray said that Boris Johnson’s plan to suspend parliament is “an assault on our democracy”.

Labour MP John McDonnell: “Make no mistake, this is a very British coup. Whatever one’s views on Brexit, once you allow a Prime Minister to prevent the full and free operation of our democratic institutions you are on a very precarious path.”

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London: “Boris Johnson will try to shut down Parliament next week in order to deliver a catastrophic no-deal Brexit. Running roughshod over our democracy in order to ruin the life chances of future generations. Disgraceful. It must be stopped.”

Tory rebel Dominic Grive condemned the plot, which would see the Queen step in to prorogue Parliament, as an “outrageous act”.


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  1. pauine bailey says:

    Hopefully now we can move forward and leave. We have wasted over three years not getting any deal so now is the time to leave whatever. We have countries queuing up to deal with us, we wont be the losers, the EU will when they dont receive our money. They dont want to give us a decent deal for fear of the other members wanting to leave and they will lose their fat salaries. I hope Boris does get us out the end of October

  2. J Matthews says:

    People are under a misapprehension of our democratic system. The UK democratic system actually empowers the MP’s the use of their consciences, not that of their electors. We are simply not a representative democracy. Put simply, when people are lied to, and they make a decision based on those lies, it is the duty of their MP’s to safeguard the electorate from a decision made as a response to fraudulent claims. That is how our system works. Somehow many people have been fooled into thinking that an MP is to carry their constituency’s opinion through. We should not suspend parliament, because if we do, we are allowing an act of fraud to continue – and 66 million people will be at war with one another as their relatives die from lack of access to life saving medication in a No-Deal brexit scenario.

  3. Rowena Muldal says:

    YES! … .a million times yes. The first time that DEMOCRACY has shown a glimmer of life is still left. The SICKENING Corrupt Soros-paid Remoaners have just about murdered DEMOCRACY over the past three and a half years, as they ignored what the PEOPLE, who are their employers voted for. LEAVE WON! …. That means LEAVE COMPLETELY, NO DEAL! …. but the Corruption has gone so deep, that people who are deselected and voted out, like Grieve and Sourbry, still keep their seats. That the worst traitor this country has known since Blair managed to get into “power” to try to destroy BREXIT (Treasonous May), and now finally a man stands up and gives DEMOCRACY a jolt, and all the remoaners are up in arms, and throwing their toys out of their collective cots, pacifiers included. FASCIST Behaviour at its worst. THIS is what wants to take over and complete the destruction of Britain.

    Project FEAR continues strongly stirring, and lying, and not ONE remoaner seems able to see it, because the indoctrination, and purse filling runs so deep amongst the elites, who wants a slave force whilst they live it up. Every single one of their “prophetic claims” has proven false. … and still they whine on. The only ones to get any limelight from the FakeStream Biased BBC. So … yes, GOOD FOR BORIS! Keep it up. Do NOT let the DEMOCRATIC people, who still hope you will do what is right for the majority, down.

    • Sharon Ainsworth McKinlay says:

      So when the Tory party decide they are going to sell off the NHS will you still agree. This is a dangerous precedent. What’s the point of having an opposition because everytime a government wants to do something unpopular they can just cancel parliament. This is not about Brexit your all blinkered it’s incredibly dangerous.

  4. P Campbell says:

    Absolutely none of you know what you voted Leave for. We are heading for a heap of mess. Thanks so much!

  5. christine roper says:

    its the only way we can leave the eu and the leader or the liberal party should be ashamed how dare she ignore the majority of the people who voted to leave

  6. Alastair Walker says:

    The only ‘Deal’ offered by the EU has already been rejected by Parliament, the EU have stated many times that it will not be reopened, any possible change that they might offer will be insignificant, delaying Brexit is pointless because the existing deal will never be acceptable. It’s about time parliament got on with delivering on the vote as promised back in 2016.

  7. John Daly says:

    It’s the only way to stop the undemocratic actions of remoaners

  8. mike says:

    The comments here by brexiteers are fantastical and deluded.
    The reason that the UK has not left is the ERG (of which Johnson is a member) voting against their own party (tories)

  9. Pablo Martini says:

    this will be the end of a GENTLEMANS running of the UK parLIARment there will be laws to stop a coup like this!

  10. N D Wilcock says:

    We voted in 2016 to leave the EU. Virtually ALL MPs agreed to abide by the decision. The majority of the remainers have failed to do this. Had they done so and presented a united front we would almost certainly have been offered an acceptable deal. As it is, the EU live in hopes that we will not go through with Brexit and thus lose one of their few overall contributors. The EU itself is one of the most undemocratic institutions in the western world. I certainly don’t remember voting for (or against) Junker, Tusk, Barnier, Verhofstadt or von der Leyen. The MEPs, who we do elect, can only vote on propositions put to them by the commission.
    We need to leave, preferably with a good deal, by the end of October. Taking no-deal off the table removes a very valuable bargaining chip and will result only in us being offered further unacceptable deals. The whole situation is reminiscent of the time when Oliver Cromwell dissolved parliament when it was evident that it was interested only in continuing its own existence.

  11. Raymond says:

    We have debated for 3 years. Let’s just go . And besides, I just love the howls of anguish for snowflakes.

  12. Marian Donovan says:

    No way should he stop a reasonable debate in parliament is he scared hell be voted down ? Hes unelected by the people has no backing hes lying he needs to go NOW before he does more damage then hell disappear and who will sort it out then ? Its a disaster waiting to happen

    • Alastair Walker says:

      Boris IS an elected MP, the UK has NEVER directly elected a PM, we’ve often had PMs who have taken over as party leader of a standing party in Government, how is this specific case suddenly different?

    • shirley bone says:

      Remoaners again about time something was doe and he s got the BALLS to do it the EU were not elected don’t here u moaning about that get a bloody life and let Boris do his job better than that moron from labour party

    • P Campbell says:

      I agree, we are going to seriously suffer the consequences of a no-deal Brexit and a far-right government. Say goodbye to the NHS as we become America’s bitch.

    • Catherine Tompkins says:

      I agree with what Boris has done to get our country to move forward and in the spirit of democracy for the 17.4m people who voted to leave. His energy and decisive action should now unfreeze the blockages and allow our great country to move onwards. There will be bumps in the road as we know but we will come good in the end. A decision needed to be made and he has had the courage to make it.

    • Rowena Muldal says:

      ANYONE who says “no” should just leave the country and go live as a slave in the CORRUPT EU! … YES, HE SHOULD PROROGUE PARLIAMENT! Especially when the government has been corrupted by the EU and Remoaners who refuse to accept the DEMOCRATIC Decision to LEAVE THE EU, NO DEAL, that was made over three years ago by the BRITISH PEOPLE! …. Since then it has been one attempt after the other, and the fear mongering continues. The ONLY people who have caused damage to DEMOCRACY are the FASCIST LEFT with their shenanigans and their bile, spewed at every turn. Had Boris Johnson been given the position three and a half years ago, and we would already be out! But, no the Remoaners got their patsy to stab him in the back, allowing a Remoaner to get in and do her best to betray and destroy Democracy. … At present, DEMOCRACY is on life support, … if the Remoaners get away with destroying the BREXIT vote to LEAVE, then it will DIE! ….. and only you whining leftists are to blame for the DEATH of DEMOCRACY, and the Birth of your FASCIST Manner in beating it to death.

      The 17.4 million PLUS …. because one knows of how much FRAUD was practiced in that Vote … are GLAD that finally, hopefully just ONE of the government actually cares about us. There has been NO downturn in economy. There are now more British people working than before, and it is time the layabouts who can get out to work, did so. STOP sponging off the taxpayers.

    • angela smith says:

      i agree with mr johnson, he is the only one doing something to honour the peoples vote, and for that i support him

    • Caryle Cline says:

      Surely there has been debate on Brexit in Parliament for the last THREE years!!

    • Dave G says:

      Yawn same old Rethoric BORING …

  13. Terree Selby says:

    I do not understand why people think shutting down parliament is defending democracy – it’s the opposite. You may think it’s okay to close parliament on this issue but if it is used once then it can be used again and I do not trust our current Prime Minister not to railroad democracy again. Remember – this is the man who wasted millions on his vanity projects. I don’t think he cares at all about brexit because it doesn’t affect him, he’s only interested in staying in power and heaven help us all if that happens.

  14. Helen says:

    I don’t agree with Boris Johnson suspending parliament at such a crucial time as I believe it is a cynical move to push through a no deal Brexit. Three quarters of the public are against a no deal Brexit, we were promised a deal. He’s a known liar and he has lied and lied. I appreciate it is difficult to sort out a deal with the EU but that’s what he’s being paid for. Boris Johnson has only spent one day in parliament since his election, he avoids interviews and has a reputation for being lazy. He does not have the best interests of the country at heart but acts in his own best interests. During the referendum campaign Boris and Gove stated we would have a deal that would allow free trade with Europe. They keep moving the goal posts.

  15. Bob Young says:

    His actions border on treason. He has managed to politicise the Queen in an action devised to frustrate the will of Parliament.

    He has set the Crown and Executive on a collision course with Parliament.

    Hitler used the same mechanism to neutralise the Reichstag

  16. Jenny H says:

    This just continues the polarisation, which is incredibly dangerous. We cannot have one extreme or the other feeling they have got entirely their way, and the others feeling their voice has been completely disregarded. I lived in a country in the years running up to a civil war. I think people and many politicians are failing to see what the current divisions could lead to. It is irresponsible of those politicians who present those they disagree with as traitors or idiots etc. There HAS to be a compromise. Which party leader has sought to find a way of doing this? Which leader never insults and abuses people whose views are different from his own? Corbyn.

  17. Michael Owen says:

    Time the “PEOPLES VOTE” ie the referendum with it’s 1.4 million majority was RESPECTED and ENACTED. ALL remainer MPs should stop the prevarication and deliver BREXIT with or without a deal.

  18. J Warren says:

    Intelligent bunch the Left, screaming for Democracy whilst trying to overturn it at the same time… Quite incredible… Not just the left, but the whole lot of remain MPs. The referendum vote was to leave. This is probably the ONLY way to make it happen and ensure the democratic voice of the people at that referendum is followed. If it is not then goodbye to UK democracy totally. There will be blood on the streets (not a threat, a prediction). I do NOT want to see that.

  19. Janet Harris says:

    I’m glad he has. Gives him the chance to get on with what needs doing without too many interruptions. Tho there would be a recess at this point anyway! It’s hopefully stopped Corbyn and co in their tracks . Tho I fear Gina Miller with her financial backers. It’s shame it wasn’t extended to November! I wish him all the luck , providing we are out on the 31st with a new acceptable deal , or WTO!

    • Solveig Warren says:

      It was a brilliant idea to pull this rabbit out of the hat thus giving more time for cabinet members to concentrate on all outstanding issues from the past three years of “faffing” around. Boris has recognised he has a massive task to clean up, iron out, sort out and throw out rubbish accumulated thanks to the undemocratic remoaners who still refuse to accept the majority vote of 2016. Politics will never be the same after this.

  20. Wendy S says:

    The Majority of MP’s have been working against our country trying to overturn Brexit, they have colluded together to stop Brexit for their own self interest. They have had 3 years to debate Brexit and have added amendments to Laws and even passed new Laws. They are intent on stopping Brexit to achieve their goal. They are guilty of Sedition.

  21. Richard Manser says:

    We have been lied to by ministers for too long. Boris at last is supporting the democratic majority of the UK in delivering Brexit.

  22. Julie Williams says:

    About time after 3 years of waiting to get Brexit over and done with. He is right to suspend parliament.

    • Graham Hall says:

      Sorry Julie, this idiot and his corrupt cabinet have to be stopped in there tracks for all the corruption and lies destroying people’s lifes only for there own gains.

  23. Parliament have been try to & suceeding to cancel a democratic vote with the help of the speaker, who I thought was supposed to be neutral, I have never missed a vote, my first vote was in 1970 I voted not to join in 1974/5, nothing that has happened in those years that has changed my mind nor my husband, when we had the referendum in 2016, no way did I think that parliament, would not honour that vote, they all promised even all those that are now fighting to remain, they lied to us then, so all the votes cast in 2017 were cast, based on the lie of honouring the referendum, they are now saying democracy has died today, I beg to argue that it died three years ago we have been in mourning for three, these idiots with those posters say democracy has died today they are three years too late. We the winners of the referendum want out & out October 31st all the TV are doing is interviewing those who hat democracy ie Anna Sourbry, that woman should face a bi election at the very least, I’d like to see her cast off on a slow boat to China without any WiFIi.

    • Stephen Beaumont says:

      It has previously been condemned by nearly all those ministers who have now participated. Now we are expected to accept a volt face. It is completely wrong to vlose down democratic institutions when you claim to defend democracy.

  24. Steve Brown says:

    I am fed up with the constant scheming that the remainer mps want to do to stop the vote to leave i along with 17.4 million voters voted leave and thats why i feel what Mr Johnson has done by suspending parliament is the right thing to do. My faith in Boris is growing but i have no trust left in politicians so i will stay with the Brexit party until im shown otherwise keep it up boris you are doing a good job so far but dont come back with a may deal or i will be done with the conservatives for good

  25. I wouldnt trust the traitor terrorist loving scum bag lying cheating champagne socialist to run a booze up in a brewery says:

    i would not trust the lying, cheating terrorist suporting, champagne socialist ,to run a booze up in a brewery he should be in jail not parliment

  26. Stephen dixon says:

    Good on boris did not vote for a deal I voted to leave the EU.31st Oct we out and the country can back to normal we have had enough of bercow and his traitor friends

  27. Graham Wilson says:

    I have a lot of admiration for the PM Boris Johnson, All the palaver from the Remainers Calling Boris whatever, they should turn back the clock the last 3 years and remember what they have done as remainers by trying to go against the will of the people and as such cause chaos wherever they can, they are the ones who have caused chaos since the referendum, and they have made our democratic system a laughing stock ithroughout the world.
    The remainers have a lot to answer to, and now they are not happy because Boris is doing what they do not want.
    I say well done Prime Minister. keep up the good work.

  28. Barbara Moore says:

    There has to be an end to the traitors that will not honor the people’s vote, they have left him no option. Like it or not the people voted to come out of the EU.

  29. David Hancock says:

    Because we have liars cheats and self serving politicians who only want to line their pockets

  30. John payne says:

    The remoaner MP,S have done everything they can to scupper brexitby fair mean and foul, they have totally ignored there own constituents and voted how they wanted probably because they have personal vested interests in Europe. They have the audacity to call other MP,S undemocratic whilst they are trying to deliver the will of the people.The speaker who is totally biased is supposed to be neutral and calls Boris unconstitutional and undemocratic doesn’t even try to hide his Hipocracy.

  31. janice skinner says:

    Yes it’s time to exit the EU.

  32. John Sim says:

    Boris is quite right in taking the action he has done. Since the Brexit referendum in 2016, the country has literally stood still due to very poor leadership from Downing Street with ‘Remainer’ MPs constantly going against the will of the British people. The majority of British people voted to leave the EU and it’s about time a Politician showed leadership and a willingness to ‘manage’ the process of leaving the EU. The UK needs to move forward after three years of deadlock. I fully support our new PM.


    At last the Gravy train has ground to a stop!

  34. Shirley Buckley says:

    It is about time som.ething was done especially when the only one who believes in democracy is Boris he is the only one who can get us out of the EU the place call hell which is ran by Merkal and Macron we want our freedom and Boris will get us out of communist party we done Boris so proud of you

  35. Katarzyna Allen says:

    I voted in referendum to leave EU completely and if suspending Parliament, who wants to stop is the way, so let it be. I knew what I was voting for by the way.

  36. brenda williamson says:

    Its the only way for democracy we voted leave and hopefully we shall get it

  37. Stuart Docherty says:

    He is only trying to enforce the will of the people

  38. Ian Marshall says:

    Remainers MP’s have spent three years undermining the decision by the British people to leave the EU, their continued opposition makes achieving a satisfactory deal with the EU unlikely and therefore leaving the EU unlikely!! That of course is exactly the outcome they are seeking to achieve!

  39. Linda Kelsey says:

    We are supposed to be a democratic country but certain people are hell bent on going against the referendum. It’s like the referendum means nothing. If it’s ignored, where do we go from here

  40. David Shelton says:

    The The will of the people is to leave the EU. A group of cross party remain losers have and are doing everything in their power to stop the country leaving on October 31 or, indeed, in reality at all. There is no deal in the offing which doesn’t bind us to that corrupt cartel of political European failures for an eternity and to stay there and pay a very heavy price to do so. If suspending parliament details their efforts a little then its a great thing. The prospect of Corbyn, and his cronies using their gullible remainer allies to to pave his way into No10 is a horror too awful to contemplate. Leave means leave.

  41. maureen francis says:

    we should have left ages ago i am sick of people trying to scupper the result of the vote

  42. Suzan Brown says:

    The sooner we are out of this glorified Ponzi scheme the better.
    People need to do some research to see what our previous PM’s have signed us up for I.e. guaranteeing other countries loans, bribing our companies to leave the UK and set up shop elsewhere in Europe.
    Agreeing loans to Bangladesh and Syria to name but two.
    Yet we have no say in where our money goes, no veto to their machinations.
    It is controlled by the favoured few with very little we can do about it,
    I don’t want my grandchildren conscripted into the EU army that Teresa May signed us up to, what was she thinking?
    I would like to know what is in it for the MP’s who want to remain as I cannot believe anyone would talk our great country down as they are doing.
    We have only one sovereign and that is our Queen.

  43. Jimmy says:

    To deliver brexit and uphold democracy

  44. Carron McDonnell says:

    The British people voted democratically over 3 years ago, to leave the EU, no mention of a deal, clear cut out,. The MPs have fought tooth and nail to ignore the British people and destroy this country and democracy, yes, I agree with BJ, he must deliver what we voted for and save democracy

  45. martin jeynes says:


  46. M clark says:

    Bollox to the e.u.

  47. Nigel G Wilcox says:

    Boris was given permission by Her Majesty to form his government to represent and serve the British people and to follow the democratic system or route. Boris Johnson has done that, he has also tried to appease the remainers in fulfilling a new deal to that of Theresa May, this has failed to be accepted in Parliament in it’s present form three times. Even with the back stop gone, however, this is also seen to be a betrayal and over stepping the mark to democracy. A walk away from the non-negotiations of the EU is now the only accepted direction for this country to go and wholly supported by 17.4%, the majority of a democratic referendum.

  48. Chris Manderson says:

    Go Bojo, get Britains Mojo back!

  49. Anthony Foad says:

    So we can get Brexit done.

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