Do You Agree With Boris Johnson Suspending the Parliament?

Do You Agree With Boris Johnson Suspending the Parliament?

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Boris Johnson has asked the Queen to suspend Parliament after MPs return to work in September. The decision came as a coalition lead by Labour Paty is trying to oust the Governement in order to avoid to avoid a no-deal Brexit on 31 October. British sterling is loosing value as the political crisis deepens.

According to PMs plan, the Queen's Speech would take place after the suspension, on 14 October.

Why the Queen has to suspend the Parliament in September 2019?

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BBC royal correspondent Jonny Dymond said the precedent was for Parliament to be suspended before a Queen's Speech, and it would be "impossible" for the Queen to reject the government's request to do so now.

"The fundamental is the Queen acts on the advice of her ministers - in particular, on the advice of her prime minister," he added underlying that this convention lifted the pressure off the Queen depoliticizing her intervention.

Latest reactions to Boris Johnson plans to shut down Parliament:

Speaker John Bercow is calling the planned suspension a “constitutional outrage”.

Opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn issued a statementunderlying that This is an outrage and a threat to our democracy. (…) If Johnson has confidence in his plans he should put them to the people in a general election or public vote.”

Scottish Labour MP Ian Murray said that Boris Johnson’s plan to suspend parliament is “an assault on our democracy”.

Labour MP John McDonnell: “Make no mistake, this is a very British coup. Whatever one’s views on Brexit, once you allow a Prime Minister to prevent the full and free operation of our democratic institutions you are on a very precarious path.”

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London: “Boris Johnson will try to shut down Parliament next week in order to deliver a catastrophic no-deal Brexit. Running roughshod over our democracy in order to ruin the life chances of future generations. Disgraceful. It must be stopped.”

Tory rebel Dominic Grive condemned the plot, which would see the Queen step in to prorogue Parliament, as an “outrageous act”.


103 Responses

  1. Theresa Hales says:

    Simple Yes, and yes…

  2. Des M. says:

    There was nothing on the ballot paper that asked about deals or no deals.
    The ballot paper CLEARLY gave us TWO options:
    Remain a member of the European Union.
    Leave the European Union.
    It was a democratic vote and the majority of the UK electorate (17.4 million) voted LEAVE.
    Now MP’s who didn’t like the way the vote went are changing laws AFTER the vote result.
    Even the un-elected House of Lords are overriding a democratic vote by supporting remain.
    Many MP’s who are from “leave” constituencies are betraying their electorate by supporting “remain”….they should be removed from Parliament.
    It’s disgusting, it’s a betrayal, it’s treason and it’s not democracy.
    WARNING: Democracy or Rioting in the streets….your choice.

  3. John Lowcock says:

    The will of the people must be acted upon, otherwise democracy in the UK is dead. How can anyone in their right mind vote to be governed by an unelected foreign power. This really is treason against the British people.

  4. Sue Wilson says:

    Please read this article. It explains, fully, why exclusion of parliament is inherently wrong. Paul Craig: Prorogation: Constitutional Principle and Law, Fact and Causation

  5. ray peace says:

    I voted leave full stop! All this rubbish about a deal (which will effectively tie us to the EU forever) was never in my mind, we need to get out now without a deal

  6. David Smart says:

    It is the only possible way to get brexit done and get this country off the top of the laughing stock lost

  7. brian beck says:

    I agree with all of the leave voters, they have said it all. I have been an ardent supporter of leaving the crooked EU since before the vote. Boris is the man to get us out so that we can rule ourselves and we should all support him to the hilt. Our Queen wants us out and that suits me fine.

  8. Winifred Davies says:

    No I do not agree Parliament is sovereign and Boris Johnson is acting like a dictator and by passing Parliament, it a very big decision that must be scrutinised by Parliament.we elect our MPs to act on our behalf in making sure our
    Parliament runs efficiently. I do not want to live in a Dictatorship.

  9. Pat and Bob Kerr says:

    This is dictatorship, backed by lemmings and those more concerned with their money and power.

    My father, and thousands of fathers, brothers, husbands, et al, fought for our freedom. Don’t let these toerags take it from us!

    We nee£ the EU for security, freedom to travel, trade, medicines……..drop Trump…possibly on his head, the arrogant shyster!

  10. Thomas Whitlock says:

    I don’t know why every MP from all parties have still got a job they all voted to implement article 50 to leave the EU ,and 17.4 million voters voted to leave the EU way back in 2016 we never voted for any deal we voted to leave , and they are going on about democracy, so what about the democracy back in 2016 . Every MP who is against leaving the EU without a deal should be given there P45 s never mind sustained Parliament they should all be sacked and as far as I am concerned we left the EU the day we voted to leave , the corruption in politics should be stopped and the lot of them sacked

  11. Terry Silver says:

    The referendum was only advisory , never mandatory and the majority was so small it could not be called The Will of the peoplw

  12. Sven Silcher says:

    The majority in the 2016 referendum was a majority of prejudiced, un- and misinformed and xenophobic UK citizens. The more than poor turnout of the referendum was shameful.
    Running away is very un-British.
    Yes, there are disturbing construction flaws in the European Union indeed which urgently need to be repaired ! But we must withstand when today people transfer their throw away mentality even to great political ideas.
    It would be in the best British tradition to get engaged in the repair of these flaws, even to play a leading role in such efforts.

  13. Sue Abbs says:

    Yes Boris has done the right thing. After 3yrs we are exactly nowhere and I for one wanted out of the EU way before the referendum. I voted to Leave and not with a deal as that would mean we are tied to the EU forever. If left to Lab/Lib Dems etc etc we will never leave as they don’t want to untie themselves from the EU apron strings. They have no faith in this country to be
    successful, so go Boris and get us out but not with a deal that ties us in.

    • Charles says:

      No because it is a slippery slope, people may not like that their narrow fraudulently acheived brexit is so troublesome but that is the way this so called democracy works. I might for example be pissed off the vote to remain in in 1975 has now been trampled on despite a legitimate and larger majority.

    • Jeannette Callaway says:

      MP’s have spent three years frustrating the will of the people in every way possible and it is time to stop them and get on with doing what the country voted for in what we were told was a once in a lifetime vote and would be put into action. There was no talk of deals. It was a straight question of do you want to stay or leave. Quite a simple question to which they received a definite answer.
      The majority of MP’s were elected on the manifesto of taking us out of the EU. They voted for Article 50. They all lied and are there under false pretences.

  14. Paul Spencer says:

    400 MP’s are remainers and the majority of their constituencies voted in favour of leaving the EU. Because of their personal views they only support the minority of their electorate and ignore the majority and yet they accuse Boris of being undemocratic. They have had numerous votes on legislation in the House of Commons under democratic rules. Even a majority of 1 decides the result, yet they do not accept the result of the 2016 referendum. The current politicians are hell bent on destroying democracy in this country with the support of millions of Remainers. Well those remainers should be careful what they wish for, because once democracy is destroyed you finish with a dictatorship, which is what this current parliament is all about.

  15. Christine says:

    They have had three years to get on with this so Boris is right to do what he is doing. He is carrying out the wish of the people which many in parliament are trying to twart.

    • Stephen says:

      Referendum was run on a bus load of utter lies so is in my opinion void. PM has no right to dismiss our Representatives in Parliament. Many of us don’t like being lied to.

  16. Kate Condie says:

    I have wanted the UK to leave the EU for years. Now I can see light at the end of the tunnel.

  17. Brenda Wilson says:

    We voted in 2016 , in a democratic vote, to leave. There were two options, leave or remain. Leave got the most votes. The question asked was answered. Now we should leave, the remainers lost, they cannot now accuse the PM of being undemocratic. He is the only one who is doing as the electorate voted in 2016.
    My husband agrees but as he uses my e mail address he cannot be counted here in this poll, how many more are like that?

    • Marian Donovan says:

      No hes an unelected pm not voted for by the people he has 1 supporter in his government he is a proven liar he wont discuss his reasons just did it behind our back hes a coward and sooner he goes the better

      • DAVID HULME says:

        How do you work out he is unelected PM in all my years of voting I have never known were we have voted for PM we vote for the person who we want ie Labour ,Tory etc and each one of them as a leader if they win that person becomes PM WE DO NOT VOTE FOR A PM suggest you do some reseach before making such comments

  18. Gary Munro says:

    I wanted to leave after DC tried to get changes made and was sent away with nothing. There is no reforming the EU from within, clearly. The UK leaving Will send a clear message to Brussels that they need to engage and not treat a major contributor like asubordinate.. I believe in the future that we could rejoin with revised terms, but until they are prepared to tailor membership to account for unique resources a contributor can bring i.e. thousands of miles of coastal waters.

    • Sue Abbs says:

      Yes Boris has done the right thing. After 3yrs we are exactly nowhere and I for one wanted out of the EU way before the referendum. I voted to Leave and not with a deal as that would mean we are tied to the EU forever. If left to Lab/Lib Dems etc etc we will never leave as they don’t want to untie themselves from the EU apron strings. They have no faith in this country to be
      successful, so go Boris and get us out but not with a deal that ties us in.

  19. Ray Woods says:

    We have witnessed games being played by MPs for long enough, in fact from the day the results of the referendum were announced. Get the bloody thing completed either with a deal or if necessary without a deal.

  20. Pauline Stevenson says:

    It’s three years now since Leave won the Democratic Vote and during that time we’ve had to put up with certain MP’s trying to overturn the result. May wasn’t a strong enough leader and didn’t really wanna leave anyways. Boris is stronger I think we need to trust him and his team. They know a lot more than we do about the shinanigans that are liable to crop up by certain people. Keep the faith People!

  21. John hosie says:

    MPs go on about having a deal, well they voted down a deal 3 times, I would love to know what this magical deal they all seem to think they are going to get, seeing the Eu has said that is the only deal, not only that they have not voted in favor of 1 single thing, so Boris is right to do what he has done, the uncertainty has gone on for far to long, I just wished he had done it right into November.

  22. Debbie says:

    Whatever people voted, the majority vote was to leave. People keep saying that if we leave without a deal there’ll be chaos, but this is speculation as no-one really knows what will happen; however it seems to me that by not coming out when we were originally meant to gas caused more uncertainty for businesses and is causing more chaos.
    The German MEP, Hans-Olaf Henkel, said that Britain leaving the EU is like 19 small and Medium size countries all leaving on the same day. Well let’s get on with it and leave. We always seem to get penalised when we slip up and do something not agreed by the EU but did the french get penalised when they attacked our fishermen earlier this year – no they didn’t the goal post got moved instead

  23. Geoff Hannan says:

    There is a lot of unrest coming from the remain side. But if they do somehow stop Brexit from happening on the 31st October, then the country will see what real unrest looks like.

  24. Dragonqueen says:

    I voted to leave – finally I can see light at the end of the tunnel – well done Boris!

  25. Patricia Mary Wann says:

    absolutely I do agree, I have had enough lies to last a lifetime and all the money these EU MPs get is ridiculous- for lying about doing sod all!! This country is in a bloody mess all these refugees should be sent home and concentrate on our own people who have worked and paid in! Even our own who have never worked need a kick in the backside (I don’t mean disabled) I mean if you don’t work you don’t get all the extras like TV; satelite TV; cars’ smoking; drinking etc etc

  26. george kennedy says:

    “The greatest threat to our Constitution is our own ignorance of it.”

  27. Colin Mucklow says:

    We voted leave means leave, not one leg in one leg out. Nothing on the ballot paper said leave with a deal.

  28. Jennifer Richards says:

    Boris has done the correct thing. They have not been able to agree on a deal in 3years therefore we have no option but to leave with a no deal. If the EU want their 39billion it’s down to them now to agree a deal after we have left. Boris is absolutely correct vin closing parliament. They are unable to give the people what they have voted for. OUT MEANS OUT. Those who wish to remain are traitors to the sovereignty of this country

  29. Peter Budd says:

    I voted leave full stop! All this rubbish about a deal (which will effectively tie us to the EU forever) was never in my mind, we need to get out now without a deal and then start negotiating on our terms not the EU’s.

    • Mike Z says:

      what make you think it would ever be our terms? thas how negotiating works since the dawn of human civilisation – the stronger you are the more you have to say.
      Claim that UK, not to say England alone, would ever have more to say that 27 other European countries is pure arrogance.

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