Boris Johnson v Jeremy Corbyn – Who Should Be The Next Prime Minister?

Boris Johnson v Jeremy Corbyn – Who Should Be The Next Prime Minister?

Boris Johnson versus Jeremy Corbyn

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Boris Johnson v Jeremy Corbyn updates:

After the BBC #leadersdebate last night, Yougov poll shows that Boris Johnson "won" the debate with 52% (similar to Brexit referendum). On the other side The Guradian editors suggest a draw score.

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The Conservative's manifesto can be found here. Corbyn launched Friday the most radical Labour manifesto in decades. Bigger taxes for oil and tech giants, support for green economy, free broadband and more council and social homes, are some of the promises.

The Conservatives and the Labour Party are leading the opinion polls and their leaders are outlined as the favorites to become the next Prime Minster after the general election on 12 December.


As we get closer to 12 December general election, only two possible candidates are being outlined for leading the next Government. Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn are leading all recent polls as public favorites for Prime Minister.

What alliances could be made after the December general election?

Even before this electoral campaign, there was clear tendency for punctual collaborations between Labour, Lib Dems and SNP. They seemed to be united by their stance over no-deal Brexit danger and their fierce opposition to Boris Johnson & Tory.

On the other side DUP and BREXIT Party are displaying more sympathy for Boris Johnson. DUP has been supporting the former Tory Gov. for years, but they threatened to withdraw their support because of the Boris Johnon’s Brexit deal. Brexit Party has criticized the Brexit Deal but they strongly support Boris Johnson's insistence over Brexit.

With the Brexit opinion polls 2019 showing Brexit on top of political issues of the year, it is no surprise that the political parties had to adapt their views to fit one or other side.

The odds on all major UK bookies are showing similar bets on the Lbaour and Tory leaders.

When are the TV debates between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn?

First debate will be hosted by ITV - who will host their debate on Tuesday November 19, at 18.00 PM.

ITV is also facing legal action from the Liberal Democrats and the Scottish National Party - both of who feel they've been unfairly excluded.

Sky News has proposed to hold the next debate on Thursday, November 28.

The BBC will host two national debates - one on Friday November 29 and a second on December 6. The Beeb has also said they will do a series of special Question Time programmes allowing people to quiz the party leaders in more detail.

The Prime Minister and Labour leader will face each other on Friday 6 December in Southampton - less than a week before voters head to the polls on 12 December.

The Prime Ministerial Debate will be hosted by BBC presenter, and former political editor, Nick Robinson, and will air live on BBC One.

Can Boris Johnson become Prime Minister again?

Yes, if Conservatives will win a majority or if an alliance will be forged.The most recent polls - Yougov - Boris Johnson was leading in the polls with 44%. His closest competitor was Jeremy Corbyn with 22%. The Conservative are more likely to make an alliance with DUP and with Brexit Party.

Can Jeremy Corbyn become the next PM?

Jeremy Corbyn is second in the polls with 22% of the public preferences but he’s more likely to form a cross party alliance with SNP, Lib Dems and maybe Greens, as they all share similar worries that a Government leaded by Boris Johnson will push for a No-Deal BREXIT and will antagonize the relations with EU.

Also SNP and Labour share the same views regarding the Privatisation of NHS care, strongly opposing the tendency to handle contracts for health care services to private companies. In 2018/19 NHS commissioners spent £9.2 billion on services delivered by the private sector (also called ‘independent sector providers’).

How Liberal Democrats could change the power game in the next House of Commons

Lib Dems have repeatedly refused to back Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister as they labeled him as “Brexit opportunist” for his refusal to take a stand regarding leaving the EU or not.

Also in terms of economic policies, the Lib Dems are closer to the Tories than Labour, and with Brexit aside, they could form a coalition. Only 9 years ago, a coalition between Tory and Lib Dems have supported the Cameron Cabinet (the so called Cameron–Clegg coalition).

Jeremy Corbyn Versus Boris Johnson - Who is better for the economy?

The GBP/USD exchange rate has shown that election polls are set to remain the main influence over the trade value GBP.

It is expected that the TV debates followed by manifesto releases set to drive changes in the polls and therefore changes in the markets.

How the investors are looking at Boris Jonson as the next PM?

The Boris Brexit or Bojo Brexit could also mean no deal Brexit. Most of the investors are not happy with No-deal Brexit and the “do or die” stance promoted by Mr Johnson does not exclude No-deal Brexit after the election if he will become the next PM.

How investors are looking at Jeremy Corbyn as the next PM?

The radical left reforms promoted by Labour with their clear agenda to transform the UK society is not something that investors will like. The increase in taxes for the wealthy, eventual nationalization of some economic sectors and other issues on Labour agenda are worrying UK long time investors. Also a Corbyn Brexit is very much unclear as Labour has yet to present its own Brexit deal and, maybe, a second referendum before leaving the EU.

Where will Boris Johnson stand to be elected as MP?

Where will Jeremy Corbyn Stand to be elected as MP?

Labour leader will candidate in Islington North . He has been representing his constituency ever since 1983. This is a strong Remain constituency with 78% voting Remain in 2016 Referendum.

So, the snap poll on 12 December will change everything on British politics but will most likely push 2 man in the final race to become the next PM.

So, your vote will most likely push one of the two closer to become the next PM.

Boris Johnson versus Jeremy Corbyn - who would trust more?


138 Responses

  1. Joanna says:

    Corbyn for prime minister to help the people who matter , not the greedy to line there pockets ! We need a balanced government I believe Labour will do this with there leader !! So be it !

  2. Patricia Massie says:

    always ignore rubbish like this.

  3. Paul paul says:

    What a load of crap engage brain before mouth corbyn would bankrupt england in 6 months like they did before when it was passed to the conservatives with no money left.peoples memories are so short and all the time waisters and skivers who dont want to work always vote for the party that would give free handouts .We need to leave fast the EU or after 2020 you wil be under all the laws of the 4th riech and you will never have a say in anything else what do they give the unempployed half the amount we have in this country 4 day week in this country will mean less pay also nhs will get no support dont believe corbyn read a book Dangerous Hero by Tom Bower Life of corbyn and its true.

    • paul says:

      before the Banking crash the UK had the best goverment since people could vote ( and remember the Tory’s would not allow the working man to vote, even after over a million of them was killed in ww1) after bailing the banks out the UK debt was £600 Billion. After years of savage cut and austerity (remember we are all in it together) 21k police sacked 14k firemen sacked 40k nurses needed) The UK now owe £2,2 Trillion. TRY TO TRMEMBER THAT.

    • Déirdre says:

      It’s not all about England, Paul paul. For the rest of the tripe you spew …… The economic crash was the result of the bankers – mostly Tories who you clearly deify – gambling with money that was not theirs and crashing the economy.

  4. NICOLA KIRTON says:

    I think it is a real blessing that, in the age when political cynicism is at its highest levels amongst the public, Jeremy Corbyn is around at exactly the right moment in this country, to prove to people that there are politicians in existence who are not just in politics for themselves, but who are in it for the good of the people. I also feel that for the first time in more than 40 years the Labour Party has a leader who is one of us, he can relate to the population at large, and the poorest and most vulnerable, and the sick and disabled people in the country, because he thinks like most of the population and he has the correct solutions for the problems facing the country and the world today. We should never have supported a system which puts the supply of money and shares at the centre of our economy, alongside capitalism, which forces this country to consume at ever faster speeds. That system just meant that we were in a hurry to create the conditions of our own doom and demise, why would we do that – are we all really in such a hurry to kill ourselves and the planet off? Jeremy was born a socialist and will die a socialist, and it was wrong for this country to ever go down the road of abandoning socialism, because socialism is about equality, first and most of all in the distribution of wealth, but also of the earth’s natural resources, which would have slowed down our progress towards our own demise. We are now living at a time when we need to slow down and abandon many of the things we have become used to doing in our lives. I know it is a very large ask of people, but, if we are going to stand a chance of surviving in the long term, we must do it, and there is no way Boris Johnson would ever support, or implement any policies which would do what is required to save the planet and the people, Jeremy Corbyn is the man who will make sure that we save ourselves and the planet. I also would feel much safer with Corbyn as Prime Minister, rather than Boris Johnson, as Corbyn is anti-war, and I do get a very strong feeling people do not want any more wars, something Boris Johnson is still in favour of, as the Tories are in favour of nuclear weapons and would press the nuclear button, rather than first of all, seeking a democratic and diplomatic solution to any issue. Anyone who has been paying attention to how the Tories have been handling the brexit negotiations can see that, surely. Treating those you are negotiating with as the enemy is no way to negotiate.. However, I want to make it clear, that, although Jeremy Corbyn is anti-war, he is not 100% against war, he would just prefer to explore every alternative route available to him before taking the decision to go to war.

    • Averil Wood says:

      Jeremy Corbyn has always demonstrated a strong moral character “If you can keep your head when all about you, are losing their’s and blaming it on you……” Kipling said it all’ To see Corbyn and Johnson standing on the same stage, handling and dealing with the same questions nobody could have failed to see which of them was honourable and honest, unless they were extremely biased. I pity the future of who ever might be responsible for destroying the NHS, it would be an act of outrageous vandalism, they would spend their life being shunned by the majority of the UK Population,especially the millions have been treated and cured of othewise terminal conditions, it could be their very own families who will suffer and die.

    • Margaret Spector says:

      What a wonderful and true description of #JC4PM. How can anything be worse than the last decade under the Tories. I am ashamed of the number of people in Poverty when there is unlimited Dirty money coming into this Country

  5. Andrea Convalle says:

    I mean why would anyone want a rude liar and a cheat to run their country? The man is actually under investigation on 3 different counts, his MPs are under investigation for the leave party campaign. The Russian interference in which they are refusing to submit documents, they suspended the parliament illegally, racism, xenophobia and he refuse to apologize for it still . He is definitely selling the NHS (and this is a fact ask anyone who works for the NHS for what’s goin on) So can anyone point out if there anything good about Boris Johnson..which is true of course..bullshit doesn’t count..Please enlighten me

  6. Jeremy Corbyn is the only hope this country has. He is the most honest genuine politician in my lifetime!

    Boris is a racist, homophobic, serial liar! Corbyn is always on the right side of history

    • robert knowles says:

      Corbin is a terrorist sympathiser a homophobic and generally a dreamer I was a labour voter but not any more as long as he’s labour party leader

  7. Brian Dove says:

    Corbyn is the only person who can heal the country. Johnson is a liar, a philanderer, a racist and a narcissist.

  8. The only answer is Labour, the party that gave us:
    – The National Health Service
    – The Minimum Wage
    – Devolution
    – Sure Start Centers
    – The Equality Act
    And promise to give us:
    – The National Education Service
    – A Reversal in Tory Police Cuts
    – A Reversal in Tory Health Care Cuts
    – A Reversal in Tory Education Cuts
    – National Broadband Programme
    – A Real Choice on Brexit

    • Michael Dailly says:

      And the same party that sold hospitals off through the PFI which the health service are now renting them back at a cost of 4 billion per year

  9. Dymphna Crowe says:

    Corbyn has shown integrity throughout his political career. We need integrity now. And we need to address the severe inequality in our country.

    • Greg Sinclair says:

      Your as much a dreamer as the corbyn cretin

      corbyn has no integrity. He is a trotsky, a rebel a full time cynic and complainer, a terrorist supporter, antisemite, anti royality, anti armed forces, anti Brexit. He never has a good thing to say about anything, everyone is wrong except the crap he dreams of that can only be paid for with other people’s money

      • Averil Wood says:

        Do you have any idea of how many lies he told, how much deceit he practised in order to be nominated, for Leader of the Tory Party ?
        Please, put away things like Daily Mail and other comics and try to think about how life will become when you
        have to watch your parents, wife and children die because you won’t be able to afford to help them – I find that a very sombre thought.

  10. Bob says:

    I don’t think either of them should be allowed within a mile of Downing Street, but if I’m forced to choose between one of the two?

    Corbyn. There’s no way he can get a majority. If Boris wins a majority we’re stuck with him for five years. If Corbyn forms a minority government he won’t last five minutes. Having failed to win against the most abysmal opposition leader in human history, the Conservatives will immediately turn on Boris and tear him limb from limb, before replacing him with someone more suited to the role. Corbyn’s government collapses, loses to the Boris-Free Conservatives and is in turn forced to choose a sensible leader.

    That’s the only scenario that does what the nation really needs and gets rid of both the odious, megalomaniacal gits.

    • Graham Barnes says:

      You have a crystal ball then?

    • G. Budgen says:

      My feelings too………..but ……….what are the options ??? This is all about BREXIT…………i’m a remain, all these promises have to be paid for, more on taxes ? Between the two, Corbyn,; A Lib Dem all my life, i no longer have a vote, so i have to watch this farce and hope Johnson is displaced

  11. Keith Perry says:

    How could you put your faith or trust in someone who would let Dianne Abbott be in charge of our security services .

    • Jen edley says:

      Quite agree, the woman is not safe to run a laudromat let alone be a minister.

    • Pat Roberts says:

      Always men who bully Abbott! Always! Make you feel big does it? She’s a Cambridge graduate! Are you? She was a very good Home Secretary! Lasted 3 years, Bozo lasted 3 months and was totally incompetent!

      • MEme says:

        It’s a cover for blatant racism and needs calling out.

      • Peggy says:

        Well Pat if she is an example of a graduate it says little for university, she can’t even add up, she can hardly string a sentence together that is coherent, she is racist against white people, not much different than the front bench , they are set to plunge this country backwards, simpletons the lot of them, traitors to democracy and to its indigenous people in this country. Had Labour not had open door policy’s to all immigrants our hospital’s, schools, police, housing, wouldn’t be at bursting point, any clown that can budget there finances can see there calculations are not adding up.

    • John says:

      Racist misogynistic bigot, that is you Keith perry

    • Christopher Buckenham says:

      Easily better than what we have at the moment by far

  12. Bella Hobbs says:

    Backing Boris 100% & think this Poll is wrong… Corbyn will borrow Trillions from China then Nationalize everything that moves in the UK, then when China wants the Debt repaid Corbyn will sell them the UK & we´ll be Communist Run before you know it, which is exactly what he wants…Vote for your Labour MP anywhere & end up with a bunch of Lazy unwashed Muppets in Government…You´ve got to be seriously unhinged to vote for Labour…

    • ben Mayhew says:

      Hobbs? stick to the kitchen luv.

    • Jen medley says:

      Totally agree. Labour always spend, spend and spend, then run for the hills when the bills come in. Corbyn wants to run our country on the Venezuelan model, you know the country that is now bankrupt and the people starving, fact. No one in their right mind would let such a terrorist loving unpatriotic, Never had a job idiot into any form of employment, let alone run the country. Every time that bunch get their hands on the reins, after ruining the country we have to then have Torys come in with austerity to finally get some money in coffers. Like they said last time when they got booted out, ‘good luck, we’ve spent all the money, none left’, that is fact and recorded, and that was after Brown sold our gold reserves at rock bottom prices, and Blair had willingly opened the flood gates to any person who wanted to come, live on benefits, free housing, schooling and medical care when there isn’t enough after a labour govt to look after our own.
      And finally, Corbyn wants to attack(his words) landlords. Well good luck to him, I’m a damn good landlord but if that’s his attitude I’ll evict tenants and sell property so I don’t have worry anymore. Homeless number will increase, businesses who act as letting agents will close unemployment will rise, along with benefits bill, so less to go round. With sell off of property house prices will fall due to glut on market, less property needing to be built so builders go out of business, economy slows down inflation rises, in fact just follow the trail thru, and that is just one of his stupid ideas. No one with an iota of commonsense or patriotism would vote for such a despicable group. And your poll is nowhere near what other polls are saying. But it’s not the polls who decide but the people

      • Ken Burch says:

        The “we spent all the money” note was a joke and the Tories knew it. And there’s nothing Labour could do in office that could possibly be worse than the Tory insistence on kicking people who were obviously too sick to work off of benefits and forcing them to try and find jobs the Tories knew they were too sick to do.

      • Dingo says:

        You realise the cons have spent nearly 50% more in 9 years than labour did in their previous 33 years of office, find some facts and come back to the conversation.

      • Dave says:

        “you know the country that is now bankrupt”. Because of 9 years of Tory Misrule.!

      • John says:

        Jen medley, this must be sarcasm, as no one can be this dumb, there again I’ve seen some of your other posts, you really are dumb.

      • Brian Pilling says:

        Spot on Jen. I pray every day that the people will not be fooled by the Labour Manifesto. It cannot work. You cannot introduce all of these changes and expect it to be paid for by increasing taxes. So borrowing would be the only way this could happen and the amounts he is talking about will bankrupt the country. The man scares the life out of me for what Harm he would be capable of committing if in power.

        • Ian Roberts says:

          You have no idea of the amount he wants to borrow because the Manifesto isn’t out until later today. The £1.2tn was a made up figure by your Lord and master just so people like you could also spout complete and utter nonsense. The Tories have literally DOUBLED the deficit to £2tn in 9 years. Now go on – blame Corbyn for that too!!

      • Ian Roberts says:

        Jen really? Do you actually read anything else apart from the Sun or Mail? The Tories have borrowed MORE in the last 9 years than Labour has in 30 odd years! Go and have a look – the internet isn’t JUST for spreading lies – there are some REAL facts too if you care to look!

    • Pat Roberts says:

      Do you know what communism is you stupid woman! Can’t even be bothered to answer your moronic comment! 9 years of austerity and the debt has trebled to £2.1 TRILLION! Labour left £650B debt after a “GLOBAL “ recession! The clue is in the word global dear! Where’s the bloody money gone? Where? I’ll tell you shall I! The rich have trebled their wealth that’s where it’s gone! Corbyn will use the tax on the rich to sort the country out,and the starving kids,and the NHS!

      Communism?? For fuck’s sake. Socialism is NOT Communism.

      Capitalism – anybody can be rich.
      Communism – nobody can be rich.
      Socialism – anybody can be rich but nobody should be poor.

    • Gareth Roberts says:

      Can I be even more unhinged than a Boris Voter?
      I do not think so!
      I could be a Turkey voting for Christmas!
      I could be a Fox Voting to repeal the Hunting Ban!
      Wow even worse
      I could be Bella Hobbs!

    • Ken Burch says:

      You forgot to say he’ll make Wingdings the official language and kick all newborn puppies and kittens.

    • Michael Jones says:

      That is especially ridiculous considering how, under Tory privatisation, the Chinese State has literally bought major stakes in our industries and public services… so if that’s what you are worried about then you are quite literally facing in the wrong direction.

    • John T says:

      Could you confirm were you got the facts for that statement. . Or is it the usual ramblings of a Tory LIAR… … TORY LIAR .. I THINK.

    • Michael Chaikin says:

      This tory government have borrowed more since they got in in 2010 than all the labour governments PUT TOGETHER. Over 1 trillion pounds. So….you’re wrong, wrong , wrong.

    • Patricia Massie says:

      I think the unhinged part applies to you. Stopped reading Tory papers and make up your own mind. Newspapers print their opinions
      not yours. please look at what’s offered then vote Labour.

  13. Vanessa Sydenham says:

    Jeremy Corbyn is the only hope this country has. He is the most honest genuine politician in my lifetime!

  14. Ann Kramer says:

    Jeremy Corbyn because he is an honest man who cares deeply about social justice, repairing the damage done by 9+ years of Tory austerity policies. He also genuinely wants to help repair the deep and angry divisions that have occurred in this country because of the Brexit debacle. There is no question in my mind that he would make a good prime minister and one who can be trusted.
    Johnson is a pathological liar, lacking any integrity or compassion. Unfortunately his lies are not being challenged as they should be.

  15. Kevin Potter says:

    The only political party leader in decades who wants to address the gross inequality, poverty, and democratic disenfranchisement entrenched in our politics and economic system is Jeremy Corbyn. Despite constant economic warnings from our billionaire owned press, the fact is Labour are the only party to have a costed manifesto and the only party actually seeking to invest in the country, meaning the people who live here, rather than in running a casino economy for the super rich. He is the only leader who displays any sanity with regards nuclear weapons, by not being ‘ready’ to court with apocalypse. The only viable PM who faces up to the reality of climate breakdown with an economic programme to do so. Plus he has endured years of ceaseless smears, lies, defamation and ridicule with good grace, a testament to his character in my view. Contrast this with the racism, outright lying and elitism of Boris Johnson and his party of millionaires; I know who I’ll be voting for.

  16. Jeremy corbyn always he speaks lovely and isn’t antisemitic Boris is a known liar and won’t publish the Russian report he’s hiding something this vote isn’t about brexit it’s about schools NHS police fire councils and the high street and everyone living on the streets and people dying on universal credits and jcs manifesto will stop privatisation to trump and get everyone a decent home a vote for tories is a vote for more austerity and cuts tories out asap bojo as already lied to the Queen and the public it’s time they left so a labour government can rebuild our society Jc4pm

    • Joan says:

      Yes yes yes..JC4PM🌹

    • vanessa cooper says:

      corbyn is an ira loving traitor to queen and country, hes manifesto is pathetic, putting it as politely as possable, he wants to borrow trillions of pounds from the imf, and go on a spending spree, who the hell do you think gonna pay that back?? you me and the rest of us that who,…. yes we have had ten years of austerity measures im not denying that fact or that the tories started it, however did you ever ask your self why??

      • Mike Archer says:

        Why did the Torys start it? Because they are inept and only wish to hurt the poor

      • Kenneth Burch says:

        The austerity happened because the Tories don’t want the rich to pay tax. That’s why. None of the savage cuts the Tories have made were necessary and there is no way balancing a budget is worth causing the deaths of innocent people by taking their benefits away through arbitrary declarations by bureaucrats with no medical training declare those people, despite the fact that the testimony of their doctors prove they are not healthy enough to seek jobs, “fit for work”. No greater good comes from waging an ideological war against the poor, and it is not a crime to be on benefits when your health has failed.

      • Michael Reynolds says:

        Another stupid ill-informed nincompoop. Your comment looks like it’s lifted directly from the Daily Mail.

      • Ramon Santana says:

        I think you need to get your brain out of the gutter my dear and read the labour’s manifesto which is costed. Economist and businessman alike have given it the thumbs up. While the Tories try to sell you a lemon with an uncosted manifesto. I know a peasant when I see one, they usually drape themselves in a flag and called themselves British through and through and those who do not, traitors. To spout out such diatribe against someone who really cares for this country and especially its people, not a bleeding flag or anthem, or a family born with entitlements for doing jackshite from an anachronistic time where feudalism was the order of the day, is beyond the pale. You contradicted yourself on the 10 years of austerity under the Tories, which by the way is not an economic ideology based on a sound or tenable policy, it is designed to transfer public wealth into corporate hands. Who do you think is paying the trillion borrowed by the conservatives in the last 10 years? Who wants to sell the NHS to private American corporations? Who sells weapons to terrorist states to bomb women and children? Who is the traitor that does not want to disclose a report of the Tories excepting money from oligarchs who represent a hostile foreign government? I can tell you, it is not Corbyn. But you go girl and keep drinking the kool-aid and vote in another 10 years of the Tories in power. Stockholm Syndrome 101.

      • Dingo says:

        So they could take the number of billionaires from 52 to 151 maybe?
        He can traitor the queen all he wants, who gives a fuck about her. There is no evidence they want to borrow trillions, and even if this were true, leveraged debt during periods of growth even if slow, costs the debtor less and the lender more. Paying outright for services actually costs more. Economics is vast and you don’t have much understanding of the matter. Apply critical thinking skills and stop being a fucken sheep.

    • Cath Tanner says:

      Well said!!

    • Sylvia osborne says:

      Who you trying to kid,Corbyn is a terrorist sympathisers,Sarah Jaine,He got a vivid imagination,Him and McDONNELL are made from same left over Rags

    • Donald James McKinnon says:

      Have you heard of punctuation?

  17. Sarah says:

    Jeremy corbyn definitely and this antisemitism bs isn’t true right wing crap we can’t have another five years of tory cuts bojo is a known liar and spreading lies about labour and getting brexit done it won’t be for years to come he only wants us out cuz of is offshore tax account he won’t even publish the Russian report he’s hiding something vote leave was fined for lying. If we knew what brexit would be like doubt anyone would vote leave it’s going to damage our NHS and public services like it already is under the tories tories out asap Jc4pm

    • Michael Reynolds says:

      Totally agree. The AS bullshit is just that,a load of bull because Corbyn is a threat to the tax avoiding elite. That’s why they started the smears and lies. It’s a shame some of the gullible people can’t see the truth for themselves. Going against Corbyn and Labour would be like turkeys voting for Christmas. Do they love getting attacked and hurt? That’s what the Tories do. #JC4PM

  18. Nasser Golzari says:

    Jeremy Corbyn is the only politician to trust . He will be the best prime minster for uk

  19. MR MARK DAVIS says:

    The funny thing about the stats is that the CAA antisemitism barometer puts Conservative antisemitism at 40% whilst Labour is at 32%

    Yet 83% of Jewish people in the poll expressed concern with Labour whilst only 12% expressed concern with Tories…

    I wonder if this fact has any bearing – reported by Channel 4

    “Analysis of the British Election Study results – the gold standard of UK polling data – shows that 63 per cent of British Jews voted for the Conservatives in 2017, while just 26 per cent said they voted Labour.”

    FactCheck: beware cherry-picked stats on Labour and antisemitism – Channel 4 News

    Facts matter – opinion ought to be formed through reason and data, not the spin of the establishment that doesn’t want tax for high earners and loopholes for tax avoidance to close.

    • Kevin Dilworth says:

      My Jewish family in enfield don’t have concerns about labour but do have concerns about society…..racism isn’t a labour /Conservative thing it’s how ya brought up….I live in Liverpool and we all get on no matter what race or religion, the only divide in the Northwest is the one created by Murdocks Media

    • alan kemp says:

      How about Jewish MPs leaving the Labour party, some lifetime members, because of the momentum thugs, that’s not a stat – just facts.

      • Deemac says:

        MPs facing deselection jumped before they were pushed, then claimed they’d been bullied. No more jobs for life for them, how sad! When asked to produce proof of antisemitism, where is it? Did you know criticising Israel counts?

      • Eveline says:

        This has been debunked a number of times, but it keeps popping up. Those members leaving the party, claiming that it is because of Corbyn’s AS, incidentally are all MPs who were dead against Corbyn well before the AS issue came up, and all were involved in efforts to get rid of him in leadership challenges. Could it be that they see the accusation of AS as a powerful tool to use against him?

  20. Wendé Anne Maunder says:

    Boris is pushing for Brexit, not because he thinks it’s best for the country but because many of the companies that he supports, have registered their businesses in tax havens outside of the UK, so that they can avoid paying their due taxes that. It’s all about greed. It’s outrageous! Meanwhile, individual workers have Income Tax deducted from their earnings and can’t avoid doing so. It’s completely unacceptable.

    The EU is making it illegal for companies to avoid paying taxes and that is why Boris and his rich mates are pushing for Brexit.

  21. Simon says:

    Corbyn has the best policies and a track record of principles. Everyone knows Johnson is dishonest and will sell the nhs, he doesn’t care about the people, he’s in the pocket of the Russians and will bend over for trump.

    Anyone on here spouting off about ‘Marxism’ who hasn’t read Karl Marx is just repeating Tory propaganda.

    Corbyn’s policies are common place throughout Europe where countries are leaving the U.K. behind. The Tories have doubled the National debt and run our services into the ground.

  22. Mark Hancock says:

    Is this the Momentum home page or something, these comments are something else 😂😂😂

  23. John Rodge says:

    Corbyn is honest and a decent human being. Johnson is a known and proven liar. Corbyn never wanted power. Johnson has been chasing it all his life. Corbyn cares for ordinary people. Johnson cares about himself.

  24. Dave Carrick says:

    Jeez. Still a scary number of idiots who want more of the same shit we’ve had for the last 40 years (Blair was a tory in disguise). American food standards and even more obesity? No more free treatment and £40,000 for a minor op? ALL of the rail network sold off and even worse service than now? Keep siding with Israel and Saudi to ethnically cleanse Palestine and Yemen? (the people there are just trying to get on with their lives, like you and me, anyone who thinks they shouldn’t be allowed to is a disgusting sub-human). More austerity, fire stations closed, less police despite their promises which anyone who’s been paying attention knows mean nothing? You’d better just hope you don’t need ANY of these things because we’ll be heading for 3rd world country status soon. Schools underfunded, 2000 extra food banks in 9 years, 320,000 homeless now, how many more does there have to be before the dickheads start noticing? The “elite” are laughing all the way to the banks that WE bailed out with money that should have gone to the NHS etc. More disabled deliberately killed by depriving them of what they need, and out of the people that vote for more of this, don’t forget that disablement can happen to any of us at any time, and then you’ll be feeling fucking stupid. Until we got the latest bunch of bastards in westminster I couldn’t have believed how many stupid people there are out there. Tell you what, if Corbyn wins, why don’t you all fucking emigrate and leave the rest of us to enjoy a recovering economy and country, though it’ll take time because the damage done so far can’t be put right instantly. That’ll be another reason for twats everywhere to keep bashing him, because he’s not undoing the tory policies fast enough. Wow. At the end of the day the country will get the government that it deserves, a bit like the US

    • Bill McKimm says:

      David it is you who is the DICKHEAD. It was Labour’s BORROWING that broke the bank, caused cutbacks and AUSTERITY. You might live comfortably in the short term with Corbyn but further down the line you will realise WHAT A DICKHEAD YOU REALLY ARE. And why should I consider moving abroad and give up my home to the likes of an IRA SUPPORTER and HATER of Israeli’s Israel ONLY reacts to the bombings and killings that their neighbours bestow upon them. Get your head out of the sand and see the BIG PICTURE. Corbyn is NOT a nice guy. A wolf in Sheep’s clothing.

      • Suzi says:

        Er the debt is over a trillion far more than when Labour were in office and in fact when there was a global recession!

        At least Labour invested in public services and the people.

        And by the way in a modern monetary system you just cannot bankrupt our country unlike Greece as we have our own currency and our own Bank… Please research how it truly works, I have studied it for some years.

        Incidentally we have a debt in this country for centuries, google it.
        It is not like household debt…

      • G. Glynn says:

        Your statement makes no sense. Every Labour government since the Labour party was formed have created less debt in all that time than the Tories have in the past 9 years alone.
        Thanks to this Tory government our national debt is now at £2.3 trillion.
        To pay off £2,300,000,000,000 debt at £1 per second will take over 65,000 years….. at £1 per second.
        The Tory Party have created two thirds of that figure in just 9 years. The Current ‘Tories’ would be calling Harold MacMillan’s government lefty commies…lord knows what Mac would think of them.
        I agree that it was Gordon Brown who oversaw deregulation while the Tories complained it wasn’t enough and shouted for even more deregulation.

      • Andrea Convalle says:

        What you are saying is simply untrue, but I guess it’s the only argument you guys have…fabricated lies..You won’t go very far with it cause the truth always surface eventually..Look around you. Typical tory attitude lies and cheap’s all ignorant people can do against reason.

    • Francine says:

      100% right! Well said

    • Jean Feldberg says:

      Excellent response, very well said…agree 100%

  25. Barry Hobbs says:

    Anyone who votes for labour and his cronies need their heads testing as they have not got one idea at all.
    Labour sums do not add up, just like Tone Blair nearly bankrupt our country and we are still paying for it now.
    And of course that useless Jo Swinson is bloody useless.

    • Jaswinder Singh Chaggar says:

      What Caused 2008 Global Financial Crisis – The Balance › what-caused-2008-global-financial-crisis-33…
      There were three causes of the 2008 financial crisis: deregulation, securitization and the Fed’s poor timing in lowering and raising interest rates.
      ‎2008 Financial Crisis · ‎2007 Financial Crisis · ‎Derivatives · ‎Hedge Funds

    • Paul says:

      Your comment is like your head, Barry, empty of any useful content.

    • Erica Coles says:

      Jeez, did you work that out all by yourself? It didn’t take 9 years to get the country back on its feet after the war ! Or are you suggesting Labour got its loans from You people are as thick as mince. They could piss up your back, tell you it’s raining and you’d believe them, and you frequently do by all accounts !

    • Garry Coates says:


    • EurasianBabe says:

      Interesting comment Barry – wonder where your evidence is to support it? Granted the Labour manifesto won’t be out for a couple of days (at the time of my writing this) but the number of radical policies being announced on an almost daily basis (even over weekends) would suggest they certainly have plenty of ideas! Unlike the Tories who won’t publish theirs until AFTER postal votes have been cast – leading some to wonder what exactly they may have to hide from their predominantly older constituents…

      FYI US Bankers & the sub-prime lending market nearly bankrupted our country, not New Labour whose policies including Quantitative Easing were praised globally for avoiding our going into recession at the time. Labour did publish full costings for their 2017 Manifesto (again unlike the Tories!) & the IFS actually said that it was “hard to say” whether Labour’s pledge to reduce debt was compatible with their promises of a wave of nationalisations of water and energy. Their argument was essentially that because Labour would transform the economy so radically, it would be impossible to say whether their manifesto costings would be accurate. They said: “This manifesto cannot be summed up in mere numbers.”

      It is a matter of fact, not opinion, that this Tory government has borrowed more in the last 9 years than all previous Labour governments added together since the l940’s – £2 trillion plus.

      Finally you should know that despite what our billionaire owned right-wing press says Jeremy Corbyn isn’t a communist, he’s a Democratic Socialist. who models most of his policies on the Scandinavian model. All Scandinavian countries have higher discretionary incomes, per capita GDP, productivity, better education, better healthcare, better opportunities for youth and higher happiness ratings than we do. So as our American cousins say – you do the math!

    • Suzi says:

      Blair did not bankrupt the country, we had a global recession that according to all the independent economic experts Brown steered us out of well compared to other countries.

      I was involved in education all my career and the most challenging years were when the conservatives were in office, especially when they introduced the unwieldy and ridiculously expensive national curriculum which was scrapped not long after, shame they did not listen to the teachers in the first place. Teachers who were struggling to provide basic resources and fund raising!

      Shame they do not listen to NHS staff too, about the radical reforms there too, that have created an all year round crisis.
      And now unfortunately as a patient due to a very serious chronic illness, I am witnessing the differences now compared to when I was diagnosed and Labour were in office, it was exemplary.

      Very sad what is happening especially to the sick, disabled, elderly, the young and the disadvantaged, tragic in fact.

    • G.Glynn says:

      my head was tested, they said my IQ was 170 plus.
      I looked at Corbyns voting record and saw that for 4 decades he has stuck to his original intentions and voted on my behalf.
      Tony Blair was Maggie Thatcher’s greatest achievement (her own words)…a Tory leading the NeuLabour party.
      We agree about Swinson.
      Explain more about Labour’s sums. . .though it’s obvious you don’t have any actual figures at this moment in time as you are still waiting to see their costed manifesto. . .but please share your findings with explanations for where your calculations came from (and why it says IZAL backwards on them).

  26. Barbara Robbins says:

    Jeremy Corbyn…. the same old but worse Lefty Marxist ideology.. Anybody with any pride or honesty understands Corbyn and co for the ruinous incompetent pack of liars that they are.. For them it’s all about power and control. Imagine that crowd with control of the internet doesn’t bear thinking about.
    All their plans to nationalise the Internet. Utilities, Rail. What is safe from their feverish hands.
    No thank you .. Just look at Venezuela for a taste of Corbyn/Macdonnell’s kind of socialist /communist / Marxist Government. Just look at Australia for an example of state owned internet. What is it with the short memories when they last were in control ..sorry non control. “No Money Left”

    • Jaswinder Singh Chaggar says:

      A History Guide to the 2008 Financial Crisis: What Caused the … › Period › General Modern
      1 Aug 2019 – Facts about the 2008 financial crisis: a summary of what caused the crash, where and when it started, what happened, what was the role of …

    • Paul says:

      Ah yes, more nonsense from someone who clearly has done no research whatsoever.

      You are a prime example of why democracy in this country is in peril.

    • EurasianBabe says:

      Barbara – to avoid repeating myself, please read my response to Barry above!

    • Erica Coles says:

      They won’t control the internet dear, they’ll own Openreach that’s responsible for the hardware systems that deliver services, a service the internet providers pay a fee for. You’ll still get your internet from Virgin or Sky.
      I’d really suggest you do some research re Marxism, Communism and educate yourself as to what democratic socialism is. Labour are more centre left than other European socialist governments who come in more left than Corbyn.

      And whilst we talking about fiscal responsibility, remember Failing Grayling wasting tax payers money on ferry companies with no ferries? That TWAT wasted £2.7 BILLION of our tax payers money on failed or non existent schemes and items. It’ll only cost £2.15 billion to buy back Royal Mail ffs ! Railways won’t cost a penny as Network Rail that owns the track and stations is already publicly owned ! You only have to wait until the franchises lapse and you don’t renew them but take them back into public ownership.

      If you’re going to slate a political parties manifesto, at least have the decency to READ it first, you just make yourself look stupid dear !

    • G. Glynn says:

      Jeez, how dare you talk about honesty with that other heap of pish you’ve posted.
      Did you really just compare the UK with Australia? Due to Australia’s large size, sparse population, and relative remoteness to other countries, a massively larger amount of infrastructure is required for Internet communications than would be the case in the UK. South Korea are a decade ahead of the UK with free wifi all over the place.
      You posted Corbyn/MacDonnell’s kind of socialist….which was correct .. and not a problem unless you’re anti-socialist.. then you added communist and Marxist making it obvious that you have no idea what communism or Marxism is.
      I’ve got loads of pride and honesty and I’ll make a guess you’ve done no research into anything you posted.

  27. Colin Galloway says:

    Either of these two Machiavellian muppets spell total disaster to our country. The only thing they have in common is the capacity to be able to lie through their teeth. In the words of Private James Frazer (John Laurie) of “Dad’s Army” …”We’re doomed, we’re ALL feckin’ doomed.”

  28. Pauline Levis says:

    Keir Stamer!

  29. Erica Coles says:

    Yeah, I’ve seen the old “terrorist sympathizer” comment on here, even if it IS old fake news. If you want to look at a terrorist sympathizer, look no further than Priti Patel, a fifth columnist ! Goes to illegally occupied territory, the Golan Heights, and pledges to divert cash from the UK overseas aide budget to the Israeli army so they can treat wounded Palestinians that they’re shooting on a daily basis !

    These Tories are utter SCUM ! Filthy liars, have given us nine years of austerity, wrecked public services, run up record amounts of debt, election fraud, suppress a report on Russian interference in UK politics, have admitted taking money from Russian donors and are threatening to sell us off to the USA in a shitty, grubby trade deal !

    • Ray Love says:

      Scrum is anybody who wants Brexit, Corby n or Johnson, dreadful people.

    • Mike. says:

      😂😂😂😂 you’d be boring if you couldn’t compensate by being so funny. 🤫

      • Erica Coles says:

        Unlike you, who is a disgrace to back an unnecessary austerity agenda that went on for a decade. Borrowing’s been low since 2015 with interest at just 0.75%, so why not pump money into the NHS 4 years ago? Tories and their voters, and I include the Tory B-Team of the Fib-Dems in that, are self interested, I’m alright Jack pricks. Go live in Trump’s USA and buy a MAGA hat ! Do us decent people a favour !

    • Jaswinder Singh Chaggar says:

      Well said Erica.

  30. Justin says:

    Haha makes me laugh. JC honest, a people person, careing, Modern day Robin Hood okay. Your all deluded. Not over struck on BJ either because they all lie but would rather have him in charge than a terrorist lover

  31. Maggie Gothard says:

    Jeremy Corbyn is the most hard working and honest politician we have. He has grown into his role as party leader and become very statesmanlike. He speaks without a script and always gives sensible, considered answers. He is my Prime Minister. Man of the people.

  32. Ian Ampleford says:

    The Labour Party will have a magnificent manifesto. No competing party can come near to it. It’s not about Jeremy, it’s about Labour’s policies.

  33. Michael Williams says:

    Johnson is a serial liar a racist homophobic who would sell this country down the river just to get what he wants where as Jeremy Corbyn is a thoroughly decent man and politician who will make this country great once again

  34. Rodger Deane says:

    Although not a natural Labour voter, will vote tactically for our Labour candidate because he has the best chance of defeating our sitting Tory MP. Have to admire JC for sticking to his convictions as opposed to Johnson who is an inveterate liar and philanderer.

  35. eileen williams says:

    Boris is a liar if in doubt you only have to go through his statements for the past couple of years, listen to him speak and above all know that he has a mouth and when those lips move he lies! I have never voted Labour/Lib ever in my life always a Tory, But I have to say this parliament of Tories have left me disgusted with them all, liers, deceitful, self-serving wastes of skin , putting themselves before the country that they are very well paid to serve, not true politicians at all.

  36. Bernice Roust says:

    Because Alexander Boris De-Pfeffel Johnson is a proven liar, proven incompetent and a danger to the people of this country but mostly because I want to live in a society that does not victimise the poor and unfortunate. Where the most people have the opportunity for success.

  37. Ian Alexander says:

    Man of integrity, on the right side of decisions over the decades.
    Feared by the Tories and all those who don’t pay their dues to Society.

  38. Colin King says:

    The key word is trust. Boris is a proven liar. He takes money from the poor and gives to the rich. The Sheriff of Nottingham to Corbyns Robin Hood.

  39. Dawn Shotton says:

    JC is a one in a life time politician he honest he genuinely cares about people and this country and he wants to create a fair society for everyone but the papers and the media elite don’t want that they are quite happy to rip this country of that’s why this country in in a right state big business are getting away with not paying there fair share of taxes JC would stop all there fiddling and cruption boris is a serial liar he even lied to the Queen he will say anything to keep himself as prime minster he really does not care

  40. Jonny kay says:

    Boris is a racist, homophobic, serial liar! Corbyn is always on the right side of history

    • Dave B says:

      Well Jonny boy Ive read some rubbish in my many years on this planet but Corbyn on the right side of history, heś never been on the right side of anything. He will promise the Earth and borrow his way to popularity leaving us ordinary mortals to pay for it all….remember the last Labour Government and itś ¨thereś no money left¨ note.

      • Paul says:

        are you a reader of the futunes if not, how do you know Corbyn is a liar, or maybe you could point some out even one??? And yes remember the last Labour Gov, it advanced the working man the most in the history. Remember the working man could not even vote enen though the could die in the WW1 they came home after the was still unable to vote. As for money when labour left AFTER bailing the banks out owed Just over £600 billion. After 9 years of austerity savage cuts 21K police 14K firemen short 40K nurses. remember ( we have tomake cut to repay the debt we are all in it together Except high earners whogot 5% tax cut so if you earn 1 million you got £50000) after all that we now owe £2.2 Trillion. they did not look after our money only theirs.

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