Author: Dorin-Constantin Todosi

Should UK Have SNAP General Elections in 2018?

Exclusive Flash Poll: Should UK Have SNAP General Elections in 2018?       …

Who’s To Blame For The Crisis in BREXIT Talks?

Theresa may is admitting, for the first time since she is in office, that Brexit negotiations are going nowhere. In a statement at Downing Street she said for EU leaders to reject her plan with no alternative at this “late stage of negotiations” was “not acceptable”. She said talks had reached an “impasse” and could…
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Should Convicted Immigrants be Deported from UK?

With massive immigration and more asylum seekers on the way, UK is facing a natural increase in migrant criminality. What should be done with the immigrants that are convicted for crimes? Should they benefit from the UK reintegration services or should be sent home back home? Exclusive Flash Poll: Should Convicted Immigrants be Deported?

Best Option for UK to Manage BREXIT?

UK is facing a hard choice by the end of the year: No agreement signed until now, lees than 6 moths before BREXIT, hardly any legal or logistical framework to deal with BREXIT and a growing pressure from one side of society to return the result of the referendum. What is the best option for…
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