Author: Dorin-Constantin Todosi

Would You Trust Jeremy Corbyn as Caretaker Prime Minister?

Updates: SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon  expressed support for installing the Labour leader or “someone else” stating that a vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson was the only” failsafe” option. She added that leaving the EU without a deal was a “terrible” idea. Boris Johnson’s prorogation of Parliament has been ruled unlawful by the Supreme…
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Should UK Give an Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants?

Boris Johnson repeated his support for an amnesty for illegal immigrants, with “half a million people” gaining the right to remain in the UK.

Is BBC biased about BREXIT (August 2019)?

Ever since 2016, BBC has been under fire from Remainers and Brexiteers regarding the alleged bias over BREXIT. But, in the last year and particularly in 2019, we’ve seen more prominent accusations of BBC bias coming from the Remain side. You can vote and comment below or you can  Share Share

Do You Trust Boris Johnson as Prime Minister?

Updates: After 3 months in office, Boris Johnson succeeded from 4 attempts, to trigger early elections on 12 December. In his victory speech, Mr Johnson promised he would “deliver Brexit, unite the country and defeat Jeremy Corbyn”. Boris Johnson has been elected as the new leader of the Conservative Party and he is the Prime…
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Do You Support a NO-DEAL BREXIT?

NO-DEAL BREXIT or as it is called the “Leave on WTO terms” seems to be the most simple and faster way of dealing with BREXIT. But many have pointed to economic and security threats. Updates: On August 1, Boris Johnson’s majority in the Commons has dropped to just one seat, so more opposition in Parliament…
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Should UK Have SNAP General Elections in 2019?

IMPORTANT: This Story has ended and a  snapshot of the final results are published bellow. The complete analysis is under development and we will update you as soon as we finish.   SNAP election is on everybody’s wish-list (or at least they claim to be). But there is more to know than just that. SNAP…
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Do You Agree With BREXIT Party MEPs Turning Their Backs to EU Anthem

What is happening? Nigel Farage and his Brexit party MEPs turned their backs during the playing of the European anthem at a ceremony to mark the opening of the European parliament. As a saxophone quartet and opera singer performed Beethoven’s Ode to Joy in the Strasbourg chamber on the first day of the new parliament, the…
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Should UK Hold a Second BREXIT Referendum? | July 2019 Assessment

A new referdum over BREXIT or at least a referedum over the BREXIT deal is requested by many MPs and activists. What do you think? What is happening? As Boris Johnson seems to be favorite for becoming the next Tory leader (and the next UK Prime Minister) of the country), many voices (from the Remain…
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Was Theresa May a good Prime Minister?

You already know this: UK Prime Minister Theresa May announced her resignation after moths of political turmoil, admitting that she had been defeated by the challenge of delivering Brexit. But, nevertheless, many admitted that she had one of the most difficult mandates in the last century. She would resign on Friday June 7, after 1,045 days in office.…
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