Author: Dorin-Constantin Todosi

Who is to blame if UK and EU will fail to reach a Brexit deal

Who is to blame if UK and EU will fail to reach a BREXIT DEAL?

Related Story: Should UK Hold a Second Referendum? Updates: Taoiseach Leo Varadkar supports a Brexit extension until January 2020 after phone call with EU President Donald Tusk, titles The Irish Sun. October 22: MPs have approved the new Brexit deal, but they have rejected the rapid timetable which would only have allowed three days of…
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EU nationals to vote in General Election?

Should Foreign Residents Get Full Voting Rights in UK Elections?

Updates : UK general election set for 12 December 2019. The  foreign nationals residing in UK will not be allowed to vote in the early election. See how YOUR MP voted last night on the Commons website. It is unclear how this move would affect the Pound Sterling Euro (GBP/EUR) exchange rate, but every radical political move…
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Should Boris Johnson Resign - Flash Poll result

Should Boris Johnson Resign?

The final result is here. The majority of our readers have decided that Boris Johnson should keep his job. Our further analysis is under work, but here are the key figures. Fifty eight percent (58%) voted NO, supporting the UK PM to keep his office. That is 19605 votes for this option. Nevertheless, forty two…
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Should the HM Government have bailed out Thomas Cook?

Updates: The repatriation is expected to incur costs of more than £100m, borne by the Department for Transport. According to The Guardian,  a source familiar with the rescue talks said Thomas Cook had reached an agreement to secure £200m, with help from the Turkish government and a group of Spanish hoteliers backed by ministers in Madrid.…
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Do You Agree with Labour’s Decision to Stay Neutral on BREXIT Before the General Election?

Members of Labour Party voted against campaigning to stay in the European Union, a boost to leader Jeremy Corbyn who wants to first secure a national election and then determine Labour’s stance. Corbyn has been under pressure to back staying in the EU, but the Labour leader has argued it is more important to unite…
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Do You Support The #ClimateStrike in UK?

Children and young people in more than 100 towns and cities across the UK walked out of classrooms today for the latest youth strike. Protests are going to streets across the UK in a bid to urge more government action on climate change.  It’s part of a global “climate strike” day, a movement that has been inspired by Swedish…
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Should UK Parliament be Recalled?

In respect of the decision of the Supreme Court, the Poll will be closed as the subject is null. “There is no need for Parliament to be recalled under the Meeting of Parliament Act 1797. Nor has Parliament voted to adjourn or go into recess. Unless there is some Parliamentary rule to the contrary of…
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Was Jo Johnson’s Resignation an Act of Bravery or Betrayal?

Jo Johnson quits as Tory MP and Business Minister suggesting that he had to choose between national interest and family loyalty. The LBC presenter, James O’Brien was one of the first to react after the announcement asking the cabinet members to follow Jo Johnson as his gesture makes other memebers of the Government “look like…
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NO-DEAL BREXIT Support – September 2019

The prospects of No-Deal Brexit is at the core of the political crisis and all the brexit news. Rebel Conservative MPs are set to join forces with opposition parties on Tuesday to try to stop a no-deal Brexit on October 31. The Tory leadership has told Conservative MPs that they will be kicked out of the party…
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Do You Agree With Boris Johnson Suspending the Parliament?

Boris Johnson has asked the Queen to suspend Parliament after MPs return to work in September. He’s facing strong opposition. Do you agree with his decision?