about us or what we aim to accomplish

British Opinions Vision

votes, arguments & sentiments

We believe that public opinion and in particular British public opinion deserves a more meaningful analysis, based on sentiments and arguments more than cold raw vote numbers.

Even if polls are an important part of public opinion research, the language used and the arguments produced are of critical importance in reading the true public opinions.

In the end: a vote = a vote ( either in elections or in polls) but an opinion is something unique with its own shemata of arguments and experiences.

What are we doing about it?

we keep it simple

Quantitative approach

We analyze the reach of every new debate, the number of votes and the number of engagements on the social media and combine this data with the demographics insights provided by the  SM platforms. Numbers matter nevertheless.

Qualitative approach

We analyze the data from comments on every new debate to produce meaningful insights regarding the public sentiment and the key concepts touched.

and finally the meaningful output - comprehensive stories from British Opinions.


British Opinions is start up project in Beta stage of development. Thank you for taking us lightly and supporting us.

We use open source software, from WordPress CMS to open source Graph DB Ontotext, artificial intelligence tools from NLP to refined ChatBots.

On top of our technical specs, an amazing team of political analysts and editors are helping us to focus on asking the right question at the right time and in the right way.